Hot Easter Surprise Ch. 04

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We pulled up in the driveway and Anita slowly let my cock slip out of her mouth before tucking it carefully back into my trousers. Anita, my mother-in-law, had been living with my wife and I for two years now, since she left her husband when I offered her a job as my personal secretary.

My wife, who was five months pregnant with our first child, met us at the door wearing just her dressing gown and kissed us both passionately as we entered. She then quickly headed upstairs to our room, turning round briefly to flash Anita and I a smile. Anita had her own room in the house, but it very rarely got used, as most nights she would just sleep with my wife and I, even when we had guests she would spend more time in our bed than her own. We followed her upstairs and found her sitting on the edge of the bed.

“How was work then?” She asked.

“Same as usual.” I replied with a smile.

“So you fucked my mother during lunch and then had her suck your cock during a meeting then, and I bet you gave him a blowjob on the way home didn’t you mummy.”

“Yep.” Anita replied with a grin.

“And yet you still want more, thank goodness It’s the two of us pleasuring you rather than just me, imagine how sore my pussy, or right now your hand would be else!”

I smiled as I took my jacket off and started unbuttoning my shirt. Anita followed my lead and took off her jacket, revealing a white lacy push-up bra that was struggling to hold in her 36DD’s. My wife’s eyes darted between the both of us as we stripped infront of her, having removed my shirt I paused for a second to watch as Anita slowly unhooked her bra and let her huge breasts bounce free, this as usual, was accompanied by my cock bouncing into life, so I quickly slipped out of my trousers and boxers and stood there infront of my wife and mother-in-law with my 9 inch cock standing proudly out infront of me. Anita then slipped out of her skirt to show off her already well fucked, neatly trimmed pussy, which still got me salivating everytime I saw it. Finally my wife stood up and slipped out of her dressing gown to show off her radiant pregnant body; during the course of the past five months her breasts and increased in size from a 34C to a 34D, which made her look much healthier and of course, made me much happier. I stood back for a customary second to admire the two beautiful naked women standing infront of me; even now I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to get them all to myself.

“Same as usual?” I asked.

“Of course!” They both replied in tandem.

Usual, had of course had to change recently, as we didn’t want to risk anything happening to the baby my wife and I decided she should stop being fucked by me for a while, her mother was more than happy to pick up the slack though!

Anita lay herself down on the bed first; she was quickly followed by my wife, who took up her position sitting on her mother’s face, facing me. Then I finally got up onto the bed and positioned myself between Anita’s legs. My wife liked to be facing me when she got licked out, as then I could see her getting licked out by her mother whilst she watched me fuck her mother.

I lined the head of my cock up with Anita’s entrance and slowly inserted it into her, enjoying the feeling of penetrating my mother-in-law’s sopping pussy, at the same time I heard my wife let out a small ‘oooh’ as her mother’s tongue touched her clit for the first time. I quickly built up a rhythm, pounding my cock into my mother-in-law’s pussy and watching whilst her breasts danced on her chest and her tongue danced over my wife’s clit. It didn’t take long for my wife to cum and she did so with a loud moan of pleasure before carefully moving off her mother’s face and watching as I continued to fuck her. Her face now not full of pussy, Anita was moaning loudly as I pounded into her and she quickly came to orgasm, with a loud groan her pussy tightened it’s grip around my cock. I responded by shooting my cum deep into her with an equally loud groan. I rolled out of Anita to allow my wife access to her pussy, she then took great delight in loudly slurping, sucking and licking my cum out of her mother’s hole. When she was done she joined Anita and I in lying on the bed, gently fondling each other as we caught our breath.

“I’ve been thinking.” Anita said as she lay there being fondled by my wife and I, “I think it’s time I retired.”

“What?” My wife and I asked in tandem, shocked.

“Well, I’ll be 50 next month and to be honest I think you need a younger secretary. Also I’d like to spend more time with my grandchild when it’s born.” She explained.

“But how will I ever find anyone as good as you? You’re a great personal secretary, there’s no one I’d rather have doing that job for me than you.” I told her.

“Thanks, but I’ve made up my mind, besides I’ll still be here when you get home, it just means that I’ll only be able to keep your personal life in order and I’ll help you interview to find a suitable replacement.”

