Hot Encounters (Parts 3 thru 8)_(1)

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This is the next submission in an ongoing story. For author’s notes and disclaimers and to be fully up to speed, please read the previous first. Readers be aware that this material contains lifestyles and sexual acts that may be a turn on for many but may also be offensive others.

I am my own editor so please forgive me for any typos.


Part 3

While back on the road, I received a call from the boss. He was selling the field service division and was telling me to return to the shop for good. After I returned, I went by Edie’s place which was empty. After I got home, I found out why. I had a letter from her that was postmarked several weeks before. She had legal issues due to her lifestyle and was in trouble. For me, Mary was still on my mind and I needed to move on. Soon, I met Kay. She was my age and still lived at home. She had a license but no car so I was her chauffeur, as well as, lover.

The most spectacular part of that relationship was her blowjobs and hot pussy. She was very vanilla with her blowjobs. No ass play, just a gentle massaging of my balls as she took a load out of them and into her mouth often two to three times a night. She always swallowed and cleaned up. The most amazing part was she orgasmed while doing so. It was a mutual benefit for both of us. She was not on birth control so sex was limited to post period. Yes, still risky and we were lucky. When we did fuck, it was spectacular. Her hot little pussy made me feel so good. I came fast but was able to stay hard and we often fucked four or five times a night, once even seven. We limited that to two to three nights post period to be as safe as possible. Despite her excellent blowjobs, the relationship became stale by spring. She was invited to join the local traveling softball team and had accepted. That became the final straw and we broke up.

Not long after, I was leaving work one evening and ran into Robin. She was on the softball team with Kay. She asked if I could take her to the season kickoff party at a lodge outside of town. I said “sure” knowing full well I was playing with fire as Kay would be there as well. She was too cute to say no. She had the hottest figure of anyone I ever met. Kay was cute but had quite small boobs where Robin’s were to dream for.

We picked up team uniforms first and went to the gathering. As we had several boxes in the back seat and trunk of my Mustang, I parked right up front of the enclosed shelter. Everyone was there including Kay. We unloaded the boxes and Robin said thanks and joined the festivities leaving me high and dry. Luckily Al was there. He was a customer from work and had brought his wife’s little sister as she was on the team as well. We sat back in the corner and he offered me a beer which I accepted. I told him that I felt a bit set up by Robin. About then, I heard a group of girls laughing and I immediately recognized Kay’s laugh as they all looked at me. I told Al they were probably laughing at me about something. About that time, Jen came over to speak to Al. She was friends with Al’s wife when they played ball together. I did not know Jen but while at a season closeout gathering last fall, she was there. Kay had pointed her out claiming that she “liked girls”. She was nearly as tall as me and last fall had a butch haircut. Now, however, her reddish blond hair was longer and wavy and she was quite attractive. After speaking to Al, she went back to the gathering. Al said “she is looking good”. I said “I hear she likes girls”. He said “so do I” and followed with “she likes guys too”. I said “she is very well built”. Al then said she had a hard time dating guys due to her height.

As the event continued, Robin walked back and said she would be staying late and would get a ride. Al, without saying anything, handed me another beer. I still had a partial and declined mumbling “I’ll finish this and be on my way, maybe I can sneak out in a bit”. About that time, we heard “everyone quiet”. The head coach was presenting Jen an award for her tenure with the travelers team. Her eligibility was over due to her age. After accepting the award, she came back to Al to see if he would give her a ride back to her car. She had ridden out with another girl to hold the kickoff cake and keep it from turning over and had left her car on the strip in town. He said he would but after he took his little sister-in-law home. After a bit, Al’s sister-in-law came over wanting to leave. Jen saw her and followed. Al told her that they had to go the other way first and said “maybe Ron could run you back to town”. I did not hesitate as this was my way to leave gracefully. I told Jen I would be happy to do so. She went to say her goodbyes and Al again handed me a beer. I grabbed it, said thanks, and walked up to Jen. I reached my arm out to her, walked her to the car and opened the door for her, helped her in, and shut the door for her. I then got in, started the car and left with my head held high.

Jen thanked me again and we began to talk. She told me she was just back from college and was planning to continue a graduate program in computer science. She said her family was moving out of state since her little sister was graduating and they wanted her to move with them, give up college, and get a job. I could tell she was pissed about it. As we headed to the strip, she asked if I could look at her car, it was running funny. She pointed out her car and I pulled along side. She got in and started it. It sounded okay so I got in and said “let’s go”. She took it out on the highway and pointed out its hesitation. I told her to take it out on the highway and blow out the carburetor. She did and got to giggling “that was fun” she said. She said she was going to lose the car when they moved as well so she might as well run some of the gas out of it. She ask “you game” and I said “yep” and she floored it.

She then brought up Kay saying “I think that she misses you”. I replied “let her, she dumped me”. I told her I heard them all giggling as they looked towards me earlier. She said the laughter was because she missed an early spring practice because you had banged her seven times the night before and she was too sore that morning to attend. I told Jen “well the banging part was true”. I was thinking that Jen knows a lot more about me than I know about her so I ask “are you seeing anyone”. She said “no, as school ended, me and Sally went our separate ways”. I said “I’m sorry”. She said “don’t be, it was a school fling and we both went forward”. She then said “besides, I need a change”. She continued to drive around the strip and then stopped at a liquor store. She said “your beer is empty, would you like to share some wine with me?” to which I replied “sure”. She said “Boone’s Farm” and I replied “sure”. So out she came with two bottles of Strawberry Hill. She had a cooler in the trunk with some ice along with all of her college stuff. She put one bottle in the cooler and handed the other to me and told me to open it. After cruising a while, she drove off the strip and down to a secluded area below the trafficway. I handed her the bottle and she chugged it. Then she chugged again. I smiled at her. She then asked, “do you want to go parking?”. I said “sure, I hope it didn’t take half a bottle of wine for you to ask”. She laughed and said “no I just needed that to take the edge off things”. I knew she was going through some difficulties with her family and just nodded.

