Hey Baby I’m The Telephone Man Ch. 01

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Group Sex

Another short story, this time about losing virginity to an older woman.

Remember the halcyon days of 1970’s?

I managed to secure an apprenticeship with a well known telephone company and having completed five sessions of indoor duties amounting to six months worth and a month of training, I’d heard a few tales of what can happen ‘out in the field’. My next duty was two months with the installers and the first guy took great pleasure in amplifying the tales to the point I was fully expecting something nice to happen everyday, such as seeing a nice down blouse, up skirt or even naked lady.

Sadly disappointment set in and come close of day Friday the nicest thing I’d seen was a woman in a dress with the tiniest hint of the top of her cleavage, far more is visible on the average trip to the supermarket.

Monday morning came and still nothing noteworthy, however Thursday was a different matter, first call to a fairly posh house we found the door being opened by an elderly woman. OK let’s get this straight to a horny teenager any one over twenty-five is old but this one was wearing a baby doll nighty and negligee in a thin blue fabric, complete with white fur trim. Classically the dark patches were detectable; nipples belly button and dark triangle. OK so she wasn’t a true blonde, so what? The guy I was with introduced us as telephone engineers and her first response was an offer of a drink.

She showed us to the phone and where she wanted the extension in the bedroom then went to make tea. It was a simple job really as we were able to drill through the ceiling and fish the cable through a gap under the skirting then fit the junction box and terminate it.

The bedroom I completed very quickly but before that the lady returned with tea and sat on the bed to watch me.

“Nice bum Petal… Do you like bums?”

“Yes I suppose so.” I finished screwing and got up onto my haunches.

“So what’s your favourite part?”

I was still returning the tools to my tool bag. “Boobs I suppose.”

“Probably mine too. Do you like mine?”

I turned to see the negligee had gone and the baby doll nighty was totally see through, every spot, every blemish, every pube, every nipple was on show, the same was true for my red face and erection.

“Erm, I’m, casino şirketleri err yes they’re erm lovely.”

“Would you like to play with them?”

“But err Brian is erm.”

“Don’t worry about him; I imagine my daughter is all over him by now. She is a total sucker for a blonde older guy.”

Gulp. I looked to the door wondering if I should turn and run.

The lady beat me to it, rose from the bed and closed the door, the nighty unwrapped as she turned and fell to the floor leaving her dressed only in a necklace and matching waist chain. Slowly she walked, oh so slowly, to me stopped and released my belt.

I stood there like a lemon holding the tool bag in one hand and the poly bag containing the rubbish in the other.

“I’m your first. Yes?”

I nodded once.

“So you’re my first too, my first first.”

I felt the bag slip from my hand then the tools and she disappeared downwards. I felt my jeans slipping down. “Lift.” Followed by a tap on a shin then “Lift.” on the other shin. I noticed the red lips when the blonde head returned and they moved in to touch mine, just a tiny touch then pulled away.

Next I felt her hand on my chest and then pull on my T-shirt and I dumbly followed the three small steps then followed her down onto the bed. I too moved in to touch lips, just a touch and lifted. That was all so slow and gentle but it changed and wow did it change, the room flipped over or was it me? All I know is the mattress was behind my back and this old lady was laying on top of me chewing as my face, hard and rapidly all around my lips and mouth.

Grrrr I’d not done this before. Yeah sure I’d kissed the relatives including aunty Kenny, even now far too many years after she passed from us I remember her kisses which were wet, actually no they were sticky and always left a horrible taste on my lips but getting back to 1974 I found my tongue being played with and even now, forty-six years later I clearly remember the taste of bitter-sweet grapefruit as my tongue joined in the wrestling match.

“Mum?” followed by a knock on the door.

“Not Now Petal.”

“Oh.” Then more brightly; “Ohhhh I see.”