“Well I suppose I’ll just have Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort to get used to it then, wont I.” I sighed.



The next day I put the position up as vacant and within two weeks I’d had 30 applications, Anita and I then whittled these down to a shortlist of 10 who would come for interview. The day of the interviews came, about half of the applicants were dolly-birds that would more than happily have sucked my cock, but couldn’t keep an office ticking over for shit. The other half were proper secretaries and spent the entire interview giving Anita evils for having her bra on show, needless to say they weren’t suitable either. Three months passed and none of the candidates so far could hold a candle to Anita, we were getting desperate and had decided that if we couldn’t find someone suitable from this set of interviews then Anita would just have to stay on for a while longer.

It was just before lunch and I was ready to fuck Anita’s brains out over my desk but she insisted that we see the next candidate.

“But she’s bound to be just as crap as the rest of them.” I said protesting.

“You don’t know that, give the poor girl a chance.” She scalded. “Her name’s Louisa, she’s 18 and has just finished College. She can type at 100wpm and has a vocational qualification in Office Management.”

I rolled my eyes, as far as I was concerned Vocational qualifications were as useful as economy toilet roll.

Louisa walked into the room and I asked her to take a seat. She was conservatively dressed, wearing a badly fitting (and thus cheap) jacket and trousers that did nothing for her, but it looked as if she might have quite a curvy figure under it. She had long brown hair and a pretty face, partly obscured by (again, cheap) glasses. As she sat down she looked Anita up and down, pausing slightly on her breasts, obviously working out exactly what sort of secretary I required. However, rather than scowling at her for the rest of the interview, she just smiled sweetly and awaited our questions. We started off asking the standard questions, which she answered quickly and with intelligence, before we got onto the real interview.

“I must say, so far Louisa you’ve impressed us, and so we’ll now go into more details about the job on offer.” I told her.

“Do you know exactly what sort of secretary we’re looking for Louisa?” Anita asked.

“Well, judging by how you’re dressed I would assume it involves more than just keeping filing cabinets in order.” Louisa replied.

“Yes it does.” Anita told her, “I don’t just take care of his office; I also take care of his personal needs. Do you think you’d be able to do that Louisa?”

“I don’t see why not.” She answered with a cute smile.

“Good,” Anita replied, “Now a very important question, do you have a boyfriend or partner?”

“No, I’m completely single.”

“Excellent, now have you ever sucked a man’s cock before?” Anita asked her.

“No, I’m a virgin.” Louisa replied.

‘Wow, this girl just keeps getting better’ I thought to myself.

“OK, that’s fine, but do you have any objection to doing that or any other sexual acts?” Anita asked.

“None at all.” She said, smiling at me.

“Brilliant, now it’s time to discuss the terms of the contract on offer.” Anita told her.

“Right then,” I started in a business-like tone, “The initial contract will be for a probationary period of one month. During this time you will be working alongside Anita, learning the ropes and such like. At the end of this period you’ll have a performance review, and if successful the job will become permanent. Any change of your personal circumstances must be explained in a written letter, and will be accompanied by a discussion of whether it will affect your ability to do the job, in such circumstances you could be asked to relinquish your position. By signing this contract you agree to these terms and the following special terms: You must at all times adhere to the dress code given to you; You agree to IMMEDIATLY sort out some form of contraceptive method for yourself; You agree to comply with any reasonable demands made of you by myself. Failure to meet any of these terms could mean your immediate sacking.”

“Is that all clear?” Anita asked.

“Perfectly.” Louisa replied, before picking up a pen and signing the contract.

I then also signed the contract and Anita signed as witness.

“Welcome aboard!” I said. “Now, could I ask what contraceptive method you plan to use?”

“I was thinking of going on the pill.” Louisa replied.

“Good, now as regards clothing, you will receive an extra clothing allowance in addition to your normal rate of pay and you will be expected to buy your own clothes. However, so you know exactly what to buy Anita and I will now take you shopping as a welcome to the company gift.” I told her.

“Cool, lets go!” Louisa said excitedly.

The three of us went out to my car and I drove us into the local town centre.

