First Taste

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This is my first submission, constructive comments are welcome. This happened to me a few years ago, it is the true story of my first male on male oral experience. I hope you enjoy it.


I was on my second marriage. The first was to a hot blond who cheated on me. The second was to an infinitely more desirable woman. Not a beauty queen, but a lady who really had her act together, and after a failed first marriage, was determined to make the second one work, so she treated me like gold.

I have always been straight, and in fact coming from a rather redneck background, I must admit I was rather homophobic in my youth, but through my life I kept meeting gay folk who were obviously just nice folks, with different taste in partners. I must admit I still couldn’t quite understand how they could be attracted to somebody of the same sex, but I learned to accept it.

I am just an average looking guy, 6 feet tall, 190, not super masculine, but not feminine looking either. I am fairly muscular, and I guess that got me a fair amount of attention from both sexes. A few times guys made passes at me. I suspect I didn’t even notice the first ones, later it made me feel rather uncomfortable. The last couple I politely declined, but took as a compliment despite my lack of interest.

After I had been with my second wife for about a decade I had some odd dreams. In one I was down on my knees in front of an oriental man, a stranger. He pulled his cock out of his pants and pressed it against my lips. I felt trapped, like I had to cooperate, I opened my mouth, and he slid it in. I wrapped my lips around my teeth and started to move my mouth up and down his shaft. He grasped the back of my head and started to thrust it in and out, he started breathing heavily, panting as his cock pushed into my mouth.

It was uncomfortable, and a bit scary, but thrilling at the same time. I reached up and clutched at his buttocks with my hands, pulling his crotch toward my face as he thrust into my mouth. He started moaning, then pulled my face into his bush, holding his throbbing cock deep in my mouth. I felt it swell, he spurted his seed down my throat. He was so far in, I had no choice but to swallow one spurt after another, it felt like it would never end. Finally he pulled his semi hard dick out of my mouth, it just seemed natural to lick him totally clean.

I woke as I dreamt that I was licking him. I had cum in my pants, my first wet dream since I was a kid. I was confused, yet excited. It had seemed so real, I could feel the texture of his cock against my tongue, casino şirketleri the hot liquid spurting down my throat, the taste of his semen as I licked him clean. Was I actually interested in try this? It was exciting, it was such a “forbidden” act in my very straight upbringing.

It preyed on my mind periodically, and I started looking at gay porn sites once in a while, particularly pictures of guys on their knees, sucking cock, and video of cocks spurting cum into open male mouths. I didn’t feel any romantic attraction to men, but sexual interest was certainly there. I hadn’t reached a point where I was seriously considering trying anything, but it added a lot of excitement to masturbation, and occasionally while having sex with my wife, in my mind I was imagining I had a cock in my mouth.


I am a computer tech, working for a company who do on site support contracts. It was a Friday in late June when the boss called me into his office. He got a call from our office in the next territory, they were swamped. Things were slow for us, so I was sent to help out. I committed to doing several calls in the area nearest our office so they could focus on the more distance sites.

The first one was easy enough, just a bad network cable. It only took a few minutes to fix, but it had taken me an hour to get there and the next site was over an hour’s drive farther. Unfortunately I was scheduled to be there in just over an hour too. I picked the most direct route I could find on country roads where there would be little traffic and started pushing it. Wouldn’t you know it, I got stuck behind a slowpoke on a twisty stretch of road and couldn’t pass, I got more and more impatient as the minutes passed.

Finally the road straightened out. As I came over the top of a hill I edged out and could see far down the road, the oncoming lane was clear for more than enough room to pass. I pulled out the rest of the way and hit the gas. As I pulled in front of him, a cop with a hand held radar gun stepped from the cover of the trees onto the shoulder, and motioned for me to pull over. He had me good, I was really flying at that point. There was no way I could make the appointment now, and it was going to be an expensive experience too. As I pulled onto the shoulder I saw his car backed into a gap in the trees facing out toward the road.

I have noticed that police stop protocols vary. In my relatively peaceful rural area, you are expected to wait in your car with your hands visible on the steering wheel, and the officer approaches and “interviews” casino firmaları you. He was an average guy in good shape, maybe late thirties in age, with sandy hair. He walked up to the side of my car exuding that “in control” cop aura. I rolled down the window.

