Heather’s Designated Driver

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Usually being the designated driver is a chore. My buddies get drunk then it is my responsibility to drag their asses to the car and get them home. This time however, I’m not going to complain. This time being the designated driver gave me the chance to add our cute friend to the group. I was actually irritated a little at how it turned out. The guys and I ran into Heather and her friend, Jackie, out at the bar. Conversations with her were witty and spicy. It definitely turned into an enjoyable evening because of her. However her friend wasn’t helping things out. As drunk as she was it was hard keeping track of Jackie because she would wander off. Heather seemed to enjoy flirting with me a little but would then be distracted when she realized her friend had walked off again. Time and again we had to search the bar to find her at some table with a bunch of other guys.

It was getting late. My buddies were running out of money. And I was already irritated by their drunken antics. I was looking forward to dropping them off at their homes and finally getting some sleep. And that’s when my simple plans became a little more complex.

Jackie had wandered off. Again. Except this time we couldn’t find her in the bar. It’s not that big of a place and I even had my two buddies look around for her. Searching outside didn’t help either. Normally I wouldn’t be concerned, Jackie has been drunk so many times she could take care of herself. But the problem was she had Heather’s keys in her purse. After wasting too much time looking around for Jackie, the guys finally had enough and began complaining about going home. I gave in. I figured I could let Heather crash on my couch and then take her to Jackie’s place sometime tomorrow whenever she found her way home.

It took a while to drive the guys home. But finally they were out of the car and it was just me and Heather. The ride home was nice. It was pleasant to be in her company. We didn’t talk. Every now and then I would look over at her and sometimes she was staring out the window, other times she was resting her eyes. When we finally got to my apartment I had to wake her up.

“We’re here.” I said as I gently shook her shoulder.

Her eyes opened up and she looked at me as a slow smile crept across her lips.

“Mmm, that was a nice nap. But do you have someplace more comfortable than your car seat?”

I chuckled. Even drunk and tired she still had a good wit. I walked around my car and opened her door. She gratefully took my hand to help her out and then continued her momentum forward so she ended up against my chest in a hug.

It felt nice holding her like that. Barely over 5 feet tall she fit well in my arms. And the sensation of her breasts pressing against my chest was wonderful. The tight shirt she had worn to the bar couldn’t conceal how busty she was.

After a long moment, she lifted her head to smile at me and then pulled away. I took her by the arm and led her into my apartment. Once inside I turned on the lights, checked the air conditioning setting, and grabbed the mail on the couch to clean up a little. When I turned to see what she was doing I saw her just standing in the middle of the living room with her eyes half closed and a sleepy look across her face.

“You look really tired. You can sleep here tonight. Tomorrow we’ll go searching for Jackie and get your keys. I’m sure I’ve got a t-shirt you can change into to sleep in.”

In response she simply stepped forward towards me. Placing her head against my chest again it felt natural to wrap my arms around her and pull her in closer. A soft moan signaled her approval. I thought she was really drunk because she seemed unsteady on her feet. I had to hold her tighter against me to keep her from falling over. But then I realized she wasn’t swaying on her feet because she was drunk, she was slowly sliding her hips back and forth against mine. I realized this the same time that my dick did. I started getting hard as this sexy brunette slowly ground against me.

I shouldn’t be letting this happen. She’s had a bit to drink and probably doesn’t realize she’s doing this.

“I, uh, I’ve got to get you a t-shirt.”

It was difficult but I had to step back away from her. She was getting me turned on and I didn’t want to take advantage of her. I left and went to my bedroom and started searching for a large t-shirt that would be soft enough to sleep in.

When I returned I found her curled up on the couch asleep. “Heather? Heather?” She looked so cute and peaceful laying there. I don’t think she needs the t-shirt anymore. I placed it on the stool next to the couch and sat down to admire her. Well it has been a long night so if she is going to get some sleep then I may as well too.

I leave the lights on in the living room so she won’t be disoriented waking up in a strange place. Closing the door to my bedroom I get undressed down to a pair of boxers and lay down on the bed. The air conditioning is working fine so there is no need to bahis firmaları get under the covers tonight. Thinking about the hottie sleeping on my couch I resolve to take her out to a nice breakfast place in the morning. Maybe then I’ll find out her intentions, if she likes me or if it was just the alcohol that made her flirty.

