Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate Ch. 02

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So much has been said about anal sex being very erotic, and so many letters were written to me about what happened next in Fantasy gets real in Real Estate, I thought I would share the next couple of visits Kristin and I shared, they were very hot, here is the story of the very next visit.

As I drove south on I-5 heading for Southern Oregon, my mind kept returning to the last time we were together, she was both enchanting and the most erotic female I had ever encountered….

I have been with any number of women, having spent life as a Pro Musician among other things, but this woman was more than the best of the best all rolled up into one, my mind was a dark fog of lust as I thought of her, I dialed the phone.

“This is Kristen.” Said her voice on the cel phone.

“Hi there, are we still on for this afternoon?” I asked, we had spoken earlier about viewing some more property and she had cleared her schedule.

“Yes, of course Stan, when will you be in?”

“I have a reservation so I can get checked in and call you, should be within the next two hours.” I responded.

“Great, you do that, and we will decide where to meet then.” She had sounded business like but playful at the same time, I wondered what our encounter would be like, would we have lunch” Should I kiss her hello? What were going to be the guidelines?

Our last encounter had ended with so much heated lovemaking that I could not imagine seeing her without some of the heat remaining…little did I know how much I had underestimated this woman.

After checking in I called her to tell her where I was, and she said that she was just a couple blocks from there and would bring coffee and be right over, I gave her the room number and hung up, a short time later there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door to see the statuesque auburn haired beauty smiling at me with a tray of paper Starbucks cups in one hand and what appeared to be a large briefcase in the other. I took the coffee from her and stood aside, as she moved past me into the room, her scent once again intoxicated me, crossing to the table she set her case on the floor and pulled out one of the chairs.

I set the coffee cups down and asked if I could take her coat, she declined saying that she was a bit cold and to let her warm up first, she had been looking down at the table and with the last word she looked up at me, a bit of sheepishness appearing on her face and then I stepped forward and tilted her face up to mine…

“Allow me to warm you, please.” I whispered as I lowered my lips to hers. The kiss was like our first all over again, gentle, parting slightly then starting again, lips making way for tongues, fanning unseen flames of desire, parting again, then coming back together with a full body press…

“I was feeling so silly.” She said. “and, so sexy.” She kissed me again. “I started to change several times but then I decided that I would just go for it, and now here I am and I am so nervous I can hardly stand it.” She was fidgeting and this last came out in a rush as I smiled and kissed her again, and again and she began to melt.

I bahis firmaları felt her hands insinuate between and pull apart the belt that was holding her long coat together, as I stepped back her face flushed crimson and she shrugged the coat from her shoulders revealing the most stimulating attire I have ever seen on a woman. Have you ever heard the ad, be a model, or just look like one? She looked as if she had just stepped from the pages of Victoria’s Secret.

I was stunned, she wore a beautiful lace burgundy teddy over a garter belt that matched the color perfectly and held up nylons of the same color but a lighter shade, the tan of her skin taking on rose colored hues as I looked from her pretty feet in the heels up to her bare womanhood and then to the braless breasts with their dark nipples showing through the diaphanous fabric.

“Oh, Kristen! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” The words barely out as our lips met again.

“I didn’t know if you would approve, but I wanted to be sexy for you.” She breathed against my lips as I moved her toward the bed.

The kiss began to slow a bit and as the backs of her legs encountered the bed, I lowered her to it gently, looking down at her, I smiled and then lowered myself down next to her, kissing her throat in the process, and kissing my way lower and lower, I began again to explore her breasts, first one then the other, watching the nipples stiffen, then circling with my tongue, licking the areola and feeling it shrink to push the little nipple out harder.

She began tearing at my shirt, so I stood up and removed my clothing, as I bent to remove my slacks she sat up and pulled me to her where her eager mouth engulfed my hard cock, licking and sucking while fondling my balls with her hand, I was about to cum in her mouth when she stopped and lay back on the bed.

I knelt between her legs and began kissing just above the top of her stockings on the inside of her thighs, first the left then the right….I could smell the arousal coming from her, I continued to tease her and then I felt the tell tale flexing of her abs as she strained to get my attention to her clit…I did attend to it, just a bit, licking, nibbling, biting, then I stopped.

