Her Forever Virgin Ch. 02

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Big Tits

A stack of dissipating smoke rose where Amy one stood. Smelling the ashes which represented Amy’s absence Margo’s face curled to a smirk as a bulb went off in her head. She unlocked her phone and began texting Cy.

Ever since learning of the magical and becoming a confidant, Margo has been jealous of any woman who can call herself a witch. She often enjoyed telling Amy about all the trouble she’d cause if she were born with magic powers to which Amy would often sigh relief that wasn’t their reality. Accepting the facts, Margo has always opted to push Amy to be the best witch she can be both for her friend’s sake and the entertainment of seeing Amy become more powerful.

Margo could easily imagine the awkwardness of Amy’s situation and maybe it wasn’t right for her to volunteer Cy like that. But what would be the harm in her just asking him?

If it were up to Margo, she would just trick Cy into wearing the damn thing but she could already imagine that conversation in her head. You can’t use magic to trick people like that for personal gain. It’s wrong. Blah blah blah blah.

That route was clearly not an option so she decided she’d have to take destiny by the horns. As she slipped her phone from her purse, she admitted the mischievous intent to herself with a smirk. She was doing this partly just to see what would happen.

Thanks to Amy, Margo knew many unique secrets that seem like fiction to those ignorant of magic. She knew what it was like to fly on a broom, she’d temporarily swapped bodies with her best friend, and learned of a few magic potions non-witches could make but she didn’t know how you go about asking a guy to wear a magic cock cage. She just had to know. Though she’d never told Amy, Margo knew from personal experience how tricky it could be to bring up chastity even just as a temporary form of roleplay but asking a guy to do it permanently was something else. She’d only gotten into it two years ago and even then, only with one guy but she suddenly found herself wishing she could go back and talk Cy into it to prepare him for this moment. That’s what ran through her mind as she clicked on a contact labeled “Cy the Nice Guy.”

Cyrus had to stay in the office an extra hour, which meant an extra hour of having to resist his desire for orgasm. Cyrus was feeling especially horny today as all day he’d been looking forward to his date with his friend Margo. Cyrus slipped out of his clothes and rolled on to the bed naked.

He could never believe how lucky he was to have a friend like Margo in his life. He engulfed his minuscule member with his hand and began pleasuring himself. They’d been friends since high school and they had dated in the last part of senior year and their first summer before college.

If Margo had never asked him to prom, he’s not sure he ever would have been brave enough to have even just the few sexual encounters he’s had. Even after they’d broken up, she’d still been his friend and continued having casual sex with him despite his severe short comings.

His sense of disbelief was compounded as he thought of her physical appearance. He always thought of her as an undiscovered Hollywood beauty. Margo was tall, slender, her breasts small yet firm, her ass slight but soft to the touch, and best of all it was all held together by a brash, cheeky but loyal personality that made their friendship stronger.

He heard his obnoxious, at least it felt so at this very moment, text alert go off. Begrudgingly, he stopped his self-indulgent task to check his phone. It was of all people, the girl at the top of his mind at the moment, Margo. Having thought of her so intently and now seeing her photo even in a tiny circle on the screen of his phone was enough to send him over the edge negating the need for him to return his hand to his tiny member. Even in privacy, wet patches of seamen on his crotch and stomach, he couldn’t help but to feel ashamed to climax from something like a text alert. Just another reminder of why he’d still yet to truly lose his virginity.

His heart sank lower when he read the text from Margo, “Sorry. Can’t do tonight.”

As soon as she’d sent the text Margo wondered if maybe she should have explained her whole plan in one big text. She shrugged her shoulders for no one but herself and began tapping the screen again.

Cyrus dropped his head into the pillow with a sigh. Now the two things on his mind were what he should do for dinner tonight and when it would be a good time to reschedule. Recent developments in his unusual condition had made the already self-conscious maltepe escort young man even more afraid of forming new romantic and sexual connections. He knew she was probably just postponing for a good reason but a small part of him said it was probably because she was tired of taking pity on him. Done with the pin dick who’s too premature to have real sex.

As Cyrus began resigning himself to dwelling on the negative possibilities, he heard his phone go off again. He lazily reached his phone, half expecting to read Margo’s excuse for canceling so suddenly. The light of his phone illuminating his face from above the text read, “Will you still be free? I have a weird favor.”

And with that, Cyrus was intrigued. Even despite their previous romantic and sexual history Cyrus considered Margo a close friend who could ask his help for anything within reason. She wasn’t normally one to beat around the bush either but when she did it was usually a sign that there was a 50-50 chance the right answer might be to tell her no. Cyrus continued to stare at the screen intently as the ellipse Which signified that she was typing disappeared and reappeared at the bottom. No longer able to wait he decided maybe he should just send something to nudge the conversation forward.

