Hannah , Ariel Pt. 01

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Hannah and Ariel, both 18, grew up next door to each other. Hannah, 5’5″ weighing about 115 lbs. has long wavy blonde hair that extends well past her shoulders. Her slim build and 36C bust line turned the heads of men and women everywhere.

Ariel, almost an identical match from the shoulders down, has long flowing deep red hair which also extended well past her shoulders. She stood maybe an inch taller at 5’6″ and a pound or two more. Her perfect 36C tits seemed a tad bigger than her friend’s, but they did wear the same size bra and often shared their clothes with each other. Again, like Hannah, she had no problem turning the heads of men and women everywhere she went. In fact, both of them loved the attention they got. Though, neither would admit it to each other, they especially loved the attention they received from the women.

Practically growing up together, they regarded each other as almost sisters. They’ve known each other for as long as either remembered. Their mothers, both 35 now, knew each other since they met in middle school. Like their daughters, they did everything together, got in trouble together and also got pregnant together, right after high school. Not wanting their daughters falling into the same traps they did as teenagers, they decided to avoid the peer pressures of drinking and drugs for their daughters and home schooled them. Both Hannah and Ariel lived sheltered and very protective lives. That does not mean they didn’t find trouble on their own however. They both discovered cigarettes, booze and boys. They also discovered a new interest that they did not share with each other. Both of them were intrigued with girl girl confrontations. More precisely, sexual confrontations.

For Hannah, she realized this when her mother and Karen, a woman who lived across the street from them, got into a heated argument at a community gathering. Her mother, Haley, is considered by most as a milf. Haley kept her blonde hair just above her shoulders, which reflected her youthful appearance but also professional for her work. Standing at 5’4″ she kept her body toned. Her body showing more curves now than when she was younger, still had it. Her tits, a perfect 36D, still were nice and firm, casino şirketleri though not as perky as they were before child birth. Karen on the other hand has short dark hair, with a similar body type, 38 years old. A milf in her own right as well. Her 32DD’s seemed to defy gravity. What Hannah saw that day, stuck in her mind forever.

Haley and Karen were standing a little distance away from the rest of the crowd when Hannah heard shouting. She looked over to see her mother and Karen getting in each other’s faces. She moved closer to see and hear what was going on, though she couldn’t hear much, what she saw is what intrigued her the most. Here, her mother and Karen were toe to toe, face to face. Noses and foreheads coming together. Their mouths so close, they were almost kissing each other as they shouted over each other trying to make their points known. Their tits were brushing against the others, then suddenly pressed together firmly as neither woman backed down. Hannah’s heart began to race, she felt a tingle she never felt before, longing to see what next was going to happen, both women heard someone approaching and separated. When Hannah was going back to the party, her eye caught Kayla, Karen’s daughter, leaving. Both made eye contact but stayed away from each other, though there was an obvious animosity at the time.

Later that evening, Hannah laid in bed, re-living that moment over and over again. She began to imagine how the fight might have played out if they hadn’t been interrupted. Her mind drifted off, vividly she imagined her mom and Karen engaging in a hard kissing fight. Their lips mashing together hard, then slightly separating, tongues swirling and twirling around, then moving in for another hard deep kiss. Mixed saliva oozing from the corners of their seal lips, dripping off their chins. Both with a hand in each other’s hair, the other hand gripping the other’s ass. Thighs wedged in between legs, grinding against the other’s pussy. As they bumped and grinded, the kissing broke. Her mom’s cheek pressed hard against Karen’s as they began to hurl insults and threats at each other. For many nights after, she had imagined, her mom fighting other women around the neighborhood, and many casino firmaları more she saw. Not only did she imagine her mom, she imagined Ariel’s mom and Ariel fighting other women she encountered. Though she had an urge to fight herself, she found herself often intimidated and wouldn’t dare do it. She often imagined herself fighting but mostly preferred to imagine other women fighting. Not only people she knew but random people she saw out and about.

Ariel, like Hannah, watched her mother Ashley in a confrontation with another woman named Lauren. Lauren and her daughter Lola lived close by their area. Their encounter occurred near the mall in the parking garage. Both had tried to maneuver into the only free parking space available in which they almost had a small fender bender. Ashley’s moderately long deep red hair fell just past her shoulders. Her impressive 34D’s jutted out nicely, filling out her tank top, showing ample cleavage. Her toned body was enough to make a woman of any age envious. Lauren’s long light red hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her body was equally impressive, her large tits seemed to the same size as Ashley’s. Both women standing at about 5’5″ or 5’6″.

Ashley and Lauren jumped out their cars at the same time and confronted each other. Neither backing down, stood face to face, their breasts brushing off the other as they both laid claim to the last parking space. Soon they were pressing nose to nose, forehead resting against forehead. A slight turn of either’s head would have resulted in them kissing. Not a word spoken now, just two red head women staring hate into each other, tits pressing hard against tits, trying to make the other back down. Ariel and Lola jumped out of the car to get a closer look. Standing beside each other, the girls’ shoulders only about an inch apart. Both Ariel and Lola stared intently at the body contact between their mothers. That’s when they caught each other from the corners of their eyes. They turned their heads to look at each other then back again to their mothers. Suddenly, security showed up and broke them up.

When Ariel got in bed for the night, she began to replay that moment in her head. Watching her mom and Lauren standing toe to toe, güvenilir casino their bodies pressed together tightly. What would have happened if they weren’t separated. Would she and Lola, who had the same body type as Ariel though, with slightly smaller tits, stood off the same way as their mothers. Ariel began to imagine her mom and Lola’s mom wrapping a hand in each other’s hair and wrapping their other hands around their backs in a heated, hard kissing fight. She began to wonder if her and Lola started to fight like this, would their mothers watch and urge them on. She now wished she did confront Lola like her mom confronted Lauren, body to body. From the way Lola was watching them, she seemed like she wanted to fight like this. So many thoughts poured through her head as she began dreaming of her mom fighting. She spent many nights after imagining her, Hannah, or her mom and Hannah’s mom fighting other women.

While the girls shared details of almost everything in their lives, the one thing they kept to themselves is their interest in girl fights. Perhaps one of the reasons was that they didn’t know if women fought like that at all. Maybe it was just a fantasy they had. Though they never wanted to fight each other, they often wondered what the others tits would like pressed against their own. They would occasionally hug, maybe a bit longer at times but not too long to give away their intentions. Other times they would walk together, Ariel’s arm over Hannah’s shoulder while Hannah’s arm would be around Ariel’s waist. Ariel’s left tit would sway and brush against Hannah’s right tit, both of them loving the contact but pretended not to care. While they were both intimidated about fighting, they would have loved to watch their friend fight another girl and often daydreamed about them fighting with girls they saw when they were out.

They didn’t witness as many girl fights as they hoped, but they still fantasized about them. Both Ariel and Hannah often thought about getting into fights now more than imagining about others fighting but they still never ever thought fighting each other.

The girls, now getting ready for college were getting excited for a new chapter in their lives. After years of being home schooled they couldn’t wait to start though, they would be still living at home, they did gain a sense of freedom from what they had before. Life changing would seem the best way to describe the feeling they had now…

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