Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires – Chapter 39 – Calendar Completed

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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires
Chapter Thirty-Nine – Calendar Completed

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: mmF, Mf, ncon, hp, grope, magic, spank, unif, voy

Fred and George Weasley had not studied once for the final year sixth year exams. Since starting their adult line of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the twins had been too cooped up with making potions, having sex and earning loads of gold. Their latest financial windfall was the Girls of Hogwarts School Calendar, in which they had already sunk several hundred Galleons on seducing the prettiest of the prettiest into taking off their clothes, prancing around naked, fucking them and letting go any inhibition they once had regarding sex. Fleur Delacour, Hermione Granger and even their own sister had been the twins’ latest conquests, succumbing to blackmail, bribes and a desire to be the biggest slut possible. Months of planning and pockets full of gold had all led up to the final stages of the calendar; all they needed was one more prime candidate and they knew exactly who they wanted.

‘Fred and George Weasley… Both of you will stay after class for detention! NO EXCUSES!’ shouted an angry and distressed Minerva McGonagall in front of the entire sixth year Transfiguration class on the Wednesday morning two days after the twins’ last photo shoot with Fleur, Hermione and Ginny. Fred and George had been whispering at the back of the class for the entire lesson, not caring one bit about how angry Professor McGonagall was getting at their lack of interest in the revision lesson she was giving to the rest of the class. Apparently, Fred and George Weasley didn’t care one bit about their exams, their future at Hogwarts or their careers after school. In truth however, Fred and George were far more concerned with their latest conquests; George was regaling his brother with the tale of how he fucked Fleur Delacour’s sweet French ass while Fred reciprocated with his even stickier story of how he was fortunate enough to plug Hermione’s sweet snatch and fill it to the brim with his hot sticky cum.

‘Yah Yah Yah!’ Fred replied, lifting up his hand in dismissal, almost as if he was egging on the strict and outrageously angry McGonagall.

‘Ooooooh!’ the entire classroom cooed; in awe at how rude he was for defying such a strict professor like McGonagall.

‘Out… Everyone… You two stay put!’ Professor McGonagall commanded with an air of authority that sent every single student but the two Weasley twins scrambling for the exits. ‘What in the hell do you two think you’re doing!’ she shouted, waving her arms in the air threateningly.

‘Oh… All that… We were being rude just to get you alone…’ George replied calmly, with a smile on his face as he pulled out a suspicious looking little vial.

‘What… What do you mean, all alone?’ McGonagall replied, looking both a little curious and a little afraid at what he meant. In reality, Fred and George had staged their entire performance that day to lure McGonagall into separating them from the rest of the class. In this way, they could be all alone for as long as they needed and nobody would ask questions about their or McGonagall’s whereabouts for over an hour. The twins’ brilliant plan was to have their final photo shoot with a woman that would make their calendar the most memorable, exclusive and highly profitable calendar of all time. McGonagall was by no means a babe like Hermione Granger or Fleur Delacour, but the fact that she would be a part of the calendar lent both credibility and distinction to a calendar otherwise filled with a bunch of teens seeking a quick thrill and an easy paycheck.

‘Do it George!’ Fred said all of a sudden. George lifted up the vial he had in his hands and sprayed the perfume-like liquid right into McGonagall’s face. The twins had opted to use their special concoction known as ‘Essence of Love’ on the unsuspecting professor in order to bend the strict tight ass teacher into being their little love slave. They knew their usual methods of either buying off, blackmailing, or bribing would never work on such a tight assed individual such as McGonagall and therefore opted for a far more subtle and sneaky way to get her take part in their little calendar.

The description of the potion had read:
A wonderful and fragrant concoction for the love a young man’s life. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is proud to present a potent and intoxicating perfume, able to create an immediate and powerful attraction between two people. Simply drop a single hair into the perfume before spraying it on the girl of your dreams. The reaction will be izmir escort bayan immediate and sexually bond the wearer to the giver for several long lustful hours! Warning! One spray will intoxicate the wearer and sexually stimulate them for hours and hours! There is no antidote to the perfume until its effects wear off!

