Gift Wrapped

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Christmas Eve is always a fun time. Unless you are playing Santa. So, while everyone else is in bed, dreaming of sugarplums and whatever else, you get stuck by the tree, wrapping the ‘surprise’ gifts that everyone wants. And so it was that I found myself playing Santa this year. The kids were already in bed, trying anxiously to fall asleep so St. Nick would show up. Kim was looking tired, so I had already excused her from gift-wrapping duty, figuring I could get it knocked out pretty quick. Two hours later, I had finally gotten the last pair of socks wrapped. By that time, it almost looked like I knew what I was doing. Even the bike had a good wrapping job, or at least as well as it could be wrapped after being completely assembled.

I finally turned out all the lights and wandered off to the bedroom, hoping that 6 hours of sleep would be enough, especially considering that the kids would be up before dawn to check out what they’d gotten. When I opened the bedroom door, instead of finding Kim fast asleep in the dark, I was greeted with dim lights and soft, sensual music. I was a bit confused, as not two hours ago, she looked like she was ready to pass out. Now, she sat there, reading a book, buried under the covers. When she heard me, she gently closed the book and looked at me with a devilish grin.

“All finished up, baby?” she asked.

I replied, “Think so. I wrapped everything I could find. What are you still doing awake?”

She giggled and told me, “Well, I had forgotten that I hadn’t gotten you a present, so I kind of faked the sleepy stuff so I could wrap up what I did get you.”

I quizzically asked, “Well, if you forgot to get me something, what am I getting exactly?”

With that, Kim threw back the covers to reveal my ‘present’. Underneath, I found my darling girlfriend wrapped up in a bright red ribbon. It crossed over her breasts, barely hiding her nipples, and wound around her stomach and hips. Since she was laying on her side, I could see the big red bow that adorned her ass. Her legs were covered with a pair of black fishnet stockings with little red bows on the front. Her naughty bits were covered by a small triangle of black cloth, but after intently studying her ass, I could tell it was just a tiny G-string. As she swung her legs off the side of the bed to stand up, she slipped her feet into my favorite pair of high heels. Not sıhhiye escort only because she looked so hot wearing them, but because it lifted her ass into just the right position for me to fuck her standing up.

As she walked over to me, her hips swayed back and forth, hypnotizing me as I focused on them. I could hear a tiny jingling noise, and as she spun around, I could see little bells on the back of her stockings. I smiled a little at her little bit of Christmas cheer. Her ribbon dangled precariously and threatened to fall off. The ‘click-clack’ sound that her heels made on the wood floor was the most erotic thing I had heard in quite some time.

Kim said, “Well, I thought of what you might like to find under the tree, and all I could come up with was me. So, I found a nice ribbon, and some pretty wrappings. I hope you approve.”

As she said this, she pulled in close to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She pulled me in close and gave me a slow sensual kiss. As she did, I felt her grinding herself against my growing cock, both as a way to excite herself and drive me crazy. I could feel a small wet spot on her panties as they pressed against my boxers. Her hands started running up and down my back, and the feeling of her fingernails scratching against me through my thin t-shirt was electric. One of her hands slid up to the back of my head, and pressed me harder into her, deepening our kiss while she ran her hand through my hair. My hands slid down to her naked ass and I squeezed her, pulling her into me even harder. We continued to kiss for what seemed like an eternity, our tongues dancing in the dim light as we pressed against each other, warmth flowing from one to the other.

Finally, our mouths separated. I took in a deep breath, as did Kim. I looked down into her eyes and said, “You know, between the wrapping and the presentation, you are going to drive me crazy.”

The devilish glint returned to her eyes as she slid a hand into the waistband of my boxers. She slowly ran her fingernails along the underside of my hard cock, from the base to the tip.

As she did she asked, “Oh, really? And how crazy is that?” That was the last straw. I knew with every fiber of my being that I had to have Kim RIGHT NOW!