She handled me the bottle and got out opening the trunk. She brought the second bottle of wine along with a sundress and a pair of gym shorts. She placed the shorts across my waist and said “they should fit should you need them”. She smiled and said “if the cops interrupt us, put them on and I will slip on the sundress”. We headed out of town and I had slid over next to her. I kissed her on the neck and undid her top tossing it in the back. I began sucking her tits while undoing her shorts. Suddenly, she stopped at a less than secluded area just off the freeway outer road. I could see why she was concerned about cops. She reached across me and released the passenger seat back and forced me backwards. She told me to remove my shirt as she took my shoes and socks off then undid my jeans and pulled them off. There I was again completely naked in the presence of a woman. She immediately dived on my cock while massaging my balls and fingering my ass but not penetrating. In a matter of minutes, she had my balls ready to bust. She pulled her mouth off my cock, grabbed the base with her hand, and aimed it straight into the air. My first and second ropes shot from my cock and onto the headliner before dripping back down on my stomach. The remainder ran down my shaft and onto my balls. She began licking and cleaning first my stomach then my cock and balls. She asked me “not bad for a dyke eh” and I nodded yes.

She then began licking and sucking my cock just as before. After she stroked my boner back, she pulled her shorts and panties off and slid it inside her. She was soaked and her wetness felt good. She rode me to the hilt. She was fucking me not the other way around. Luckily, I had just cum and had some staying power. She looked so hot with her large tits bouncing, her muscular thighs working in movement as her pussy fucked my cock. She continued until she orgasmed, pausing briefly before riding me again. Amazingly she rode me to another orgasm the same way. She paused again and began riding me for her third. All of this became too much for me and I felt my second load building. As she rode me, my second load erupted inside her. As I came down, I figured that she still wanted me to get her off, orally. Sure enough, she pulled off my cock and began working her pussy towards my face. Despite it being my second load, our combined cum was running out of her pussy and onto me. First, onto my cock and balls as she pulled off, then my stomach and chest until she reached my mouth. I grabbed her muscular ass cheeks and pulled her down until her clit was against my face. Her tummy was tight and firm against my face as I began licking and sucking her clit and pussy. I began rubbing her rosebud while continuing to orally pleasuring her. She rode my face in unison until she exploded in screaming squirting orgasm. I continued licking her clit as cum ran down my chin and onto my chest and shoulders and running down onto the back seat.

The excitement of it all brought back my boner. I grabbed her by her sides and worked her pussy back to my cock. She slid it inside her. As wet and hot as it felt before, it was twice as good now. Her tits rubbed against my cum coated chest as we kissed. She then began riding me until I exploded inside her again this time surprisingly quick. I knew that she had not cum so I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and began pulling her towards my face. She resisted and let my cock remain inside her instead. She kissed me and told me that the last one I gave her was enough. I smiled and said “maybe we can do this again”. She replied “we better”. She began giggling. I said “what”. She said “Kay always said she thought she was your first. I don’t think so”. She said “no one ever got me off like that before, male or female”. I thought well, except for four very eventful nights in my life, she was my first but I said nothing.

She then replied “we need some more pecker tracks on the headliner”. Then she worked her face down to my cock and began sucking it again. Soon, I felt her finger penetrate my ass as she sucked my cock harder and faster. I knew she wanted me to shoot the headliner and, as I felt my load building, I tried to buck as high up as possible. She skillfully grabbed the base of my cock while fucking my ass. She moved with my bucking rhythm as my cock shot two nice spurts onto the headliner. I was mostly milked and not a lot of additional cum followed. She began giggling and the last two spurts mostly soaked in with little dripping off. I said “are you leaving it like that?” and she said “fuck em, let it dry”.

Jen offered me a sip of the remaining wine and had some herself. She slipped on the sundress and started the car. I didn’t feel like getting dressed just yet and slipped on the gym shorts. She said that she wanted to go by her house and see if everyone had left. She said she drove by before going to the softball kickoff and the moving van was still there. She said her parents planned to drive to the new place that night and unload the van first thing in the morning. She said “I do hope they are gone. It’s a three hour plus trip to the new place so they should be”. We drove past and it was dark so she pulled in. She said “let’s go in and clean up and change in case people are still out on the strip when I drop you off”. We went in to a mostly empty house with everything remaining being hers, mainly a TV, window A/C, and a disassembled waterbed plus some of her clothes and some boxes. We changed and she took me back to my car. The strip was dead so we had a passionate kiss and embrace. I said “how about tomorrow night?”. She replied “sure, with everyone gone, we can fuck at the house”. She gave me her number and I drove home.

Part 4

I called her the next day several times but got no answer. After work, I drove past her house. The car was there so I knocked at the door. She came to the door acting somewhat pissed wondering why I did not call. I told her I called several times with no answer. She said “well maybe the phone is off as the electricity is”. She had called power and they pulled the meter so the new owners could install a larger breaker panel after Friday’s close. She began to cry “I have nowhere to stay after tomorrow and no car either”. Wow, what had I got into. I had a small room in a shared house with a single bed which wasn’t going to work at least for more than a night. I told her “maybe we can get a place together real quick”. She said “you would do that for me?”. I replied “for us”. I knew it was a rush but was wanting out of my place anyway. My current place was a weekly rental in a side room that wasn’t even a full bedroom. It worked great for traveling but had gotten old these past few months. I asked “do you know a place” and she said “yes”. She said it was available and money was the only issue for possession. She had even called the guy who was brother to one of her old teammates. It was a full sized bedroom with a somewhat private bath. I said “call him back and we will look at it”. She did. We looked at it and I gave him a half months rent for the remainder of the month.

While she still had the car, we moved her things in. My car did not hold much but clothes. We got it all but the waterbed frame which Dean the roommate let us use his truck to move. So we had a place and after tomorrow one car. I took off work early Thursday and I brought my limited stuff over from my old place. The owner thanked me for the additional revenue I brought in and commented he was surprised I stayed as long as I did. When I arrived, the room was transformed. The waterbed was assembled and filled, the A/C was installed and running, and the TV was on. Jen had bought a sliding curtain to go across the opening that separated our bedroom and bath from the rest of the house. She was a miracle worker.

