His First Prom Ch. 02

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story includes both bi-female, threesome, group, and bi-male scenes. If you do not like or have an aversion to two men doing anything together, skip this story, or just read until the second male arrives. It wont leap into it suddenly, you’ll know its coming.


I don’t focus well during school classes. Today was even worse. After having sex for the first time with my adopted legal guardian last night, I spent the entire day thinking about what had happened, applying that experience to Kari, my current crush. She’s also my date for prom tomorrow night, so the last thing I wanted to do was tell her what had happened. I don’t have class with her this quarter, thankfully.

Usually it was a downer that we only had that one class together, but today I was relieved. I wasn’t sure I wanted to face her. When I was waiting for my first period class to start I got a text message from her that she had a doctor’s appointment during lunch period, so I knew I wouldn’t have to face her then. By the end of the day I wasn’t worried about it anymore. The initial fear had past and I knew as long as I didn’t talk about it, then no one knew and it wouldn’t come up. We weren’t really dating, but anytime you start an excuse with, “Technically, dot, dot, dot,” it’s still not going to end well. I would tell her once I got to know her better and could guess how she would react. Having decided that, the rest of the day was a breeze.

When my gym class ended at 3pm I got in my car and went home. I noticed Kate’s car in the driveway which was unusual. Her normal Friday hours put her working until 7 or 8pm in town at her boutique. When I walked in the front door I heard her talking in the living room, and when I went past on my way upstairs to my room, I saw her talking to her best friend, Sarah.

Sarah was like Kate, they both grew up in foster care, bouncing around like I did, and they were both close enough to each other that they remained friends for their entire teenage lives. She was petite, very petite, and much shorter than Kate and a year younger at 31 years old. She was around 5’0 give or take an inch. She had shapely hips but up top she was lacking compared to Kate, and only had small C cup breasts. While Kate was a brunette with a natural curl in her long hair, Sarah was a golden blonde, with straight as a rule hair that was cut just below her jaw line. She had pale blue eyes, not nearly as noticeable as Kate’s, and a flat ass. She was not a head turner when it came to her body, but her face was exceptionally cute. If you weren’t picky about bodies, then you would have no hesitation saying yes to her.

I noticed their conversation shift into whispers when they heard me come in, and immediately I was nervous. What had Kate told her?! I tried to act casual, and waved as I went upstairs to my bedroom. I heard a giggle escape from Sarah and I was glad the wall of the stairway hid my red face. I threw my bag onto my floor and collapsed onto my bed. I was completely embarrassed, and I felt like I had made a huge mistake the night before. I should have pushed Kate away, but I was too excited to say no. After lying on the bed for a few minutes I decided I needed a shower. I had the reek of gym class on me so I stripped down to my boxers and went to the shared upstairs bathroom.

Jim and Kate did not have a master bath in the house when they bought it, so one thing they splurged on was fixing up the upstairs bathroom into a luxury spa. They absorbed the small office next to it and gutted the entire room. They put in a huge Jacuzzi bathtub big enough for four people, his-and-hers countertop, and both a toilet and a bidet. The bidet was weird at first, but once you’ve used it a couple times, you won’t go back. There was also a small shower stall, but the Jacuzzi tub had wrap around nozzles in the wall, plus a waterfall-like faucet overhead. A drain trough built into the floor surrounding the tub allowed them to skip the walls around the tub leaving it open.

I skipped the tub today and used the small glass walled shower stall. I turned the water on letting it steam up as I gathered a towel from the small closet and set it on the counter. I threw my boxers onto the floor and admired myself in the mirror before climbing into the shower. The water was hot on my skin, the way I liked it. The glass of the stall had completely steamed up, and I just stood under the spray for a few minutes. I had just started lathering up with soap when I heard the door open.

“I’m in here,” I hollered, “You can use the bathroom downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.” I heard Sarah say. The door clicked shut and I went back to washing. I had scrubbed all the important parts and was letting the water rinse the lather away when the glass shower door opened. I jumped and spun and found myself face to face with a completely naked Sarah. She smiled at me and her perky breasts ended in large hard nipples. I couldn’t help but let my gaze go lower and I saw she was completely shaved, no pubic hair at all. casino şirketleri She came into the stall and pushed me against the wall, closing the door behind her.

