Fox Hunt Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: The Scarlet Woman

Cold aching muscles groaned as they slowly returned to life, while a slender hand reached up to rub the sleep out of beautiful green eyes. Shivering, the young woman pushed herself up from the chilly steel floor and rubbed her arms to encourage circulation. Her eyes closed, Butterscotch Fox breathed deeply and steadily as she collected her thoughts, steeling herself for yet another day in the hospitality of Dr. Vanessa Payne. Her train of thought was quickly derailed however by a gentle rapping on the crystal globe of her prison, and the young heroine’s eyes darted over to behold- almost on cue- the good doctor herself.

Vanessa stood nonchalantly outside of the sphere with one latex-clad hand in the jacket pocket of her black pantsuit, her eyes gazing possessively up at Butter with a coy smile turning up the corners of her ruby lips. Snapping to attention, Butter sprang up and stood perfectly still, allowing her captor to gaze at her gorgeous body in all her nakedness. Her eyes never leaving her prisoner, Vanessa removed a touchscreen device from her pocket, and with a few taps, a seam appeared in the Diamentium globe and slid down into the floor. “Wake up, sleepyhead” cooed the villainous Brit, “It’s such a lovely day this morning; I thought I’d take my pet for a walk – what do you say? Sound good?”

The question of course was rhetorical – Butter had no choice in the matter. Her free will had been surrendered in exchange for the safety of her only sister, Regan. The two of them had only their father growing up, and with his position occupying most of his time, it fell to Butter to look out for her younger sibling. Aside from her own duties at the Institute, Regan was the greatest source of pride in her life. Her little sister had always been the smart one in the family, taking after their father while Butter pursued her calling as a Superheroine. And now, in her darkest hour, Butter’s two devotions had come together with her duty as a Superheroine and her duty as a sister now one in the same; to protect the innocent. “Yes ma’am” she obediently replied.

Beckoned by her captor, Butter stepped out of her sphere and stood attentively at Vanessa’s side. Pleased at her prisoner’s acquiescence, the good Doctor reached down and weaved her rubbery digits through the heroine’s fingers. Clasped tightly, their fingers interlocked not like lovers, but rather like links in a chain. “This way” she said smiling, “step lively now.” Her heels clicking like a metronome on the steel floor, Vanessa strode confidently through the shadows before a sliding door opened automatically, leading the two into an illuminated hallway. Devoid of daylight, Butter had lost track of how long she had been imprisoned in that room and had whiled away countless hours dreaming of escape. But now, in the custody of the insidious Vanessa Payne, Butter found herself longing for the security of its confinement.

The winding hallways of the facility seemed to go on forever, its cold steel façade maddeningly claustrophobic to the young heroine as Vanessa happily marshalled her down this corridor and that with a spring in her step. Finally, the pair came to a stop in front of a massive steel bulkhead, and Vanessa tapped a keypad several times. With a loud rumble, the bulkhead rolled slowly down into the floor as a piercing light blinded Butter, forcing her to shield her face with her hands. Slowly, painfully, her eyes struggled to adjust to the illumination, and when she at last regained her sight, what she beheld stole her breath away. Walking through the giant archway, Butter stepped onto a large balcony overlooking the lush green foliage of a tropical island hundreds of feet below their mountain lookout. After weeks of confinement, Butter could not help but find the great wide open space intimidating.

“This view is quite spectacular in the morning” smiled Vanessa as she deeply inhaled the fresh mountain air, her back arching in a stretch like some malevolent black cat, “Wouldn’t you agree?” The ingenious Brit clasped her hands behind her as she turned her back on her young captive and stepped towards the edge, her eyes scanning the horizon, appreciating the landscape in the early morning sun. For a moment, Butter stood in awe and confusion, looking around for the catch-22, trying to understand why Vanessa had brought her here. Then, she noticed the distance between them, and the Doctor’s utter dismissal of her. Vanessa was at least fifteen feet away, and completely distracted. At first she would not let herself entertain the thought. But the more she considered, the greater the urge became. ‘She’s not even paying attention’ she thought. With the horizon laid out before her, escape was now a simple matter- ‘I could just fly away’ she told herself. ‘Fly away into the clear blue sky and she could never stop me…’ casino şirketleri The temptation lasted only a moment, but to the downtrodden heroine, it seemed an eternity. She wouldn’t dare. Who knew what Vanessa had planned for Regan if she left her behind? Now Vanessa’s logic became terribly clear; this simple act was a demonstration of her power. Without a word, Vanessa had forced Butter to defeat her own “fight-or-flight” instincts- dangling her freedom in front of her just to rub her nose in it. Her teeth gritted, Butter summoned every ounce of strength to deny her own self-preservation, and with great bitterness, began to gently weep.