‘What is…’ McGonagall started, before her eyes glazed over and her will became putty in the twins’ capable hands. McGonagall immediately leaned in over Fred’s desktop to kiss him. Fred was taken off guard but he knew the power of the perfume they had created caused those who wore it to become obsessively attracted to whoever placed a hair in the perfume. Because both Fred and George had identical DNA, McGonagall would be attracted to both of the twins, not just one.

‘Deal with this slut while I set up the camera’ George laughed as he got up from the desk and ran over to his schoolbag to find the camera he had left in it. Fred couldn’t make a witty response because McGonagall was already on top of his desk, making out with him and trying to undress him at the same time.

While Fred and George prepared themselves to finally finish their glorious calendar, Hermione Granger was studying hard in the small library aboard the dank and dark Durmstrang school ship. Her efforts to research the mysterious Spellbook of Desires in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library had all met with sticky failure and frankly, she was a little tired of being mysteriously assaulted and filled to the brim with hot cum before all her hard work inexplicably disappeared. She also knew however, that the best way to research an obviously dark and powerful object like the Spellbook of Desires was to look up references for it in a library which embraces the Dark Arts like Durmstrang obviously did. Victor had let her onto the ship and into the library for a relatively small price. All she had to do was to give him a quick blowjob and he had become putty in her hands. The small library available to her was not very expansive but after several hours of reading, Hermione had finally struck gold with a very old looking volume of A History of Salazar Slytherin. In it, Hermione found several references to the fable book known as the Spellbook of Desires and its close association to both Salazar Slytherin and all those who have embraced his legacy and teachings since his death.

The Spellbook of Desires contains some of the most powerful sexual curses and spells in existence. The book’s true power however; lies not with the spells within it but the even more powerful enchantment which surrounds the tome itself. Beware, prolonged exposure to the book in the near vicinity or surrounding area at large has adverse effects on the sexual inhibitions of those individuals who come into contact with the book or the spells contained within. Although little is known about its true purpose or those spells and potions contained within its pages, it is alleged to be both indestructible and extremely hazardous to whoever tries to destroy it.

‘At least that’s more than I knew… but it’s still fucking weak!’ Hermione groaned, closing her eyes in frustration and exhaustion. She had been reading through tome after tome of complicated dark magic throughout the entire night and into the morning. Because Hermione had no classes until after lunch, she had been able to study through the entire Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday morning. So tired was Hermione, as soon as she closed her eyes, drowsiness overcame her and she drifted off to sleep without even knowing it.

While Hermione drifted off to sleep, Professor McGonagall had fallen completely under the control of Fred and George’s magical perfume. She had already managed to strip Fred out of his clothes and was sucking on his hard prick before George could even retrieve the camera and set it up to take some great pictures.

‘FUCK ME! She’s really good at this… She must have been quite the slut in her youth!’ Fred groaned in pleasure as George disrobed and got behind McGonagall to undress her. She was still on the desk, leaning over it to suck on Fred’s saliva-covered cock.

‘Holy Shit… She’s got quite the nice body for an old lady’ George exclaimed in disbelief as he pulled off her skirt and granny panties to get a look at a very toned but plump elderly ass. There wasn’t one bit of sag or any wrinkles that he could see and although George couldn’t believe his eyes, a simple groping with his curious hands told him that her ass was in fact, just as amazing as it looked.

‘Let’s see those big old titties’ Fred moaned as McGonagall continued to suck on his knob. ‘Shit… these aren’t bad either’ he continued, ripping off her top and bra to buca escort reveal a set of fairly firm breasts which although were nowhere as big as Fred thought they were, had a timeless and beautiful quality about them.