She then said “now my last time in the old place”. I said “but we are here izmir escort bayan now”. She grabbed me and led me to her car not saying much and we headed back to her house. We went in and she began stripping. I wasn’t sure what she was doing. She bent over right in the middle of the living room floor and said “fuck me from behind”. I immediately stripped and began pounding away. She said “cum as fast as you can, I want pecker tracks on the carpet before we leave”. With that, I pounded her harder. She was talking dirty as I exploded into her. She then sat down legs spread right in the middle of the floor. Cum had poured from her pussy as she lowered herself. She reached up and shook my cock as to shake off any remaining cum onto the carpet as well. After sitting there several minutes, she scooted along the carpet then got up to admire “our” work. There was a huge cum spot right in the middle of the floor with my drips to the side. I just began laughing. She said “that will teach them to force me on the street with no car, power, or phone”. She then asked “do you have another one for me”. I asked “where at”, she said “the dining room”. She bent over and I fucked her again there until popping another load. She repeated her sitting process while shaking remnants off my cock. After a bit, she got up and compared the spots. It wasn’t as big but still made a nice mark. We then dropped the keys off before the realtor closed.

She was to call her parents collect to arrange picking up the car which she did. The time was Friday at 6:00. We met at the house even though it was after closing, and the house keys had been turned into the realtor the day before. Her dad and brother showed up each checking me out with a less than favorable look. She introduced me to them but they were cool about me. We looked inside the car one last time mainly to make sure the cum spots were still on the headliner and seat. She gave them the keys and, before driving off, her dad asked when she was in the house last. She said Wednesday evening when she moved. He said someone had been in there Thursday and soiled the carpet in a couple of rooms after they had been cleaned. Jen asked “why were they cleaned ahead of closing?” They said nothing to that and just shrugged and each got into a car. As they were driving off, we burst into laughter.

Part 5

We surprised many of Jen’s friends, and mine, with the suddenness of our relationship. Personally, we both agreed that we could not possible be in love, major lust yes and the house situation was a mutual benefit for both. She made it clear that she is a career minded college girl and that she liked both guys and girls. She did promise me that if she had a fling with a girl, I would be a part of it if I wanted. She also said that if I picked up a girl, she was to be a part of it if all were agreeable. We settled in and Jen began taking her graduate classes two a day every day for three hours each. I was working long hours so other that a few quickies our sex life was uneventful for the next few weeks. Finally a weekend came and Jen wanted to go to the beach at a nearby lake. She wore a bikini that made her a knockout. It was tight on her muscular body. The only thing soft on her were her nice full boobs and her top barely contained them. While at the beach, I continued to admire her with somewhat of a boner all day. One thing I did notice and found hot, her long curly pussy hairs would work outside her bikini. She did not like it and would put them back inside. She had shaved close but it was the sheer length of them allowed a curl to work out. I thought it was hot.

We arrived back at the house where Dean had company. He was a bit of a loner and to our surprise there were three girls and another guy there visiting him. One of them was Kay. I ignored her. Jen spoke and we went back to our room to change and maybe more. I pulled Jen’s bikini bottom off and began kissing her pussy. She asked “did you notice Kay?”. I said “yea how could I miss her”. She said “no you just ignored her and came back here, she was checking me out and I placed my crotch right over her face”. She then pulled me up and asked “would you like to see her face where yours just was, especially after you emptied your cock there?”. I got a boner and began fucking her for all it was worth. She said “hurry as I want to tease Kay a little before she leaves”. She then said “yes, have your ex eat your cum from your current lover”. With that, I shot deep inside her. With all of the the dirty talk she came as well.

We quickly changed and went to the living room. Jen sort of hovered over then sat next to Kay on the sofa arm and began chit chat about softball. We did not clean up after our quickie and we both had the musk of fresh sex. I sat on a nearby kitchen chair attempting to make conversation with the others as Kay and Jen talked. Fortunately, the guy driving had to leave so they got up and headed towards the door. Jen pops up with “hey sorry you have to leave, how about coming back over next Saturday”. Everyone except Kay mumbled something about being busy. Kay with a shocked look said nothing. Jen looking right at Kay saying “hope to see you then” as they walked out. Dean got up and muttered “now that they’re gone, I have to go” and left too. I told Jen “he comes and goes at odd times”. She said “don’t you know, he’s fucking a divorcee, her husband left her and to keep the house she cannot remarry so she sneaks him in”. The lady was her former neighbor and works odd shifts. Well, it was all news to me.

Jen said, “well we have the house to ourselves for a while, and by the way, you can have some cherry pie this week if you like”. I figured that time was approaching. I knew from reading some old sex magazines that some women, notably bi women at least in those magazines, get horny on their periods and love dirty messy sex. Some of the phrases used were ‘cherry pie’ and ‘cherry cream pie’. I used to buy a monthly trade magazine from a traveling Thursday and Friday newsstand. I became friends with the owner and he would let me borrow the sex magazines on Thursday evening if I brought them back Friday. Friday was the big sales day for them, I guess so people had them for the weekend. They were in a brown cover and were behind the counter. Anyway, these magazines discussed all aspects of sex. I especially liked reading the women’s perspective. It gave me sort of a book learning on how to make love to women. So far, it had worked well for me. I would find out soon how it was going to work for this and asked “mmm I would love a little or maybe a lot”. She replied “do you really mean it?” and I replied “yes, when can I expect some”. She replied “no later than Tuesday”.

She walked away and I heard her rummaging through some boxes. I turned on the living room TV and watch for a bit when I heard “found it” and Jen came out with a hair grooming kit. It was her dads and she stole and hid it from him in her stuff when they moved. “What’s that for” I asked. She replied “It is to trim us up before our shave”. “What shave” I asked. She said “To shave our pubes for this week. Cleanup is so much easier with bald genitals”. We went back to the bedroom and put a towel down on the floor. I used the closest guard and trimmed all of her long curly pubic locks off. Using the same guard, she trimmed me. She then grabbed a razor pack and some shaving cream. She asked “do you want to do me and me you?”. I said “sure”. I had never been shaved before but then I was a cherry sex virgin as well. I gently shaved her beautiful pussy and ass until is was as bald as a baby’s. After this and her earlier bikini shave, she was completely hairless below her neck. She then had me lay down on the bed. She shaved my cock, my balls, my ass, and my thigh area until I was baby smooth. She rubbed some skin lotion on me and said “all done”.

I began rubbing her bald pussy and said “I have never ate bald pussy before”. She said “I have”. We both giggled as I began licking and sucking her shaved mound. Our previous load oozed out as I continued. Soon she exploded in orgasm. She turned around and began sucking my cock. She paused and said “this is the last blowjob you get until you get a full helping of cherry pie” then continued sucking me until I shot into her mouth. She swallowed and continued to lick and clean until she brought me down. In reflection, I had spent the last couple of weeks a bit annoyed at our sex life. Sure we had quickies and some hot sex but I wanted more before her period came. Now, I am excited that her period is coming. She then packed up some things mainly towels and headed to the laundromat. It was late when she returned and she had some late night studying to do. I fell to sleep.

