First Time Ch. 02

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It had taken a couple of weeks, but things had stopped being awkward between Tess and Brenda. Averted glances in the hallway had made Tess wonder if that wonderful moment between her and coach had been worth it. When the high school senior had found out that she had gotten into University of Illinois, she had been too excited to think of anything but telling her mentor.

“That’s wonderful to hear!” Brenda said hugging Tess.

They both froze for a moment before Brenda whispered. “I guess I’ve been silly.” She let go of the senior and smiled. “I am so glad for you.”

After that, things had gotten back to normal. So much so that Brenda asked her to babysit saying that their usual babysitter had canceled at the last moment. Happily, the high school senior said yes.

Tess heard the garage door opening and looked around to make sure the family room wasn’t messy. The kids had been in bed for hours allowing lots of time for the senior to think. Brenda had looked so hot! Coach and her husband, John, were going to some fundraiser that had them both dress up.Tess’ eyes had hungrily devoured her mentor, wearing a tight black dress that emphasized her cleavage and a high slit gave a sexy hint of leg.

“We’re home!” John burst through the door, clearly drunk.

Brenda followed and laughed. “Don’t mind him Tess. He really started to drink when I offered to drive home.”

“But at least I am a happy drunk.” John weaved across the kitchen,but then stopped to make an elaborate bow before heading up the stairs.

“Thanks Tess!”

Brenda pulled out her wallet. “Thanks again Tess for helping out.”

“No problem Brenda.” She giggled. “I don’t think I’ve seen your husband so drunk. He’s funny!”

“But useless to me for the rest of the night.”

Brenda blushed furiously. “Crap! I didn’t mean…”

Tess smiled. “Too bad coach. You look great.”

As she reached for the cash, the senior felt a shock as their fingers touched. Their eyes locked at the older woman’s cheeks reddened even more.

The high school senior felt her breath catch in her throat. Without thinking, she stepped closer and kissed Brenda!

The older woman return the kiss, tongues dancing. Tess tasted the strong bite of alcohol briefly before Brenda broke it off.

Tess was about to stammer out an apology when Brenda whispered, “Wait a moment.”

Coach casino şirketleri ran up the stairs. Tess twisted the money in her hands. The heat of need from between her legs warred with the nervousness in her stomach. Wouldn’t it be better to just leave now. Slip away before she could embarrass herself any further?

Footfalls fell down the stairs and Tess looked up nervously.

Brenda smiled. “Sorry, I wanted to check on John… He’s asleep.”

“Oh… um…” Tess looked around the room.

Brenda reached out to gently run her hand through the teen’s hair. “I know I said we couldn’t do it again but…”

Tess heart leaped out of her chest. Without waiting she hungrily kissed Brenda. She felt the other woman clutch at her pulling her close. The kiss seemed to go on forever. Instead of satisfying the teen, it just made her desire hotter.

“The couch…” Brenda whispered.

Awkwardly, the couple moved over to the couch. Each trying to move without letting go of the other. Lips seeking. Hands gripping.

Brenda sat down and Tess knelt between her legs. She pushed up the dress to reveal thigh highs and no underwear!

“Brenda! You are naughty!” The teen scraped her fingernails along the silky feel of the thigh highs.

Brenda laughed softly. “It was on a dare from my husband. I don’t usually…”

Tess leaned forward to kiss her on the lips. “I think it’s hot.” Her fingers clawed up the inner thighs until they reached bare skin. She continued kissing as her hands massaged further and further up.

Finally, her right hand felt wetness and a finger slid in.


The teacher returned her kiss with abandon, her legs squeezing the young woman. Tess continued sliding her finger in and out. She was in heaven making out with the woman she loved again, but she wanted more. She quickly kissed her way down eager to taste again.

The teen hesitated, looking at the beautiful pussy inches in front of her. She hadn’t had a chance to really look at it last time. Neatly trimmed brown hair, soft and curly, with the labia lips slightly protruding out. She could see wetness glistening.

“Are you teasing me?” Brenda asked with a smile. “I have thought about our first time.”

“Same here.” Tess looked up. Their eyes locked. Without breaking eye contact, Tess pulled her finger casino firmaları out and brought to her lips. Her tongue snaked out slowly licking. It was pungent and wonderful. She sucked her finger in.