‘She’s fucking tighter than a nun back here!’ groaned George as he slid his bulbous head past her tight elderly twat. ‘Fuck me… She’s even shaved!’ he exclaimed seconds later, rubbing her pussy with his fingers.

‘I wonder how tight that ass is then?’ Fred speculated as McGonagall ran her tongue up and down his shaft like a skilled professional. McGonagall was using both her hands to both jack him off and squeeze his tightening balls. ‘Besides… Unghhh… I’m not… Ughhh… going to last… Ughhhh… much longer with her… Unnnn… sucking me off!’

‘Well… Batters up… I think this bitch can take both of us at the same time anyway’ George replied, slamming his hips forward to sink the rest of his seven inch cock into her dripping wet bald pussy.

While Minerva McGonagall was getting ready to be double-teamed by the dynamic duo of Fred and George Weasley, Hermione Granger was fast asleep, unable to keep awake after a long night of study and examination. Hermione was also still trying to recover from her exploits on Monday morning; a morning in which she paid off an expensive debt to Fred Weasley by having her pussy destroyed and filled to the brim with hot cum, all on camera for a special calendar.

‘Who is dat?’ Igor Karkaroff whispered to himself as he entered the small library only a few minutes after Hermione had drifted off to sleep. Karkaroff immediately recognized the young witch after getting a little closer to the slumbering beauty. There were no female Durmstrang students at Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament but he knew that Victor often brought his little Mudblood girlfriend to the ship for a little alone time. Both he and the rest of the Durmstrang students had spent most of their stay at Hogwarts in the castle and not on the cold wooden ship. Very few students ventured back to the ship at all, even opting to stay in the castle instead of braving the dark dank uncomfortable wooden ship. Karkaroff had himself only returned to the ship to acquire a specific dusty old book of dark magic he knew could help his Champion win the Triwizard Cup. It was only when he got right up close to Hermione did he realize that this was the girl he had ejaculated on all those months ago when he had found her naked in the halls of the castle. Her face had been covered in cum and even though he knew she probably wouldn’t have wanted a load of his sticky cum on her tight pussy, he had done it anyway. Not wanting to waste such an opportunity, Karkaroff pulled out his tiny three inch hard cock and began furiously stroking it at the side of her pretty face. If she thought she could get away with sneaking onto his ship and reading through his valuable books of dark magic, she had another thing coming, and that other thing would consist of a very sticky price.

While Karkaroff stroked his cock off to Hermione’s sleeping face, Fred and George Weasley were both on top of a school desk pummeling the hell out of Professor Minerva McGonagall’s mature pussy and ass. The twins could barely contain their joy at how good it felt to be both balls deep in the strictest teacher’s ass and pussy. It was obvious to both the twins that the bitch had rarely if ever had sex before and although she was no virgin or spring chicken, she was as tight as or tighter than any girl they had fucked so far for their Hogwarts calendar.

‘Ahhh… Unghhhhh… FUCK ME!’ McGonagall groaned as an orgasm surged through her and the desire to experience another enveloped her. McGonagall might have been under the spell of a powerful love perfume, but Fred and George both knew that her ravenous and insatiable need for sex and orgasmic relief was just her subconscious desires finally being released without the silly sexual inhibition which had controlled her actions for the better part of her life. Fred and George were simply freeing the dirty slut within the tight-assed teacher which had been trapped inside her, unable to see the light of day.

Hermione was having the oddest dream she had ever experience in her entire life; she knew she was in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. She was on her hands and knees and couldn’t move an inch. The room was dark and although there was no movement and seemingly no one else in the room, she could tell that someone was behind her, breathing down her back. Just as the unidentified person behind her began to move into her line of sight, something hot and sticky struck the side of her face and she was abruptly brought back to reality.

Karkaroff had been stroking off his tiny little izmir escort dick for the better part of five minutes when the very familiar warm sensation of his orgasm began washing over him. He directed his cock towards Hermione’s pretty little face, stroked off one more time and unleashed a medium sized load of his warm goo all over the side of her face and into her brown bushy hair.