Part 6

Monday was typical except I could not get our upcoming week out of my mind. I got home first as Jen’s ride was usually late on Monday. I spoke to Dean and went to our room to watch TV. I was thinking about our upcoming adventures when Jen came in. She rolled onto the waterbed and said “it’s here”. With that, I began undressing her as she undressed me. She was completely naked now short of her earrings and her tampon. Not really knowing how far she wanted this to go, I began licking her clit. She smiled and said “I want it all, go get our morning towels from the bathroom”. She had left the curtain has closes off our room and our bathroom open so I, standing there naked with a hard on, closed and latched it. I grabbed both our towels and when I returned, she had pulled the sheets off the waterbed and was climbing back onto the bare mattress. I set the trash can along side the bed and jumped in on top of her. We kissed deeply and began kissing and licking down her body. I kissed and sucked her tits, her navel, finally reaching her clit and pussy. With my teeth, I began pulling her tampon string and as it came out, I could see her hot red cherry mixture. I tossed it in the trash and dived into her pussy. It was part soaked and part dry but my licking soon worked it into a wet messy consistency. I continued to eat her and within seconds it seemed she exploded, squirting her mixture over my face and down her ass and thighs. Without hesitation, I mounted her and fucked her to the hilt. I stuck my wet tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked it like it was a cock. With each stroke, I could feel her wetness coat my shaved cock, balls and thighs. The air from the fan created a cooling contrast to her hot wet juicy pussy on each stroke. The sheer wetness of her pussy may her so slick that my cock continued to fuck her without any sensation of a load building. I must have fucked her 20 minutes straight with each stroke feeling her hot wet pussy followed by the cooling sensation of the air. Then, I began fucking her with deep short strokes before returning to our previous rhythm. She pushed my tongue from her mouth and asked “aren’t you going to give my cherry pie some cream”. With the sheer dirtiness of that comment, I felt my cock twinge and a load start building. I stuck my tongue down her throat and burying my cock deep inside her. Suddenly I exploded deep inside her. It felt like my cock was a fire hose spraying her cherry pussy.

We came down together with gentle kisses while she licked my lips and face. It was still daylight and she giggled and said “roll off me and let’s see the damage”. I rolled on my side and laughing she said “it looks like a crime scene down there”. She asked “did you like it”. I said “yes, I loved it”. I then rolled onto my back and had her climb on top of me. I began fucking her hot red pie feeling the sensation of her juices running down my balls and thighs and pooling on the mattress. We fucked like that for several minutes when she started talking dirty “umm that hot cherry juice running down you cock and balls, do you like that?”. I began pumping harder and harder until I shot another load into her. She collapsed on top of me. I kissed her deeply and she rolled off me. We laid there a bit and the next thing I woke up and it was dark. Looking at the clock, we had slept four hours. My movement woke her up and she grabbed my face and kissed me deep. I rolled her over and entered her from behind. Some of our mixture had dried on her thighs and ass but her cherry hole was still soaking wet. I began pumping into her, reaching around her and rubbing her clit. She removed my hand and placed it into her mouth. She placed her hand on her clit and while sucking my fingers rubbed herself to orgasm. I popped inside her and then paused, letting my deflating cock rest inside her cherry hole. She shifted slightly and it fell out onto my leg. We laid there and drifted back to sleep.

She awoke me a little ahead of the alarm and said let’s shower. We got in the shower together and scrubbed each other clean. As I grew a hard on, we had a nice morning fuck. It was hot seeing my cock work in and out of her bloody hole. This time, the shower drain was taking the residual instead of the mattress and towels. I fucked her for about 10 minutes before getting off a morning nut. We then finished showering and drying. Jen said “you are going to be late for work”. I dressed and left briefly admiring the bloody mattress mess we had made.

Generally on Tuesday, Jen beats me home and today was no exception. She was sitting on the small foldout sofa next to the bed studying when I came in. The waterbed mattress was still uncovered but clean. I smiled and said “it looks like its ready for another”. Jen replied “it may be but I’m not, at least not that”. I asked “huh?”. She got up, smiled, kissed me deeply and said “I think you fucked it all out of me, my cherry pie is gone, just a little spotting here and there”. So I asked “what about a plain cream pie?”. She said “actually I am a little tender” as she undid my pants and began sucking my cock. She giggled “I bet I can make you come in less than a minute”. I said “bet”. She pushed me back onto the waterbed and began stroking my cock with one hand while fingering my ass with the other. Then she began talking dirty “you liked eating that fresh cherry pie didn’t you”, “eat that hot red juicy cunt”, “coat your cock with my red juice”. Then she began sucking my cock head and I shot into her mouth. She kissed me, smiled and said “53 seconds”. I said “you win!”. She asked “what?”. I said “anything you want”. She said “promise” and I said “yep”. I laid there a bit then drifted off to sleep. I awoke with a boner and Jen waking along side of me began rubbing it. I started thinking “what about fucking her ass?” when she went down on me again. This time it was a slow and gentle hand stroke as she licked and sucked my cock head like a lollipop. She then began rubbing my balls and gooch then rubbing my ass. Within minutes, she jacked me off licking and sucking my load until I was empty. She gave me a final cleanup and crawled up beside me giving me a very wet french kiss. I laid there quietly thinking of asking about for some anal tomorrow when she said “my classes end this week, I may be gone tomorrow night”. My focus sort of went away from sex and, as she got up to make a call, I fell to sleep.

Part 7

Wednesday morning I cleaned up and got ready for work. I gave Jen a quick kiss as I was leaving. Jen rolled over saying “I love you”. She then giggled saying “or lust anyway”. She told me she called her study mate after I went to sleep and that she would be gone the next buca escort two nights staying at college with her. They would be finishing their finals for her classes and studying for a capstone assessment. If she scored well, she expected a job offer would follow. She said it would likely be out of state and that she could then repay me for covering all of her expenses these past few weeks. I asked “what about us” and she said “we’ll figure it out.”. I had not told her but my boss had call me in Tuesday morning and said that he could not keep me at my current salary and position.

