Halloween Pool Party Pt. 08

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Friday morning cam and I was awakened with an electric shock that ran from my tits to my clit. My eyes flew open to see Miss Maddy and her girlfriend each with one of my nipples in their mouth. Pulling at the rings with their tongue, my high pitched squeal announced I was awake. My clitty tried to get hard but had no place to go. I reached to touch it and could not feel anything through my girdle, well-padded with a thick maxi pad. I felt so smooth and pretty. I laid back and enjoyed their ministrations with a huge smile on my face.

“Told you we couldn’t wait to do that sissy,” any stated with a big grin. “does it feel good baby?”

“Oh yes yes Mistresses. It feels like high voltage shooting through my body. I love it. My clitty was trying to get big too”

Miss Maddy was so thrilled with my new voice she teased my breast even more just to hear me moan. She was so excited that she hopped on the bed and lifting her short skirt straddled my face and lowered her luscious ass to my mouth and started fingering herself as Annie continued to massage my breasts. The stimulation was almost too much for me and I pushed my tongue deep into her bottom hole wanting nothing more than to please her. She squeezed her thighs hard around my face and I soon felt her juices flowing onto my face as she screamed out in orgasmic bliss.

Annie helped Mistress off of my face as I cried out for more. That didn’t take long as Annie then hopped up and lowered her pussy to my face and rode me through a loving climax of her own.

Maddy said she had things to do and Annie would be helping me with the party decorations, and she left us alone.

After straightening her clothing Annie helped me out and took me into the bathroom to clean up. With all my bruising healed up I finally got to see myself in the mirror. My breasts were so perfect. I had no adams apple showing, and my nose was thinner and had a tiny little up-turn at the end. My oh so plump cock sucker lips had me gasping as I wondered if it was really me. I cleaned my face and Annie watched as I tried applying my makeup. I could hardly remember how the lady at the store told me how to do it, and Annie was annoyed with how it looked and made me do it again.

“It’s so hard Annie. I am really trying, honest I am”, I almost cried to her.

“I know you are sissy, but if you can’t get it right it will be back to Lady Olga’s to have it made permanent, ok?”

“Yes Miss Annie”

We had a small breakfast and I asked Annie for my girly vitamins. She said I didn’t need them now as Dr. Atkins had given me a shot that would last 6 months and keep me full of special the hormones to make my breasts grow even bigger.

“But they are so big already Miss Annie, I can’t even see my feet anymore.”

“Yes and they look fantastic too sissy. Tell me darling, did you mother have big boobies?”

“Yes Miss Annie, why did you ask?”

“Well if hers were big, then the hormones will really make yours bigger. Maybe even a G-cup by the time you finish filling out darling. You will look so beautiful. Everyone will love them. And the guys will just love to put their cocks between them for a titty fuck.”

“Do you really think so Miss Annie?”

I don’t just think so Brenda, I can promise it.”

I just giggled at that, and then giggled some more hearing my new voice. I could hardly believe how I sounded now. It will take a while to get used to it.

Well let’s get to work on decorating this place. She opened up boxes of Halloween decorations and instructed me where and how to hang them. I never could have figured it out for myself. But some little voice told me I used to know how to do it. It took most of the day, but when we were done the room looked great. There were spider webs with huge spiders all around, and scary witches and goblins that would jump out at you. Vampire bats hung from the rafters. There were a couple of dead bodies floating in the pool and blood stains all over. It was totally terrifying. And we were finally finished around dinner time.

Maddy returned with Her and Annie’s costumes and food, drink and treats for the party. I put it all away and then we fired up the grill and cooked steak and veggies for dinner. As they wanted my strength to build after all the medical procedures I was allowed to eat with them. It was all so good. We enjoyed some wine and Miss Maddy turned on the TV.

“Look Brenda, do you see that young man in the video. He was supposed to be cleaning his bosses pool,” said Maddy. “Is he cleaning it in the picture Brenda?” Look at him as he picks up that pretty yellow bikini for the first time. He is certainly being naughty. That’s not something a young man would do is it?”

“No Miss Maddy. He should be doing his work.”

“And look at him now. He actually licked it and now he’s even trying it on. What a naughty young man. Or maybe he isn’t a young man. Maybe he was pretending to be a boy, but was really a sissy all along Brenda. What do you think?’

“I think he was being bad Miss Maddy. He should have been working cause he would get in trouble for bahis firmaları sure Miss Maddy.”

“Should his boss have fired him, or just punish him. What do you think Brenda?”