“First off I think we need to get you some better glasses, so if you could take us to your optician…” I told her.

“What’s wrong with these? Mummy chose them for me.” Louisa enquired.

“Exactly that, you need some designer frames that suit your face better.” I told her.

She shrugged and led us into her optician, where we arranged for her to get some nice frames that made her look good as opposed to like an eighty year old. Next we visited the local lingerie store.

“What bra size do you need Louisa?” Anita asked.

“34E” She replied sheepishly.

I was gobsmacked, her breasts were even bigger than Anita’s Double Ds. I was looking forward to having this girl as my secretary more and more now! Anita chose her a nice lacy bra, similar to her own.

“What about knickers?” Louisa enquired.

“Don’t worry, you wont be needing those!” Anita said with a grin before flashing Louisa her knickerless ass to emphasise her point.

“Oh, right.” Louisa said warily.

“You shouldn’t worry, just make sure you shave or at least keep it trimmed neat, it actually feels quite nice and free.” Anita informed her.

Finally we went to my favourite suit shop to choose Louisa a jacket and skirt.

“What size do you take?” Anita asked.

“10” Louisa replied.

She then choose Louisa a skirt and jacket to complete her ensemble before we headed off. She wasn’t due to start until Monday, so we dropped her off at home before we made our way back to the office. By now I was so horny that as soon as we got back into the office I tore Anita’s jacket and bra off her and hurriedly dropped my trousers and boxers as she got into position on my desk. I quickly lined the head of my cock up with her entrance before slamming it home with a huge gasp of relief as I felt Anita’s juices soothe my red hot cock as I pounded in and out of her, grabbing her 36DD’s and massaging them as I did. We came simultaneously with a huge roar of pleasure as my cum mixed with her juices deep inside her pussy. We took a while to catch our breath before I slid out of her and Anita picked up her clothes.

“I know I’m leaving soon but that doesn’t mean you can wreck all my work clothes!” She said with a smile. “Now I’m going to have to walk around topless for the rest of the day!”

“Dash, what a shame!” I said with a wide grin.

Needless to say not much work was done for the rest of the day!



I was sat in my office on Monday morning when there was a knock on the door, shortly after Anita walked in carrying a small dish.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

She lent over my desk as she placed it down, careful to give me a good view down her cleavage and replied: “It’s for your tongue.”

“Why do I need that for my tongue?” I asked, still staring down her cleavage.

“You’ll see.”

Anita then walked out briefly before coming back in and saying: “May I introduce to you, your new secretary!”

Louisa walked in shortly after and suddenly I knew what the bowl was for, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her new designer frames suited her pretty face, framed by her long brown hair, perfectly. The short skirt showed off her long, luscious legs and the jacket fit her snugly, showing off a light blue lacy push-up bra containing her huge 34E mounds. Goddamn I must be the luckiest man in the world. Although I’d have to wait until the pill kicked in until I could fuck her. I sat there salivating for a while before finally being able to snap my brain into gear.

“Wow Louisa, you look amazing.”

“Thanks.” She said, blushing.

“Anita, why don’t you show Louisa your office and explain how things work and then come back when you’re done.”

“Ok, we’ll see you soon.”

With that the two of them walked out, but not before Anita quickly flicked Louisa’s skirt up so that I could see she was wearing no knickers. Damn does she have a pert ass, I thought to myself as they walked out before I desperately tried to concentrate on doing some work.

An hour or so later there was a knock at the door and then Anita walked in followed closely by Louisa.

“Now this is the part of the job where we give ‘relief’, normally it’s saved only for meetings or very stressful situations, but today it’s probably best we do it now.” She said to Louisa.

Anita then walked behind me and grabbed the back of my chair, and wheeled it, with me in it out from under my desk and into the centre of my office. She then knelt down infront of me and motioned for Louisa to join her. Louisa promptly dropped to her knees infront of me and we both watched as Anita undid my trousers and moved them aside, whilst being very careful to again give me a good view down her cleavage before reaching into my boxers and pulling my cock out, it was already hard from staring down Anita’s bra and Louisa gasped as she saw how big it was.