I went to work Wednesday and had a long talk with the boss. He told me he could put in a good word for me on a government contract in the area. It was temporary but could last if I was willing to travel with them when it was over. He gave me the rest of the day off with pay and told me to apply. I did and was hired with a start date the following Monday. I came home to no Jen and had a restless evening. I woke up exhausted Thursday and got to work late. The boss was leaving town and told me to transfer my work to Pat and take my time cleaning things out. I would get a full paycheck no matter how long I worked the remainder of the week. Thursday night came and I decided to sip a couple of beers Jen had in the fridge and fell to sleep. Friday was a better day. I had everything closed out at work and the folks there had a party for me. I got home early hoping Jen would be there but no such luck. I took a nap and awoke to talk in the living room. It was Dean and some girls chatting. They were from the softball team. Dean and his sister were friends with them. In actuality, they were by because Dean had bought a premium channel cable box and they were going to watch some chick flick that night. I went out and unloaded the remaining work boxes from the car and, when I returned, Kay was there so I guess she has a car now since I wasn’t there to drive her around. All around, she sort of miffed me. Anyway, the movie came on and their chatter went silent.

I went outside to lock my car when another car arrived. It was Jen’s ride home and she got out, ran over, and kissed me. I said “well, I have a surprise for you, Kay is inside”. I told her about the movie. Jen smiled and asked “what kind of booze gets Kay drunk”. I said “cherry vodka”. She said “let’s go to the store”. We went and bought some cherry vodka, some wine coolers, and some beer. I also grabbed some 7-Up as that was Kay’s mixer. We got home and unloaded the booze in the kitchen and listened towards the living room. It was quiet except for the movie which was cranked up. Jen smiled at me and said “remember that bet I won”. I said “yes”. She said “I am putting the move on Kay tonight and I want you to help”. I said “okay but how?”. She said “just watch”. She then mixed a cherry vodka and seven and led me to the living room. The movie had just ended and the girls were getting up to leave. Kay was sort of milling around when Jen offered all of them a drink before leaving. The three girls together said no and left. Kay said “sure, that would be great”. Jen mixed her a strong one in the kitchen and gave it to her. To our surprise, Kay downed it and asked for another. Dean got up and went to his room while Jen mixed her another. It too went down fairly quickly and she asked for a third. Jen said “on one condition, you call home, give me your keys, and sleep here on the sofa tonight”. Kay agreed and Jen brought her another.

I wasn’t sure where all this was going but Jen continue to lead. I thought of the other day when Kay was there and what Jen said about Kay checking her out. On the new movie channel, some late night soft porn was coming on and Jen told Kay to turn off the TV when she went to sleep. She then brought her out a sheet for cover and told her to undress if she liked. Finally, she led me to the bedroom leaving Kay to the drink and the TV. She finished the remainder of her drink and said “this would have went well with our cherry pie”. After we undressed, I dived straight to her crotch. She told me no just to fuck her good and quick as she was tired. I popped a load pretty quickly and we both fell to sleep. I heard Jen get up a couple of times during the night but fell back to sleep. Just after sunrise, Jen got up as we heard noise in the bathroom. She left to curtain open so Kay could use our bathroom which she was doing. Jen grabbed her pullover nightie and headed towards the door. She said “give me five minutes and come into the kitchen”.

I gave her about a minute then grabbed a towel and sneaked out. I heard talking and as I sneaked up to the kitchen doorway, I heard Jen say “you’ve been wanting this haven’t you”. As I peaked around the corner, she was sitting on the counter naked with her legs spread holding Kay’s face towards her crotch. I saw Kay nod as Jen pulled her in. She said “lick it, eat it good. Ronnie will be in soon and you can suck his cock”. Kay dived in like it was her last meal and when I thought five minutes had passed, I walked in and shut the kitchen door behind me hoping not to wake up Dean. I walked up behind Kay and began fucking her from behind. She continued to eat Jen’s pussy. Jen was saying “yes, yes, eat it you little slut, you like eating Ronnie’s cum from my pussy?, yes eat my pussy, eat my clit, get me off”. Kay continued eating Jen’s beautiful and naked pussy until she exploded in orgasm nearly falling off the counter. Jen then told me to lean against the counter and she aimed Kay’s head towards my cock. Kay was naked except for her panties and Jen slipped them down and began fingering her. She continued fingered Kay’s clit and as I shot my load into Kay’s mouth, Jen fingered her to orgasm. Jen then asked Kay if she wanted more of this. She nodded yes and Jen told her to come back tonight at 6:00. She then told her to dress and leave. We went back to bed.

Jen asked me “what did you think?”. I said “it was fun but it’s taking us in a different direction”. Jen nodded in agreement giggling and saying “I am a part time dyke you know”. I really did not know what to think. Jen had hit nearly every sexual button I had already so this was not a new turn on for me. Yes, it was new and it was hot and dirty but it was more for her than me. I just sort of laid there and nodded off a bit puzzled about the future. We awoke and did some things around the house. I told Jen about my sudden job change to which she had little comment. We cleaned up and watched some TV until 6:00 had passed and with no Kay. I was feeling a bit relieved thinking she chickened out. Then we heard a knock at the door. It was Kay dressed and looking the same as this morning. She asked Jen how she wanted her. She said “clean and naked” and directed her to the shower. Jen pulled the curtain to the living room and left both the bathroom and bedroom doors open. I told Jen to tell Kay to wash her hair as well. Jen asked me why. I told her “I like the feel of long wet hair on my cock and balls”.

By the time Kay finished, we were naked and Jen was teasing my cock. Kay came in a little hesitant. Jen got up and told her she had been mean to me by dumping me. She then pinched her left nipple, bit her right nipple, and spanked her ass. She then felt Kay’s response by saying “umm that pussy likes that, it is so wet” as she rubbed it. Jen then said “Ron, since you were dumped, what would you like as revenge”. I said “I am going to fuck her ass but I want something else first”. I had Kay lay on the bed and had Jen climb on top in a 69. I then began fucking Jen. I did nothing to rush it but the dirtiness of two babes in a 69 with my cock in the one on top made my load start to build. I continued to fuck Jen while ordering Kay to eat my load from her when I shot. I felt it building, so I pumped Jen shooting deeply inside her. After shooting my load, I slowly pulled my cock from Jen’s pussy. I let Kay lick the head and shaft before withdrawing completely. As I pulled out, my load followed. I told Kay “eat my load, eat it from my girlfriend’s pussy, then get my lover off”. As most of my load drained into Kay’s mouth, I saw Jen begin to buck in orgasm shooting more of my cum into Kay’s mouth. I helped Jen roll off Kay and before anything else was said, I told Kay to finger herself until she came. She began to protest and Jen said “do it now”. She began fingering herself and Jen spoke “I think she does that often, she’s good at it”. I told Jen to put her cunt in Kay’s face. As she gently kissed and licked Jen’s pussy, her fingers began rubbing her crotch faster until she got herself off.

