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“Oh my God” I thought as I drank in the sight of her. She was wearing a long red, silky nightgown, her breasts framed by white lace edging, her nipples standing erect, apparent through the flimsy material. The light was low in her bedroom, but I consumed every detail of her, storing the memory. This was a once in a lifetime experience. Long blonde hair, classical, beautiful, sharp features. Bright blue eyes. I noticed from the first time we met that she walked like a dancer, all elegance and natural style. She used to be a ballerina in her younger days. Still thin, lean, flexible. I had thought until this moment that she looked her best in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a teeshirt. A figure for which any construction crew would provide ample audible admiration. But now, in this nightgown, all other measures of beauty that I had held were re-calibrated. I was lying on my back, my hands behind my head, looking at her as she came through the door from the hallway. She had donned her spectacular evening apparel in the bathroom to surprise me.

She stood for a moment after closing the bedroom door, she smiled that coy smile when she knew what effect she was having on me. We had made love a number of times before, always stunning, mind blowing, never ending orgasmic experiences. But somehow I realized that tonight would be different. No booze, no grass, just the sight of a fantastically beautiful woman and the realization that we would spend hours exploring each others bodies.

Gracefully she glided over to the bed, I threw back the bed covers and accepted her into my arms. She molded perfectly to my body, as she always did. Her small pert breasts pushing against me through the thin fabric. I could feel her erect nipples against my bare chest. She purred as she wrapped her long legs around mine. Her crotch always lined up perfectly against my erect cock. My cock was always stiff around her. She could give me a hard on just by flashing those electric blue eyes at me. She was undulating. When she was in my arms, she always seemed to be moving, ever so slightly; when in bed it was more pronounced. She moved constantly, never at rest, moving in a sinuous, ever so sexy way. Provocatively rubbing her mound against my cock. She could make me come like that if she wanted to, but she was always linked to my brain, she knew exactly what to do to make me last as long as she wanted.

I was lying on my side with her lying beside me, her body like an extension of my own, my hands moving all over her bare back, and her silk covered, tight ass. I could not get enough of the sensation of the soft silk and how it was hard to tell where the silk stopped and her skin began. She was moving, moving. My pulse was hammering, my dick felt as though it would burst. She pushed me over, onto my back. Now she was on top of me, her soft, long blonde hair hung over my face. Her bright blue eyes locked into mine. She lowered her full lips to mine, and pulled my tongue into her mouth hard as she pushed her ever-grinding pussy against my dick. I thought I would explode right then, but she bahis firmaları bit my tongue, the pain took my mind off her body for an instant. Enough for her to sit up on my crotch, her full weight cutting off the circulation to my dick for a moment. Crisis was averted. She smiled, that knowing smile. Knowing that she had just prolonged my agony and ecstasy for another few minutes. She slipped the spaghetti straps of her gown off of her shoulders and languorously slid the silk off of her upturned breasts, for a moment the lace edges caught on her erect nipples as the gown slipped down over her body. I caught my breath, another of those moments. She twitched and the gown fell to her waist. I could contain myself no longer. My rough hands grabbed her ass cheeks, and my muscles flexed. Endowed with enormous upper body strength, it was a small matter for me to lift her whole body and free my dick from its trapped position under her hard pelvic bone. Even trapped there, it had lost none of its hardness. It sprung up, ready to be embedded in her hot inviting cunt. I held her up there for a moment enjoying the anticipation of lowering her onto my throbbing dick. Once again she smiled that enigmatic smile.

“You won’t be smiling for long” I thought to myself, as I slowly lowered her to my waiting cock.

She surprised me again by placing both hands on my chest and lifting her pussy away from my dick.

“Awwww” I groaned out loud.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry” she murmured.

She took control again and lowered her pussy until my dick just brushed her pussy lips. I could feel the heat. The urge to ram her down onto my throbbing dick was almost unbearable. I knew if I went along with her plan I would be so overwhelmed by sensation it would be difficult to stay conscious, so I went with the flow.

She was still undulating, now I could feel it against the head of my cock. Her pussy was moving ever so slightly in circles, the head of my cock was just inside the moist lips. The sensation was unbearable, as she did a subtle pole dance on my cock. Slowly, slowly she lowered herself down on my length. I could feel every millimeter of my cock as it sank into her smooth, wet, hot, cunt. She had pussy muscles that are hard to imagine, they massaged my dick with a velvet embrace as I sank further and further. Just as I thought I was in my whole length, she suddenly jammed herself down on top of me, hard. I guess I still had an inch or so outside of her, because I felt the tip of my cock hit her cervix and she gasped with that familiar mixture of pain and pleasure that she always gave me when that happened. The feeling was indescribable as she twisted and moved on top of me. Her hair was a subtly scented mane of sensation as it whispered over my face. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the sensations in her pussy. She was moaning a low moan as she climbed that slope towards fulfillment.

