Getting What I Called For

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I could chat with Sud on text for a long time, I could talk to her on phone and connect, I could meet her over coffee and have a laugh, but ever since crossing the line on that fateful afternoon, something changed. I hated wasting time, any time that I could spend getting something out of her.

I could have driven further into more seclusion out of more eyes, but I just couldn’t wait anymore.

So when I crashed into the car seat in the back, Sud probably knew my expectations from that evening. I didn’t know hers. (Well, I didn’t care to find out either.) No words were spoken. She re-tied her hair and started her job. She unbuckled my pants and drew them down. I lifted my butt to let her do it. Then came my underwear, off.

Me: Take it all off and throw it on the front seat.

She picked it up slowly. There was no hurry in her actions. She even gave the pants a quick 3-point fold. Then everything went away to the front seat. She grabbed my erect pole and started sucking on it. Oh yeah, that was what I was craving for. My shoulders, tense from typing all day, suddenly relaxed.

Sud’s warm mouth engulfed my cock’s tip. She had gotten better and she knew what I liked. She was putting up a show. She pursed her pink lips together and plunged them on my cock, making sure to look at me while she did that. Her suction was now strong. I had numbed my cock in preparation. I loved what I saw, I felt lesser than that.

She had climbed onto the seat completely. Fun size, she could fit easily. She was on all fours with my cock in her mouth while I sat man-spread behind the driver seat. Sud was doing a good job. She took out the cock and showed me as she licked it with long strokes of her tongue. There was some precum, she licked it all up. She squeezed the tip of my cock and as more oozed out, she lapped it all up.

While she was working on my cock, I opened up her hair and grabbed a bunch of it at the base of her neck. I swerved the length of it around on my own hand so as to make a nice firm grip. Instinctively, Sud knew what was coming and she stopped sucking and opened her mouth wider. When she was ready, she breathed in deep and muffled

Sud: Weady…m weady

It sounded incredible to hear the word with her mouth stuffed how the “r” had been mouth fucked to “w”

I started bobbing her head up and down the length of my cock. It was not very rough, but it was relentless. She would press her palms on my thighs to control, but I slapped them away. I was going to control it, not her. She repeatedly tried to control the pace and the depth, but I slapped out the hands every time. In a few minutes, she had learnt to let go. I now had complete control of her head. I was using it at the pace I wanted, at the depth I wanted and however I wanted.

Sud was completely clothed. I had removed nothing from her. I was only using what I needed now. Her mouth. I dragged her off my cock for a break, and brought her face close to my face. Her nose was dripping. Her eyes had watered a lot, but there was no make up today to wash out. The lipstick remained but was smeared. Drool ran down her chin. It was very satisfying to watch her face. I looked down and saw her drool, loads of it, dripping down my cock onto my balls and about to drop to the car floor.

Sud was wheezing from the assault on her tonsils. She breathed hard and deep. I swept all the drool on my balls and smeared it on her face. She closed her eyes and let me.

Me: I don’t want drool in my car.

She nodded and coyly went back down, this time to my balls to clean up what was remaining. She collected whatever drool remained and brought it back up. She looked at me and swallowed istanbul rus escort it with her eyes open. She was becoming incredibly slutty with every interaction. I missed her ass a lot due to the things I did to it in my first action with Sud. Even though I didn’t want to fuck her today, I wanted to play with it. While she sucked me off, I reached over and lifted her evening dress to expose her ass. She was wearing a thong, a fuck-me kind of thong. Sud was expecting this to go further. Without any warning, I opened the car door. Cool air drafted in. She was shocked.

Sud: What the hell? Are you crazy?

Me: Shh, there is no one around.

I stepped out, butt naked, in a t shirt and I kept her head planted on my cock. She was alarmed but tried not to quit. I grabbed her by the back of her head and kept fucking that mouth. It was gentle, not the kind I was meting out few minutes back. My view was of Sud’s light caramel ass split by the thong string, making a perfect heart shape from my vantage point. Oh I missed that ass. One hand firm on her head, I smacked her ass hard with the other. She winced, muffled by the cock.