Jen was playing with my cock and it quickly became hard. She teased me asking why I had never fucked her ass. I told her I was planning to at least ask last Tuesday when she said her pussy was a little tender, but the conversation went away from sex. Jen said “well I wondered as I am constantly fingering your ass, I was at least expecting you to want to fuck mine”. I told her “I will fuck it tonight if you like”. She said “no I want to watch an ass get fucked tonight. I will take a rain check”. With that, Jen pulled Kay’s face back into her pussy. Kay without hesitation dived in at full force. They worked themselves into position so that Kay’s ass was up in the air near the edge of the bed. I went around and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. I began fucking her good and hard, lubing my cock along the way. Jen asked “do you miss that pussy”. I nodded and said “it’s definitely a hot one”. I told Kay, “get Jen off so she can watch my cock enter your ass”. I had staying power so I continued to fuck Kay’s pussy all the time rubbing her cum on her rosebud. Soon Kay got Jen off and after she came down, she sat in a chair next to the bed. She said “Ron, she is ready”. She placed my cock against Kay’s rosebud and told me to push. Instantly it popped in. I began pumping her ass slowly then building up speed. As I worked faster, brown streaks began appearing on my cock. Jen began laughing “what a week Ron, first a red pop sickle on Monday, now a chocolate one”. I continued to fuck Kay’s ass and soon my cock was coated brown. Jen said “unless you like it that brown, I will give you a clean ass to fuck”. With that, I grabbed Kay’s ass cheeks, buried my cock deep, and shot my load. As I came down, Jen offered some wet wipes to clean up and prevent a mess on our bed sheets. She gently cleaned up my cock and Kay’s deflowered and buggered bum. Jen re-cleaned my cock and gave it a gentle kiss.

Kay laid there motionless and quiet for a bit then went to the bathroom. She was in there for a time. Jen and I chatted. She asked what I thought now. I said “well at least I earned my red and brown stripes this week”. Jen laughed and said “yes, you did”. Kay came back and said it was getting late and that she needed to go soon. Kay then asked “is this the way it is going to be if we get together again?”. Jen said “yes, if that is okay”. Kay replied “I want more than to be you guy’s sex toy and have to finger myself off”. Jen took more wet wipes and wiped Kay’s ass again. She then said “suck Ron’s cock”. She then adjusted the door mirror so that I had a clear view of Kay’s now very clean ass. She then began licking and kissing Kay from her clit to the small of her back. Soon, she began targeting her pussy, taint, and rosebud. I think Kay liked it from the way she was sucking my cock. Soon Jen had her in a frenzy alternating her mouth and fingers on her clit and pussy. Soon, Kay came off my cock in screaming orgasm before placing her mouth back onto my cock. Jen came around and placed her finger and thumb around the base of my cock squeezing and releasing it as Kay sucked the head. Soon, I shot into Kay’s mouth and Jen continued to jack me off. She told Kay to lick it clean which she did. She then gave Kay a french kiss that only a lesbian can give to another woman. It was hot.

Kay said she had to go. Jen asked “so soon?”. Kay said with a sultry smile “if I don’t leave now, I may never leave”. Jen asked “so you are coming back”. Kay asked “when do you want me?”. Jen looked at me in a questioning look “tomorrow?”. Kay replied “see you then”. Jen told Kay to shower and clean up before coming over. She told her “we will end up dirty but we start out clean”. Kay shut the bedroom door behind her then quickly dressed in the bathroom and saw herself out. Jen asked “well did my lesbian actions with Kay turn you on?”. My cock sprang up and she said “I guess so”. I said “it turned Kay on, she is coming back for more, I thought she was done with it”. Jen then asked if I had any interests in men like that, I said no. She said “good, one cock in the room is enough”. I replied “one cock, two pussies, two asses, and two mouths”. Jen replied “and two sets of tits, or in Kay’s case”. I stopped her mid sentence “your set more than makes up for her shortcoming”. She smiled and placed her tits in my face. I gently kissed them and nibbled her nipples. Jen asked “so if this goes further, you are okay with it”. I said “if you are”. With that, she gave me a final blowjob and we nodded off for the evening.

Part 8

Sunday arrived with a different tone. Jen wanted to know more about my new job as it happened quite suddenly. She then began explaining how her finals and assessments went. She said she was almost guaranteed an interview at the job fair this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday based on her test scores. The fair was to be held at a hotel near the college where her classes were held and that she was expecting her notification letter on Monday. She said she was hoping I could be with her but my new job made that impossible. I agreed but told her we could work something out. The subject then changed to Kay. Jen wondered why she hadn’t cleaned up before coming over. I told her, it was not the first time. I had fucked her one night and the next night my previous load residual was still there. Jen asked “how did you know?”. I told her “Kay always made me eat her before I fucked her the first time of a date, and that it seemed to turn her on the more dirty things were”. I went on saying “I ate her and fucked her but it pissed me off and I did not eat her dirty pussy again”. Jen said “she will be clean before we start our tryst or you can just fuck her in the ass while she eats me”. I replied “agreed!”. The day progressed and it was soon past seven in the evening with no work from Kay. Just then, she called and said that she was too sore and needed a rain check. I was watching a ball game on our sofa when Jen told me. I heard Jen come in from the kitchen and pull the curtain to our area. Jen brought me a beer and sat down next to me. She said “I guess you tore Kay up last night” and began unzipping my pants. Generally, she pulls them off but this time she pulled out my cock and began rubbing it. She said “enjoy the game” and began sucking my cock. She was sucking it so softly, I was sure she wanted nothing in return that evening. She gently licked and sucked it for a full inning before she made my balls tingle. Suddenly, she began sucking me hard and rubbing my balls. Within seconds, I shot into her mouth. She swallowed twice then gently licked and swallowed until I was clean. The game had ended and she said it was bedtime.

