For Bandit

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For Bandit


The yacht’s motor had been recently overhauled, and so should have started easily. Bandit could not figure out why it would not even turn over, let alone run. It would give a sort of half-hearted wheeze, turn about 1/4 of a revolution – Bandit could see the drive shaft try to turn – and then stop, with a sort of muffled #bang#.

She decided that the life on the High Seas WASN’T as easy as she had at first thought, but it had been pleasant sailing around New Zealand, to find various girls (and boys!) who had been willing and bisexually able. Now, in the failing days of the last autumnal calm, Bandit found herself stranded with no wind and no motor, in a VERY pleasant bay, which had hot springs on one side and a delightful beach (with a good surfing break) on the other.

She returned to the deck, and wished the either Oz or Karen was with her – Karen the bisexual surfie chick, who had seduced Bandit, and introduced her to wetsuited sex & bondage. Karen who could turn her hand to masturbation, fisting, or fixing rotten motors. Karen, the friend she’d had a crush on in high school…about 5’2…long blonde hair…fair skin with a few freckles on her nose…she was blonde all over.

Karen, who’d taken video’s (and pictures) of what she’d done to Bandit’s eager though virginal body.

‘What would Karen do?’ asked bandit to the emptiness of the bay. It was a bright sunny day, cool, but not cold, and it was clear that winter was well on its way. Then Bandit noticed that the anchor rope was pulled oddly to one side of the boat. She walked carefully along the gunwale of the 50-foot, 2-mast yacht and, sure enough, the anchor rope trailed the wrong way down towards the rear of the boat. …towards the propeller…and suddenly Bandit realised why the motor wouldn’t start – the anchor rope musta gotten caught around the ^%$#^%$ propeller shaft.

She had wanted to leave the bay, and head north, to where her daughter and son would be waiting for her, and Karen and where she could moor the boat over the stormy winter period. Oh, well, it wouldn’t take her long to get the boat free, given the clear water and how shallow it was – she could nearly stand on the bottom, here.

She went below, pulling off her clothes as she did, and reaching for her wetsuit. And the smell of girlcum wafted past her nose. Karen’s girlcum and her own. Bandit smiled – how often had she cummed in this? She could remember being under a wharf, once, as some guys were walking along, all unsuspecting as she’d been anally reamed by Karen – both in wetsuits – and she had tried VERY hard not to cry out in her orgasm.

Bandit smiled at the memory, and she became eager to put on the black smooth shiny full –length long arm wetsuit. She missed Karen, but this wetsuit served to remind her. Bandit zipped up the front of the two zippers, which ran down from her neck to either shoulder and then saw her crotch zip was open. Her shaved vagina – Karen had done that – was clearly outlined, her skin pale against the black of the wetsuit. She tugged at the zip, but like the motor, it wouldn’t move.

Bandit growled a little in frustration – would NOTHING go right today? *Sigh * Bandit decided to give up before she tore a hole in the wetsuit, and only made things worse. She looked at Karen’s wetsuit, but then an interesting thought hit her – there wasn’t anybody in the bay, was there?

Well, why NOT snorkel like this, anyway? Smiling crookedly, Bandit walked up to the box where Karen kept her dildos and vibrators – Karen had made her wear one, once, out to a wetsuited rubber ‘ball’ (a fetishist’s get-together) inside her all night, even when swimming, then lovemaking.

With the memories making her juices flow, Bandit selected the waterproof one, and inserted it into her vagina.

It had a timer, allowing Bandit to set a period before it turned on, so she would know when to ‘come up’ and release her tension. With that, the end of the dildo protruding most obviously from between the lips of her wetsuited vagina, she walked to the back of the boat, swung the ladder down, then slowly descended into the water. It’s cool bite had an instant effect on Bandit’s system, emphasising the erotic, and making her nipples poke out even further into the wetsuit, and she felt her clitoris enlarge, and her vagina contract around the dildo.

Pulling her facemask on properly, she took a deep breath, and duck-dived under that water, her wetsuited legs erotically slipping smoothly beneath the water. Yes, the rope was wrapped around the propeller, all right – in the biggest bundle of string she’d ever seen. It would take her an hour, easily, to free it. And the dildo was set for 1/2 an hour. Oh, well – this would check her concentration.


Probationary Constable Angel pulled up and secured the velcro flap up which secured the front of her black full length wetsuit, walking purposefully down the ramp to the jet-ski where she’d just finished launching it. casino şirketleri She pulled on her belt, with all the ‘tools of the trade’ for a Police officer (no gun, as she was a probationary constable, besides, how would you keep the water out?), and checked the items – radio, handcuffs, first aid kit, yep, it was all there.