“Now where were we?” she dabbed another kiss on my lips then rolled her hips. Now if the way she kissed was a new sensation casino firmaları then those hips were definitely doing something special, I felt; slipping, I felt heat, I felt softness, I felt hardness, I felt I’d… become a man, I felt wetness and the more she rolled those hips the more I felt the wet running over my bollocks and then that unmistakeable feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was just then the bitch stopped moving and got up off me.


“Oh Petal it’s ok. Just move up a bit. Get up onto the pillow it’ll be more comfortable. The lady joined me again but this time kneeling over me and my cock slipped straight back up inside her, in that position it was easy to grab her tits.

“Not so rough Petal.”

I eased off a bit and marvelled at how soft but at the same time heavy and firm her tits were, I had no idea what they should feel like as these puppies were the first I’d had the pleasure to play with but the pleasure was cut short when she started going up and down and I started feeling those lovely sensations from a few minutes ago.

I could tell she was watching me for something, something I didn’t know, possibly something I didn’t understand but she was watching. Very slowly up and down just a little, may be an inch at a time.

So there I was holding onto this strangers tits and loving the feel of them, enjoying the little movements her pussy was having on my cock and watching her eyes watching me and suddenly the surge in my stomach started again, she saw that and placing her hands on the mattress each side of my shoulders lowered down towards my chest, at the same time I felt her bum lift and I had the urge to thrust up to her. Up, up, up and each time it felt like I was going further, harder and quicker up, up, up, up. I needed to hold onto the strange lady, circled her with my arms and pulled. Harder, faster up, up, up, up, up.

Bang. A surge thundered around my bollocks and my arse clenched, up , up, up and a rod of fire shot up my cock, up, up, up. Another surge another shot of fire, up, up, up, surge, fire, up, up, up, up, surge, fire, up, up, surge, fire and looking at the lady’s position I saw I was in a big old bridge position with my arse a foot off the bed, up, up, up, surge, fire, up, up, fire and collapse.

The lady güvenilir casino smiled kissed my nose and tried to push down on her hands, I was still holding on to stop her, kissed a quick peck on her mouth, said “Thanks.” And let my arms drop to the bed, I could see she was still watching me but she smiled again and lifted off my chest.

She shook her head, “Feel good?”

I smiled, nodded and managed another kiss on those smudged red lips. “Yeah.” and nodded again, “Like a million pounds.”

With that she rolled off me, over to the side of the bed and stood. Bent down for her nighty and I got a perfect view of her pussy, arse and wet stuff running down her leg. She left the room before the nighty totally left the floor.

I laid there thinking all sorts but primarily: I’m a man, I’ve done it and what do I do with this mess?

“Hey kid, bathrooms free. Better be quick before those down there need it. I’ll make a fresh tea, that one will be cold.”

So I left the bed, picked up my clothes and found the bathroom two doors along and cleaned up. Back in the bedroom I saw the wet patch on the bed and thought about trying to clean it up but who was I kidding? Picked up the tools and poly bag and went downstairs. I was just about to open the lounge door when the lady stopped me.

“That door is only closed for one reason.”

I gave a questioning look.

“What we just did kid.”

“Oh, yes.”

“Come and have the tea.” I followed the see through nighty to the kitchen and sat on a bar stool when pointed out to me. Tried the tea which was far too hot to drink and saw a very naked young lady exit the lounge and disappear up the stairs, fairly quickly I saw Brian poke his head out and look left and right then carrying clothes in front of his cock carefully, almost on tiptoes, walked to the stairs and up.

I waited for the tea to cool some and for Brian to return, managed to drink some of the tea before he came down then between us we tested the operation of the new extension phone, finished our teas and said goodbye.

The lady hugged me, kissed my cheek and added “Happy Easter Kid. Take care.”

“Thanks again, Happy Easter.”

Brian said similar things with the girl. And we left.

In the van the conversation was a bit weird when Brian started boasting about fucking the girl not much older than me.

I never did know her name or age, just the address and phone number…


I hope you enjoyed, please no comments about editing unless you are offering to help.

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