“Well if he was a good worker maybe he should just have been punished a little.”

“Go closer to the TV Brenda, and see if you recognize that naughty boy. “Maybe he should be made to wear pretty sissy clothes all the time. Do you think that would be a good punishment Brenda dear?”

“Hee hee hee, that’s funny Mistress, he would probably be so embarrassed if you did that.”

“What if we made him into a mindless little sissy bimbo Brenda? Would that be a good punishment for playing with his bosses bikini like that and squirting his cummies in them?”

As Brenda got closer to the screen something clicked in her weakened mind. “Oh my goodness Miss Maddy that was, that’s, that boy, that was me Mistress?”

“Yes Brenda, my little bimbo. That was you. And that’s why I made you our bimbo. And now look at you, a pretty little bimbo because you were too weak to resist the pretty yellow bikini I left out for you so many weeks ago. And, like you just said yourself, he did need to be punished didn’t he. Are you happy with how your punishment turned out sissy.

“Yes Miss Maddy, I’m sorry I did those things in the video but I just couldn’t stop it. I didn’t think I would end up like this, but I know it is best for me Miss Maddy. I love being your and Annie’s little girl Mistress. Please don’t show anyone that video Mistress. I don’t want people to know I was a naughty boy.”

“I can’t promise that Brenda. I may have it playing during the party tomorrow. And if I do, well that is up to me not some little sissy. Remember that.”

“Yes Miss Maddy.”

“Annie dear, before we leave her for the night, please get her pluggy ready. I think we will leave her on the lounger tonight with a nice stretched bottom and that fun cock training tape she watched the other night. I will set up her breather tube for the poppers so she will dream of cock all night”

“But Mistress please don’t you have a nice pussy training video instead of all those cocks?”

‘”How sweet my sissy but we know you already love pussy. We just need to help you love cocks more too. I do love watching you suck and fuck them. Annie and I certainly don’t want to bothered with them anymore. That is your job now, and after tonight you may never have enough” she told me with an evil laugh.

Annie had me bend over and forced the plug in my ass. It was pumped more than I had ever felt before. I was quickly bound to the chair and with the poppers and headphones started, the video changed.

‘You are a sissy cock sucker. Poppers help you love cocks. Breathe deep Brenda. Feel your mind fill with cocks, your mouth loves to taste cum. You want to suck for Mistress. You want to be a dirty popper slut. You want to feel cocks fuck your dirty pussy. Your cock sucking lips feel so good wrapped around a big dirty cock. You want to suck cocks clean after they fuck you. You must please Mistress Maddy. You must please Mistress Annie. You must suck cocks. You love poppers because they make you want to suck more cocks. You want to suck cocks for Mistress. You are a cock whore for your Mistress. You love the taste of cum. You want to make men cum. You are a sissy forever. You will always suck cocks for Mistress.

This would continue all night. It never stopped. It never changed. Pictures of pretty sissy girls sucking and fucking flew through my mind all night. I couldn’t think on my own. All I could think about was being a pretty cock sucking sissy.

In the morning my mistresses returned, turned off the TV, and released me from the chair. I immediately knelt and kissed their feet. Thank you for loving me my Mistresses.”

“You are so welcome sissy. Would you like to do anything special before the party today Brenda?”

“I want to suck cock for you Miss Maddy.” I begged.

“How sweet Brenda,” she said with a knowing smile towards Annie, but I think that will have to wait until the party. Now go shower up and take a nap in your bed after putting this equipment away. We will wake you for dinner and then get ready to greet our guests.

I woke up around 4 and put on a pretty gown, then met my Mistresses in the kitchen for a light dinner salad with some wine. Annie discussed with mistress how I was having problems with my makeup came in and worked on my makeup for me. After thinking about it for a bit Miss Maddy spoke up “Brenda, tonight I want you to ask, no, I want you to beg Miss Olga do permanent makeup for you when you are at her salon next time baby. Do you understand?”

“Please Miss Maddy, I will learn how if you give me some time.” I replied, then barely heard her say the word “Fortress”. I immediately doubled over with pain in my sissy eggs. I reached down to sooth them and could not find them anywhere. I was sobbing softly when I turned to Miss Maddy and begged her, “please Miss Maddy I will beg her in front of everyone for you. I will beg to have my face look like a pretty girl for you kaçak iddaa always Mistress.”

“Yes you will sissy. And in the future your answer will always be yes when I command something wont it?”

