Gumdrop Ch. 08

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Author’s note:

As absurd as the concept of a hucow is, I tried to take it quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow and her owner, in search of what this admittedly strange fetish means, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world. I hope that the result is an original and refreshing take on the matter.

All kinds of feedback are appreciated, especially those about grammar, as English is not my first language.

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8. Helping hand

Our short, and much needed, nap was interrupted, as it was customary, by a few lashes of the crop.


“Rise and shine, girls!” was encouraging us Aidan.

I opened my eyes, still a little dazed, to find him in company of two young men, in their mid-twenties, looking at us with smug smiles and their arms crossed. As we got out of our hay bed, I had the chance of looking at them better. They were both wearing checkered shirts, denim overalls, heavy leather boots and a big tool belt with the most unusual items: a crop, a few butt-plugs, a tube of lube, a speculum, a brush and a bottle filled with green liquid.

“These are our two stable hands that will help me take good care of you: Aaron and Kam.” said Aidan, introducing the strangers.

Kam was dark-skinned and somewhat short but very muscular. He kept his black hair really short; his mouth was big and his brown eyes gave me the impression that he was a witty person. Aaron seemed to be his opposite. He was tall and quite thin, had a big head of messy, wavy ash-blond hair, from which emerged his jug ears, and a scruffy short beard with reddish reflections. He seemed to me one of those people whose resting face always looked bored and tired.

We mooed a polite greeting.

“They are going to live here, in the annex, so that there is always going to be one of us on duty to tend to you, but during the night you will be left alone here. If you need anything, you can just press one of the red buttons around your enclosure.” went on Aidan “I want you to obey them and be good as you are with me.” and then, patting hard on their shoulders with a big indulgent smile, he added “Oh, and sometimes they are going to want to have fun with you in the idle times, so make sure to keep my employees very happy about their work environment!”

The men looked at him with approving gratitude. After exchanging a brief glance between us, both I and Cupcake mooed happily: we were glad that our stable boys were young sexy boys.

“Well, I’m off for lunch! See you later for the photo-op for the web-site!” announced Aidan.

Photo-op? All of a sudden my heart started beating hard in my throat, as I watched him go out. I was prepared to be seen as a cow by strangers, but I was not sure I was ready to go as public as a photo of me on the internet implied.

“Best. Fucking. Job. Ever!” shouted Aaron turning to Kam enthusiastically, who gave him a high five and replied:

“Told ya!”

Then they both stared at us with appraising looks:

“So, shall we try ’em?” proposed Kam with a jokingly conspiratorial voice.

“Hell yeah!” approved Aaron “You choose first, I owe you at least that! Which one you want?”

“Ah, I don’t know!” replied Kam, clearly torn, pacing, as to watch us from every angle.

I felt flattered to be put at the same level with Cupcake, whom I found dazzlingly beautiful.

“Look, I just want to try anal, so for me it’s the same. You can take the one with a working pussy if you want.” Aaron proposed, making me moo offended. My pussy worked just fine, she was just… Indisposed!

Aaron’s ears turned immediately endearingly red, as he clumsily apologized:

“Sorry, Gumdrop, I meant an available pussy.”

I mooed my approval for the new definition, crossing my forelegs.

“Nah, I’ll take her, you go with the spotted one!” said Kam. I was finally having black cock, it seemed! I mooed happily. Even though I had already had two orgasms that day, I still felt really horny. Fergie had warned me about that effect of the milk-enhancers and I have to say, it was one of the best aspects of being a cow.

They both pulled out their crops from their belt. Aaron was leading Cupcake for milking, as she had been asleep for at least a couple of hours, while I and Kam remained behind to let him answer a text. When he was done, he swished his crop, hitting me as delicately as Aidan used to and I started walking. As the following stroke was not coming, I stopped after a few steps. Kam seemed perplexed and I realized that he had not understood that he had to keep whipping me for me to keep moving. So I gave him a hint waggling my rump a little and mooing.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” he said and resumed the lashing.

Don’t get me wrong, my ass was still hurting a lot from Fergie’s punishments, and I would have been more than happy to play dumb bahis firmaları and resume walking without the need of the crop, but Aidan’s words about my exceptional progress had spurred me to aim for perfection in my cow behavior.

