Give Me what I Need

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Michael was usually rough and possessive in the bedroom, but I wanted to try something different. I asked him to be gentle.

As he returned to the bedroom, I slowly walked over to him. My bare feet providing a light echo on the wooden floor. With each step, his deep blue eyes seemed to pull me closer and closer. Until there were mere inches between us.

Michael bent down; his lips casually brushed against my left cheek. Even his casual touch managed to send tremors though me. I felt my body give an involuntary shudder when his lips moved from my cheek to my lips.

“Do you still want me to be gentle with you?” he whispered. Silence befell me, the words were lost in my throat.

“Yes?” he asked softly, as he continued to press his lips against mine.

“Or—” I did not give him a chance to finish.

Slow kissing gave way to a fevered hunger. I moved my hand behind his head, pulling him firmly to me. Gentle was no longer what I wanted. My finger found his belt loop as I roughly dragged him closer.

He started kissing me as though he would never have a chance again. Desperately, heatedly, his tongue found mine. I felt his cock grow bigger as it rubbed against my stomach. ataşehir escort Harsh low grunts escaped his throat as his cock grew bigger and harder.

Michael’s hands slipped down my hips and rested firmly on my ass. Getting a good grip on it, and squeezing hard. Driving me crazy for him. The glow in his eye showed me he knew what he was doing.

My palm found his chest and I broke our embrace. He looked slightly puzzled until I started to unbutton my shirt.

“Sit on the bed,” I commanded as I undid the second button. Then the third. His eyes never leaving my fingers as I unfastened the rest of the buttons. My favorite dark purple bra laid underneath. He reached out, but I stepped ever so slightly back as my shirt fell to the ground.

With a brief pull, the ties of my pants came undone. I let them drop. I held onto his shoulder for balance as I slipped them off my feet. His arm wrapped around my waist as he stood up. The outline of his cock swelling against his pants.

I pulled his shirt over his head and he hurriedly took off his pants. The lust in his eyes betrayed his intentions. I knew he couldn’t keep his promise to be gentle, and I was completely looking kadıköy escort forward to that!

As I spread my knees apart, he ran his fingers lightly along my calves. His fingertips delicately roaming the length of my thighs. His touch only broken by the occasional kiss.

He ran his tongue against the outside of my panties. Holding my waist down as I gave an involuntary shudder. He knew my body’s reaction to him.

Instinctively, I opened wider for him.

He took the invitation. Sliding my panties to the side, he stuck one finger inside of me. My back arched in pleasure as I felt a slight tremble down below. A second finger slid in just as he managed to spot. He always knew how to get me there just from the movement of his fingers.

He looked over my body as he slid his fingers in deeply. His free hand gently stroking his cock.

I reached down and grasped his swelling cock. Pulling it, and him, towards me. With my eyes locked on him, I rubbed the head of his cock against my clit. Slow and delicate. Back and forth. Our breathing grew heavier and heavier.

We both knew what we wanted. What we craved from each other.

He grabbed his cock and started to bostancı escort glide it between my lips. Inch by inch, spreading me apart with his girth. With an arm wrapped around the back of my neck, he slowly lowered his body onto mine.

I was in a blissed state, feeling every pound of his masculine body on top of me.

He called out my name as his strokes started to get longer. His hand gripped the back of my neck as he drew closer to me.

I could feel the heat from his body as he struggled to control his urges.

“I don’t want you to cum yet,” I told him.

I took control and told him to get on his back. An expression of desire was in his eyes as I lowered myself onto his cock. He watched as I slid down inch by inch, until I was half way. I rose slightly, before sinking back down on his dick. Taking it all in one pleasurable go.

Michael reached up and gently pinched my hard nipples.

He smiled at me as I screamed in pleasure. I arched over to catch my breath an sunk a couple inches further onto his pulsing cock.

That sudden drop and the friction between my clit and his body sent me into overdrive. Filled to the brim, I started to cum all over his delicious cock. My body shaking and my pussy contracted and locked tight on Michael’s cock.

I felt his body tense just before his warm load spread through me.

Both of us collapsed on the bed. Exhausted, satisfied and looking forward to round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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