He started as they always do, “License, ownership and insurance please.” I dug them out and handed them over. “What’s the rush?” he asked. I explained that I was working, and in a rush to deal with an emergency situation.

“You were going pretty fast there…”

I couldn’t think of anything I could say that would improve the situation, so I kept my mouth shut and nodded.

“It’s going to be pretty expensive,”

Again I nodded. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Though if I’m happy enough it might not be…”

We were alone in the middle of nowhere… could he be looking for some “personal attention?” Before I could change direction from my first impulse, without really even pausing to think, I smiled, “that sounds reasonable, what can I do to make you happy?”

“I’m going back to my car while you give that some thought. It will take a few minutes before I can start writing that ticket, if you think of anything come on over and tell me about it.” He turned and walked back toward his car, hidden in the trees.

Was I really going to do this? I could just sit here and wait for my ticket, but I was excited. I had one hell of a hardon at the thought of actually having a cock in my mouth. Before I could have second thoughts, I opened the door and walked toward the gap in the trees where he was parked. Not a car had passed since I was pulled over, all I could hear was insects and the occasional bird chirp.

As I approached I saw him behind his car facing the road, as I walked around the car he pulled down his fly and pulled out his cock. I took a deep breath and walked toward him, sinking to my knees on the pine needle covered ground in front of him. He was not very long, but it was still soft. He was cut and unshaven, in fact he was quite hairy. I reached up and gently lifted his cock, opened my mouth and leaned forward, licking the head gently. I had done it! My tongue had touched another man’s cock!

I ran my tongue all around the head, then ran it slowly up and down the sides. I gently cupped his balls as I continued to lick, paying special attention to the head, popping it in and out of my lips, teasing the slit with my tongue. He stood there with his hands on his hips, getting harder and harder, it was over six inches long, very straight, jutting out güvenilir casino toward me, angled slightly upward.

He rested his hands on my shoulders, and started thrusting gently toward me, I took his cock into my mouth and pushed my lips down as far as I could. I was amazed that it felt just like I had imagined in my dream. I gagged a little as it went too far, backed off and went down again. I started bobbing my head back and forth, he moved his hands gently to the back of my head, hold in it in place as he pushed his hips forward, fucking my mouth with his cock. He probed ever deeper, and whenever I gagged he backed off a little. I had my eyes closed, just trying to absorb the experience. I heard a click and I opened my eyes, he had his cell phone in his hand, taking pictures of me with his cock in my mouth. It hardly registered on me, I continued to worship his cock.

I placed my hands on his buttocks, squeezing them gently as he thrust into my mouth. After a few minutes I could hear him breathing deeper, in time with his thrusts. I focused on the smooth shaft sliding in and out of my mouth, I was totally focused on giving him pleasure, all I wanted was to give him the best orgasm possible, I had no other thought in the world.

His cock swelled, then pulsed, and he exhaled explosively pulling almost out of my mouth and holding my head firmly so that the head of his cock was just inside my lips. “Don’t swallow,” he commanded. The first spurt burst into my mouth, coating my tongue, with a strange bitter taste. With his left hand grasping my hair so I couldn’t move my head, he stroked his cock, filling my mouth with spurt after spurt of semen. Finally he exhaled explosively, I held he semen in my mouth. He pulled the head of his softening cock from my lips. “Open your mouth and show me.” I opened my mouth, allowing his semen to pool on my tongue at the front of my mouth. “Click,” he took another picture. “Close your mouth and swirl it around, really get the flavor.” I did has he commanded. “Swallow it, right now, all of it.” I couldn’t manage all of it at once, I took the first gulp of thick slimy semen slide down my throat. Then working the rest together I swallowed a second smaller gulp of his semen.

Remembering my dream, I leaned forward and licked his cock all over, sucking gently on the head, cleaning him completely. As he zipped up and straightened his uniform he smiled and said , “that was good, you must have done this before.”

I got to my feet, dusting off my knees, “I haven’t,” I replied, looking him in the eyes, “but I might do it again.”

“I work this stretch of road all morning most Fridays, stop by if you are in the area.”

As I walked back to my car, my legs were a little shaky with excitement and emotion, I wondered if I could convince the boss I was needed here regularly?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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