Helping Out

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That’s how she found me. My roommate and best friend since third grade, found me handcuffed to my dainty four-poster bed with a blindfold around my face. I had been calling Tuckers name for over an hour, fear getting higher every time. Now terrified, Beth comes running in to my rescue yet again. I know it’s her, because all of a sudden I hear hysterical feminine laughter. “Its not THAT funny. Where’s Tucker anyway?”

“On the floor, with a pretty nasty knot on the back of his head.”

“Come on Beth, untie me please.” My voice rose with a distinct sound of fear and impatience. I wasn’t mad at Beth for not being quicker because this kind of thing happens all the time, Tucker is a bit of a klutz but he’s good when he stays on his feet. Beth undoes my blindfold and smiles into my face, “Good morning sunshine!”

“Oh shut up!” At this we laugh together, friends before anything to the end.

Beth and I had lived together all through college and decided to keep on until one of us finally decides to go to graduate school, I had known Beth since I was nine so we were practically like sisters. So in times like these I never got embarrassed in front of her. After she helped me pick Tucker up, she left my room telling me that one day I would owe her. Chuckling at her obvious meaning I attempted to wake Tucker up.

The next afternoon, I was piling over an article for a magazine I work for when Beth came home from her seven a.m. job. Plopping on the couch in an unlady-like manner, she asked me what I was up to. “Working on the McGlory spread and you?”

“Getting up the nerve to ask Rob from work out.” I just stared at her, in all the years I’ve known Beth she was never shy, she’s the one that always asked out guys before they could ask her out. “So what’s the problem, it’s not like your lacking in the confidence department.”

“I know, its just he likes to play the field A LOT, and I feel I need an appointment to talk to him.”

Laughing, I suggest, “Why don’t you just go sit on his lap like you did with Kevin at the company party last year?”

“I’ve tried that already,” she replied laughing a little. “It’s like he’s not interested, even though I’m sure he knows that he makes the crotch of my panties soaked every time he looks at me.” At this I tell her ataşehir escort bayan to just watch him for a few days and see what he does around other women. She told me she’d try it but I never heard about how it went until about two weeks later.

It had been a shitty day at work so I wasn’t in the mood to see Tucker, all I wanted was a long hot bath. At around eight o’clock that night, Beth comes running into the bathroom, while I was in the tub. She’s excitedly rambling something about Rob saying yes and she couldn’t believe she’d pulled it off. Laughing at her enthusiasm, I had to ask. “How did you get ‘Mr. Hard-to-get’ to say yes?”

This made her stop in mid-sentence, “You know how all the times a bail you out of more than sticky situations?”


“Well, you see I’m going to have to call in my favor.” I was still perplexed, so she finally explained the rest. “I’d noticed in the last few weeks that Rob seems bored with all the women in the office, but he still eyes a few of us. So yesterday I e-mailed him through the office lines and asked him if he wanted his sex life to take a spicy turn. And you’ll never guess what he did… he came up to my cubicle and sat his fine ass on my desk and asked me what I had in mind.” I was still not getting the point to my favor but I let her keep on going.

“So I started talking to him about you, you know someone new, and he suggested a three-some. I was so stunned by his eyes glaring into mine that I didn’t exactly say no… so are you game?”

I couldn’t speak. My best friend in the whole world was asking me to participate in a fling with a co-worker, and I suddenly felt shocked and aroused at the same time. Being the spirited female that I am I eventually said yes.

For a week we planned everything, the place, the time, the positioning. I wasn’t into Beth in that way, but I’d seen her naked so it didn’t bother me that much and the way she described it, it was more like it was all about Rob. I was a little nervous about Tucker, he’s been my boyfriend for over 2 years now and I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about it. I got lucky there too, he had a business trip that week our plan was taking place, and so as Beth put it — I just didn’t mention it.