Monday morning arrived quickly as my start time was much earlier. Fortunately, an early start meant and a somewhat earlier end time as we worked an extra hour as well. When I got home to izmir escort Jen, she had her interview invitation. Three companies wanted to interview her on Wednesday and Thursday. They had booked her at the hotel for two nights and she asked if I would take her up Tuesday evening and pick her up Thursday after work. I told her I would. She was edgy and I kept to myself. Later she apologized and said she was beside herself over this. We both turned in early Monday night as Tuesday would be busy. After work Tuesday, Jen was ready when I got home. I grabbed some clothes in a carry on and we headed to the hotel. Jen was still on edge. She must have brought half of her wardrobe and had spent the day getting clothes ready. Now the hotel closet was full with her stuff. She did a final ironing of her first interview dress and began walking around the room in circles. I told her she needed to settle down but she said she couldn’t. She packed some drinks, so I opened her a wine cooler and told her to strip and lay back on the bed. I dived into her pussy hoping an orgasm and a drink would take the edge off. She laid back against the headboard sipping her drink as I continued eating her. Pretty soon, she came around and started enjoying it. I continued to eat her and she exploded squirting my face. I brought her down slowly then began working my fingers in her creamy pussy finally working two in her pussy and two in her ass. I started slowly then increased speed while licking and sucking her clit. Soon, she came again. This time, I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my cock. I gave her a good fucking, shooting a load deep inside her. I got up, pulled the sheet over her and cleaned up a bit. I got dressed and kissed her telling her to get a good night sleep and that I decided that I was going back home. I said “see you Thursday”. She yawned and smiled shaking her head.

I drove straight to her hotel from work Thursday afternoon. Her last interview was at 2:00 and she would probably be waiting on me in the lobby as she had to check out. I arrived at the hotel and Jen was still interviewing. It was around 5:00 when she came out all smiles. It wasn’t her last interview but a job offer. She had accepted a position with a major west coast company and was closing the deal. She was beside herself, happy and yet nervous. She said “let’s go home, we can discuss the details later”. The trip home started out quietly when suddenly she began crying. I held her hand and she squeezed mine. Luckily the college where this was held was not the undergraduate university she had attended and was much closer. In another 30 minutes, we were home. I helped her in the house and to our bed. I undressed her and put her to bed then unloaded the car. When I checked on her, she was sound asleep. I remained in the living room the rest of the evening before turning in.

Friday was a good day at work; however, I was sad knowing my time with Jen was short. I got home to her, now out of her interview clothes and into some tight shorts and top. She smiled but I could tell that she had been crying. She said “I’ve got something for you” and handed me a check for $2500.00 dollars telling me “wait a week before cashing it until hers clears”. I told her “you won’t owe me near that much”. She said “I do to and besides the company paid it”. They had offered her $7500 up front to which she negotiate the additional $2500. They cut her a check on the spot when she signed her papers, and she had gotten a ride to the bank that morning and deposited it. I ask “okay, when do you start?”. She said “a week from Monday in Palo Alto, CA” then started crying again. I grabbed her and hugged her. Crying, she said “I am going to miss you so much”. I said “I imagine there is a lot to do in the mean time”. She said “not that much, they will be sending me a plane ticket next week”. Starting out, she planned to take extra clothes with her and leave the rest of her stuff here. She went back to the bedroom and I could hear her crying. I thought, well she made it. I have no idea what salary they offered her but $10k up front was a huge amount of money in those days. It was more than low earners made in a year back then.

Our weekend was not good. Jen was like I had never seen her before, first to herself then clingy and seemingly crying all the time. I heard the phone ring and Jen talking. It was Kay who wanted to come over. Jen explained the situation to her and told her not now. Jen had always took care of me sexually and this weekend was no exception; however, I could tell that she wasn’t really into it and sex was pretty vanilla. The weekend ended and Monday became Tuesday which was when her plane ticket arrived. She had a mid morning flight scheduled for Sunday. She asked if I would take her to the airport hotel Saturday evening as they had arranged a room. I said “sure” and she kissed me deeply. She then brought up Kay “what do you think about us having a threesome before I go”. I said “sure if it works out”. I got home Wednesday and she had it all worked out, a tryst with Kay Friday evening before we drove up to the airport Saturday afternoon. I said “okay” not being overly thrilled about it. We were sitting in the living room and she gave me a huge kiss and hug. Then she unzipped my pants and gave me a quickie blowjob. Thursday was a repeat with another quickie blowjob almost like she was saving herself for Friday.

My work schedule was one that allowed us off every other Friday. Unfortunately, this Friday was a full day. I arrived home to Jen in the kitchen preparing shrimp cocktail and fruit trays. She kissed me and said wait in the living room. She said “we have the house to ourselves tonight and tomorrow as Dean went out of town”. That was good as Jen was wearing a pair of her tight shorts and a low cut sleeveless blouse made to wear over a tube top except she had nothing underneath. I could see her beautiful tits bouncing both from the front and the side. She may as well been topless although this was hotter. The living room TV was on Dean’s new cable channel box playing music videos. I went with the flow and sat down to a wine cooler she had already set out for me and relaxed. She brought in the fruit tray and sat down beside me and sipped her opened wine cooler giggling and saying “Kay’s not coming, as least not here tonight”. I kissed her and rubbed her exposed breasts. She said “tomorrow night at the hotel, I want you to make love to me but tonight I want you to fuck me like a whore”. I started to say something when she kissed me and said “I want your cock in my ass tonight”. Then she unzipped my pants and began sucking my cock. As she sucked, I worked my jeans and shorts off and removed my shirt. I then undid her shorts and took them off her and turned her body into a 69 leaving her loose top on. As she sucked me, I licked her crotch from her clit to her ass and back while fondling her tits. We continued until I could tell she was getting close. I began licking her clit until she came in my face. She continued sucking me until I shot my load.

