First Time with Maggie Ch. 02

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Maggie was sleeping when I opened my eyes. I had a moment of panic; a memory of the years when waking up might mean getting slapped around. My heart pounded and I forced myself to take a long slow breath. The muscle on the inside of my right thigh trembled a little and I remembered how softly Maggie’s touch had been there.

I must have closed my eyes as a chill walked up my spine because Maggie was suddenly looking back at me. The thin laugh lines around her eyes crinkled as she smiled.

“This is the second time today I get to tell you, ‘Good morning, Sunshine.”

I tried to look away as my breasts tightened but something in her eyes kept pulling my gaze back. Long ago I had learned how to twist my head so that my hair covered my eyes, though. It was a perfect way to hide and watch. Maggie reached out and very softly ran her fingers through my bangs, pushing my hair back.

“Let me see your beautiful eyes,” she said.

Her fingers slid through my dark hair and over my shoulder. Her touch was soft and cool, but I could feel flames shooting just under my skin as her fingers stroked my upper arm. My nipples hardened and I felt a heat growing between my thighs. God, this woman had some kind of magic spell on me or something!

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m not going to force my lust on you.” Maggie’s shoulder-length brown hair fell away from her throat as she pushed her body up and rested on one elbow. “Though there’s plenty of lust here for you if you’re interested.”

Her fingers slid down my arm to grasp at mine weakly before falling away between us. I wanted to say something. I knew she was waiting for it. My God, my body was craving her. But old habits die hard, and this was moving pretty quick. I just laid there and watched her.

She turned away from me slightly and pushed the sheets back enough that her breasts were exposed to my gaze. They sagged slightly and the skin pulled against the top of her chest, but they were so beautiful. Pale white with coral pink nipples the size of silver dollars, they were the kind of breasts a half-breed Indian girl like me always wanted. She smiled again as she saw me looking at them and cupped them with her hands.

“It casino şirketleri took me a while after my first time, too,” she said as her fingers pinched and teased her nipples. Bright pink flesh rolled slowly between bright flashes of crimson on her nails. “Take your time, girl. There’s never any need to rush with me.”

I watched as she licked her thumb and forefinger and then rubbed the wetness onto her puckered nipple. My own hands were hiding under the sheets but mirroring her movements. The heat in my pussy was almost unbearable and I squeezed my legs together so tightly that I felt a bit of wetness push out from between my pussy lips. I licked my lips.

Maggie’s eyes were halfway shut and she moaned deep in her throat as she tugged at her nipples. “God, I love to have my titties sucked,” she said. “It makes my snatch get all humid and slick.”

She kept tugging on a nipple with one hand while pushing the cover down past her hips. The thick patch of curly hair was a darker brown and neatly trimmed. Everything about this woman was perfect, and that only made me feel how dark and awkward and hairy my own body was. She bent one knee to cock her leg and slid her middle two fingers deep into her thatch.

“Holy fucking shit,” she whispered. “I’m so wet from dreaming about you.”

I shivered and barely dared to slip my hand between my thighs. My fingers cupped the dripping, hairy hole as I watched her fingers slowly disappear then return, glistening with her wetness. I bit my lip to keep from moaning with lust. God, I had never wanted anyone like I wanted to touch her right now. But my fearful heart kept pounding, driving a stake to hold me in place with each thump.

“Look at this, Louise,” she was looking down at her fingers as they pumped slowly at her pussy. “Look at how wet you make this pussy. I can’t wait to feel your fingers inside me.”

My eyes moved back upwards as she made a kind of gulping yelp. A great shuddering breath made her breasts sway. My eyes flickered up to hers and she winked and smiled.

“This is going to be a good one, Sunshine,” she said, her voice husky now. “My pussy is going to come unglued here. You’re so fucking beautiful, casino firmaları Louise!”

Fear kept me silent and still. I was squeezing my thighs so tight that my hips began to ache but I couldn’t bring myself to slip a finger in that sweltering box throbbing in my core. I felt a drop of sweet trickle between my breasts.

Maggie’s fingers were moving faster, making her beautiful breasts sway with each thrust. Her breathing moved from deep intakes with long slow moans to soft whimpering gasping gushes of escaping breath. “God fucking damn, Louise,” she hissed between clenched teeth. “I’m going to fucking cum so fucking hard.”

She bent forward suddenly and her hand moved so quickly it was almost a blur. Her breathing almost stopped completely and she shook in tiny rapid convulsions. The hand on her breast clutched it so tightly the crimson nails almost disappeared entirely into her creamy white flesh.

Not until she collapsed back onto her pillow did I dare move. The thick scent of her musk completely filled the air until I thought I would overdose on it. She lay on the soft yellow sheets, pale and pink and glistening with sweat and juice and she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. Her eyes were closed as she panted for her breath, but they fluttered a little when my fingers stroked the round fullness of her breast.

As if she knew that I would stop if she looked at me, she smiled and relaxed into my touch as the palm of my hand stroked her breast. Afraid to speak, I slowly ran my hands over the puckered coral nubs of her nipples. My body slid closer to hers until my own nipples almost brushed against her belly. I lowered my mouth to her flesh, paused to glance up as my breath slid over her nipple, then softly took it into my mouth.

I closed my eyes and tasted the slight salty tang of her sweat. Her fingers pushed into my hair and held my mouth to her breast. I lowered my teeth against her flesh and when she didn’t pull away, I pushed them against the hardened nipple. She moaned and cupped my head with both hands. I felt her bury her nose against the top of my head and she whispered, “Yes, sweet girl, bite me.”

I swirled my tongue over her güvenilir casino nipple and then bit a little harder. She pressed her body against mine and shivered. Her right hand moved down my back and over my hip. “Louise, you make me so fucking wet!” She lifted her thigh and gently guided my hand upwards until my fingers felt her moist pulsing body pressing against my fingers.

“I don’t know what to do,” I mumbled into her breast, almost hoping she wouldn’t hear me, but praying she would.

“Do what feels right,” she whispered. “Always listen to your body. It will tell you what you need.”

My fingers slid along her dripping snatch until her lips parts and I pressed my first two fingers inside her pussy. Her hips rolled to give me full access and she slowly and gently pulled my mouth from her breast to her mouth. I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth as my fingers reached even deeper inside her pussy. Her hand cupped mine, gently moving it, showing me where to press and hold.

“Oh fuck yes!” she gasped against my mouth. “Hold your hand right there against my clit! Now stroke fast and hard! Make me cum for you, Louise! Tell me I have to cum for you!”

I felt her shudder when my fingers touched a certain part of her sugar walls and I gazed into her eyes. “Cum for me, Maggie! I want you to cum!”

“Oh fuck!” she whimpered. Her hips pumped at my hand furiously “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

I twisted my hand against her, my fingers digging deep. “Cum for me, Maggie! Do it now! Cum!”

Her body tightened in a spasm until her face began to turn bright red. Her eyes stared down into mine and she kept nodding slightly, silently begging me not to stop. Then her entire body shuddered and she shrieked once. Instinctively, I shoved my fingers inside her and rubbed her sweet spot. Her eyes rolled back slowly and all the tension drained from her body. She twitched twice and then laid still as my fingers stopped digging in her hot pussy.

I pulled my hand from between her legs and looked at the wetness that coated my fingers and now slowly dripped down my palm towards my elbow. Glancing down to make sure Maggie wasn’t watching, I flicked my tongue over my fingers. The think scent of pussy was intoxicating and I felt my pussy tighten as I sucked her juice from my fingers.

Maggie laughed softly and ran a hand through her hair. “My God, girl, but when you come out of your shell you do it in a big way.”

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