Kam chose a different suite than the one I had already been to, for the satisfaction of my still too human curiosity. He seemed to have picked one at random, because, when we ended up in a room that aimed to resemble a slaughterhouse, he gasped. In this one there was no bed, just a concrete floor covered with a layer of water. The walls were covered in glossy white tiles, which made the environment looking quite aseptic, an impression reinforced by the greenish lighting. From the high ceiling dangled a multitude of chains. Many of them were ending with padded cuffs and robust-looking bands. I imagined that the bed was not required because the cow was meant to be fucked either standing or suspended from the ceiling after having been strapped to them. Butt-plugs, dildos and vibrators where attached to the other chains. The rest of what I now assumed as the customary sex-toys for hucows were stored in a tool shelf.

The setting was admittedly creepy, bordering on disturbing, but either my horniness or my curiosity of having sex while suspended with a man sporting a big black cock, made me a little wet.

“Wow, I should’ve read the brochure more carefully, huh, Gumdrop?” commented Kam with a nervous smile, a little taken aback.

I decided to put him more at ease, and I stepped a little further, trying to assume the innocent expression of an animal snooping around in an unknown environment. When I met a metal dildo level with my face, I gave it a timid lick, as if it was an innate reflex. Then, still not looking at Kam, I absentmindedly started to suck it, trying to give him the impression that I was doing it without even thinking about it. That did the trick:

“You like the shining toys, huh, darling?” said Kam, unfastening his tool belt and then undoing his overalls. I kept ignoring him and playing with my tongue on the dildo, my bull ring and tongue stud clinking softly on its metal surface. A few seconds later I felt his hand on my hindquarters and his whisper in my ear:

“I have a nice toy for you too, ya know?”

He grabbed my fore-hooves and cuffed them each to one of the hanging restraints. I let him do it without stopping my work on the dildo. In a moment my forelegs were pulled upwards, a pulley whirring above me, and, as my hind-hooves were leaving the ground, I emitted a stagy frightened moo, soon stifled by the dildo I had been playing with, pushed by Kam in my mouth.

He explored my body a little, kissing the length of my spinal cord, whispering “You are very sweet indeed, Gumdrop!”, and pinching playfully my nipples. He then went for my butt-plug and removed it carefully. I was feeling deliciously helpless and so terribly empty! His cock grazed my thighs, but due to the height of my hind-hooves and the fact that I was suspended, he was too short to reach my well-lubed and waiting ass.

“Let’s see if we can put you in a more accessible position.” he mumbled, finally strolling in front of me. His cock, protruding from his shirt, still buttoned, was indeed huge. With a shiver, I hoped that my butt-hole could accommodate him. He rummaged in the tool shelf and I heard him mutter:

“Uh, these should be fun!” and then “Here it is!”

He came back with something made of metal in one hand and another remote in the other. Kissing me on my belly button, that sported a piercing with a dangling heart-shaped pink gem, he raised his hand and fastened a clamp on each of my nipples, sending waves of pain and pleasure in my breasts. They were connected with a chain ending in a metal sphere, which, as soon as it was free to hang loose, made my every movement a new powerful stimulation of my sensitive areolas.

He hid behind me again, I heard the pulleys whirring again, felt him strap my waist and my hind legs and soon I found myself suspended almost horizontally, at a lower distance from the ground. That made my nipple situation worse, but it was nothing compared to what Kam did afterwards. He pushed his cock in my asshole, which was indeed not ready for his thickness and, albeit slightly painful, the stretching caused a vague sensation of fainting, light-headedness if you will. Together with the fact that I was suspended, I really felt like I was flying, like in a weird, exciting sex dream. Kam slowly but steadily rammed his shaft into me, while giving me pats on my pussy, as if he was keeping time. Between my loud moos of overstimulation, a powerful mix of pain and pleasure, I heard Kam shouting:

“It’s so fucking tight! Damn it’s good!”

I lost track of time, overwhelmed by it all. I do not even know how, but I came again. He, however, did not. Finally relieving me of the clamps, he explained why:

“Before we finish our introduction, I wanna try something even cooler.”

