Finding a New Shore

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We are driving back to your place and you have my hand in yours. The radio is on and the windows are down, letting in the cool night wind. The radio just happens to be playing a song you like and you sing along with a big smile on your face. I join in on the chorus and we both laugh a bit before the song ends and the next one begins. You look into my eyes and you gaze down to see my rigid cock, straining to break free.

“Mmm, I see you have a problem Sir. Can you drive when you are distracted like that?” you say.

“Your beautiful and that is distracting enough, but after dinner and the show you put on it is hard to concentrate on anything else,” I reply.

“Mmm, I can help Sir,” you say and unbuckle your seatbelt, bending your torso to rest your head in my lap. You deft hands make quick work of my pants and expose my cock to the cool air. As your warm hand wraps around it you feel it pulse and throb. You watch the tip as a bit of precum beads on the head. You lick it off and swirl around my cockhead before taking me into your mouth fully. You moan around my thick shaft and your tongue dances around the head. You bob up and down sucking hard and keeping me in your mouth while I take one hand off the wheel to reach into my pocket and turn the vibes on again. I set them to alternate between the plug and your pussy.

You whimper, and shudder because you are still quite sensitive. Your body is still on fire and my free hand traces a line up and down your spine, assisting the energy flowing in you. Your internal circuit is lighting up like a Christmas tree. Alarms are going off in your mind and a new wave crashes up your back. You pop me out of your mouth to moan loudly, but I grab your head and thrust myself back inside. You moan around my cock, louder and fiercer than before. You then begin to spasm involuntarily and your whole body vibrates. It is a sight I’m growing to love seeing but my brow furrows. You forgot to ask.

“Did you cum?” I say.

“Yes sir,” you say with your mouth full of my cock.

“You didn’t ask for permission. You know I will have to punish you right?” I tell you.

“Mmm, yes Sir, I know,” you say after pulling me out of your mouth. You begin to slide your hand up and down my shaft while blowing on my cockhead. It is swollen and I am ready to burst. You can tell and quickly resume, sucking me as hard as you can and moving faster. Your tongue swirls around my head one more time before I release and pump a few jets into your mouth. You swallow each of them easily and don’t stop sucking until I’m soft. Your ravenous nature is starting to show through your shy demeanour. I enjoy seeing this hungrier side of you.

A bit of my cum seeped out past your lips and your tongue darts out to lick it. You smile and humm a bit looking up at me. I pet your hair and you close your eyes feeling my soft and reassuring touch.

“That doesn’t get you out of your punishment,” I say sternly.

You pout a bit and it is quite cute. You resignedly say, “Yes Sir, I know. You have been a fair teacher and I do try to follow your instructions. I will submit to whatever you think is best.”

“Good girl,” I say as we arrive at your place. I put the car in park and get out to open your door for you. It is a custom we have been developing and you are happy to oblige my old fashioned ways. I take your hand and pull you into me for a kiss, picking you up and letting you wrap your legs around me. I set your ass on the hood of the car and we spend a few moments being intimate with one another. When I break away from you, your eyes are closed and your lips are puckered for another kiss. You open one eye and then the other, smiling at me. It is fully dark and only the streetlamps are on in this part of town. Everyone has long since gone to bed except us. I take you into my arms and spin you around so your back is to me. You push into me and try to relax but the vibes have been going this whole time. You are getting used to the constant trickle of pleasure they give you. Now you must get used to something else.

I push you toward the hood and your hands catch your fall. You ass sticks up in the air as your body bends slightly. You turn to look back at me and see my serious face staring back at you. Your head bows down and you assume a good sturdy position.

“I think ten should suffice. Ten quick spankings in public before anyone who bothers to see us. Maybe next time, you won’t forget to ask me before you cum,” I say in a stern voice.

“Yes, Sir,” is your only reply. I slide up your dress and slap your ass roughly with my right hand and count one. My left hand takes the remote and sets it on two. I strike again and count two, adjusting the vibes so they now work in tandem. They throb and pulse at the same time and your knees get week. The next hit is not as hard but I dial up the vibes to three and you start to shake. I continue like this until we get to ten and by then you are moaning audibly and a bit of drool slides taksim üniversiteli escort down your mouth as I complete your punishment. Your ass has taken on a nice rosy color. I turn off the vibes and pull you into my arms.