She withdrew her head and looked at me with a look that said it hurt. I pushed her head back down on my cock, held it in place and smacked the other ass cheek. The whole booty jiggled. I loved seeing that. It wasn’t as hard as I would have liked. So I smacked again, harder, the kind which made my palm tingle. She withdrew from my cock to let out gasps.

Me: Didn’t ask you to stop.

She went back to working on my cock. In a few minutes, the ass cheeks grew red, in the faint light of the parking lot, you could still see my palm prints on Sud’s buxom ass. With her face impaled on my cock, I smacked twice more, once on each side.

I was being unbelievably brave. I had never imagined I was capable of being butt naked in a public place getting blown. It was just not me. But somehow, Sud’s servility bought out another darker shade in me. This darker shade didn’t care about risk, didn’t think about outcomes. This darker shade got what it wanted. What did it want now?

It wanted Sud to eat ass.

I stopped Sud who was out of breath.

Me: Do you want water?

She nodded. I got her a bottle from the holder on the door. While she drank, I was out there watching for people. It was 1020. There was no one.

Me: Remember how you made me cum at your place? Do that.

Sud’s face twisted into a knot. She probably had thought it was a one time thing as I didn’t ask for it on her second meeting. It was one part of her training she hadn’t mastered yet.

Sud: There is no space…how…here…

She was looking for excuses.

Me: I will show you.

I turned around, my ass facing the inside of the car. I placed one foot on the door and one foot on the ground outside trying to open up my butt cheeks.Then I firmly guided her to the place I wanted it to be.

Me: Now, you can

Her licks were strained. The angle was awkward. But I couldn’t say she was making less of an effort. She stuck her face in as much as she could and she used her tongue to reach the rest. It was making my nerves go wild, whenever she could reach a good spot. But it was less fun for two reasons. One I was straining to open up. Two, it is always more fun if you can see your ass being serviced by a pretty face.

Me: Stop. Lay on the seat on your back.

Sud thought this part was done, she was still getting rid of her inhibitions and wanted it to change soon. But it wasn’t done. I needed to see her do it. I dragged her body and positioned kadıköy escort it in a way that her head stuck out of the car, her body being on the seat. Now I sort of stepped over her such that she was below my balls. I balanced myself by pushing one leg against the car door and opened up my ass. With two hands I placed her face right below my asshole, my dick pointing away from the car.If I looked down I saw half her face from the nose up eating my ass.

Me: Now you can start.

Her licks were stronger now.

Me: I need those sounds Sud

Sluuurrrrp. Sluuuuurrrrpppp

She wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at my hole as she licked it. This position was doing it for me. The mixture of impulse and the degradation was the potency I was looking for to end today with. I kept her head pressed against my hole and she never stopped.

Me: That’s it. That’s like it. I was missing your mouth on my ass today Sud. That’s what I spent the whole evening thinking about. Oooh yes, keep at it.

It was impossible for me to say if she was into it or doing it to pleasure me, but she was doing a really good job. My toes were curling looking at her face hard at work. It didn’t have a look of inhibition, it had one of effort, I-need-to-get-this look.

Now, I could finish. I had seen her like I saw her in my twisted dreams. Drool filled, ass-eating, ready-to-serve.

I positioned her back on all fours.

Me: Make me cum

She was confused.

Sud: Are you not going to fuck me?

Me: Just your mouth today. Get to it.

She was disappointed. It showed in her effort. She dropped the intensity. While stroking my cock she said, “not even a little bit?”

I grabbed her head and took over the action.

Me: Did I tell you I will fuck you when I called you?

She was silent. Other than the mouth fucking gug gug gug gug gug gug

Me: Did I?

She shook her head.

gug gu gu guug gug

Me: What did I say you will do today?

Gug gug gug gug

Me: Stick out your tongue and slap my cock on it.

Me: What did I say you will do today Sud?

She stopped to say “suck” and then stuck her tongue out fully, starting to slap my cock against the tongue. Without my asking she slapped her whole face with my cock. That’s all it took to push me over and I started exploding. Shots of cum went everywhere, but I controlled it to land on her face. I let a guttural grunt emerge.

She started collecting all the drops on her face to pull the mess into her mouth.

Me: You know what?