I felt my hind-legs being hoisted up and, all the while, my forelegs being kaçak iddaa let go, until I was hanging upside down, mooing a little frightened. What was he up to? I was pulled up until I found his swollen member in front of my face. It seemed even bigger from up close. When he hugged my waist, I immediately understood what was going to happen. Up until then, I had given plenty of blowjobs, sometimes letting the man pushing my head on his cock, but I would never have called that being fucked in the mouth. Kam fucked my mouth, he pushed his cock inside of it the same way he had done with my asshole, with no pause, no help on my part, actually no control whatsoever on my part. No matter how much I gagged, spluttered and gasped for air, he kept going until warm jizz hit my throat. Fortunately, at that point, he had dragged me a little to his back, so that I was in an oblique position, more suitable for receiving his semen. I waited to swallow it until he had put me back on my feet, however. When he did, I was a little dazed. He looked at me worriedly, a little ashamed and probably wondering if he had not taken it too far. So I decided to give him a shy kiss on the cheek to reassure him, knowing that if I wanted to be the perfect cow I had promised Aidan, it was important for whomever used me to know that they could to whatever they wished with me.

Relieved, he brought me back to the barn, where we met Aaron and Cupcake. As they corralled us to the feeding area, I noticed that she had the same dreamy look that I imagined I had too. I was curious about her experience with the other stable boy and already thinking about how to tell her mine that night, when the two men started talking about it behind our backs.

“So, how was yours?” asked Kam, who actually sounded more eager to share his tale than hear Aaron’s. We cows were now facing a trough filled with what looked very much like grass and instead tasted like some kind of leafy salad vegetable shredded to look like grass.

“Awesome!” replied enthusiastically Aaron “I did all her fuck-holes! She’s a machine!”

He then went on and added a little more detail, so that I deduced that they had been in the same room I had visited with Aidan. Aaron had not been less imaginative than Kam and had used the yoke to ride Cupcake’s ass setting the pace with the crop, like she was a horse. I looked at her red behind and she gave me a naughty smile.

“I even tasted some of her milk!” concluded the man. Clearly Kam had scowled at him, because he hastily added:

“Don’t worry, I asked permission to Aidan and he told me that I was allowed one sip.”

Then it was Kam’s turn and he narrated his experience in a more engaging way than Aaron had been capable of. Cupcake gave me a nod of approval, undetected. We took advantage of the position to piss a little but the men did not have time to clean us, because they received a phone call and put us back in our resting area.

I was crawling to find a place where to dry myself, when I felt Cupcake block my thighs with one hoof and then pushing them away from each other. I turned my head around, to see what she was up to, but she had already dived in my crack and began to clean diligently my asshole with her tongue. We were mates and that bond meant that we took care of each other in every respect, including some occasional grooming. When she was done, she gave me a peck on my hole and I turned around, gesturing that I wanted to do her, making her smile shyly in the cutest way. She needed it more than me: I found some of Aaron’s cum in her crack and so I pushed my tongue in her butt-hole as hard as I could to make sure I could scrap all the jizz away. I had just started to lick her pussy, a little more fervently than it was necessary, when we heard the door opening again and decided to stop.

The person who entered the stables was the last I was expecting. Penelope, sporting yet another cowgirl attire, this time consisting of a black cowboy hat, a beautiful and elegant fringe black velvet jacket, dark denim bell-bottom trousers and lilac leather boots.

“Here are my little milk-factories!” she called, walking in our direction.

That really pissed me off: how dare she call me that? I was Aidan’s milk-factory, not hers! Anyway, I managed to refrain myself from giving her an angry moo and even smiled. Kam and Aaron hurriedly followed her soon afterwards. She was already opening the fencing gate and extracting her crop, when they tried to stop her:

“Er, if ma’am could just wait for a moment, it’s time for Cupcake’s milking.” said Kam.

Indeed, I had noticed that my mate’s udder looked a little swollen and aching already. With a sigh I wished for the umpteenth time that mine did that too.

“Oh, dear, ” replied with a mellow and somewhat strange voice Penelope “just call me Penelope and I know perfectly well that she is full, but I prefer her that way for the photos.”

