Her Black Wings

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By Jimmmy D.

I was walking around the city, looking for something to do, some way to have a good time, it’s a big city, its huge, surely there is something to do. I must have been walking for 2 or 3 hours before I came across a small antique shop, I don’t usually enjoy antiques but there was something in the window that caught my eye. It was a paint, magnificent; I was a large painting of a woman tall and beautiful, pale white skin and dark eyes, her beauty was surreal. He lips were pout and her eyelashes long, aside from her slender body there was something else that added to her beauty and grace. A pair of large angel wings spread out behind her, but they were black, the background of this painting were black and gray stalactites, glimmering, adding to her mysterious beauty. Who was she? Who painted this picture?

I went into the antique store and swooped down to the painting, it costs two hundred and fifty dollars, I paid for it, and it was money well spent. I carried the painting home at my leisure, and once I arrived I placed it beside my bed, while I was scouting for a nice place to hang it.

I pulled an end table from beside my couch, the painting was atleast 5 or 6 feet tall and I wanted to make sure there was nothing obstructing the view. I hammered two large nails into the wall and hook some picture wire onto the painting. It took me a minute or two of fumbling with the painting before I had it hanging lopsided on the wall. I straightened it out, and for some reason the beauty of this woman seemed even more alluring. I placed the end table to the side of the painting, and put the nails and hammer away.

I was a bit tired so I undressed and climbed into the shower, I always enjoyed taking a nice shower before retiring to bed. As I was washing myself I heard some sort of noise, it wasn’t a banging or thud noise, it sounded like whispers and low breaths. I climbed out of the shower and walked through the house, looking for the source of the noise. The apartment was empty, maybe its someone next door, or upstairs, I thought to myself climbing back into the shower. Just as I was lathering up the soap it came again, breaths and whispers. I listened hard and tried to find out where it was coming from, or atleast to hear what they were saying. The voices sounded like they were coming from all around me, up down and even from behind me. I listened carefully, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying, it sounded like it was speaking a different language, but it wasn’t Spanish, and it wasn’t French, it was something I had never heard before, probably someone’s television is on, I said out loud trying to reassure myself.

I washed off and climb into bed, I grabbed the remote and tuned the television on, a small bit of noise from the izmir escort bayan television always seemed to help me nod off. Surely enough I was fast asleep. I was awoken but a noise, I jumped out of bed, it was a loud noise, like someone dragging a chair across the floor. The end table next to the painting was pushed out by atleast a foot. There was nothing around, nothing that would movie that table that far. I went back to bed and only a few minutes the same thing happened, except the table was pushed out nearly intro the middle of the room. I called the handyman and asked him to come up and take a look around, maybe for something that could b doing this.

He came up quickly and I let him in. he and I started moving furniture trying to find maybe a rat hole or something I suppose. We found nothing.
“Maybe it’s just your imagination.” he told me as he was leaving.
“I don‘t know what it is.” I said aloud, more to myself then to him.
I laid back down and this time I went through the remainder of the night without so much as a noise. I got up and went to work, just like the usual day.

I came home straight from work and found my apartment in ruins. The shelves hanging on my walls were laying on the ground, and my clothes were out of the drawers torn asunder, my mattress was over turned and the stuffing as hanging out. I called the apartment manager and had him call the police.

The police arrived and started looking around the place, looking for evidence or fingerprints I suppose, I don’t quite know how policemen work. They took a few items and left my apartment, they gave me a card to call.
“we’ll be in touch if something comes up, thank you for your cooperation.”
I slowly took the card and read it, “yea, thanks.” I said not looking up.
I was so tired I went straight to bed.

As I lay sleeping softly in my bed something, some sort of life form crept across the room and to the side of my bed. I could feel someone looming over me and my eyes snapped open, my mouth dropped open as well. It was the woman from the painting, her magnificent wings folded neatly on her back. I looked up to her in awe from the mere sight of her beauty, just as she was in the painting she was clad in bare skin, nothing aside from the graceful tattoos up and down both her arms and legs.