“I’m sorry Sir, I will never forget to ask again,” you say with a naughty smile.

“See that you don’t,” I reply.

We go inside the building and wait for the elevator before getting inside and taking it to the top. The muzak plays Girl from Ipanema and we sway a bit together as I sing the song for you. You are nothing like her though. You are more like a pale moon goddess with firey hair and smoky eyes. So amazingly beautiful and brilliantly bright that the sun would get jealous. I find it a privilege to be in your company and more so to teach you as many things as I can. Tonight we would have another lesson.

You unlock the door and we step inside your place. It is sparsely furnished but every piece was chosen for a purpose and to direct the flow toward your bed. You step out of your sandals and let your dress fall. You turn toward me and help me with my shirt by ripping off the buttons. Your hot hands are all over me and you give my nipples a quick pinch, causing me to growl. You take my hand and lead me back to your bed. It is soft, warm and welcoming. Just like your personality but not nearly as complex. We just go straight to cuddling and feeling each other’s body heat. I feel it is time to remove the vibes and do so gently and slowly. First, I take the one out of your pussy and it slides out easily because you are soaking wet. Second, I go for the plug but it is a bit more stubborn. Your body doesn’t want to let it go but I manage to extract it from you. Once they are both out you give a sigh of relief and a little shake of your body. You begin to relax on a deeper level just knowing that ordeal is over. Performing in front of all those people must have made you feel excited, wracked your nerves, thrilled you and exhilarated you to a whole new level. It was quite the sight for me to see and I looked forward to the next time. Maybe we could perform a little duet.

We laid together in silence just listening to the other person breathe. Feeling each other and getting in sync once more. We began breathing in time and our hearts slowed down to take up the same beat. The stillness echoed within us and we were content to let the moment linger. You felt me stiffen against you and you start to move. Your body grinds into mine and I kiss your neck softly.

“Do you want something?” I ask.

“Mmm, yes Sir. Please fuck me again,” you reply.

I’m happy to oblige any request you might have of me. I set you on your knees with your elbows on the bed and your ass in the air. Your still so wet I slide into your pussy easily but I go slow and you shudder from the contact. I pull out a bit and you push back, grinding into me. We get into a nice slow rhythm and you begin to moan.

“Please, fuck me harder Sir,” you beg me and I proceed to slam into you faster and harder than before.

“Tease your clit for me,” I say and you do immediately. “That’s my good girl,” I say encouragingly. “Now use your other hand to pinch a nipple, and don’t be afraid to get rough” I say and you act on my words quickly, attacking your own soft flesh. My thumb slides slowly into your ass and you yelp. You begin a low moan that wants to crash into a wave but you control yourself.

“Can I cum Sir? Please?” you beg in a soft voice that is like music to my ears.

“For the rest of the night you can cum without my permission. I want you to feel comfortable and really give in to the pleasure of everything you feel,” I tell you. You sigh and moan louder for me. You cum hard with my cock inside your pussy, my thumb in your ass, a nipple in your hand and your clit in the other. I pull out my cock and thumb making you whimper. I turn you on your side and bend down to kiss you. Your arms wrap around by head and pull me in for a deep embrace. I can tell you want me inside you some more by the way you are trying to roll your hips but I’m holding your body down with mine, preventing you from moving. I pull my lips away but you keep holding me, grinding your hips slowly for friction.

I grab some coconut oil from the table and start to rub it on your ass. My handprint is still their and stains your skin a deep red. It is an important step of aftercare to take care of someone after you punish them and I do take care of you. Your body pushes into my hand as I rub the oil into your soft skin. You moan slightly as I take my time and work out some tension. I squirt some more into my palm and close my fist around my thumb. I make tiny circles around your darkstar and put a little pressure on it. My thumb slides in easily and I rim your insides with the oil. You moan softly and push into my thumb making it slide all the way in. I wiggle it and your body trembles. I can tell you are ready tophane escort now.