Ok, time she went On Patrol. Angel was a part Maori, with the unblemished honey-coloured skin of her people, as well as reddish hair of her white ancestry. The effect (she’d noticed) was electrifying on most people. Her (no exception) boss had asked her to check out a boat moored for several days in one of the many island bays around the area, as it seemed to be either abandoned or – Angel hoped the OR was the one – or it was stolen. Maybe she could make an arrest and then she’d get all sorts of kudos at her station and she’d get…. She roared out of the launching area, more intent on her fantasies than what the yacht might actually be.

It took Angel only about 20 minutes to get to the area, and, sure enough, there didn’t seem to be ANY sign of life. She stopped on the other side of the bay, looking intently through her waterproof binoculars kept in the under-seat compartment.

Ok, girl, the CAUTIOUS approach, Angel thought. Fantasies had turned into the very REAL uncertainty of approaching a strange situation, which might go either way – bore her to death, or well, she could be captured by pirates, and held down and forced to have sex with strange men and – why did that excite her so much? Angel re-started the Jet Ski. And – as quietly as this suddenly VERY loud machine would let her – she approached Bandit’s boat.

Which was both fortunate, and unfortunate – for (fortunately) Bandit was happily sawing away at the fouled rope under the water (so she didn’t hear Angel approach) and (unfortunately) there wasn’t any men aboard the boat to tie Angel up and hold her down and force her to have sex.

But there was one Bandit, whose timer on her dildo had just run out and she felt it begin to twitch and shake within her vagina – just as the last few cords were JUST about cut through. Happy with her progress, Bandit decided that it was time to relax, rig another anchor, orgasm mightily, and then – after a short recovery – return to undo the last of the rope. Bandit half floated half swam up to the surface – and saw Officer Angel and her (sexy) wetsuit and her jet ski and Bandit stopped – floating doggo in the water…why was this honey-skinned sexy girl stopped on a jet ski beside her boat, and why was her hand between her legs, the other squeezing her own breast?


Officer Angel had approached the yacht – expensive, she had thought, slowly motoring past from front to rear.

At the back, she saw a TV set, obviously connected to a video, and saw it was turned on (Bandit had been watching re-runs of Karen wetsuitedly seducing her). And the two wetsuited girls were, well raping each other’s wetsuited body.

Angel had never felt quite as aroused – yes, there was a crotch zipper in the wetsuit she was wearing, and she slowly unzipped it – almost unknowingly – hasp by cool hasp, and one of her hands sought her clitoris and vagina, while the other sought her breast, caressing and squeezing her nipples which were hard and erect.

Bandit suddenly guessed what had happened – the girl on the jet-ski was watching the %#$#% video – Bandit had forgotten to turn it off! Then, before she could react or swim anywhere – or melt into the bottom of the bay with embarrassment – Bandit’s dildo began to REALLY kick in – the head began to swell and push erotically against the walls of her vagina. The shaft began to vibrate and – unlike a normal vibrator – began to turn in opposite directions, one half one way, the other half in the opposite way, the head locking the whole thing deeply inside her.

Bandit’s hand sought her vagina, to try and pull it out – too late! Bandit’s total concentration was now on her vagina, until Officer Angel began to cum. Quite softly, but cum she did, biting her lip, trying not to make a sound (she’d had to learn this at the Academy, in order not to wake her class-mates). And with that, Bandit gave in. She cummed and cummed again, her body shuddering violently, and she managed to stifle most of her cries.

When she opened her eyes, she was looking straight into the eyes of Officer Angel, soft eyes, with a ring of embarrassment, yet also – was it erotic invitation?

“Who’re you?” Officer Angel spoke VERY softly – she could sense another orgasm really closely, now, and talking might just send her over the edge, especially with this young, obviously fresh-from-a-good-orgasm wetsuited nymph floating mere feet from her jet ski.

“I’m Bandit. Who’re you?”

“I’m Officer Angel, and I think I’m gunna have to arrest you.” Officer Angel couldn’t think, for the life of her, what she’d have to actually arrest Bandit FOR, but, well, she’d find something. After all, she had a quota to fill, casino firmaları and besides, what was this girl doing underneath the damn boat – with a knife? (Angel didn’t recognise Bandit from the video – what the video had in erotic content, it sort of lacked in coherence)

Angel hopped up onto the boat, her hands reluctantly leaving her breasts and crotch. “Come up here.”

