Holiday In(side her)

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Agatha had had a shit day at work.

“Fuck you, Charles.” she said out loud as she strode in through the front door, kicked off her shoes, tossed her jacket and dropped down dejectedly on to the cream sofa in the living room. All Agatha wanted was a good hard distraction fuck, and he had the audacity to be on holiday with his family.

Agatha was relatively tall with short spiky hair. She was a little heavier than she would have liked to have been at 34, but loved the feeling of her heavy tits so didn’t overly concern herself with the numbers. She had a few tattoos and far too many earrings, but none of them were a big deal for her office job. Her skin was pale and well moisturised, and she loved getting fucked hard.

Agatha sighed aloud theatrically and leant over to the decorative box on the large wooden bookshelf next to the sofa.

She smiled a little as she pulled out a fat hot pink dildo and confidently predicted feeling better within a few minutes.

She raised the fitted t-shirt she had been wearing all day and lifted her breasts out of their bra cups, keeping the bra on. With her large round tits and small nipples exposed, she scooted out of her black pencil skirt and kicked off her cobalt blue lacy knickers. She loved having her tits out but her top still partially on like the girls in the porn films. The black hold ups could stay on, she decided.

Agatha leant back into the sofa spreading her stockinged legs apart from her hips, rubbing the tip of the fake cock over her clit. She used her left hand to spread her pussy lips as wide as possible, mimicking the stretching she wished Charles’s dick was giving her. Agatha enjoyed variety with her bush and today it was a hairier than usual. She often preferred it shaved, but wanted to save that for the next time she had Charles inside her. Plus there was something kind of hot about watching the thick dildo disappearing into a hairy slit.

As her clit started to swell from the attention, she felt her hole moistening and alternated clit rubs with dipping the dildo head into her cunt. At first it wouldn’t go anywhere near fully entering her, but with a few minutes of persistence, she had most of the thick shaft slipping in and out of her pussy.

Agatha lived alone and could afford a few moans alongside her open display. She could hear the dildo being guzzled by her tight wet snatch and slurping when it was removed and she found herself turned on by the sounds. She occasionally pulled the cock up to lick her own liquid off the warm wet shaft, thinking that the last time she tasted herself it had been on Charles’ tongue.

She pulled hard on a nipple occasionally during the shafting but it really wasn’t enough. When someone else fucked her, she could reasonably expect two hands on her heavy breasts, or one hand and a mouth, meaning her prominent nipples got the attention they needed to bring her off. Agatha made a mental note to buy herself some nipple clamps for the next time she had to fuck herself.

She continued pulling the dildo out all the way and slamming it back in up to its fake balls, whilst fantasising about Charles. It felt good, but nowhere near as good as the real thing. Agatha thought about filming her slippery gash swallowing up the toy for Charles to see what she was reduced to when he was away, but she wasn’t sure he’d be overly impressed… Shame.

Agatha rubbed her now very swollen clit with a finger as the toy continued to stretch her hole. She imagined it was casino oyna Charles’s tongue against her whilst the dildo split her wide open. He was definitely going to try that at some point in the future.

A few more strokes of her proud clit and Agatha was about to come hard around the fake dick. She pumped it fast in and out of her cunt whilst flicking herself off and could feel the hard spasms from inside trying push the dildo out. She slowed the flicks as her orgasm subsided and she lifted the cock, now sticky with her cum, on to her belly below her hanging tits. She felt momentarily relaxed, but saddened that she wasn’t filled with Charles’s spunk.

Damn you and your fucking holidays, Charles.


From: Agatha

To: Charles

Subject: Order: One fat cock with a side of spunk

Hey Charles,

Hope you had a great holiday, but things have been dull here without you.

I need your dick, a hard fucking and your spunk all over my titties (not necessarily in that order).

You can eat me out too, whilst I moan about how hot you are. This is optional though, the first part is mandatory.

Fancy it? Email me a time that suits you and your lingerie preferences if so.

