Heaven Twice in One Day

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I had just gotten finished with my basketball practices, and I walked into the girl’s locker room with the other kids. The college basketball team had 16 female members and 12 males. The males changed in the other locker room.

I walked into the shower with the others and stripped down. The room was warm and steamy. I watched other girls pass me as I walked nervously to the shower. It was my first day here, and the coach had no sense of privacy, it seemed, because the showers were open and had no stalls or curtains.

I walked up to the shower, and learned that the shower had a retractable head. I always loved those, I especially used them whenever I was alone in the bathroom. You know, they say that a shower head gives a more powerful orgasm to a woman if the power is super strong. I always found that the pleasure was much more noticeable if it was low.

The shower’s lowest setting felt like it was sending gentle needles to my skin. It was sharp, but it wasn’t painful. It was strong but not overpowering.

I absent-mindedly brought the shower head to my breast and giggled quietly as the tendrils of water tickled my nipple.

A girl to my right looked at me, and I quickly realized my mistake. I pulled the shower head back up and walked out with my towel.

The girl grabbed my arm before I left. I turned around to face her, and saw all the other girls looking at me.

“It’s okay, my love,” said the girl. “Everyone here’s done that at least once.”

“Um…” I mumbled nervously. “If it’s all the same to you, I’m going to head home now.”

As I turned away again, her grip on me tightened. I scoffed.

“No one will find out. I promise,” she said.

Okay…this was weird.


“Come over here,” she said, walking back to the shower. All the other girls suddenly started kissing each other like it was a whore house.

“Won’t Coach Ryalla find out?”

“No, she goes home as soon as we go to the lockers.”

She brushed her wet hand on my nipple, and stroked with her fingernail in a circle around it. “I see,” I said nervously.

“Sit against the corner.”


I hesitantly did as she asked. casino şirketleri This was a weird basketball team.

I sat upon the corner of the bathroom, watching other girls tower over me as they kissed and touched each other. The girl in front of me pulled the retractable shower head off the wall and crouched down in front of me. “You ever use this before?”

I cleared my throat. “Y-yes, I have.”

As I spoke she seductively turned the knob to raise the pressure. “They feel good, don’t they?”


“Why don’t you just lie down, make yourself comfortable?”

I lay down until my head touched the ground. She lowered the pressure again and put it on my right foot. It tickled, so I jerked away.

“Girls, help me entertain her.”

Two girls walked up to me and each brought a shower head of their own. They placed them on each of my breasts, and it was instant pleasure. I closed my eyes as they sexily held the shower head five inches from my nipples. The girl with my shower head brought it up closer, towards my shin.

“This feel good, baby?”

I was so excited I had to answer. “Yes.”

She moved the shower head another two inches higher.

“Do you want me to put the third shower head on you?”

“Uh-huh,” I said, as the the other two tantalized my nipples.

“Where do you want me to put it?” she asked, and the third shower head moved another half inch, up to my thighs. My clitoris was begging to be massaged.

“Oh…” I groaned again. “Just a little higher.”

The shower head moved just a bit higher.

“Say the word, baby.”

“Oh, put it right on my spot, please,” I begged.

The shower head slowly moved up closer to my vagina, and she made it touch there just for a split second and jerked it away, teasing me even more. The other two shower heads were still on my breasts. The girls started kissing them, and both were suckling mercilessly and beautifully on them. My legs were wide open, and I was subconsciously begging for the girl to put the shower on my pussy.

“Oh, do that again, please.”

She moved super slowly up my thigh, until it touched the lips of my vagina. She kept inching closer casino firmaları and closer, until right when she touched my clitoris, she jerked it away again.

“Oh, no, don’t stop, put it back.”

The girl grinned, and she moved her head closer to my pussy, until her tongue gently caressed it. She finally put it on me, the shower head’s water sending a beautiful pins and needles sensation. She held it, and I started moaning. My boobs were red and my nipples erect.

I started crying with pleasure, the tendrils poking me right there, on the mouth of my clit. The most sensitive part, filled with thousands of nerve endings. She removed the shower head again, but then after a few seconds of me moaning, she put her lips closer to me again, and her tongue moved like a vibrator on my clit. I started groaning louder, and right before I hit an orgasm, she stopped. I was moaning and yelling and my hip thrusting back and forth.

She took the shower head again, and looked at me with a grin as her fingers touched the knob again. She put it back on my clit after I recovered, and as it held, she turned the knob. My yelling returned, as the shower head’s pressure became like bullets to a machine gun.

It was so hard that the water was shooting back all different directions. The other two girls did the same, and turned theirs up to the max level.

My orgasm was so close, I could feel myself cumming, until right at the end, she stopped.

Somehow, she stopped just in time for my body to stop trying to cum right before it did. But my moaning was still occuring. I could feel the fluid inside me, just at the mouth of my vagina, ready to burst at the slightest touch. But everybody stopped right then, and my body was denied access from orgasming.

Then she put it back on, at a lower pressure. My body had recovered so long that it had to start all over to cum. This was good, because it tortured my pussy just enough that it wouldn’t cum, so now she could start over.

This time, she held the shower head right against my clitoris, and turned the pressure up even higher than before. I gasped, but it was like no air came through. It took what seemed like forever for güvenilir casino my muscles to stop tensing long enough to me to be able to breathe. I was just about to cum when she took it off again.

“Stop torturing me,” I begged her. “Let me cum.”

“Say the magic word.”


She wrapped her lips around my clit and started to suck. Only she didn’t release her mouth at all. The more she sucked, the better it felt. It was like I was a pacifier, and she wouldn’t ever let go. And it felt so good.

There was a vibrator right next to her. It was a hitachi wand, or a magic wand. She took it, let go of my cunt, and grabbed the shower head. I had no idea how that got there.

In this new method of hers, she put the vibrator between her legs to hold them in place,and put the head on the bottom of my clitoris. Then she took the shower head, and put it on the top. Then she started licking me. Finally, she put her finger inside my vagina. She did all of these things at the same time.

I orgasmed, but it was not enough for her. She kept doing it and doing it. My muscled wanted involuntarily to move away, but no matter how intense it got, I stayed put. The other two girls put the shower heads back on my breasts, and put two more hitachi wands on my nipples. All three were at the highest setting.

I orgasmed again and again, coming over and over, and it felt like it would never stop. But it felt so good, and all three girls had my arms and legs pinned.

By the time I reached my fifth and final orgasm, she took her finger out of my vagina, and stopped licking me. She took the vibrators off, and put the shower head down to lowest setting. I was crying. I was literally in tears.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked.

I was too busy moaning to reply. But soon I nodded. She smiled in response. “Hey, um,” I said. “I wanna do that again.”

She looked at me, grinned, and said, “You sure?” She turned the vibrator back on, at low speed.

“Mhm,” I said, still breathing heavily.

She placed the shower head back on me and then the vibrator. I was about to go to heaven twice in one day.

I woke up that morning, realizing I had my hands underneath my panties, and there was a stain on it from my wetness. That was the most erotic dream I had ever had before in my life!

So the first thing I did was march into the bathroom, preparing myself for my shower of the day. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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