“I’ve heard you had some after school tutoring last night.” She told me. My mouth hung open, not knowing what to say. “Consider me another one of your tutors.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up, forcing me to catch her and hold on to her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her bare pussy rubbed against my enlarging cock and her hard nipples raked across my wet chest as she firmly kissed me. I pulled back, a hundred thoughts going through my mind, and uncertainty about which to listen to.

“I can’t I’ve got a date with Kari.” I managed, but even I didn’t believe it.

She narrowed her eyes seductively, “Are you two dating?” she asked. I shook my head weakly. “So it’s just a first date?” she confirmed. I nodded.

“Then this is okay,” she told me, and she reached up, put her hand on the back of my head, and yanked me toward her planting her lips on mine. I kissed back, letting my tongue explore her mouth as she explored mine. I slowly turned around, putting her back against the wall of the shower stall. Holding her up with my body I lowered a little and started sucking on her magnificent tits. I could feel the hardness of her nipples, and she cooed as I sucked and licked them, splitting my time between each. She pushed me back and lowered herself back onto the floor of the stall and knelt down. My cock was hard and she took hold of it and teased it, licking just the last centimeter with her tongue and lips, letting my desire build. Instead of taking its length into her mouth she kissed down the shaft and then down to my balls.

She sucked one in, rolling it around with her tongue and she sucked, and slowly stroked the length of my cock with her hand. She had her other hand on my thigh caressing it. She switched balls, sucking the other one, and going back and forth between them. After a moment of that she let her tongue lick from the bottom of my balls all the way up my cock to the tip and then gobbled it, taking most of it into her mouth. I fell back against the glass wall, closing my eyes as she sucked. I put my hand on the back of her head, letting it rest there and after a moment she pulled back, just lightly teasing the head of my cock again. I looked down, frustrated she had practically stopped.

“Next lesson,” she said, “Learning when girls want you to take charge.” I was confused, and she took my hands and put one on the back of her head, and made my other take a handful of her hair. “If you want more, take more.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, and she went back to merely teasing my cock. I tried to pull her into it, but I didn’t want to hurt her, and she easily resisted my timid pulls. “No, you’re just making suggestions at what you want me to do.” She shook her head, “I want you to MAKE ME do it.” She told me.

I gripped her hair tighter and really yanked her onto my cock; shoving her head and pushing her down, making her take the entire 7 inches of my hard cock. She pulled back and I shoved her down again, and she moaned as she went down, sucking eagerly. After a few seconds she pulled off of it. “That’s more like it.” She continued to suck me and I heard the door open. I nearly panicked, but Sarah kept going, her wet blonde hair sticking to her head and my hands. The door opened and Sarah stood and disappeared out of the cloud of steam.

I stepped out of the shower stall wiping the water from my eyes and saw that Sarah was kissing Kate hard on the lips. She was naked, her large tits pressing against Sarah’s, their legs gliding together rubbing and intertwining. I hadn’t thought it possible but my cock got even harder. As Sarah stepped away I saw Kate had a huge cock strapped to her hips. Leather straps wound their way around her hips like a funny pair of underwear. The cock was a natural skin tone white, and past the harness it changed shape into a long slender piece which disappeared into the crevices of her legs.

Kate saw me looking at it and explained, “It’s a strap on. It lets me fuck Sarah while the anal and vaginal plugs vibrate so I get off too.” Sarah turned and grabbed me by the arm pulling me into the hallway as Kate followed with her dong bouncing as she went. Sarah led me into Jim and Kate’s bedroom with a massive King size bed in the middle. She pushed be back onto the bed and climbed over me. I saw Kate reach into a dresser drawer and pull out a small bottle. She dribbled something onto the dong and then stroked it, smearing it around. She came to the bed and grabbed my hard cock, smearing the lube on it, then dribbled some more from the bottle and smeared that in until my cock was slick with it.

“I think Sarah’s pussy is plenty wet.” I told her. Both Kate and Sarah laughed.

“I’m sure it is,” Kate said, “but that’s not where you’re playing today.”

Sarah pushed me back against the covers of the casino firmaları bed and turned around. My cock waved in the air and she squatted over it and then slowly lowered herself onto it, letting it slowly penetrate her anus. I panicked, I was worried she was going to hurt herself and as soon as I felt her tight hole squeezing my cock I decided to shut the hell up about it.