Even less at ease than before, the two stable boys nodded in silence, letting her fetch us. As usual, she whipped us harder than anyone yet, kaçak bahis making us both erupt in involuntary moos every time and yet not getting the hint. We were headed outside, where Aidan was waiting for us, followed by a small crew. Two men were carrying lights mounted on white umbrellas fixed to tripods, another one appeared to be the photographer and held a camera with so many accessories that I thought it must weigh a ton and finally a pretty blond girl in a cowgirl attire, looking awkwardly frightened. She was gazing at us and I imagined that she was actually displaying embarrassment for our condition, making me blush hard. When the crew had drawn closer, though, albeit she did linger with her eyes wide open on me and Cupcake, it became clear that she was terrified of Penelope.

“Now, let’s see if we can make this work, at least. I want some takes here in the open. We start with that fence. You, Megan, go there while I bring the cows!” she barked, her voice filled with contempt.

“It’s… It’s Reagan actually ma’am.” almost whispered timidly the scared cowgirl.

“Worst president ever! Appropriate, I guess.” sneered maliciously Penelope, making poor Reagan lower her eyes miserably as she reached her destination.

I had always suspected that Penelope was mean with her models. I had never seen her interact with them, but every time she talked about her work, I had the feeling that she had boundless reserves of hatred for the young beauties she represented. I imagined that she was envious, but maybe it was more complicated than that: I did not know my guardian well enough to say.

Penelope’s lashes brought us behind a low, sturdy wooden fence that separated the open space in front of the farm, that also acted as a parking lot for the clients, and the orchard. We were instructed to lean with our forelegs against the wooden beam, looking towards the main building, while Reagan stood between us, her back against the beam, her legs and arms crossed. She was supposed to have a smug smile and stare proudly directly into the camera.

“Now, say moo!” shouted Aidan, in a good mood.

The photographer took many shots, so that I had time to smell Reagan’s perfume. It was delicate and sweet, just like her. She was wearing a more stereotypical western wear clothing, with cowhide trousers, a white decorated shirt and a red neck bandana.

“Can you please, please, look anything different from a lamb sent to slaughter?” Penelope yelled at her, after having inspected for a long time the results on her tablet, shaking her head. I could almost hear Reagan’s insides twist.

“I’m sorry, maybe we can… We can try again?” she mumbled, her face mercifully hidden by the tablet Penelope had shoved inches from her nose. That allowed me a glimpse at the last photo and, for the life of me, I could not see anything wrong with her expression. We looked just amazing.

“I want photos of the cows grazing at the tree foliage.” she barked to the crew, apparently not even deigning to answer her and then, as an afterthought, she added coldly, addressing her “Without disturbances.”

I was so taken by the girl’s plight, that I had forgotten to be nervous about the photo-op. While the crew was circling the fence, led by Penelope, Cupcake stretched out a hoof to pat Reagan’s shoulder, mooing encouragingly. She had been standing still, as if petrified by her agent’s scathing comment, and yelped as soon as she was touched. She stared at us blushing. She had beautiful blue eyes and her features were pleasantly full. Cupcake tried to apologize with another moo, with the only result that she scurried behind the crew. My mate kept looking at her, lustfully and I mooed in a playful reproach that could have been a “Really?”. Cupcake shrugged with a naughty smile.

The next photo involved us leaning on the knobby sinuous branches of a short orange tree, seductively biting its leaves. Cupcake seemed to be enjoying herself and I tried to imitate her. We were beautiful, we were extremely expensive, we could be proud of ourselves, I kept reminding myself. Still, it was not easy. Everybody I ever knew, that is, those who survived the disaster, would see me like that and even if I was not regretting my choice, I knew that most people would not understand it and therefore would pity me, at best, or despise me, at worst. And I was painfully aware that if my parents had been alive, they would belong to the latter category. I was their shame. If paradise existed, they would have gone there just for me to transform it into hell with my choice. At least Cupcake’s parents did not feel bad about her being a cow, having pushed her into becoming one.

“Come on, Gumdrop, don’t be such a Reagan!” yelled Penelope, hitting me hard with her crop a bunch of times, as if that would help.

While the crew was changing a little the light setup, I heard Cupcake’s moo. Looking up at her (she was leaning on a higher branch), I noticed that she was indicating Reagan with her eyes and moving up and down her eyebrows. That was how she was doing it! She was not being sexy for the photographer, she had a muse, she imagined she was seducing Reagan! Luckily, Aidan was standing just next to her. I could be sexy and lustful for him. I wanted to be sexy and lustful for him!

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