My hands were positioned close to her ass, so with a quick snatch, I tandoğan escort ripped the bow off of her. Before it had even registered, my hands moved to the tiny string holding her panties to her body. The flimsy material quickly snapped in half as I tugged at it. I pulled the soaked undergarment away from her and threw it across the room. Kim gasped as I spun her around and pushed her up against the wall. I felt a flood of warmth from her pussy as I grabbed a handful of her brunette hair and pulled her around so I could press her up against the wall and whisper in her ear.

I replied in a heavy tone, “Crazy enough that I’m going to have my way with you right now. I’m going to shove my cock into your soaked pussy and fuck it like a wild animal. I’m going to pull on your hair and slam into you. And then, I’m going to shoot a big, thick load inside you. And I’m going to make you like it.”

I heard a moan escape her lips as I leaned in and kissed the nape of her neck. I had already pulled off my boxers and deftly pulled my t-shirt over my head. Now we both stood there against the wall, naked except for Kim’s stockings and a ragged piece of ribbon that still clung to her. I pressed my rock hard member against the crack of her ass, and Kim responded by spreading her legs ever so slightly to allow me access to her most delicate area. I pressed the head of my cock into her dripping slit, and with one swift motion, I shoved the entire length into her at once. She gasped under me as her wet pussy was suddenly filled. I felt her muscles strain against me and her juices ran all over me. I withdrew back to the tip, only to slam into her again with as much force as I could. I was going to fuck Kim with reckless abandon. Her outfit was more than enough to drive me over the edge. Her teasing only finished the job.

I grabbed a handful of her hair as I started pounding away at her in earnest. I heard the moist sounds of our bodies slapping against each other as my shaft slid in, over and over again.

I pressed into her again, whispering, “Doesn’t it feel good, baby? Don’t you like the way my cock fills you up? I know how much it turns me on. Your pussy feels so good when I’m fucking it.”

Her response was short. “Oh yes! I love it when you fill me up. Fuck me harder! I want to feel you all the way down inside tunalı escort me!”

As if I needed anymore motivation. I reached down deep inside and found the strength to fuck even harder. My leg muscles were screaming as I drove into Kim, plunging deep inside her with each thrust. I let go of her hips with my right hand. With my next thrust, I slapped her ass rather smartly. She only moaned in response. I smacked her once again, this time even harder. She screamed a little this time. As I returned my hand to her hip for more leverage, I heard her little scream start growing until she was right on the verge of cumming.

I drove into her with all my might, and I heard her begging, “Don’t stop! I’m going to cum all over your cock! Keep fucking me, baby! Please…”

Her words trailed off as I felt her muscles tighten around me. Her orgasm was powerful, gripping me and milking me.

As the sounds of Kim’s orgasm faded slightly, I renewed my efforts. I yanked on her hair, pulling her head back so I could give her a quick, passionate kiss. I quickly found my rhythm again, grabbing her hips with both hands and pulling her back into me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was going to cum.

I groaned a little as I leaned in one last time and whispered, “Here it comes, baby. I’m going to shoot a big load inside your pussy. Do you want it?”

Kim’s head turned back, and as she stared into my eyes, she told me, “God yes! Fill me up. I want your hot cock to cum inside me. I want to milk every drop out of you.”

Those words were all that it took to send me over the edge. I felt a familiar tingle down inside me as my groans grew louder and louder. I shoved my cock as deeply as I could inside her one last time, and I felt my muscles tense up. A thick, warm load of cum shot out from the head of my cock and filled up Kim’s hot, wet pussy. I heard her cumming softly as her muscles once again pulsed against me, drawing out every last drop. I relaxed for a moment, finally exhausted after my wild performance. As I slid out of Kim, little drops of our mixed juices ran down her legs. It glistened in the dim light as she turned around and dropped to her knees. She took me gently inside her mouth, savoring the flavor of us both on my cock as she sucked out the last drop of cum. She sucked slowly all the way to the tip and gave it a little kiss as she stood back up.

I wrapped my arm around her as we walked to the bed.

We laid down, and I told her as she nestled against me, “Those are the best presents. I can use it all year long. And I liked the wrapping. It was perfect.”

Kim only purred as she rested her head against my chest for what we hoped would be a restful, if short, nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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