first meeting_(1)

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It is their first meeting, though they have been chatting online for a while. They are drawn to each other; he is struck by her auburn hair and full figure; she is drawn by his smiling eyes and strong hands. They have dinner and find themselves talking as if they have known each other for their whole lives, their hands touching occasionally, sending thrills of desire through them both. After dinner is finished, he asks if she would like a walk in the gardens behind the restaurant, and holds the door for her as she steps out.
They stroll hand in hand along the path, passing by benches and alcoves bearing statues until they find a small clearing surrounded by trees, dappled by the moonlight from the full moon above. He takes her in his arms for the first kiss that he has been wanting since first seeing her full lips smiling at him in greeting.
It is sweet at first, her mouth, lips and tongue meet his eagerly and the kiss deepens and becomes more passionate as they press the lengths of their bodies closely together. His hands stroke her back and buttocks through her clothing as she clings to him, then he moves one hand to a breast and kneads gently as she moans softly. He pulls back from her and removes his jacket, laying it on the soft springy turf for her, then lowers her down onto it. He returns to her lips, then trails kisses and licks down her throat as his hands open her blouse and explore inside it, finding her soft full breasts and learning the shape of them, tweaking her nipples as she shivers with rising desire. His seeking mouth finds a nipple as her hands begin their own exploration, slowly trailing down to find his hard member through his pants.
As he shifts from one breast to the other, she undoes his zipper and reaches inside to release him from pants and shorts. He is fully engorged and straining towards her soft hands as she begins to stroke him, while his mouth moves down further to her belly just above the soft hair of her mound. His hands remove her clothing so she is lying naked before him, all of her body clear to his eyes. He lowers his head and continues to lick and kiss his way to the fragrant juncture of her thighs, teasing her with tongue and teeth as she lets her legs fall open to grant him access. He reverses himself so that they are head to pelvis with each other and feels her soft lips encircle the head of his hard shaft as he finds her clit and flicks it with his tongue. She moans and takes him farther into her mouth, licking and sucking the hard shaft, making him shiver with the need for her. For long minutes they use their hands and mouths on each other, driving their need and want higher and hotter, until he knows that he must have her now.
He gently pulls away and turns himself until he is between her legs, his hard length resting against the moist hot lips of her womanhood. He reaches down and guides the head of his penis between her lips, feeling her heat and wetness enfold him. He eases it further into her, slowly and gently as her hips rise to meet him and help him penetrate further. He begins to stroke in and out, burying himself in her as they both lose their sense of where they are and only feel each other and their passion. Faster and harder he rides her as they antalya escort bayan spiral upward to the heights of their need. They are both getting close, and he increases his thrusting yet again as she moans and gives little screams of pleasure.
They are both so close and suddenly he feels her muscles tighten around him in the repeated spasms of her orgasm, which brings on his own. They clasp each other close as they cum together, their bodies shuddering with the force of their release, and as the spasms die down, hold each other quietly and catch their breath.

They dress and head back, knowing that they aren’t through, that they will go to the room he has reserved and start all over again. They arrived back at the room and he immediately takes her into his arms. He kisses her deep. The heat they had just shared in the park rekindles and they once again begin groping for each other. Her hand immediately goes for his cock and she feels his hardness thickening in her grasp. He begins kissing her neck and down her cleavage. He reaches under blouse and undoes her bra. While barely breaking the kiss, the blouse and bra both come off over her head and his hand goes for her ample breast. Squeezing it, pinching her nipples. Her nipple is hard and his mouth goes to it, licking it, sucking it, taking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could.

She unzips his pants and they slide down to the floor. His cock springs to life and she continues stroking him. She is so turned on from feeling his hardness and the attention he is paying to her breasts; she can’t wait to have him back in her mouth. She drops to her knees and swallows his cock to the base. She never could have imagined she could take his size and girth into her mouth but she finds a way. She is sucking and stroking him with her hand and he is running his hands through her hair and down her back. His head is back enjoying every stroke of her tongue on that one spot that drives him crazy. She knows how much this excites him and focuses on it. She is never put her panties back on in the park so she is dripping wet. She feels his cock thicken and he tenses up. He shoots his load down her throat and she takes it all. She expertly uses her tongue to lick him clean, savoring every drop.

He picks her up and kisses her deep tasting his cum on her lips. He tells her it is his turn. He lays her on the bed and kisses all over her breasts and down her stomach. He removes her skirt and heads immediately between her legs. The smell of sex is such a turn on for him. He licks the inside of her thighs tasting the juices that had flowed out her while she was sucking him. He begins licking her clit. He starts at her ass and licks all they way to the top of her clit with long deliberate licks. She is squirming on the bed enjoying each lick. He finds several areas that she reacts to and focuses on them bringing to her orgasm after orgasm. Then he focuses on her clit. It is so hard and swollen he can suck on it. He licks her like a cat drinking milk. His tongue licks up her juices. He is focusing hard on her clit and she arches her back and grips the bedcovers as she cums and squirts all over his face. He cleans her up with escort bayan his tongue as she squirms from the sensitivity. She had not experienced an orgasm that good in such a long time.