I apply more oil to my stiff cock and line it up with your rear entrance. You close your eyes and brace for impact as I slowly enter you. I get in about an inch and then pull back out to where my cockhead is seated inside you comfortably. I flex and pulse causing you to shake again.

“Take some oil and rub your pussy,” I say and you reach for it. You apply some to your hands and commence to rub it into your pussy, moaning while you do so. It is exquisite to watch as you close your eyes and play with your clit.

“Now, don’t forget your nipples. Do one then the other,” I say and you just nod your head. One hand stays with your pussy and the other trails up to enrich one with oil then the other. You alternate between the two while playing with your clit. I slide in another inch and you moan deeply. The combined stimulation is overpowering but you don’t stop what you are doing. You take a deep breath and slow down making the pleasure waves get into a wider and longer length. I slide in another inch, making you feel stretched but far from your new found limits. Your hips buck and you cum, pinching a nipple hard and moaning loudly. I have to hold onto you to keep me rooted inside. You push back into me involuntarily and you feel my balls hit your skin. You smile because you know you can take all of me inside you and I let you experience the fullness of it. I slowly pick up the pace and lift up your right leg. Your calf rests on my shoulder and I begin to slowly start sliding in and out of you.

You scream from the agonizingly slow pace and build up to another orgasm. I grab another toy from my bag and hand it to you.

“Put this in your pussy for now good girl. I want you to cum harder for me,” I say and you nod while your body shakes slightly. It is not large or threatening, but it will let you experience double penetration. Something we have talked about but as yet never tried. You are excited to give the toy a whirl. It is a vibrating rabbit toy with a rotating head, designed to stimulate your clit and your pussy at the same time. It is a pink clear plastic model and fits you nicely. You twist the bottom and it begins. You let out a loud moan as it vibrates inside you. You scream as you flick the switch and it begins to spin. You hold the toy in one hand and pinch your nipple again, maintaining your pleasure threshold.

“Please cum inside me sir, I can’t take much more,” you stammer weakly. It doesn’t take me long to do so after you ask in such a cute fashion. I pick up my pace and savagely fuck you while the toy spins and throbs inside your pussy. You feel so full and can’t hold on any longer. The sense of being doubly stuffed, combined with your clit being pulsed on, pushes you over the edge. I am not far behind you and I grunt as I empty myself into you. Your body is still shaking from your own orgasm but when I finally do, it is like an earthquake went off inside your body. The sensation of climaxing and the knowledge that you have made me cum puts you into a pleasure spiral, making you pass out briefly.

You awake in my arms and take a deep breath before you heave a relaxed sigh. You feel my cum trickling out of you, bit by bit. You turn your head to kiss me softly.

“Thank you Sir, that was amazing,” you tell me.

“You are worth it my dear good girl. Your body feels so good to me I never want to stop,” I say and you wriggle in my arms, laughing and smiling real big.

“What now Sir?” you ask.

“Now we start some mental training. I want to open up your third eye and really spin your eight chakras. We will need to take some mushrooms for this to work,” I tell you.

“Mmm, whatever you want Sir. I’m all yours,” you reply.

“Good girl. Now open your mouth and chew these but don’t swallow them until I tell you,” I say and place a hand full of caps in your mouth. I take a hand full as well and begin to chew them up.

“They don’t taste very good,” you say with your mouth full.

“Good medicine rarely does my dear,” I reply.

We continue to chew them until they are paste like. I swallow mine and instruct you to do the same. I take your hand and lead you to the bathroom for a quick shower. We have time before they fully kick in and we play in the water a bit. Kissing, holding each other close, being intimate and splashing one another. Once we are all clean we step out and get dry. You take a look in the mirror and see your eyes have become dilated. Mine are as well and this is the first sign of the shrooms effects on us both.

We go to the kitchen and I pour us two glasses of oj. The acidity helps increase the effects but the mushrooms will take more time to kick in. I tell you to put on some silky lingerie and you pick out a tight black piece that hugs your curves gracefully. I put on a pair of silk boxers and nothing else. I turn on some music and we dance a bit. Laughing topkapı escort and singing to the songs we like. Getting close and kissing when a slow one comes on. My eyes catch yours and we just stare at each other for a few beats. The energy between us is electrifying.