“Yes miss Maddy, always.”

“I need to get ready sissy. Miss Annie will get you ready and then you will put out the food and greet our guests as they arrive.”

“Yes Mistress.”

With that, she left the room and I cleaned up the dishes. I then followed Miss Annie back to my room and she started on my makeup. When she had finished I had dark “little girl” pink lips, glittery purple eye shadow, bright pink blusher on my cheeks, and 2 pretty pink bows in my Barbie blonde hair. After finally removing my pluggy, (yes from last night) She then had me wear pretty pink panties with lots of lacy ruffles across the seat. There were so many ruffles you could hardly tell there was a hole exposing my sissy pussy in the back. I loved how they looked so pretty and flat in the front with just my newly made pussy lips pressing against the soft fabric.

A matching pink shelf bra held my pretty breasts up for all to see. I was then given a soft white apron that hid almost nothing and pretty sparkly pink open toed pumps with 4 ” heels. “Aren’t you glad you don’t have to wear some silly costume tonight sissy?” said Annie.

“But isn’t this a costume Miss Annie”, I asked with a frown.

“Sissy, if I put you in a man’s suit it would be a costume.” Then motioning towards me with a sweep of her upturned palm she continued, “this is your new normal. Her laughter seemed to fill the pool room as it brought even more pink to my cheeks.” Now go get working on your chores.

I headed to retrieve the food platters from the kitchen fridge and set the buffet table with napkins, utensils and condiments. The beer cooler was stocked, and plenty of wine and drink was available for the guests, as they were now arriving. I curtseyed as I led them in and hung their coats.

The costumes ran from the usual, like Dracula. and his bride, wonder woman and Batman, to the bizarre and sexy. Like sexy red riding hood and a man in a leather body harness and ass-less leather chaps. Oh my that is Dr. Atkins in the chaps I realized. Next 2 cheerleaders entered with a handsome football player. On closer look I realized it that the football player was Lady Olga and Myra and Portia were the cheerleaders. Olga said she was looking forward to playing ball with me later. There were about 30 guests present when the lights dimmed slightly and in walked the most beautiful “Wonder Woman” ever. Miss Annie looked so awesome I knelt at her gold booted feet and kissed them.

She stood in the center of the room and having everyone’s attention said ” And now please welcome your hostess, Miss Maddy Dane. Everyone applauded as Miss Maddy entered. She was dressed as a “Huntress” in a wild green and black leather top that accentuated her best assets. Skin tight leather pants and short boots. She had a bow with arrows in a back quiver, A sword at her side and daggers hanging from her belt. Also hanging from her belt were 3 scrotums and balls (like the ones rednecks hang under their trucks) that appeared to be dripping with blood. She looked so amazing, and I am certain it put a scare into many of the male guests as many of the woman were elated with it.

Oh, in her hand was a leash leading her husband on all fours, in a full leather body harness and chastity cage on his cock. After greeting everyone and having a few drinks the buffet was opened and the attendees all ate dinner. As they were eating Miss Annie turned on the TV so all could watch my transformation from pool boy to bimbo.

As the guests finished eating Miss Maddy arose and spoke to the gathering. “I do have some special announcements.” First costume prizes for my friends. Best female costume goes to Little Red Riding hood. She handed a nice vintage wine to her old college girl Leanne. The best male costume must go to Dr. Atkins for his sexy leatherman. He received a bottle of Johnny Walker Red. And the best costume for couple of more goes to the football player and his cheerleaders. Mistress was handing them each a gift-card when the footballer said, “I would rather get to use Brenda, Maddy.

“Oh don’t worry you will get that too, and so will everyone else that wishes to use her tonight.” I tried to count how many were attending but somehow I just couldn’t seem to count so high. “As tomorrow is also Miss Annie’s 35th Birthday, Brenda will be taking her birthday spanking for her. And I will be picking 3 guests to help give it to her. And don’t worry those chosen will all get to give her 35 each.”

Now as you know this is also Brenda’s coming out party in a way. She is now a full fledged air headed Bimbo to serve and please. You may have seen how she started and how she became a bimbo on the TV screen. Some of my guests have played a role in this including the wonder and handsome Dr. Atkins, my husband, and Olga and her crew. Do you have something to say to Olga sissy?”

I took off my apron and moved to the center of the room and kaçak bahis knelt down in front of Olga in her football costume. I kissed her feet then looked up batting my eyelashes and said, “Miss Olga, will you please give me permanent makeup when I visit your salon again. I’m can’t seem to remember how to do it right all the time and need to look pretty for Miss Maddy and Annie. Please Miss Olga.” I kissed her feet as she assured me she would take great joy in it.