After she cleaned my cock, we sat back upright and she offered me a passionate kiss and a strawberry which we shared together “strawberries and cream” she said in a sexy voice. We kissed again and I asked “so what about Kay”. Jen said “I told her I had to take a work phone call tonight and that since they were on the west coast, it would be late before I got off”. I kissed her. She asked “you are not disappointed are you?”. I told her “actually, I am glad”. She asked “are you going to fuck her after I’m gone?”. I told her “no, don’t plan to, I don’t really like her that much any more”. She then fessed up that she was horny for a woman but not Kay. She asked “if I do get a girlfriend, she’s yours as well”. I asked “how is that going to work?”. She said “I want you to come out Labor Day weekend”. She said “you can have me or us depending in my situation”. With that my cock sprang up and she rubbed then kissed it. She then said “I am saving my pussy for you tomorrow night so fuck my ass”. She began lubing my cock with her saliva and handed me some lube. I lubed her ass with my fingers and then fingered fucked her until she said she was ready. She then got up and bend over the side of the sofa. I placed my cock against her rosebud and she pushed back until I popped in. I slowly fucked her deeply then completely withdrawing before doing it again. I continued until she told me to go faster. As I picked up the pace, she said “faster, harder”. Soon, her body began spasming as she orgasmed. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed into her deeply but did not cum. My cock was still hard and I began slowly fucking her some more. Just then, I noticed the door and all of the window curtains had been open the entire time and it was now dark. People driving by could see us. Oh well, I wasn’t stopping now. I continued fucking her ass first slowly then gradually picking up the pace. I had her building another orgasm and felt my own building as well. I told her I was getting close. She began fondling her tits then her clit until she began orgasming again. I pushed my cock into her ass deeply shooting my load.

As I pulled out, she led me to our bathroom with one hand and grabbing a strand of my cum that was dangling from my cock with the other. In the bathroom, she cleaned my cock and her ass with wet wipes. After she cleaned her ass, she showed me the wipe and said “see all clean just as I promised”. I kissed her deeply and she told me to take our morning bath towels and drape them on the sofa and wait for her. She came in with the shrimp and a couple more wine coolers. As she fed me shrimp, she thanked me for the ass fuck. She said “that felt so good, I have never got off that way before”. After we finished the shrimp, she fed me some grapes and continued talking “yeah, one cock in the room is nice to have”. We snuggled together watching the TV as she began jacking me off soon shooting my load onto both of us before running onto the towels. Later, she was sucking me again until I shot my third load into her mouth. She came up, kiss me and we finished our drinks.

We both nodded off, awaking when the cable channel went off the air, then fell back to sleep. About an hour later, she woke me up kissing my chest and saying “wow you wore me out”. I got up, took her by the hand, and led her back to the bedroom. We slept in the next morning until waking up to traffic noise. We had left the front door open all night as well as our bedroom door so the sounds came right in. Jen got up and I followed her. She shut the front door and grabbed the empty trays while I grabbed the empty drink containers. She said “all cleaned up”. I grabbed her, kissed her and asked her if she wanted her ass fucked again. She said it took a good pounding last night and was a little sore. She then sat me down and gave me a morning blowjob.

After resting a bit, she said “we better start getting ready to go”. She was already mostly packed and all I needed was an overnight so we showered were soon ready to go. We loaded her luggage and my overnight and she checked the place one last time. She looked around and softly cried. I hugged her and gave her a deep kiss and we headed for the hotel. On the way, she thanked me again for everything I did for her. She then talked about Labor Day although we were barely into July. She said I had a four day weekend then with my Friday off. As she talked, I pondered our future both beyond tonight and beyond Labor Day. We arrived at the hotel and checked in. It was a first class place with a large king sized bed and she had dinner and breakfast vouchers. Her company was definitely taking care of her. I was pondering her “making love” comment as compared to our past sex life and decided to throw her to the bed and kiss her deeply. We continued kissing with only light fondling to each other’s bodies and finally our genitalia.

As this continued, we seemed to have gotten into a trance. Our lips never parted but as if it took all night we were finally completely naked. My cock entered her nearly unfondled wetness as she sucked my tongue down her throat. We kissed and fucked in rhythm and came together. As we came down, Jen giggled and said “now that was making love”. We noticed that over two hours had passed and she wanted to get dinner before it got too late. I said “let’s get cleaned up and go”. She replied “we already made love, let’s get raunchy first”. I rolled around and climbed on top of her in a 69. She began cleaning my cock and balls and I cleaned her well fucked pussy and ass. We continued to sodomize each other until I felt a load building. I sucked her clit in rhythm with her sucking my cock until we both came together. She pushed me off her onto my back and cleaned my cock. She then kissed me deeply and said “we’re cleaned up now, let’s go”.

We got dressed and went to the dining hall. We were a bit under dressed but no one seemed to care. The waiter brought our menus and Jen asked “are these the aphrodisiac menus” making the waiter blush. The dinner voucher had a maximum but we did not care. She ordered us oysters as a meal with sides of avocado a la carte with a dark chocolate dessert making the waiter blush more. Then, we went back to the room for strawberries and cream, our wine coolers and some more cum. Jen pushed me onto the bed on my back and began undressing me. She then quickly undressed and climbed on top of me sitting on my face. Her tight tummy made it easy to lick and suck her clit. She fucked my face until I sucked her to orgasm. My cock was hard so I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her onto it . Her freshly eaten pussy felt so good fucking my cock and rubbing against my balls. As she continued fucking me she said “you better get me off before you come or I am sitting it on your face again”. Well that did it and I shot my load into her. I kissed her deeply and grabbed her by the ass pulling her up to my face. This certainly wasn’t my first time doing this so I dove right in. It must have been the aphrodisiac meal but cum ran down my chin and neck like it was my first load. The sloppiness of it seemed to turn Jen on and she came hard all over my face. She then climbed back down onto my re-hardened cock and we fucked each other until I shot another load.

She crawled up beside me, kissed me, and we relaxed. We nodded off and when I awoke it was 4:00 AM. I thought wow in five hours she will be off and away. I nodded back off and at five I woke again to light crying. I grabbed Jen and gave her a big hug and kiss. I began rubbing her sticky crotch and she grabbed mine. We kissed and fondled each other before I climbed on top and entered her. I fucked her slowly and we kissed gently before I shot a load in her beautiful but well used vagina. I started to go down on her and she said no, that was enough. After a few minutes, she got up and showered. As she got ready, I showered and got dressed while she grabbed breakfast. I took my carry on to the car and went back to the room. Jen asked if I would ride over with her. We rode to the airport in the shuttle as to remain together to her gate. After she checked her luggage, I walked her all the way to the concourse with few words exchanged. The plane was there and soon began boarding. I kissed her one last time as she walked down the jet way not looking back. I took the shuttle back to the hotel, got in my car, and headed home feeling very lonely and heartbroken. I knew I was in love with her and that she loved me. I also knew that she needed a woman in her love life more than me.

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