She slid down my cock until she was all the way down. To test it she leaned back and braced with her arms pushing herself up and down on my cock, which slid easily in her ass. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed the mounds of her breasts as I slowly ground my hips letting my cock ride her ass. I could feel her tight around my cock, and felt each movement as my cock slipped up and down inside.

“Oh, yes!” she cried out. I felt something else with her and looked around her to see Kate kneeling in front of us both, pushing the dong into Sarah’s pussy. She thrust in and out and I just laid there feeling her thrusts rubbing against my cock in Sarah. Each thrust pushed Sarah up and back down, and I realized that we could both lie back and take it. I took the opportunity to tease Sarah’s nipples and kissed her neck and shoulders. She moaned and screamed as with both penetrated her. A few minutes later she cried out in orgasm, her ass clenching tight against my cock, pushing me over the edge and shooting my load into her. I felt Kate pull out of her and Sarah collapsed onto me, panting and repeating, “Oh my god!” again and again.

Kate smiled and climbed over by me. I was intimidated as the glistening dong bounced up and down in my face. Kate grabbed my hair, it hurt a little but I was more curious about her intentions, and she thrust the dong into my mouth making me suck off Sarah’s cum. After a few gentle thrusts she pulled it out and let go of my head. She reached around her waist and undid the clasps to the harness and let it pull out of her, trailing strings of cum from her pussy. Sarah climbed off of me and took it from her, sucking Kate’s cum off the vibrator part of the dong and then throwing it aside.

Sarah swung around and sat on my stomach as Kate moved around past my head. I was focused on Sarah, who was rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples when Kate climbed over me and stuck her pussy right in my mouth, her cum already dripping onto my lips. She leaned forward and started kissing Sarah and I greedily sucked her juices up. Sarah leaned down and sucked Kate’s tits. After a couple minutes Sarah climbed up and disappeared. I thought we were done, but Kate didn’t move, and just tweaked my nipples as I licked and sucked her pussy. A moment later Sarah returned and I felt her aggressively wiping my cock with a warm soapy towel. After she had scrubbed it clean she wiped it again with a soft wet clean towel.

“Never forget to clean your cock after anal play,” she told me. Kate leaned forward and took my still flaccid cock into her mouth, sucking and licking while I ate her out. Sarah climbed up next to me, snatched my hand from around Kate and forced my hand on her pussy. I didn’t hesitate to stick my fingers into her and she started gyrating back and forth in time to my thrusts. It hadn’t taken long for my cock to get hard again, and Sarah climbed down and took turns with Kate as they both sucked my cock and balls.

Not one to keep her toys to herself, Kate rolled to her side allowing Sarah to position her pussy over my mouth. I quickly started eating her out while she sucked me. She tasted slightly different from Kate; neither bad nor good. She was just different, less sweet, slightly salty but not overly so. I sucked up as much of her juices as I could, sucking on her swelling labia and clit, and sticking my tongue into her hole and swirling it around as she moaned on my cock. When she came again I sucked in her cum and it oozed from her pussy. She became extremely sensitive, and slid away from me. When I glanced over I saw Kate and pulled out a dildo, and was ramming it into her pussy while trading my cock with Sarah. I felt that now familiar sensation of building toward orgasm and still Kate and Sarah sucked. Just before I came Kate let go of my cock letting Sarah come down on it and I shot my load into her mouth. She sat up and I watched her move toward Kate and she dribbled my cum from her mouth into Kate’s. Something about it was so hot I felt like I could cum again. Thankfully I didn’t. And together they collapsed next to me, all of us panting. We cuddled together for a few minutes, and I fell asleep, exhausted from gym, and then the marathon sex with Kate and Sarah.

I woke up hearing the front door close and Jim yelling that he was home. I looked around and panicked, lying on Jim’s bed naked, with his wife naked at my side, and her best friend at the other. I heard him climbing up the stairs and I tried to wrestle out from underneath Kate and Sarah. I swore it felt as if they were holding me down but they were passed out. I start struggling more, getting my arm out from güvenilir casino underneath Kate, and then from Sarah, my limp cock flopping around. I was free, and turned to see Jim standing in the door, still dressed in his suit, bag in hand. He dropped it to the floor, mouth agape.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled. I scrambled backward, toward the head of the bed. He came toward the edge of the bed on the left, so I scrambled to the right, climbing over Sarah, my cock flopping on her face, but I hardly noticed. Again he yelled, “What the fuck!?”