‘Oooooooh Yesssssss!’ he crooned as his cum struck the beautiful target in front of him and made a mess of what was a very pretty face.

‘Wha… What the hell is this…?’ Hermione groaned as she opened her eyes and saw a tall and exhausted Igor Karkaroff still massaging his tiny deflating cock in front of her. She instantly could feel the hot cum dripping down her face and into her open mouth and before she could say anything or scold her deranged molester, Karkaroff pulled up his pants, smiled at Hermione and pointed his wand at her face.

‘Get off my ship NOW… or your Headmaster will learn how you broke into our private library and defaced our books with your dirty Muggle hands’ Karkaroff shouted at her confidently, making Hermione stumbled to her feet, snuck the one valuable book into her bag and scampered off the Durmstrang ship looking both offended and a little embarrassed. Whatever the consequences, Hermione had succeeded in finding a useful book and learning more about the dangerous Spellbook of Desires. With a little more study and maybe some help from Professor Moody, Hermione was sure she could crack the mystery surrounding the fabled book and snap the sexual spell it was apparently projecting over the entire Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As Hermione scampered off the Durmstrang ship with a face full of cum and a valuable tome of magical history, Professor McGonagall was on her way to receiving a double load of Weasley twin cum. She had worked long and hard to coax out some of their sweet tasting seed and now that she was getting doubled fucked like the slut she was at heart, she knew it was only a matter of time before the duo popped their corks.

‘Fuck George… I think I’m gonna bust!’ Fred groaned as he drove his cock as deeply into McGonagall’s tight ass as possible.

‘Me too, bro’ responded an equally taxed George, pumping his cock into her with an ever-increasing speed.

‘Ooooohh… Let me taste it!’ McGonagall moaned, going through another orgasm before Fred and George quickly removed their swollen and pulsing hot cocks from her tight holes.

‘Let’s not disappoint this slut… Just make sure the camera gets as many shots as possible’ Fred groaned after pulling out of McGonagall and stroking his cock off. McGonagall got off the boys’ desk and onto her knees where the twins pumped their respective shafts for a few more seconds until the need for release finally overcame them.

‘Mmmmmm… Unngghhhh…. FUCK!’ they grunted in sync as both twins pumped a healthy sized load of warm cum all over their Transfiguration professor’s face. To their joy, McGonagall had thrown on her glasses and was smiling up at both of them as they pasted her happy face.

McGonagall was a little overwhelmed at how much cum she was getting pasted with and although she enjoyed the salty sweet taste of the twins’ sticky seed, there was just too much to handle in one mouthful.

‘Whew… That was good!’ George groaned after firing off one last stream onto their professor’s cheek.

Before McGonagall could even thank the twins for their creamy loads and start fucking them again, Fred had picked up his wand.

‘Stupefy!’ Fred shouted, pointing his wand at McGonagall before she could reach out to keep jacking off George’s softening cock. If he hadn’t stunned her, McGonagall would have simply continued to fuck them for hours and hours until the perfume they had used on her finally wore itself out. Needless to say, the twins had things to do and another classroom of students would be arriving within a few minutes. Fred and George got dressed, packed up their camera and carried McGonagall’s limp cum-covered naked body over to the nearest closet. There would be questions to her whereabouts, but as long as they didn’t find her unconscious naked body, the twins were confident everybody would assume she had fallen ill. When McGonagall woke up from being stunned, the effects of the potion would most likely have abated. She would be disoriented and confused but the twins were quite sure that she wouldn’t report what had happened to her in order to maintain her rigid appearance in front of both the staff and students.

‘She is going to be pissed when she sees these pictures in the calendar!’ George murmured to his brother as they walked down the hallway towards the staircase.

‘It was still worth it!’ the said together after a few moments, laughing together as they dreamed about the kind of coin Professor Minerva McGonagall was about to make them.

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