Some sound woke me up. I open my eyes to see my bedroom door cracked open. The light from behind her spills into the bedroom as she walks in. I see that she changed out of her bar clothes and into the t-shirt that I left for her. With the silhouette highlighted by the living room lights I could admire her curves as she walked up alongside my bed.

“That couch is too uncomfortable, can I sleep with you?”

“Uh, of course.”

I was expecting her to walk around to the other side of the bed but instead she surprised me by starting in on my side. She climbs on top of me and rolls her way to the open side of the bed. The sudden feeling of her breasts against my chest and her body pressing down on me brought me out of my sleep quickly. She squirmed a little bit as she tried to get settled in on her side of the bed. I lay there on my back waiting for her to get comfortable. With a final shuffle she turns to her side and rests her arm across my chest as her head finds the corner of my shoulder. By now my left arm had became situated under her neck. I could have been comfortable like that, with her asleep in my arm resting against my shoulder, except she didn’t seem to have sleep on her mind. Her fingers were lightly tracing my muscles along my chest. I was enjoying every minute of it especially as her hand explored the outline of my abs. They were a work in progress but it had taken a lot of effort to get some definition to my stomach. I was already aroused as her hand continued its journey south and traveled over my boxers.

It sounded like she said something but I was too distracted with her hand resting on my crotch to make out what it was.

“What?” I asked.

“I said ‘Nice’. I didn’t expect a skinny guy like you to be such a big boy.”

“Oh. Uh, thanks.”

Her hand pressed down onto my cock in appreciation and she tried to wrap her fingers around it through the boxers. That didn’t work out too easily so instead she slid her hand through the fly and grasped it directly. I moaned with pleasure as her bare hand got a firm grip around my cock and gave it a strong squeeze. More blood rushed down there as she started stroking it through my boxers.

“These are getting in the way.” She said as she let go of my cock to grab my underwear. She sat up and pulled them down as I lifted my hips to help them off. Throwing them off the bed she moved to straddle over my hips. She hiked up the long shirt she was wearing a little so it wasn’t covering her waist. I could feel how wet she was getting as she slowly started sliding her pussy along my cock.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time.” Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock. Raising her hips up she aimed it straight up and rubbed my cockhead against her pussy to spread around her juices. Getting it well lubricated she placed it at her entrance then lowered herself down an inch.

“Oh my, this is going to take some work.”

I couldn’t believe how tight she was. It was incredible feeling how hot she was. Wanting more I tensed my muscles to thrust up into her until she put her hand on my stomach to stop me.

“Slow down there big boy. You are more… substantial than my other boyfriends. Let me get accustomed to your girth first.”

She moved her hips in little circles with just the tip still inside her. I gave a small moan at the massage feeling it gave me. She lowered herself halfway down and gave a loud moan of approval.

“Damn that fills me up.”

“I don’t want to hurt you Heather. If we need to stop…”

“No no. Hell no. I’m not passing up a chance to be with you. I’ve wanted you for a while. You just never noticed.”

“I guess I was too shy around you. But I’m glad for tonight. I’ll let you control things until you get comfortable.”

“Ha. It’s going to take a while getting comfortable to this thing splitting me apart.”

With that she started taking short strokes sliding up and down the top half of my cock. I was having a hard time holding back. She looked so good that I really wanted to fuck her hard. I laid there watching her pleasure herself with just half of my dick. Slowly moving up and down she was enjoying the sensation. I was enjoying it too with how tight and hot she was. I moved my hands to stroke her bare thighs. They were silky smooth and I could feel her muscles flex as she lifted herself up and down each time. She still had the long t-shirt on so I moved my hands up to her waist and slipped them underneath. I used my thumbs to rub along her belly and caress her sides. Without interrupting her rhythm she grabbed the hem of the shirt, lifted it up over her head, and then discarded it over the edge of the bed to join my boxers.

“Whoa” kaçak iddaa Escaped my lips before I even realized it.

She stopped. “What do you mean ‘whoa’?”