I held her fingers and smeared all of the drool and the cum on her face, spreading it out as I went. Her fingers were reluctant but I overrode them with my firm grip. Her face was now glistening.

Me: Next time I call, don’t be late. Then I can think of listening to you.

There was no reason for me to be mean to her. She had obviously pushed everything around to com be with me. But I wanted her to feel there was more she could do for me. When I call for something, she must bring it to me. That there was more of her that I could demand and take. I didn’t know how long this would last. But experience per session needed to be highest.

Me: Clean me up.

She quietly commenced her cleaning routine. She had grown very diligent at it. She went over every part of my cock, balls and perineum and ensured there was no drool on it whatsoever. I watched her work and felt proud. When done, she tapped on my thigh.

Me: Hand me my pants.

She got up and handed my my stuff. I handed her another bottle of water and a box of tissues.

Me: Clean yourself kartal escort up, I will drop you.

I shut the door and wore my pants. Then I leaned against the car, pulled out my phone and started reading about the work issue. In between I peeked at her. She was using the rear view mirror to clean herself up. Then she pulled out her own mirror to look closer. She cleaned out the drool, precum and cum. Then she cleaned the lipstick. She reset her hair to look almost like she had come in with. She stared for long minutes into the mirror. Then resumed rubbing. It took her 10 minutes to get ready.

Then she tapped on the window glass.

Me: Come sit in front now.

I was feeling very light. Sud was not, obviously. She had got no release. She pushed around everything to get dick today and didn’t. I can imagine it is close to what I was feeling waiting for her. It was showing in her mannerisms. She quietly came to the front seat and strapped herself in. She didn’t look at me at all. She stared outside the window. I knew she was mad. But it was all part of the process.

I started the drive back. No words were spoken. It was fine for me, I was riding my orgasmic after effects. Sud was seething. You could feel it.

Me: You mad?


Me: Gotta talk now, Sud. You mad?

She burst out.

Sud: What the hell? Why did you not fuck me? It makes me mad when someone does that. What the hell?

Ooooooh, seems like I touched a raw nerve there. I tried to probe if it was about the denial getting linked to her dry sex life with her husband.

Me: You are upset I didn’t fuck you?

Sud: How can you say not to me? To me? It makes me mad when Shan says no.

She had burst out and there were tears amongst the vitriol. I was good at this. I had a way to handle her. I had to turn it back on her.

Me: Sud, you are not mad at me. You are mad at your husband. You want me to fuck you, why didn’t you call before I called you today? Huh?

Sud was silent, she was mad but she had no response. I was just pushing her to be more open. So far, so good. I made her an offer I knew she would have to reject.

Me: Come to my apartment, stay the night.

Sud: No

Me: I have roommates, but they wouldn’t care.

Sud: No

Me: It is nearby, leave tomorrow morning.

Sud: No

Me: Very well, suit yourself.

Sud: I can’t vanish, you know! There’s a kid, there’s a husband.

Me: Yeah

We reached near her house where she wanted to be dropped off.

Me: We are here. Listen Sud, I am going to be very busy and very stressed in the coming months. You know I have a lot going on now. I will call you when I want to see you. So just make it work.

I was playing on thin ice here. But I had to establish the dynamic. I had denied her sex. I had used her like a cum rag. And Here I was telling her that I will be calling her more frequently for that.

Sud breathed slow, calming her down and gaining composure.

Sud: I am sorry for that… you know… the drama… It makes me feel really horrible when I throw myself at someone and they don’t want to get it on. You didn’t deserve that. I am sorry.

Bingo! I had successfully evaded this minefield. Time for the last stroke.

Me: Don’t dump others’ shit on me Sud. You wanna know what happens when you throw yourself at me? Check your phone in a few minutes.

She was confused. I backed around and drove off. I reached home, and whatsapped her a link. I could see that she was waiting for it and she was online at 1120, way past her bedtime. Two blue ticks confirmed that she saw it immediately.

It was the sextape I had made at her place.

I went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I saw that I had received a bunch of texts from Sud between 3 and 5 in the morning.

– You up?

– Do you have snapchat?

– Wake up

– Hello?

I smiled. Experience per session had just been maximised.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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