Bandit swam to the ladder, and had one hand up, ready to climb aboard (she was sure she could explain the whole thing) when she just froze…that damn vibrator was starting it’s cycle again…oh, no, not NOW.

“No..” whispered Bandit, to the vibrator, but Officer Angel though she was talking to her. Feeling VERY embarrassed, and mightily put out at cumming in front of a strange wetsuited girl, Angel strode purposefully back to the rear of the boat, took out her handcuffs, and quickly handcuffed her wrist to Bandit’s outstretched arm. Snap, click. And there was a small splash.

“Oh, NO, the key!!” Officer Angel watched the small silver-coloured key drop into the water…Bandit was beyond caring, but having herself handcuffed had always been an erotic dream of hers – and so she used her other hand to squeeze her breast and she cummed. Angel looked incredulous – none of the training had prepared her for THIS.

Angel watched as the girl she’d just arrested and hand cuffed to herself, well, she masturbated her wetsuited body to a full orgasm.

“Uh, when you’re ready, can you come up here?” Angel’s pretence of the gruff Police Officer had vanished. Her own vaginal orifice ached and spasmed – she wanted this girl more than anything. Bandit felt weak-kneed and shaky in her post-orgasmed wetsuited body – and here was a wetsuited dream cum true handcuffed to her, ordering her aboard. She nodded and tried to climb up. But sort of half tripped half-fell into the back of the boat, and fell clean on top of Angel. Angel’s startled face was only a few inches away from Bandit’s face, and Angel’s thigh was driving that %$#%^$# dildo deeper into her vagina.

She just leaned forward and kissed the girl as hard as she could, grabbing the hair on the back of Angel’s head with her free hand and grinding her lips into Angel’s face, sucking Angel’s tongue into her mouth, sucking and gently biting, and now driving her body down on top of Angel’s wetsuited body, grinding thrusting, heaving twisting writhing.

Bandit cummed first, and that bodily tension forced an utterly surprised Angel over the edge – she’d just been raped by another girl, and was loving every minute of it. Angel cummed and cummed again.

They gasped to a halt, energy levels drained.

“Oh, god”, gasped Angel, when she could say anything. “Where…how…what’s driving you, girl?”

Bandit whispered “Inside my vagina is a dildo, and it’s about to start expanding again, and vibrating and” Bandit suddenly clenched her teeth.

“Uh, is it, um, doing that again?” asked Angel, her eyes widening. She could feel Bandit’s body starting to react again, and it would soon spill over to raping her again. Not that Angel minded.

Bandit nodded through clenched teeth. “I can’t stop it” she said, between whimpers in her throat, “until the timer stops.”

Angel just nodded, her eyes widening slightly. “I’ve lost the keys for the hand-cuffs…” she trailed off lamely. “Um, can we go down below to see if there’s a saw or something?”

Bandit was beyond speaking; the vibrator was forcing her body towards another orgasm, but she struggled to her weakened knees and the two wobbly girls staggered down the stairs, their wetsuited sweat-soaked cum drenched wetsuited bodies rubbing off each other in a most orgasmic fashion. Bandit kept running her free hand all over Angel’s body, and Angel tried very hard not to do likewise. But the saw they found was only for wood cutting, not metal, so they soon found themselves sitting on the sofa / bed that was in the main living quarters, as Bandit screamed through another orgasm.

Angel’s eyes were wide as she sat hand cuffed to the cumming girl, as she watched Bandit finger herself helplessly and squeeze her breasts.

Bandit’s dildo temporarily stopped expanding, and shrank slightly as it was supposed to between cycles. She sat hair wetly slicking against her beautiful head, wetsuited body propped up against the bed, squatting on the floor, a pool of her cum dribbling out of her, running down her black slippery wetsuited thighs, soaking her wetsuited hand. Angel looked on in amazement as Bandit’s eyes turned to her. “We can’t stop that thing?” she asked Bandit.

Bandit shook her head. “You can try.” she managed to whisper.

Angel’s mouth was dry as she moved towards Bandit. She lightly kissed the orgasm-saturated girl’s lips. Bandit was too far-gone to respond but lightly. Angel used her tongue to trace down Bandit’s neck, circling the wetsuit’s collar. Then Angel’s tongue traced a wet trail between Bandit’s wetsuited breasts, then down, to circle Bandit’s navel, plainly güvenilir casino visible through the thin wetsuit material, then down further, and Angel stopped – the dildo was poking out of Bandit’s vagina, and Angel’s head was now between Bandit’s wetsuited cum soaked thighs.