The sound piqued Vanessa’s mouth up into a smirk as she gazed over the landscape. Casually, she turned to see Butter standing rigidly still, her face turning red. “Aww” the Doctor spitefully cooed as she approached the heroine, “Poor baby.” Raising a gloved hand to her captive’s face, she wiped a tear away with a single digit. “Are you ready to go back inside?” With murder in her eyes, Butter silently nodded. “‘attagirl” grinned Vanessa as she brought her finger to her mouth, tasting the sugary sweetness of Butter’s tears as her eyes dared the heroine to do something.

Returning to the shadowy corridors within the mountainside, Vanessa led Butter down the twists and turns of her stronghold before arriving at a set of sliding double doors. Tapping a keypad on the wall, Vanessa leaned over and spoke her name Vanessa Payne into the console, eliciting a soft chime before the doors slid open. The room beyond was pitch black, save for a spotlight revealing a heavy steel pedestal in the centre of the room. Reluctantly, Butter allowed her owner to tug her into the room, and the doors snapped shut behind her.

“Do you know what this room is, Butter?” the Doctor inquired. Not knowing, the heroine shook her head, and said so. “This is where the great Butterscotch Fox will finally be laid to rest” beamed the sadistic Englishwoman. Vanessa’s rubbery hand slid into her jacket pocket, and produced a touchscreen device. Tapping it once, powerful overhead lights switched on with a loud *clack* to reveal a large Plexiglas cylinder ten feet in front of the two women.

The cylinder, protruding out of the grated steel floor with screens and machinery at its base, stood ten feet tall and was filled with a viscous green fluid. There suspended in that fluid, floated a thing that could only be loosely described as human. It possessed all the characteristics- two arms, two legs, ten fingers and toes- but consisted only of bones, nerves, and thin, undeveloped muscles. So unfinished was the half-person that it had yet to grow eyelids, it’s blank gruesome eyes staring lifelessly down at Butter, it’s teeth bared in lipless smile.

“No!” cried the heroine, her eyes welling up with tears at the Doctor’s grotesque work, her trembling hands covering her gaping mouth “No, it can’t be!”

“Oh but it is!” Vanessa gleefully shot back. “It’s you my dear Butterscotch Fox! The very first of our production model Butterclones!”

“No!” Shrieked the distraught Fox as she buried her face in her hands, so disturbed was she at the sight of this abomination. “No no no!”

“Now Butter…” chided the brilliant villainess, “you’re not allowed to look away- open your eyes.”

Beside herself with horror, the heroine simply shook her head as she sobbed into her hands.

“I said look!” growled Vanessa, “look!”

Incensed at her captive’s disobedience, the evil Brit grabbed Butter’s wrists, and angrily forced the heroine’s hands away from her face. So drained was the young blonde- both mentally and physically, that despite her tremendous strength, she could not resist as Vanessa wrestled her hands to her chest, pining them in place while one hand grabbed Butter under the chin.

“Open your eyes!” the Doctor barked, pointing the heroine’s face at the cloning tank, “Open your fucking eyes, cow- or your sister dies!”

Near hysterics, Butter’s eyes snapped wide open at the threat, and beheld the unholy creation that would spell doom for all superheroines. “No…” she whispered with shuddering breath, tears rolling down her wet cheeks.

Beaming at her prisoner’s despair, Vanessa’s red lips parted to bear her pearly white teeth in a cruel smile. “Yes…” she said, breathlessly, “yes!” Releasing her grip on her blonde plaything, Vanessa strode up to the cloning tank, running her gloved hand along the smooth glass as she admired her work. “With your genes and my expertise, I’ll soon make all the soldiers I need to overpower the Institute! Each one bred for war with no regard for self-preservation. Imagine – an endless supply of living weapons ready to slam into those super-sluts at mach-3…they’ll hardly know what hit them before they burst like water balloons!”