Why did she have to say “favor?” What exactly was the favor? Margo was beginning to realize why this was so hard for Amy. Margo couldn’t just ask Cy the question on Amy’s behalf for a myriad of reasons. Chiefly among them was that as a confidant she would lose all memories of witchcraft and not be allowed back in. She was also aware that while Amy herself would face no real consequences she would still have to endure losing the ability to share large chunks of her day-to-day with her lifelong friend and endure the social stigma of having had a confidant with loose lips. Margo continued to type and delete as she searched for vocabulary for the right words to get the ball rolling on whatever ‘this’ is.

Focusing on what to say next she was caught off guard by three words, “What is it?” The words caused her a surprising amount of distress. “What is it?” indeed.

After what felt like endless minutes of staring at her screen, she finally decided that ultimately all she was doing was getting this very strange ball rolling. Amy was the only person who could help herself in this situation, Margo was just providing her with an option so she wouldn’t give up so easily.

Cyrus had reasoned that somehow staring anxiously at the ceiling was a more productive use of his time than staring anxiously at his phone. The tone of his alert had barely started when his hand shot for it. The message he read was far from anything he was prepared for.

“This is awkward but,” proceeded by an upside-down smiling emoji, “can you go out with Amy? She hasn’t been with anyone in like 3 years. I was hoping to send her your way for a good time,” this was followed by a winking emoji and the hot emoji, “She won’t admit it but I know she needs a guy like you. Also didn’t want to leave you dry for the night. Again. Awkward but just had to ask,” The text ended with a smiling emoji with the beat of sweat running down his forehead.

Margo had always been prone to bad ideas but Cyrus was baffled as to what might be going through her head? She knew about his problem better than any other woman. He’d certainly been with her enough times to say that definitively. For as smart as Cyrus was, he had never pieced together what the true reason is as to why Margo continued to sleep with him. He’d always assumed it was a mixture of friendship and pity.

And of all their old female friends why did it have to be Amy? Cyrus desperately wanted to reply with “no” and be done with it. That was obviously the most painless course of action. Although, when was he ever going to get another chance to go out with Amy? He let the opportunity slip by more than a decade ago and had assumed he’d never get another one.

In an effort not to look like a weirdo standing in the middle of the store Margo pretended to browse through the shelf of cursed objects like she intended to buy something. This was in fact Margo’s default state at Knocker’s anyways. In reality, she was waiting for her phone to vibrate in her pocket.

It’s suddenly dawned on Margo that she was taking a great burden off of Amy’s shoulders by doing this. Date or no date Margo felt like she came out of this a winner. Worst case scenario she proves asking him was no big deal (it actually was but she had already thought out how to play it down) and best escort maltepe case, Amy would get what she wants. As for what Cyrus got out of this; Margo was hoping that being a confidant would make it worth it. Unlike Amy, Margo never really considered how the potential chastie would feel about the whole situation.

Margo, lost in thought was startled by a very familiar but loud sniffing noise. She jumped in place a little bit and turned around to expectedly be greeted by Yennessa. Yennessa had worked at Knocker’s for several years. She always announced herself to Margo with an odd sniff before telling Margo she wouldn’t be allowed to purchase anything. Margo tilted her chin down at the buxom short Latina expecting the usual disappointing answer.

“How can I help you?” asked the employee.

The towering woman stood baffled in place looking like a total weirdo. She’d never given up on the hope of buying something from the shelf of cursed objects to settle one of her petty squabbles but she always assumed it would have to be on a day that Yennessa wasn’t working. Somehow, that day never came. All Margo could say was, “What?” Hands politely behind her back Yennessa repeated the question. Was Margo dreaming? After years of denial this moment certainly didn’t feel real. In her shock Margo had completely forgotten about her plans to persuade Cy. Her phone reminded her. Giving Yennessa a wince she said, “Sorry, I have to take this. It’s kind of important.”

“No worries. I’ll be back when you need me.” And with a smile Yennessa walked through the shelf. She was prone to using a phasing spell to move freely about Knocker’s without having to go around walls to help customers. Why go around them when you could just go through them?

The notification on Margo’s phone read, “I don’t know?”

That was the worst answer she could’ve possibly gotten. Were it a no she could give up and say she tried; if yes then she would’ve had to start thinking about how to tell Amy what she did behind her back. Unfortunately, that text meant she’d need to put in more effort into persuasion.

Before sending her reply, Margo reread her text, “Is it because of your little problem lol” and proceeded to delete it. Something told her that was going to lose him. Even with three exes, including herself, he still makes such a big deal about it. Margo smirked as an even better idea came to her head though it would run the risk of making Amy uncomfortable. Instead of backtracking on her plan she decided it was so good she’d use it twice.

Having resigned himself to a night of solitude Cyrus put on his pajama pants and went on an app thinking about what toppings should go on his pizza for the night. It was hard to decide with so many things on his mind. One part of him thought that maybe he should just get over it and go. Cyrus had wondered if Amy knew about is sexual problems, he wondered if all their high school friends knew. There was an unspoken rule back in high school that if you told Margo a secret it would become an open one. She wouldn’t announce it out loud, rather tell everyone individually. No one would ever talk about it or bring it up but most assuredly everyone knew.