“You are a tease!” Brenda exclaimed.

“Just enjoying how wonderful you taste.”

Brenda blushed. “Thank you.”

Tess hands traveled back up her thighs. As her hands reached her coach’s pussy and gently spread the lips apart. A huge grin spread across the student’s face as she leaned in, her tongue penetrating.


Tess’ tongue trailed up and down tracing each side of the lips, gently exploring. The teen had fantasized after that first meeting. Replaying what had happened of course, but also thinking what else she could have done. What else she wanted to do! And now that she had this opportunity… She pushed her tongue and heard a purr of pleasure above her.

She pulled back, kissing the inner thighs, giving a little bite.

She felt hands stroking her hair. She looked up and saw Brenda staring at her, a tender (dare she hope loving?) look in her eyes.

“Please don’t stop.”

Tess felt warmth well up in her chest. “Don’t worry Brenda I won’t.”

She moved back in. As her tongue pressed against the clit, she slid in a finger. Easy enough now considering how wet her coach was. She moved flicked her tongue back and forth along the clit. She moved her finger back and forth. It took a little time to get the rhythm between her fingers and tongue, but she finally got it down. In and out.

“Yes!” Brenda hissed.

The older woman’s pussy clenched and Tess tasted a warm saltiness.

“Oh my…” Tess looked up and saw an embarrassed smile on her mentor’s face. Brenda continued. “Sorry it was so quick!”

“No need to apologize. Glad I can bring you pleasure.”

Brenda’s expression turned thoughtful. “Maybe I can help you out. Take your hand out of your pants and get up here.”

Tess’ right hand jerked out. She hadn’t even realized that she was touching herself! With reddened cheeks, she sat on the couch.

“I don’t think I can go down on you.” Brenda hesitantly put a hand on the teen’s thigh. “But I would be happy to touch you…” Her hand moved up a few inches. “There.”

Tess’ breath caught. Unable to speak she merely nodded.

“Well, I can’t promise to be very good.” güvenilir casino Her hand slid under the younger woman’s sweatpants. “But I’ll do what I do when I masturbate.”

The hand slid under the swimmer’s underwear. “Oh… you still keep it shaved even during the off season.”

Tess nodded but still didn’t speak. She didn’t want to spook the older woman or anything to keep what was about to happen to happen.

“I like to tease myself a little.” Fingers spread to rub up and down on the outside of labia.

Brenda leaned closer, breathing into the younger woman’s ear. “I like to feel my fingers… almost dip in before going back to teasing.”

Tess’ hips began to move up and down in response to the woman’s fingers.

“Do you want me inside of you?” Either the hot breath or the words caused a shiver of pleasure down Tess’ spine and she jerked her head up and down.

A finger penetrated her and she felt warmth rise up immediately. It went in deep and rubbed along the top inside of her. Slowly…ever so slowly, the finger withdrew while pressing against her clit.

Lost in the feeling of pleasure, Tess closed her eyes to better concentrate.

The finger continued to move in and out. Each time the finger withdrew, it moved back and forth against her clit. Each time, it raised the waves of pleasure a little higher.

But something was holding her back, keeping her from reaching the pinnacle of pleasure. She couldn’t quite let herself go. The pleasure grew… aching because it didn’t quite reach that point that beautiful point of an orgasm. Biting her lower lip, her hips bucked harder against the hand.

So close… so close… so close…

Brenda’s voice caressed her ear. “I’ve touched myself just like this thinking about our first time.”

Electric pleasure sung through her body! The most powerful orgasm Tess had ever experienced crashed over her!

Brenda started to withdraw her hand and Tess gripped it, keeping the woman inside of her, fingers pressed against her clit. Each pulse, each heart beat brought a sliver of pleasure.

Shuddering, Tess finally released the other woman’s hand and collapsed against the couch. Tentatively, she looked over and saw Brenda’s intense gaze.

The teacher leaned forward, brushing back a strand of the teen’s hair, and whispered. “I know I said this last time, but this can’t happen again.”

Tess smiled before standing up. “Thanks for teaching me a few tricks, coach.”

The 18 year-old left quickly, not wanting to give Brenda another chance to break things off. Plus she needed to get home and masturbate asap!

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