Shocked at the morbid details casino firmaları of Vanessa’s design, Butter stammered for words, overwhelmed by the implications of things to come. “Y…you CAN’T!” she blurted, “It’s INHUMAN!”

Turning on her heel, Vanessa crossed her arms as she looked back to the heroine. “Look who’s talking, Monsduggian cunt!”

Butter winced at the slight against her people. She, like many heroines of the Institute belonged to the Monsduggian race; a proud race of warrior women granted strength and abilities by their beloved goddess Deina. Butterscotch Fox had always taken great pride in her heritage, but now their power was to be turned back upon itself, as Vanessa’s army of soulless dolls prepares to exterminate the champions of truth and justice.

“Oh but it gets better…” tittered the evil scientist, “Once your ‘sisters’ are finished winning the war, they’ll help us win the peace…”

The revelations up to this point had been terrible enough for one day, but despite the sickening fear growing inside her, Butter could not bear to remain in the dark. “W-what do you mean?” she squeaked.

Vanessa gazed deeply into Butter, staring daggers into the heroine’s green eyes, her very look an act of assault. “There are a lot of important people who are not going to be happy with me breaking up their boys club. Once I’m in control of the Institute, I’m going to need a lot of support to stay in control- and you my dear will be my peace offering. Supporters of my regime will enjoy far more privileges than ever before. When the dust settles and the fighting is over, my clone army will be discontinued, and the Institute will go straight into production rewarding our benefactors with their own personal Butterslave! With a product so desirable, demand will grow to a fever pitch until every person of merit will have one! What man or woman could resist? CEOs, Generals, Presidents, Kings, every powerful human being in the world will have their very own Butterscotch Fox so they can kiss you, fuck you, or push you down the fucking stairs if that’s how they get their jollies! And one day, when I am firmly entrenched in my position and the powerbrokers have all been lulled into a false sense of security, I will give the order to have those obedient clones kill their owners. To break their neck, punch a hole in their chest, or outright explode – instantly decapitating every power structure on earth! With the world in chaos, the Institute – my Institute – will step in to fill the power vacuum.

Stunned at the scope of Vanessa’s grand design, Butter stood mouth agape- there were no words to describe the inconceivable evil to be unleashed upon the world. Vanessa had made clear her grudge against Butter herself, but she could not fathom that the brilliant Englishwoman could be so sadistic as to settle that score with the entire world. The Doctor had already promised to sully her good name with the public, but now her legacy was to be despoiled even further as decadent perverts defiled her image with the daily ritual of cumming on her face.

“Don’t look so surprised, Butter…” gloated Vanessa. “It’s only prudent to exploit such a valuable resource. No one on earth can resist the charms of Butterscotch Fox.” Vanessa’s heels clicked on the steel floor as she began slinking toward Butter, her hips swaying fluidly. “No one — man or woman — can resist you. It’s in your nature…the most desirable piece of ass in the universe…” Reaching out her latex-clad hand, Vanessa traced the curves of Butter’s face, her thumb caressing the outline of her pouty lips. “…the perfect woman.”

Vanessa cracked a slight grin as the tension in Butter’s body began to melt. “And you can’t help it either, can you?” she chuckled in her posh London accent, “You’re made for sex, it’s what you’re built for. Isn’t it?”

Her mouth trembling, Butter could manage no denial.

“You need it. Like you need food and water — and you’ve been without for a while haven’t you? You’re starving” Vanessa’s breathy voice said, inching closer to her captive with every word. “It’s why you’ve managed to survive for so long- you know that right? Despite capture, despite being at your enemies’ mercy, they defer killing you because they can’t bear the thought of losing out on the greatest fuck they’ll ever have. That’s why you always win in the end…”

The two women now stood so closely their bodies nearly pressed against one another. “Do you know why I’m the one to finally stand in triumph over you?” Vanessa whispered breathily, the tip of her nose playfully caressing the tip of Butter’s, their faces so near that their gaping mouths breathed the same hot breath. “I don’t want you, Butter.”

Slowing pulling away, Vanessa’s gleaming eyes locked with her prisoner’s, her thin, ruby lips parted in a supremely satisfied grin. “I don’t want you” güvenilir casino she repeated.