She smiled a beautiful wide grin, and suddenly I felt at ease within myself, cozy and comfortable. She grabbed my hand and helped me climb out from under the blankets and sheets on my bed. Slowly we walked across the room, nearing the empty picture frame where she once stood. Just inches from the painting the phone rang, I blinked, and she was gone. I was standing in the middle of my room, near the painting, where I had been with her. I jumped over the bed and grabbed buca escort the phone.
“Franklin, this is James.” the voice on the other end of the telephone said.
“Yea, hi,” I replied groggy , “what do you want ?”
“sorry I hadta call you so late,” he started, the excitement in his voice building, “I got tickets to that concert on Saturday!” he shouted at me, his voice exploding in joy.
I gave a slight chuckle, he had been trying to win tickets to a concert, that would be on Saturday, for weeks.
“how did you pull that off?” I asked
“I know, it was sold out right? Wrong, this late night radio show was giving them away to the 6 or 7 or 12 caller or something like that, I called in and won.”
“okay dude, we’ll go on Saturday, yea?” I said trying to get off the phone quickly.
“Hell yea dude, its gonna be awsome.”
“alright, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I sighed and dropped the phone no the reciever, and my mind was drawn back to my dream, I was sleep walking, right?
It was 4 o’clock in the morning, so I started a pot of coffee and started getting around, taking a shower tog et off to work.

That evening when I got off work I went out for a drink with James to celebrate his winnings, then I went home. It was late so I decided to get to sleep, the next day we would be going to the concert hall. I laid down to sleep, but tonight I was feeling a bit uneasy, I had never had a reoccurring dream, so I didn’t think I would have that creepy dream again, atleast I hoped I wouldn’t. I slowly nodded off to sleep, and inevitably was awoke by the noise of the end table scraping across the floor.

When I opened my eyes she was already standing over me, smiling her beautiful smile. I took her hand and climbed from the bed again, I felt great, I wanted nothing more then to go with her, I want her. I wanted to caress her with my hands, and I wanted to explore her soft body with my lips and tongue, I felt like I was under a spell.

We climbed through the frame of the painting and into a dark place, it looked like a cave of sorts, but the stone was shining and silvery, like adamantine mithril. There was no light source within the cave, but still the stalactite shone and glittered.

She laid me down on her floor and started exploring my body with her hands, slowly she pulled off my shirt and sleeping pants, and wasted no time in pulling off my boxers. She and I were naked together and I had never felt more right, I felt safe in her arms, I felt safe under her black wings.

As she caressed my neck with her lips and tongue I could smell something, it was the smell of a light rain, light and sweet. She felt warm, even hot, to the touch, and she was laying right on top of me. As her and I made love her giant black wings enveloped us. She climbed on top izmir escort of me and impaled herself on my rock hard throbbing cock. Sex had never felt so good or so right. Her pussy was tight and wet, her juices were warm and thick, then they ran from her vulva. As she slid up and down, up and down, her juices slapped and splattered around us, her ass was sticky and wet with her down juices and her pale white skin glimmered in the light reflecting within her wings.

The more she rode atop me the tighter her pussy seemed to get, and it felt great, the friction was red hot and so was her cunt. But as she still rode atop me I felt myself getting weaker, more tired, soon I was laying there, motionless, and she just kept riding it. As soon as I felt I was about to cum she jumped off my cock and started sucking it, licking it and massaging it. I popped out, and she slurped it up, even licking up the dots of cum on my stomach and her breasts.

The sweat on her breasts was shining and glittering in the impossible light, filling me with terrors so exciting no mortal man could imagine them without witnessing her first hand. The light bouncing around inside her engulfing wings danced on her breasts with the shadow, hypnotizing me.

She climb back on my cock, but instead put it in her ass, it was even tighter then her pussy, and like her pussy got tighter the more she sat on it. It was warm and velvety, and it felt so right. There was a warmth in my stomach, growing, and it felt so good, so right, it was nearly orgasmic.

She slid up and down just as she did before, but this time I took pleasure in noticing her breasts, ample and swinging freely. Bouncing freely, and captivating my mind. I looked into her eyes, her dark glowing eyes, she had no white in her eyes, she had no iris either, just a large black pupil, but with the light glinting it was irresistible. I was breathless, and as I got weaker she seemed to get more aggressive, and stronger. It was probably my mind playing tricks on me. But I could hardly thing then, I had nothing on my mind but this woman, her beauty, and her perfection.

I felt as I was going to cum again, and again she knew it, she climbed off and started licking and kissing my cock until I reached climax. She ate all my cum and sucked off the drops that she had missed.

Finally she took my long hard cock into her mouth, swallowing it with ease. She pulled it out and took it back in, deepthroating it, it felt so right, it felt so good, I never wanted it to end. I was becoming intoxicated off her, like a high proof liquor, my mind was gone and I was out of it, I wanted nothing more then to please the devil goddess. She sat back and spread her legs for me and I put my face in her groin and started kissing her pussy. I licked her lips and nibbled on her clit, I buried my tongue in her vulva and licked her asshole lightly with my tongue.

She felt so good. She felt so right….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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