Yours, damp of panty in anticipation,



From: Charles

To: Agatha

Subject: Re: Order: [Redacted]

Oh for fuck’s sake Agatha, you know this is my personal email account.

Make it satin, slutty and suitable for sucking.



Charles had his own key so let himself in at the allotted time. He paused for a few seconds inside the door when there was no response to his call then decided to sit himself down on the cream sofa.

Agatha came down the stairs not long thereafter wearing a short silk dressing gown with stockings and suspenders peeking out from the bottom. The visible lingerie was white, and the gown itself white with a floral print. As she walked across the room, the jiggling of the mounds under the gown indicated that there was no structural integrity to whatever bra was under there. Feeling her tits bounce turned Agatha on and she felt her cunt getting even damper than it had been in anticipation.

As Agatha reached Charles she leaned in and pushed him back against the sofa. She stood astride his legs and opened her gown so that he got a view directly at crotch level.

His eyes travelled up and were met with a split cup silken bra that was really two fabric triangles with a gap for Agatha’s hard nipples. Given the size of her titties it was a bit of a token effort, but not a bad one.

Moving down there was another small triangle covering her slit, again white and this time sheer with her enthusiasm. He raised a hand to rub her snatch roughly and pulled away damp fingers smelling of clean yet very horny cunt.

Shit, he wanted to fuck her now, but she pushed down on his shoulders making it clear that wasn’t going to happen.

Someone went on holiday and now someone was going to come in their pants to pay for it, he suspected.

Agatha angled her pussy towards Charles and he continued to rub her through the panties, eliciting moans and grinding of her hips. Getting to the point where the panties were about to get swallowed up in the friction, he pushed them to one side and slipped a thick manicured finger into her slit.

Agatha fucking loved being fingered, and watching this shave headed man beneath her restricted to slipping a wet finger inside canlı casino her pussy as her fat tits jiggled near his face made Agatha grin.

Charles slipped in a second finger, and Agatha dropped a hand to rub her clit right in front of him. He could smell her pussy and his hand growing damp as she writhed around his fingers.

Suddenly Agatha stood fully up, pulling away from his hand. She dropped the gown to the ground and started to open Charles’s button fly. He really hoped he was about to get head, but wasn’t counting on it. He had been on holiday. Without her.

Agatha freed his stiff cock but instead of instantly licking its hot head as she normally did, knelt before him and placed a heavy breast on either side. Her tits remained mostly covered by the bra, but the split cups left her nipple and part of each areola bursting out. the silky fabric sat partially between her breasts, giving their travel up and down Charles’s sensitive shaft an unusual texture. She bounced up and down a little on her knees shaking his thick cock with firm heavy tits, looking up at him as she did.

Charles hadn’t historically been a big fan of the tit wank, but this wasn’t bad.

Next up was lube to change the texture. Agatha rubbed a little into the canyon between her titties and dropped them down around Charles’s cock. She mashed her tits hard around his dick pressing them into the sides as she rhythmically slid them up and down. Combining this with a lack of fucking for Charles in two weeks and she was soon close to the target. Charles uttered an indication that he was about to shoot his wad and Agatha leant down, aiming his load into her mouth, around her chin and onto her breasts. Charles obliged, hard.

Agatha licked the creamy remainder off her lips and chin and looked up at a panting Charles. She’d missed his spunk, but he still owed her two weeks’s worth of fucking…

Agatha decided to entertain herself and give Charles a show whilst he was recovering enough to stick his cock inside her.

Agatha took herself over to the cream leather recliner where she had previously stashed the dildo. She turned back to Charles, unhooking the flimsy bra and releasing her heavy titties fully as it dropped. Her chest was still oily and she absent-mindedly rubbed the residual oil over her now-puffy nipples whilst Charles looked on. That had them hardening up again and she pulled them skywards before letting them drop.

She let down her pathetic excuse for knickers and flung the wet fabric at Charles. He responded by sucking the silk as his eyes remained on her body.