“My God, that thing is fucking huge, it would split me in two!” Louisa gasped in amazement.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!” Anita told Louisa with a huge grin, whilst slowly stroking her hand up and down my cock. “Now just watch what I do.”

With that Anita slowly licked up the length of my shaft before engulfing the whole of my cock in her mouth, careful that Louisa could see exactly what she was doing. I moaned as I felt her warm mouth engulf my cock and her tongue dance around on the head. She then proceeded to give me one of her wonderful blowjobs, until I was close to cumming and then let my cock fall out of her mouth before turning to Louisa and saying:

“You’re turn.” With a smile.

Anita quickly moved out of the way and stood back to watch as Louisa tentatively shuffled towards me on her knees until her face was inches from my cock at the same time giving me a wonderful view down her huge cleavage, boy could I not wait to get my hands on those big puppies!

“Stroke his cock in your hand.” Anita called out helpfully.

Louisa slowly reached out and took my erect cock in her dainty hands and slowly began tossing me off, lubricated by Anita’s saliva.

“That’s good, now take his cock in your mouth and just copy what I was doing.” She again called out helpfully.

Louisa parted her lips and slowly lowered her head towards my hard cock, slowly taking it in inch-by-inch until she had as much as she could cope with in her mouth, she then slowly started bobbing her head up and down, copying what Anita had been doing minutes earlier. As you’d expect from a first-timer her technique was poor, but she had much fuller lips than Anita’s and the feeling of them sliding up and down my throbbing shaft was sensational, with a bit of practice she could even be better than Anita, and I was more than happy to let her practice! After a few minutes I was about ready to cum, Anita, seeing this on my face, warned Louisa:

“He’s going to cum soon, just keep doing what you’re doing but be prepared to swallow!”

Seconds later I exploded into Louisa’s mouth with a loud moan, shooting ropes of sticky cum straight to the back of her throat, she quickly swallowed all she could before sitting back to regain her breath. Anita jumped in and finished, licking and sucking up all the cum she possibly could from my still twitching cock.

“Well how did she do?” Anita asked.

“She was brilliant!” I replied, looking at Louisa, “Especially considering it was her first time.”

Louisa smiled broadly at my comment, still trying to catch her breath.

“Well then, I guess I best go pack my things now, it’s obvious I’m not needed around here any more!” Anita said jokingly as she walked out of my office, Louisa following her just behind.

I wheeled my chair back to my desk and started getting on with my work whilst thinking that Anita’s retirement might now not be quite so awful!



Four weeks later and it was Anita’s last day as my secretary, Louisa had taken to the job like a duck to water and was now nearly as good as Anita at giving head and was quickly getting to grips with the filing system and all the other mundane jobs, however I still hadn’t fucked her, I had to wait until Monday for that!

To mark her last day Anita had decided to come to work wearing only a lacy bra and g-string that left very little to the imagination (‘to make sure that they remember me’) and I later found out that the men’s toilets were engaged pretty much all day and we got through 10 times the amount of toilet roll we normally did, also the number of people that visited my office increased a similar amount, very strange!

I hadn’t seen Anita and Louisa at all that day and so was understandably horny when they walked into my office at 4.30, the site of Anita in her lingerie instantly turned my cock rock hard.

“I think it’s time you gave Anita her goodbye present.” Louisa said as she locked my office door.

“I think you’re right!” I said with a smile.

I slowly walked over to Anita so I was standing behind her and whispered in her ear “I hope you enjoy it.” before undoing her bra clasp and slowly pulling her bra away so that her 36DD’s bounced free. I turned her around so that she was facing me and took her nipples into my mouth and gently gave them a little suck so that they were erect. I then quickly removed my jacket, shirt, tie, shoes, socks and trousers so I was stood there in just my boxers. I then slowly removed Anita’s g-string so I ended up kneeling infront of her, my face right by her pussy. I leant forward and licked her thighs and around her pussy lips before wrapping my arms around her legs and gently falling back, pulling her down ontop of me, I positioned her so that she was sitting on my face and then quickly penetrated her with my tongue as she gasped in pleasure at my sudden invasion. I continued to lick Anita out as she moaned in pleasure occasionally changing my attention to her clit before getting back to licking her out. It didn’t take long until I knew she was about to cum.

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