But then again did everyone know or more specifically Amy? Part of the reason you told Margo something was so that it would be an open secret and Cyrus didn’t exactly tell her. Plus, he couldn’t imagine Margo bragging about how she’s been sleeping with a premature ejaculator with a micropenis for years and it was known to their remaining friends that they still got together occasionally.

While haphazardly considering how much cheese he wanted on his pizza a text notification appeared at the top of the screen. It was a lone frowning face. At last Margo’s white flag of defeat. Or at least that’s what he thought. Ignorant of Amy’s situation or even her status as a witch Cyrus had no clue how hell-bent Margo was on making this happen. His mind at ease he confidently clicked “Normal Amount of Cheese”. He was ready to decide on his toppings when down came another text message. “Don’t hate me but…”

Speaking only to himself he said out loud, “What the hell did she do?” She’d sent him this text a few times since they became friends. The first time was in ninth grade when she left a video game he lent her at a hotel room. No big deal. However, the last time he heard that she had reversed her car into his on accident a week before he was supposed to move across the country. Her car had been parked in front of his outside his old apartment and she had somehow reversed hard into his maltepe escort bayan vehicle. So, he knew that whatever she had to say it was going to sting to some degree even if he knew they’d still be friends by the end. Cyrus was no longer concerned with pizza toppings. He just needed to know what Margo would say next and then it came.

“I kind of already told Amy that you said yes. She’s looking forward to it too.”

Before Cyrus could even process the implications of the text another soon followed. “I’m sorry if she’s not your type.” He was certain Margo never knew about how he felt towards Amy back in high school, why else would she have asked him to the prom, but she had to know she was his type. Every body type was his type. She knew that.

Cy had a few weird quirks but one of his stranger ones was taking offense at the implication that he found a woman unattractive. Having seen on social media the two exes that preceded her she knew that to be true enough. He didn’t seem to have any preference for a particular kind of girl so long as he could get along with them. It was pretty easy to read where most of his other foibles derived from but this one was a total mystery to her. Maybe it was something to do with being overly polite. At least it’d be a sure-fire way to get a response.

And there it was, “I do think Amy’s beautiful. I’ve always thought that” Margo grinned as she prepared to bring it home. She just knew she was going to make this happen.

Cyrus let out a deep sigh realizing that probably wasn’t the best text he could’ve sent. He should’ve taken more time to think about how to say no but instead he let that last text trigger him. He tapped on his chin with one finger quickly trying to think of a response but it was already too late.

“OK. So then what’s the problem? It’s not a serious date or anything?”

Cyrus moaned in defeat. He could just say no but his ego made it impossible. She’d made a good case for why he should just go. He knew that if he continued to fight it Margo might try to steer the conversation back to an uncomfortable one, they had many times. For years she’s tried to boost his self-confidence with some amount of success but she wasn’t aware about how bad his control problem had gotten.

Wanting to avoid that awkward conversation he quickly came up with a game plan. Go on a date, have a good time and if it looks like it was going to the bedroom, then he’d just say he wasn’t in the mood. It was perfect. Margo would stop bothering him, he’d have a nice evening catching up with a friend he hadn’t seen in years and in the end escape with his dignity intact.

The expression on Margo’s face was smug but there was still a threat he’d continue to put up a fight. At last came the moment she has worked so hard for. Cy had finally submitted with a single word, “Fine.”

Mumbling to herself, “Why is it so much easier to control him in bed?” She could imagine what his defeated face looks like. She’d seen it plenty of times before and thought it was pretty cute. Just another reason she’d kept him close all these years.

The next few texts were spend setting up the date which turned out to just be the same date but with Amy in her roommate’s place. Feeling proud of herself she once again jumped at the voice a familiar employee.

“Are you ready for me to assist you?” The phasing spell had muted Yennessa’s footsteps. Margo couldn’t believe this is happening. Yennessa was actually helping her to buy something, “Yeah, just need to send one more text.”

With a deep sigh Cyrus fell backwards on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. He couldn’t believe he was getting a second chance with Amy. Maybe it was actually the first chance. Does it count as a chance if you never actually even asked her out? For four straight awkward teen years Cyrus had told himself every day “This is the day I ask out Amy,” but that day never really happened. The chance of that day ever happening died when Margo asked him to the prom. He hadn’t realized it but thinking about that era and his feelings towards Amy had given rise to his tiny member.

He knew how close the two girls were and it didn’t feel right to go after Amy after having dated her best friend. Plus, there was the open fact that Margo and Cyrus had continued to go out on dates and fool around well after they broke up. It didn’t matter, Amy probably would’ve broken up with him after seeing him naked. At least that’s what he had convinced himself of. His alert went off again. It was an image from Margo that he needed to open in order to view. Clicking on it revealed a bathroom selfie, her waist twisted to point the camera at the mirror to show off her smooth tight ass. The glorious photo caught Cyrus off guard, he moaned with pleasure and shame as he stained his pajama pants. “Oh crap.”

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