He slides up her body and they kiss again. She now tastes her juices on his lips. They are both hot for each other and he slides into her. Their bodies easily slide together lubricated with the sweat from the heat. He is filling her and she can feel every vein in his thick cock. She cums again and he turns her over and slides inside from behind her. He plunges deep inside her and she leans back to meet every thrust. The head of his cock is pushing against her cervix creating a sensation for both of them. She can’t stand it any longer and cums again, soaking his cock with her juices.

She begs him to enter her ass, knowing this will make him cum. She grabs the lubrication from her purse, knowing she could never take him without it. She squirts it onto his cock and gives him a few extra strokes then lubes up her ass and he starts fingering inside her to start stretching the muscles. He adds more fingers until she is ready for his cock. He puts the head of it against her ass and begins sliding it in. Once the head is in, she pushes back against him and takes as much of him in as she can. He holds for a moment enjoying the tightness and then begins stroking in and out her. She is reaching back between her legs and stroking her clit and his balls. She feels his balls tighten and knows he is about to cum. She sticks a finger inside herself and cums as he shoots his load deep into her ass. They both enjoy the moment and he slides out her. They lie together, bodies pressed together, kissing, and caressing until they fall asleep in each others arms.

They had fallen asleep entwined in each other’s arms, exhausted by their lovemaking. He woke some time later to the sound of the shower and got to his feet, heading into the bathroom. He could see her through the glass shower door, washing her auburn hair. As she finished with it and reached for the soap, he slid the door open and stepped in behind her. She turned with the soapy cloth and a smile and began to wash his body, using the cloth to caress every inch of him and he felt himself start to rise hard against her hands. He took the cloth as she played with his hardening cock with her soapy hands, stroking the shaft and gently squeezing his balls.

He began to run it over her, using it to tease her nipples and then as he washed lower, her clit and then around to run it up and down the slit between her buttocks. He turned her around as she released his hard throbbing cock, and as she leaned forward, placed his cock against the opening of her ass and began to work himself into her. She moaned and pushed back against him to help him slide all the way in, loving the feel of his hardness filling her hot ass. He felt his balls slap against her pussy lips as he bottomed out in her, and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. His hands reached around and found her erect nipples, pinched and squeezed as they started to move faster, the warm water exciting them even more as it ran down and over their impassioned bodies.

She was moaning constantly antalya escort and he felt the tightening that signaled his own approaching climax. He fucked into her ass faster and faster until with a scream of ecstasy, she started to shudder and he felt the rush of his hot cum flooding her ass. They remained pressed tightly together for several minutes, until the spasms of their release had died down, then rinsed off the last and both got out of the shower. He led her straight to the bed, not stopping to dry either of them off, and laid her down, then settled between her thighs. It was time for breakfast…

Ahhh, breakfast in bed, It was his favorite time of the day. But any time spent making love to her was his favorite time of the day. He loved licking her pussy and especially loved the way her clit responded to his touch and his tongue. He licked her like an all-day sucker and she enjoyed every minute of it. She squirmed all over the bed as his actions brought her to orgasm after orgasm. She squirted all over his face and he just kept licking her until she could stand it no longer. She begged him to stop and to bring his cock around to her for her to enjoy. It was time for her to enjoy breakfast in bed.

He climbed above her and offered her his cock. She readily took it and sucked it to the base. It was so thick and she enjoyed every inch of it. Her tongue ran along the ridges and she cooed and moaned with enjoyment of it in her mouth. She so loved sucking his cock. He leaned over her and began fucking her mouth and she met him stroke for stroke with her mouth.. He was fingering her hard clit and making her even wetter.

He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her hair as he shot his load down her throat. She took every drop and kept licking him until he was clean. Then she licked her lips enjoying the taste of his cock and his cum that lingered there. He laid back with her head on his chest. She ran her fingers through his chest hair and down his stomach. The line of hair down his stomach led straight to his cock and she referred to it as his “path to ecstasy”. Her touch excited him and his cock responded. She began stroking him until he was rock hard again. She climbed on top of him and slid down onto him. She was so wet and there was no trouble with him sliding into her. She sat there for a moment just enjoying the feeling of him filling her. Then she began rocking back and forth and up and down riding him. He held her hips and urged her on. She loved being above him and watching the expressions on his face. It turned her on even more. He loved being able to play with her breasts and hard nipples. He leaned up and sucked and licked them.
She could stand it no more and he felt her tighten around him. She arched her back and threw her head back as she came so hard. He felt her tighten around his cock and her juices ran down onto his balls.

She climbed off and begged him to do her from behind. He positioned himself behind her and slid in. She reached between her legs and again rubbed his balls and her clit. He only took a few more minutes of this before he was filling her with his own juices. He held inside as she continued rubbing her hard clit until she came once again. He collapsed next to her and rubbed his hands all over body. She fell asleep with a huge smile on her face thinking about what they will do with the rest of the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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