“Now it is my turn to be impressed. I knew you had curves from when I would see you in tight shirts, but those are more impressive out of a shirt than in one. I didn’t realize how big they are.”

Her hands grabbed the underside of her breasts and lifted them up to display them. Then she pinched her nipples and pulled them out a bit. The sight of this short busty beauty playing with her large breasts over me was very erotic. My cock throbbed in her tight confines in response to the scene above me.

“Ohh. You must like it when I play with my breasts. I can feel you swell up even bigger inside of me.”

With that she hopped up and down with a bounce to her rhythm, still only taking half of my dick in her, but I realized this time the motion was to make her tits bounce wildly. Seeing those large melons swing above me was such a turn on that all my blood was rushing to my dick.

“Oh fuck… you must… ahhh… really love boobs. Shit… you are getting bigger. Ohhhh.”

Her eyes were closed from the pleasure and her motions were faster. I figured she was getting close to an orgasm. She was no longer riding me with slow up and down motions careful of how much she took inside her. Now she was bouncing madly on top of me while crushing her breasts to her chest to prevent their uncontrolled flailing. With a loud cry she dropped herself completely down and impaled herself on the full length of my cock.

“AHHH!” She screamed as it triggered an orgasm. She collapsed down onto my chest and I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock. She shook and twitched in my arms as the intense feelings surged throughout her body. I let her calm down as she lay on top of me. I was enjoying the pressure of her large breasts pressing down onto my chest. I waited until she looked up at me before I leaned my head down to give her a kiss.

“Ohh I’ve wanted that for a long time.” She said.

“What? The kiss or the sex?”

“Haha. Well if you put it that way, both. I have wanted to kiss you for a long time. I’ve always wondered how soft your lips would be. As for the sex, of course I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a big cock. I just didn’t expect to get both tonight.”

“I’m glad I could fulfill your desires.”

“You filled me up more than any past boyfriend.” She chuckled at her comment.

“Well I’m not the only one with big assets here. You’ve got some amazing breasts. I love how they feel against me right now. How big are they?”

“I’m a 36D” She said with a smile. She lifted herself off my chest just a little bit and started sliding her breasts back and forth across my chest. Her nipples were very hard and left a burning sensation as they trailed across my skin. “I can tell you like them, I feel your dick swell inside me.”

“They are nice. Very nice. They are so full they look great on your small frame. And they feel so firm now that I’ve touched them. How tall are you?”

“I’m short. Just 5ft 2in. I wish I was just a bit taller.”

“Nonsense.” I reassure her. “You aren’t short, you are fun sized. Haha. It is rare for a petite lady like you to have such a large bust. You are special.”

“I could say the same about you mister. A girl doesn’t expect a skinny guy like you to have such a large cock. And I love how it stayed hard inside me all this time.”

I whisper quietly in her ear, “That’s because I’m not finished with you.”

“Oh no, once is enough for me.” She starts to say. “You’ve certainly got me off. I didn’t expect to come so hard when I finally bottomed out on your cock. I should give my pussy a rest. I want to just sleep like this tonight in your arms and enjoy the moment.”

“That’s nice baby, and we’ll cuddle until we fall asleep but later. I meant it when I said I’m not finished. I haven’t cum yet so we are going to keep having sex until I do.” With that being said, I rolled us over so now I’m laying on top of her.

I’m not sure if the look of surprise in her eyes was from suddenly pinning her down to the bed under me or from learning she’s going to be fucked until I’ve had my pleasure. Her surprised look turns into an eager smile as I get into position over her.

I give her another kiss on the lips before I start to slowly pull my hips back. Since she had taken all of me with her last orgasm, I make this a slow and long stroke to pull out. She whimpers a little bit at the vacant feeling once I am out of her. Free now I move around on the bed to get up on my knees. I take a hold of her waist and pull her towards me as she wraps her legs around my sides. I let her do the honors of guiding my cock back into her pussy but she couldn’t help fondle it a bit more. She rubbed it up and down her pussy to coat my cock head with her juices before finally placing it against her lips. Lined up to her opening I started to push in gently. I would kaçak bahis slide a little bit in, then back up almost completely out, then slide in a little more to get her used to me again. From the smile on her face, she loved every inch of me. By the time I got my full length into her, she was relaxed enough that I could take full strokes. All the way in, then all the way out until just the large mushroom head kept her pussy lips apart, then back in again until I was fully buried inside her. Her breathing started to match my strokes with a deep breath in then a long exhale out. I enjoyed seeing her chest heave from the deep breathing as those large tits moved in time with my actions.