We go out to the balcony for a breath of fresh air. The night wind has grown chilly and I take a seat in a patio chair. You sit in my lap, facing the night scene before us. The lights from the streetlamps appear to glow and give off more light than they should. You gaze in wild wonder at the stars and we begin to talk about them. Time, distance and space brought them and us together for this night and this moment. We speak about consciousness and what it means to be alive in our era. What it might have meant for humans eons ago. The one thing us and them have in common is the stars in the sky. Always glowing and lighting the way to a new horizon, a new shore and a new dawn.

You feel me stiffen and you grind into me. You have become quite the playful tease since we met a few weeks ago. You are really coming out of your shell, and for the first time beginning to realize what you want. More importantly, you now know how to ask.

“Can we go back inside now Sir? I’m getting cold,” you say to the wind but I hear you.

“Then let’s go inside and warm each other up,” I say with a smile and you rise up off me on unsteady legs. You play it off into a stretch and put your hands above your head, chest out and bend backward. Your flexibility is improving as well and I smile again as we head inside with you holding my hand and leading the way.

We get into bed and grab a blanket for a quick cuddle session. The heat rises between us quickly but we don’t mind. We bask in the warmth of two bodies, touching, tickling and laughing with an innate playfulness.

“Okay, good girl, time for a massage. You earned it and we have hours to go yet,” I say and take off your lingerie but put on the blindfold. “The blindfold will help you concentrate on what you are feeling. Back first, so flip over my dear,” I say kissing you quickly before you do. You lay on your stomach as I put oil into my hands. I can feel things more intensely now and I know you will as well. I’m excited to give you this chance to relax for a few minutes and enjoy a different kind of pleasure.

I start with your neck and shoulders, kneading out any knots I find and paying attention to the base of your skull. Located there is a vast network of nerves that can produce great relaxation when stimulated properly. I use my fingers to gently do so and you moan for me. The sound is both sexy and soothing for me and you. I work my way down one arm and then the other. When my fingers reach yours, you squeeze them and hold mine tight for a moment. I work on your hands and massage them gently bringing out all your tension from earlier at the club. I work on your arms as well and make long strokes toward your heart, thereby increasing the blood flow. I get around to your shoulders and smooth them out. I gently knead your lower back and send chills up and down your spine with sweeping motions. I spread your legs and begin to focus on your ass. My handprint is still there but it looks less angry than before. This is the location of your root chakra and I spin circles around it as you moan deeply. I work my way down your legs and inner thighs. You are getting quite wet but I ignore that fact, for now. I make quick work of your calves but stick to the seven stroke rule of massage. Each muscle group gets seven strokes to ease the tension and the blood flow. I make my way to your feet and take my time. I can tell there are plenty of knots so I work them out. Once I am done I have you turn over and work my way up your legs.

I’m soon at your inner thighs and I plant kisses all over them, swirling my tongue on your skin which makes you gasp. I bend your legs at the knees and plant your feet on the bed. I use more oil and make sweeping motions on your thighs towards your hips. I gently apply oil to the outside of your pussy. My hands slide over your swollen lips and clit making you twitch and moan louder while I focus on your second chakra. I spread your flower petals open and gently stroke them using my thumbs and index finger. I move up to your clit and make seven circles around in both directions causing you to raise your hips off the bed. I push you back down gently by your core. I slide two fingers inside you and twirl them about. I swirl around and massage your inner walls with my finger tips. This appears to be slowly driving you crazy because you thrash about on the bed.

“Mmm, please just fuck me Sir,” you say.

“Just a massage for now my dear good girl. I’m not trying to tease you but to rather be thorough,” I reply with a mischievous grin you cannot see due to the blindfold.

My hands slide up your body and my tongue glides up your slick pussy. I take your clit into my mouth for a brief moment, swirling and teasing you. I bring my head up and your hips follow, aching for the contact you were just receiving. My hands press you back down again as I rub your hips and stomach. I do a big circular motion this time, stirring up another chakra. That makes the third one I have opened up to increase the energy flow throughout your body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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