Sitting back into the chair, Agatha spread her hips as wide as she could, her stockinged legs over the arms of the chair. Boldly displaying her smooth shaven cunt to Charles, her clit was already swollen from the foreplay. Her pink pussy glistened along with her nips as she reached over for the dildo, Charles watched the light bouncing off them.

Agatha was far more of a dirty slut than Charles could ever have realised, he thought. He thought she might be up for a drunken snog, but this was far beyond what he thought of the girl he knew from work. At 49, he expected his cock to take a while to recover, but she seemed to have an effect on him (could it be desire?) that meant it wouldn’t be much longer now.

Agatha began the alternating of her clit and gash that caused her tits to bounce and her head to go back, exposing all of her long neck. Under her stockings were two silver ankle bracelets, a kaçak casino gift from her trip with Charles.

Charles was no longer able to stay away from the show, and walked over to bite a breast and kiss the side of her neck. Agatha moaned even louder, reaching out to see if his cock was ready for her yet.

It was getting there, and continued to do so as she pumped him with one fist. Charles took the dildo from her, forcing it in repeatedly with a brutish action. Charles then bent down, removing Agatha’s hand from him and knelt before her. He placed the tip of his tongue square on her slippery clit as he continued to pump her hard with the dildo.

Agatha’s moaning and rocking of her hips suggested this was having the expected effect on her, and also gave him good view of her cunt being stretched out by the cock if he sat back for a moment. There was something very hot about watching her penetrated at this angle, but by now, Agatha was pleading for Charles’ dick, not a poor imitation.

Agatha wasn’t going to get the penetration she expected however. Charles could build plans whilst on holiday too…

He pulled the dildo out of Agatha’s hole and pushed the tip up into her mouth to lick clean. Agatha obeyed. Once she was done, Charles removed it and kissed Agatha hard – their first kiss this meeting

Pulling Agatha’s hand he led her down onto the cream shagpile carpet (no pun intended). Agatha knelt on all fours with her hole tilted up for him to fuck her. Doggystyle, she expected, as they had both always enjoyed.

Fill her he did, but not with his cock. Charles inserted the dildo hard into her dripping slit and left it there whilst fondling her hanging titties. He pulled down on the nipples that were pointed downwards now leaving Agatha moaning with delight.

His right hand came away reaching for the lube and a little was drizzled over Agatha’s ass before she knew what was happening.

Charles massaged her butt cheeks until they were slick, venturing a finger into her butt hole occasionally. Agatha moaned and steeled herself for what was coming next as Charles lubed his cock. Making sure the dildo was still filling her cunt, Charles rested his rock hard knob at the entrance to Agatha’s ass. He proceeded very gently into her with small rocking movements, stretching her ass alongside her cunt.

“Fuck me in the ass with your thick cock” was all Agatha could come up with. She regretted it immediately – not very erudite. The warm spreading sensation of her ass was all she could focus on right now though. It was a little sore, but awesome at the same time.

Charles, never a man of many words, didn’t say anything.

He was loving this filth, his cock was clenched so tight with every thrust that he felt great. That was about the size of it.

The gentle bursts increased his depth and soon he was rocking Agatha’s ass. He would occasionally reach down and pump the dildo, leaving her moaning even harder, and altering the sensation against his cock inside her.

Agatha couldn’t take much more when Charles moved a hand around to rub her clit, her pussy and ass exploding in a huge orgasm. Agatha’s butt clenching him even tighter left Charles shooting his cum into her ass with very little warning. As both of them finished their spasms, Charles pulled the dildo out of Agatha’s cunt and she felt his spent cock slide out of her ass at the same time.

As they stood kissing, Charles’ spunk started to leak out of her ass and down the inside of her stocking. Agatha loved the sensation of its warm stickiness dripping, knowing that this was the result of making Charles come.

“Fuck, Charles, you should go on holiday more often.”

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