“I can’t believe how long it takes you to slide inside of me.”

I feed her my entire length and stopped, making sure my pelvis pressed firmly against her clit.

“Ahhh. I can feel how deep it goes. I love it.” She exclaimed.

I grab her ankles to unwrap them from my waist. Raising them up onto my shoulders I test her flexibility and am surprised to find how far forward I can lean that way. Checking if she can handle my weight I lift off my knees so I’m supported by my feet on the bed and her legs on my shoulders. I smile since I know that this puts me in a pretty good position to fuck her fast. I pull my hips back to slide nearly out of her then slam forward.

“Oh!” is my reward. She returns my smile so I know that she likes the new position.

With her approving smile I again pull out all but the tip before thrusting forward into her. I don’t tease her with the slow strokes anymore. I use the momentum and bounce back for another long drive into her wet pussy. With this position I can keep thrusting into her. I pick up the pace and keep bouncing off her ass. Hammering her pussy like this keeps her moaning the entire time. I love how tight she still is as her muscles clench in response to the pounding.

“Oh god I love this. Keep fucking me fast.” She pleads.

I go faster and kept pounding into her. Her moans were driving me on. She thoroughly enjoyed how long the strokes were combined with the speed. I kept up the frantic pace bouncing off her round ass to help my momentum. I grinned as her face contorted at the start of another orgasm.

“Oh shit. Keep going deep like that.” She scrunched up her face and screamed out as the second orgasm coursed through her.

“Yes! Fuckkk!” I could feel her pussy muscles pulse around my cock as the orgasm rocked through her.

I let my thrusts slow down until it was a gentle stroke in and out. I wanted it to be soothing as she came down from her high. Every few moments I could still feel her pussy contract and another convulsion pass through her. When she had calmed down enough I leaned back to take my weight off her legs and let them drop down to the bed.

“Damn you are good at that. Why weren’t we doing this earlier?” She asked.

“Probably because I was too shy around you to make the first move and didn’t want to hurt you.” I answered.

“Oh baby, don’t worry about hurting me. I’m yours now; you can use me like this any night.”

“Good. Because I intend to use you now until you make me cum.”

With that I jumped off the bed to stand by the side of the mattress. Grabbing her legs and twisting them made her flip over onto her stomach. Then I pulled until her ass was at the side edge of the bed and her legs touched the ground. She started to rise up but a firm hand against her back pushed her down into the sheets. She grabbed a handful of the sheet and braced herself as I went to line up my cock again. I didn’t realize her shortness would complicate things a bit since her legs on the floor placed her pussy too low for a good fucking.

I bent at my knees and entered her. I give her credit for muffling her gasp. She may not be used to my size yet but she definitely wasn’t complaining about it.

Once I’m buried to the hilt I straighten my legs to stand up. I hear her cry out from the shock of being lifted by my dick. I shuffle my feet to get them set under me and can’t help but notice her toes dangling a few inches off the floor.

I take a moment to admire the view. I’ve got a hottie impaled on my dick, supported by a hard-on, her large breasts are mashed into the bed while she stretches out her arms preparing for a hard fucking. I was about to give it to her when I was distracted by a dark spot on the back of her neck.

“Umm, it looks like you’ve got something on your neck.”

“Oh that? It’s my dragon tattoo.”

“Funny, I never saw it before.” I commented.

“That’s because my long hair usually covers it. Now are you going to do something with that steel rod in my pussy? I feel like I’m skewered right now.” She uses her arms to push back a few times to emphasize her readiness.

I like how wet she is. Usually with other girls I use lubricant to help them accommodate my size. But she is still wet from the first two orgasms that it makes sliding in her easier. She must really enjoy being handled roughly and having an aggressive partner. I get a good grip on her hips and pull her off my dick about halfway before yanking her back onto it. Working up a good rhythm, I hear her approval.

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