“Jim, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, it just happened, and I was naked, and they were naked, and they started kissing me, and sucking me-” I rambled, panicked, and then froze as all three of them, Jim, Kate and Sarah started laughing.

I was extremely confused. “Do you think I’d have fucked you last night if Jim and I hadn’t talked about it before?” Kate asked.

I had no answer for her. “Or do you think she’d have fucked you with Sarah today if she hadn’t called me this morning and told me about last night?” Jim added.

Again, I was completely blank. I swore my mind must have rebooted, Blue Screen of Death in my head. They laughed again, and Kate got on her knees, level with Jim and gave him a big welcome-home kiss. Sarah climbed over the bed next to them and joined in the hug, adding in her kiss as Jim squeezed her tit and then gave her ass a loud slap as she turned away.

I fell onto the bed, in shock and relief. I still wasn’t sure if I was in the right, or still wrong, but I wasn’t dead yet so it didn’t matter. Sarah climbed over, wrapping her legs around me and laying her head on my shoulder, looking at Jim and Kate. Jim walked to their walk in closet, taking his tie off, and hanging his suit jacket up. I saw him lift his leg up, flipping off his shoe, and then the other. I turned back to Sarah who started kissing my neck softly and I kissed her back.

Kate snuggled next to me on my right, and whispered in my ear, “We’re swingers.” She told me.

“I don’t know what that means,” I admitted. The two women giggled at my ignorance.

“It means we have sex with other people. It’s not something we broadcast, obviously, or we’d have never gotten to foster you, let alone adopt you, but we think what we do to get off is none of anyone else’s business. We’ve had entire orgies downstairs when you’ve been gone doing stuff on the weekends.” She told me.

Jim came out of the closet, completely nude with his huge cock flopping around. It was clearly a little larger than mine, I felt intimidated, but Sarah put her finger on my mouth, “Don’t get upset,” she said, reading my thoughts, “His is bigger, but yours is still much bigger than average. Don’t worry about it.” I let it go. Jim climbed up onto the bed and sidled up to Kate who reached down and started stroking his limp enormous cock. He quickly got hard and Kate spread her legs, letting him push into her lying on their sides with Kate facing Sarah and I. He fucked her for a few minutes as they traded looks, both moaning and grunting while Sarah just laid on me, snuggling.

“You’ve pretty much seen the basics.” Sarah told me. “There’s more,” she paused, choosing her words, “specialized fetishes, but we don’t really do most of them.”

I nodded, distracted by Jim thrusting into Kate. He was larger than me in physical size in addition to his cock, more muscular, but not what I would consider a Muscle Man. He didn’t work out, instead he rode his bike, or climbed, or anything else that he felt like doing outside. His new ambition was kayaking rapids, which he had hoped to learn to do during the summer.

“If you want another experience we can help with that,” Sarah went on, “But it’s completely optional, and not everyone is into it.” I nodded, curious.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, just like Kate and I are women and we play together, Jim sometimes plays with guys too. It’s called Bisexuality. We have our preference, Jim will take a girl over a guy, and Kate and I will always prefer boyfriends but we will play with girls if there’s no cocks around or if we’re playing in a group.”

“Okay,” I said, unsurely. She rubbed my chest, and I looked back at Kate and Jim.

“If you want, and you don’t have to, Jim will play with you.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not. I had never considered it. It didn’t put me off, but it really didn’t make me wild either. “I don’t know,” I told them, “I’m curious, but I don’t really have any feelings about it, one way or the other.” I admitted.

Sarah and Kate nodded and Jim shrugged. “It’s not for everyone.” He told me.

“I guess I won’t know until I try it,” I admitted. Jim glanced at Sarah and then at Kate who both nodded understandingly.

“Well he’s here right now,” she said, “Do you want to or do you want to wait?”

I couldn’t decide, I imagined Jim sucking my cock, and fucking his ass, but it wasn’t driving me wild. I thought about the reverse, sucking his cock, or him in my ass. I also remembered Kate sticking the soaking Dong in my mouth, and I hadn’t minded then. I didn’t think I wanted it, but when I looked down my cock was firming up slightly. I figured experimentation wouldn’t hurt and so I agreed.

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