I went with the flow for as long as I could then something in me erupted and I could not hold back any longer. I grabbed her by the ass, roughly. I pulled out of her with kaçak iddaa a savagery that made her eyes fly open. She had a confused look on her face, until I flipped her over onto her back and slammed my hard pole back into her wet pussy. She grunted, her eyes crinkled as she smiled at me. I tore into her. My pulse was hammering, my pelvic bone slammed into hers. Crushing her clit hard between us. My dick felt like a mile long as I jack hammered into her in long hard strokes. She was grunting now, running her sharp nails up and down my back, leaving painful rakes, that simply stoked my desire. Suddenly the World erupted as I came and came and came inside of her. She wrapped her long legs around me and pulled my butt in close as I continued to ram into her. As my strokes began to slow and I lost some of my steam, she pulled me closer and closer to her with her strong, almost prehensile legs. Until when I was finally soft, she held me trapped with her legs and her pussy muscles holding my now flaccid penis inside her hole. She held me there. Then with her impossibly blue eyes boring into me, she started her dance. I was familiar with it by now, but it still had a hypnotizing influence on me.

She was like a snake charmer with that gaze and that constantly moving body. I have never experienced this with any other woman. She moved like a snake, her whole body undulating, moving in the most sensual way. My dick, now soft was wrapped in a perfectly shaped, soft velvety glove of hot pussy flesh, that moved. Oh how it moved. Within minutes my dick was beginning to get hard again, and as it grew inside of her, so she intensified her efforts. There was a slight sheen of sweat on the light blonde down on the surface of her body. Her nipples had never relaxed and the red silk of the night gown was still a bright red ribbon over her body just under her breasts. When I was fully hard, and beginning to pant with the effort, she suddenly stopped moving.

“Just a minute” she said simply and squeezed me out of her. She scooted up the bed a little and pulled the nightgown over her shoulders. Her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders as she pulled it off.

She rolled over on her side, under me, and reached over for the covers, pulling them up a little. A cue to go to sleep. I was slightly bewildered. This was not like her, she never stopped after just one orgasm, she always needed several before being fully satisfied. Taking her lead though, I shifted around to lie behind her, spooning as we always did. She snuggled back until her bare ass cheeks were wedged against my still erect dick. As I slid my hand under her shoulders and held her hip with my other, I leant in to smell that silken hair once more. Her ass was moving again rubbing against my hard dick. Her undulations had started all over again. Ahh, I at last understood, just a different position. I slid a little lower in the bed behind her. My dick nudging between her soft thighs. Slipping my right hand off of her hip, I snuck it down between her thighs to guide my dick. My thumb found her pussy lips and rotated around, kaçak bahis smearing her ample pussy juice around the lips of her pussy, and I pulled her lips apart as I gently steered my dick to enter her hole. She was talented and could bend her spine to make sure I could enter easily and to my full length. She murmured something that I could not hear. I leaned my head over her silken hair, remaining fully embedded in her pussy. She was still keeping that kneading motion of her entire body. I hardly had to move, just stay inside of her as she did all the work for both of us.

“Grab my hair from behind, hard”

I did as she asked, wrapping a handful of silken blonde hair around my fist and exerting just slight pressure against it.

“No harder, pull it. Hard”

I did, and rammed my dick into her with more and more passion. She whimpered a bit, and I lessened the grip I had on her hair, but somehow that had triggered something in her, and she was bucking her ass against my dick and balls with urgency now.

I suddenly had a wicked idea. I was lasting much longer this time around, and my dick felt like it was made of steel and a mile long. Moving my right hand again from its favored spot holding her jutting hip bone as I rode her hard. I moved my thumb, still covered in her pussy juice, against her ass hole. I rammed it up her ass as hard as I could. She gasped and I could tell from her contracting pussy that she had just come, quick and hard as I pushed up into her ass with my thumb. I loved it too. Like a miniature dick I slid it in and out of her well lubricated butt hole. My dick was throbbing. Thumb fucking her ass was turning me on just as much as it was her. I had an even nastier thought. Sliding my dick out of her wildly pulsing cunt, I moved it to rest against her ass hole. I didn’t have the courage to just ram it up there. I thought it might really hurt her. Her body was still wriggling though, she just never stopped, never slowed down. She was deliberately rubbing her ass hole against the head of my cock. Just like she had done with her pussy earlier. I guided the head of my dick against the hot wet entrance to her ass. She moved against me, pushing the head through the tight rim of the entrance to her ass. Suddenly I was inside. I was inside her ass, I could not believe it. The sensation was incredible. Tight, actually a little uncomfortably tight, but she kept on moving. Slowly she pushed me deeper and deeper into her, I could feel every small movement of my dick as it slid deeper and deeper inside that tight tube. It was hot and tight, and so very forbidden. I could feel my whole body shake with passion as my balls shuddered to try and come. Suddenly I was in my whole length, inside her ass. She was bouncing against me now. obviously enjoying the sensation as much as me. Fireworks went off in my head as I had the most incredible orgasm of my life deep up inside her ass.

She slowly worked my dick out of her tight hole, well lubricated by my cum. Eventually it popped out. Flat, tired out, exhausted.

Gasping I snuggled up against her as she purred and I wrapped my arms around her and prepared for sleep. Suddenly I felt that familiar undulation again as she began to ever so slightly move her incredible ass once more against my exhausted dick…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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