The smell of the wetsuit plus the girlcum caused Angle to give in to the temptation, and she leaned down into Bandit’s vagina, taking the dildo in her fingers, her tongue eagerly lapping at the trail of girlcum, running around the sensitive lips, flicking across Bandit’s clitoris, enlarged and swollen, hungry for more.

Angel’s fingers took the end of the dildo – it was easy to grasp, having a fairly long shaft, enough to wrap her entire hand around it, and she pulled ever so slightly. Bandit’s body stiffened and she gasped. “No” she nearly screamed,” The head’s too big…we’ll have to wait!” Angel stopped pulling and she watched in amazement as bandit’s vagina took the dildo back inside itself again. Angel pushed her head into Bandit’s lap and then onwards towards her centre of pleasure, to get a better view.

Bandit just groaned loudly in pleasure, and took Angel’s head and forced it into her, wrapping her long legs about Angel’s head and upper torso, holding her there. Angel gasped and lapped and lightly bit, and Bandit felt the Dildo start again – expanding and starting to turn and twist and vibrate. “Oh, god, it’s started again!

She held angel’s head at her vagina, rubbing herself off the girl’s face, until – it was only a few seconds – she exploded again, squirting her juices all over Angel’s face. Bandit released her head, at this point, so Angel sat up – girlcum slowly ran down her face and throat, then onto her slick wetsuit, wet trails of girlcum slowly rolling down to trace patterns lightly over Angel’s wetsuited breasts. Bandit looked at Angel, her startled face only mere millimetres away – and she leaned forward and licked her face and throat and breasts all over, tasting herself and her own girlcum, licking it off Angel’s body.

Angel moaned. “Rape me,” she begged. Bandit nodded, breaking off from her licking, and took Angel by the hand they were handcuffed together with, and made her lie down on the bed. Bandit then took Angel’s wetsuited slick legs, and – after carefully kissing and biting lightly the erogenous zone behind the girl’s knees, she pushed Angel’s legs up, so Bandit’s shoulders were filling the small tender areas she’d just kissed, behind Angel’s knees. Then she leaned forward, so she was facing Angel’s breasts. Angel’s legs were lying on Bandit’s back, her toes and feet wriggling, and her hips were slowly rolled upwards, so to provide bandit with a better contact, when she raped this willing girl.

“Beg me”, Bandit moaned – her dildo was starting its cycle again.

“Please…rape me.” Angel plaintively whispered her voice that of a young girl’s.

“BEG.” Bandit’s voice took on some insistence.

“Please!” Angel begged louder.

Bandit felt all control leave her body and she fell onto Angel’s wetsuited body, her wetsuited hands grasping and squeezing at Angel’s breasts, her hips thrusting and she felt the shaft of the dildo sink into Angel’s body.

Then – heaven – she felt the parted lips of Angel’s vagina meld with her own – it was electrifying. Bandit thrust down like she was possessed…and bit and sucked and thrust and growled and finally took one of Angel’s nipples between her teeth, and bit hard – the wetsuit prevented any real damage – and Bandit’s back arched, her body stiffened, and then she squirted again and again – cumming endlessly.

Angel could feel the shaft of the dildo pushing a little ways into her trembling wetsuited body and she held Bandit’s head to her breasts, felt the teeth bite down, felt the geyser of warm girlcum rush down all over her stomach. And she cummed and squirted, too, cumming together with bandit, incoherent cries cumming from her mouth.

Bandit finished orgasming first, and pulled out and back, rolling the still-orgasming Angel to one side. She reached back to where she knew the box of dildos were. She found the right attachment – yes, this is what she’d been forced to use on Karen’s eager body – and Bandit snapped the lengthened shaft onto the end of the dildo which was poking out of her own body.

Angel looked around – and saw that bandit now had a 9-inch penis throbbing between her wetsuited thighs. “No!” she pleased “not again!”

Bandit ignored her, and forced Angel onto her face. She pushed the wetsuit’s zipper hasp along further, back away from the poor raped girl’s vagina, and exposing the long line of fleshy folds between Angles thighs – and smiling – exposed what Bandit was after – Angel’s anal bud. Placing the tip of the penis at Angel’s anal bud, now exposed fully between the zipper of her wetsuit.

Angel gasped and wriggled her hips. “What are you doing?” she asked in a shaky voice, but she knew already.

“If you don’t know NOW, you’re about to find out,” growled Bandit – dammit, where was the &^%$&^ lube? The dildo was about to start another of its damn cycles again! YES…she found it, and squeezed a large volume onto the tip of the ‘penis’ dildo pushing lightly at Angel’s anal bud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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