Butter’s face soured under Vanessa’s gleeful scowl, her green eyes welling up with exasperation and shame. The brilliant villainess had toyed with her most expertly, both frustrating her sexually, and demonstrating the heroine’s terrible weakness- so desperate was she for love that she would readily lie with the woman who had tormented and victimized her. For years Butter had endured the persecution of critics and enemies who vilified her as a whore. Now bile rose in her throat as her conviction began to falter, and her denials rang increasingly hollow- for if she had had balls, they would be turning positively blue.

Near wit’s end, Butter could no longer contain her bitterness and grief, and spat her disdain at Vanessa like so much venom. “Y-you’ll burn in hell for this! Monsduggians will not simply lie down and be conquered! You’ll never bend our will to yours!”

This outburst amused Vanessa to no end, and she lifted a rubbery hand to her mouth, stifling a girlish giggle. “You think so?” the evil Brit cooed, “Well let’s ask your friends what they think- see how well they’ve managed…”

On cue, powerful overhead lights activated, illuminating the dark corners of the room, revealing all three of Butter’s teammates, and their evil counterparts at their sides. Butter gasped in shock to see the state of her friends, so great was her disbelief that she stood silently for many moments as she took in the sight of the miserable tableau.

American Fox, always the patriotic champion of the team, sat submissively next to the diminutive Lolita, Ebon Fox. The heroic Fox sat naked, her legs curled lazily beneath her, her head reclining to lie pitifully in Ebon’s lap. Her tousled raven curls were pinned up into a bun atop her hear in a chignon hairstyle, and her expression was tinted chalk white with makeup messily adorning her face, rosy blush and red lipstick smeared across her cheeks and mouth to complete the perverse caricature of a china doll. Her eyelids drooped sleepily as she stared blankly ahead at nothing in particular, a leather neck corset constrained her throat with a tiny heart-shaped padlock affixing a thin steel chain the end of which was tightly clutched by the diminutive hands of her mistress. Ebon Fox sat upon the plush cushion of an antique stool, perched attentively with back straight and hands on knees, the gleam of her deep green eyes betraying her eagerness for this morning’s agenda.

“American Fox!” cried Butter, alarmed by the vacancy of her soulless gaze, “What’s wrong with her?”

“I was very disappointed with her” chimed the evil psychic as her pale hand smoothed over her jet black bob of hair, “she was very disagreeable, so I hollowed her out. I haven’t decided what to fill her with yet, but until then…” The villainess smirked as she tugged at American Fox’s leash, firmly guiding the semi-conscious heroine’s face to her own before planting a soft wet kiss on those painted lips, “…she’s very good at taking direction!”

The former Violet Fox stood adorned in a form-fitting latex bodysuit with a plunging neckline accentuating her generous bust. A studded leather mini-jacket ornamented her arms and ended high on her back. Her taut, silky legs were enwrapped by fishnet stockings and ended in black stilettoed ankle boots. Her strong slender fingers poked through the holes of leather finger gloves and were decorated with metallic purple nail polish. Her brunette hair was slicked back on either side of her head, with the top spiked up and forward in a punkish fauxhawk. Her face was twisted into a cruel sneer and decorated with violet lipstick and glittery eyeliner while a spiked leather collar encircled her elegant neck. Behind her, the villainous Pearl Fox pressed herself into her new companion and wrapped her silken arms around her, her chin resting on her lover’s shoulder as she beamed.

“Violet!” blurted Butter, “What have they done to you?!”

With a spiteful harrumph, the good doctor’s convert glared down on her former teammate. “They’ve set me free Butter! This is who I am- not who the Institute tells me to be! Your delusions seem so pathetic now it’s laughable! But I’ve seen the light, Butter- and thanks to Vanessa, I’ll live my life on my own terms from now on- I’m going to stop repressing all my anger and finally put it where it belongs – as Violent Fox!

Silver Fox stood rigidly at attention, her snow white locks tumbling down her shoulders, her face denoting only the merest shadow of emotion with the slight furrowing of her brow. Her blue eyes now tinted lavender, her vacant thousand-yard stare gazed beyond Butterscotch Fox at nothing in particular. The sleek, crystal shell which enveloped her statuesque body reflected the harsh light in glittering pink. Her full, pouted lips quivered as she struggled to eke the smallest whisper. “B-butter…no…g-get out…they…they’re going to…” Before she could finish, Silver’s eyes widened and a pained expression spread across her face. “She…she’s eating…me…!”

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