And isn’t there something else you wanted to say to everyone Brenda”, asked Miss Maddy. “Something Annie taught you maybe. I stood in my pantie and bra with everyone looking at me and recited a verse similar to the child’s song, “I’m a Little Teapot” in my new high pitched voice:

“I”m a little sexpot, I have no spout. I used to have a handle, but I won’t pout.When you want to use me ya don’t have to shout. Just bend me over and I will suck your cummies out.”

“I must have done a good job because everyone applauded for me. I turned so red from blushing. And I smiled and curtseyed to everyone.

Mistress patted my head and called me a good little girl then led her hubby over to a hook in the wall and attached his leash to it. Meanwhile Annie had “Batman” help her move a bench to the middle of the room. It didn’t take long before I was secured to it with my panties drawn down and a chin from one nipple ring to the other passed through the wooden frame. I wouldn’t be moving for a while.

Miss Maddy stepped in front of me and announced she had a present for her sissy. She held up a clear rubber looking tube and called it a “tunnel of love”. Showing the room she showed how the almost 2′ diameter tube could not me squeezed any smaller than it was but easily stretched out quite wide. Almost double its current size in fact. She spread what I thought was a lube on it and started working in into my bottom hole. It soon popped into place and I could feel how wide it stretched me.

In five minutes the fixative will cure making it permanent inside her” she told the gathered guests. She will always have easy access now. Then after Annie’s birthday spanking she will be open for business, so to speak.”

Everyone laughed and Annie approached with her favorite paddle. A cock gag was placed in my mouth and the paddle struck hard and often on my ass. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to her as she laid 35 hard ones on my sissy ass making it glow bright red. Miss Maddy stepped up next and with her favorite rattan cane added 35 stripes to it. I was crying into my gag and tears rolled down my cheeks but the gag kept me silent.

When she had finished 3 guests took their turns at my ass. One with the crop, another with the paddle and the last with a very strong hand. The gag was removed and Miss Annie wiped away my tears and kissed me and thanked me for taking her paddling for her. She then held some sissy sauce under my nose and told me to breathe deep asking me what I wanted.

She of course knew what I would say after that and she was right. “Please Miss Annie I want cummies, I want to suck cocks for you and taste there cum. Dr. Atkins was behind me in a flash And I felt him shove his 9” cock into my ass. He slid in through my “Love tunnel” with no resistance and pounded hard. I felt his cock just barely brushing the head of my locked clitty as he thrust. It made me squirm on him and just before he came a cock entered my mouth. I has helpless to resist but wouldn’t anyway. I just wanted as many cocks as I could get.

Miss Maddy then dragged her hubby over and told him to suck Batman’s cock. His first refusal brought a quick slash with her cane. She told him to look at me and try again knowing what she is capable of. “Do you ever want that chastity off Thomas?”

“Yes Mistress, Please Mistress, I will do as you ask,” he begged and crawled over to the Batman. “Please Batman sir, may I suck your cock?” With a nod Batman opened his pants and the doctor, on his knees, sucked it deep.

“You may not cum in him Batman. That gets saved for sissy Brenda.” The Dr. got him right to the edge and as he was ready to shoot his load he turned and sprayed it all over and in the bound bimbos mouth and face. Miss Maddy told her hubby to stand and unlocked his cock cage. “Mouth or ass” she asked him. “Ass please” he said and she led him behind me as another cock filled my mouth. After I think all the men had cum twice Mistress asked how I felt. “Thirsty Mistress” I replied.

A funnel gag was placed on my mouth and Mistress Maddy stood over it and filled it with her golden champagne. I savored her treat and was soon taken off the bench and laid on the couch. Miss Annie sat on my face and I serviced her ass with my tongue as the football player removed her pants revealing a 12″x3″ dildo. As I sucked Miss Annie, Miss Olga lifted my legs and positioned the giant strap on at my bottom hole. One quick thrust and the tunnel stretched out allowing her to impale me fully. I cried into Miss Annie’s ass. I drove my tongue deeper as Miss Olga pounded me. My clitty head could definitely feel her cock thrusting and pulling back, and thrusting again. I was on sensory overload when she finally pulled out after having had 2 orgasms from the end hidden in her womanhood. Miss Annie came as well and as she rose off of me Mistress Maddy climbed aboard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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