The day finally came, we were meeting escort kadıköy Rob at a club called ‘the Warehouse.’ I was only slightly skittish in my short maroon dress and spiked heels and Beth was all excitement in her long black dress with the huge slit up the front and lace up high heels. She spotted Rob at the bar and practically dragged me up there in three seconds, I laughed at her and whispered, “Excited much?” She just shrugged with a smile that told me more than words. Oh, yeah she was excited all right.

Meeting Rob wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be, he was a nice looking guy with dark hair, dark eyes, and a confident smile. We talked, drank and danced for three hours and then finally Rob took Beth’s hand and led her to the door, I was content with him escorting her, this was her favor after all.

We decided to go back to our apartment, neutral territory, which I was relieved for. Back at the apartment we drank some more, but not too much because I could tell they were ready but I didn’t know Rob that well so to hell if they had to wait for me. Another five minutes and Beth was hurrying me with her eyes. All right, I laid my glass down and we made the way to her bedroom, it was bigger.

She had explained to me that Rob liked a little show before the big game, she called it the opening act. Although I wasn’t sure if it was sex or football we were talking about, I chose the first option. Turning the music on, the liquor in my body took effect as Beth and I danced together. As she undressed me I, surprisingly, didn’t tense up. Once completely naked we were getting into it, playfully pinching each other and kissing softly. We then attacked Rob like a pack of hungry lionesses. Pulling him up by his tie, we both undressed him, ripping buttons off and sliding fabric sensually off of him. Shirtless, he stood six foot two and beautiful. Beth traced her tongue along the middle line of his chest until she reached his navel. I seem transfixed on the ring in his left nipple, pulling on my own ring as I took his in my mouth, lightly pulling and sucking. Suddenly I felt a tongue on my navel as Beth took my navel ring in her mouth and sucked on it. I just stood there as Rob bent his head to take my other nipple ring in his mouth. This didn’t go on much longer maltepe escort because Beth was chuckling at Rob being half dressed still. She took his pants firmly in her hands and yanked in her exuberance. Completely nude under those pants Beth and I stared, transfixed on that part of his anatomy that seemed to grow on command. Pushing Rob to the bed we tumbled in a heap of body parts. Sharing a knowing smile, Beth and I took our positions. Beth was to take care of the head and shaft and my duty was to give attention to the testicles. Spreading his legs gave us more room, and I softly took his entire sac into my mouth, tracing my fingertips along his inner thighs, making him sigh. Beth was making slow circles with her tongue around his head and caught the first taste of precom. When she took to slithering her tongue up and down his shaft, I began massaging his balls with my tongue one at a time. Taking him wholly into her mouth, Beth began moaning.

Since this was Beth’s guy, we had decided earlier who would get the staff and who would settle for oral, I got the latter. Sliding a leg on either side of Rob, Beth moaned as she let him inside her tightest, wettest region. At first I could only stare as Rob bucked his hips with great strength and let Beth ride him like a mechanical bull. Rob then laid a hand on my thigh, bringing me back to reality. We kissed, our tongues dancing. Then I placed a slender thigh on either side of Rob’s head and sat my dripping cunt onto his mouth. His tongue swirling inside of me drove me wild and I could tell that Beth was being driven wild in her own way. Facing each other, Beth and I locked gazes. Kissing hadn’t been planned, but what kind of plan went perfectly anyway. Taking my head in her hands we kissed gently. I rubbed my fingertips over her erect nipples, making her moan even louder, still kissing. Arching my back as I prepared to cum, Beth leaned over and took one of my pert nipples into her mouth, sucking it between her teeth. This prolonged my orgasm. Still wet and throbbing I slid away from Rob to help my friend in need.

Descending close to Beth and Rob’s bucking hips I bent forward to tickle her clit with my tongue, which was also not planned. This final act drove her over and she came on Rob’s thrusting cock and the tip of my tongue. One final thrust and Rob exploded inside of Beth, groaning at its power.

As we lay still tangled, I got up to leave. “Thanks for helping out Mal.” Beth told me, still panting.

“Anytime you need a favor.” I replied laughing. And I left Beth and Rob for Round 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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