She raised up on her elbows and looked at me incredulously, but silently I pushed her right leg over her left and continued the pressure until she turned completely over.

I have never seen such an unbelievable ass, I wanted to lose myself in between the cheeks, and that is just what I did, I pulled them apart and licked the full length of the slit, back and forth up and down slowing at the rosebud, of her anus, but then continuing past it down to her wet pussy and back up, finally I zeroed in on her ass and inserted my tongue as far in as it would go, I thought she would cum right then, her hips began to gyrate, and she pushed back against me as I continued to lick it and then to bury my fingers deep in her pussy and massage her g-spot as I took her to her first climax.

As she came she turned over dragging me down onto her and clamping her legs around me, I aimed my cock at her pussy kaçak iddaa and she slammed me into her with such force that I was afraid I would hurt her, she continued to grind up against me, legs locked behind me at the ankles.

There was little to do but allow myself to be swallowed by her and let her draw me to a climax…she was close, so close, whimpering, that tingle deep in my guts, I felt the fire of my climax wrench it’s way out of me and splash into her. She was crying, I was holding her tight against me, she was moaning, tears running down her cheeks, moaning and crying, “I love you.” She whispered, “I love you, I love you, I’m cummmmmninggg.” Louder now “Ohhhhhh, Yessssssss.”

Trembling, shuddering, she held me to her, tightly holding me, then she began to relax her grip on me and we lay together, we turned onto our sides, “I love you too.” I whispered. “How can we?” She replied, “we just met.”

” I don’t know,” I said, “but I know that I do and that I do not intend to be without you, for even a minute more.”

She began to kiss me again, her hips moving in small circles, I felt a new stirring in my loins, we kissed more and then I moved south again, sucking a licking, tasting us together, the scent even more intoxicating than her perfume.

I spread our mingled juices down to her ass as I continued to lick her clit, slipping my finger into her ass, then out for more, then back in, lubricating the entire interior of her ass.

I had left my shaving kit beside the bed and now I reached into it and came up with a small bottle of lube, as I poured it into my hand and started back to her back door she looked down between her legs at me and smiled, my finger slid in and out of her as she moved her hips in time with my tongue and fingers, breathing in ragged hisses she headed for a new climax, dragging air deep into her lungs and clamping down on my fingers.

I eased my way up and taking position between her legs I removed my fingers and positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass, her eyes opened wide as she felt the pressure, her legs open, heels pointed at the ceiling she placed her hands on her ass cheeks and opened it for me, the tight little ring gave way and she took another deep breath, her hazel eyes flashing at me, nostrils flaring, as I continued to bore my way into her hot, tight, ass.

I leaned back on my thighs and poured more lube down my cock, sliding it back into her, it was slick now, back and forth, I slid, her breathing ragged, now was the time for her next climax.

“More!” She hissed, “Slam me, hard!” I did as was told and her breath began to be punctuated with moans, then her leg was crossing over me, she was getting on her hands and knees on the bed without disengaging from me, “Now! Dammit!” “Now, harder, make me cum, slam me, make me cummmmmmmm! Yesssssssss!” “Oh my sweet, sweet, darling………yesssssssssss.” This last a moan as she collapsed forward on the bed, I lay beside her and we slept….

I awoke to the feeling of her mouth on me sucking and licking me, I was hard as a board, I was laying back enjoying the sensations as I felt her lubricated finger kaçak bahis beginning to explore my ass, I felt it slip in past the sphincter up to the prostate, and some gentle pressure there, then out and more lube, and then back in, as she sucked me I thought I would cum harder than ever before.

She stopped sucking long enough to pour more lube on her fingers and then on my cock, I was really enjoying this, my eyes closed and then I felt her move up my body, as if to kiss me, my legs had been spread and now she pulled them apart further and pushed my knees back up against my chest.

I felt her breasts on my stomach and my hard cock against her stomach, and then she moved up further and I felt something round and hard at the opening of my ass, my eyes flew open and I looked again into the flashing hazel eyes, she was poised above me and as I looked down between us I saw that she was wearing a strap on dildo similar in size to my own cock, and it was aimed at my ass, her hand was stroking it gently, coating it with lube and then pushing it toward me.

The pure eros of it shook me to the core, here she was, preparing to do to me what I had just done to her, as her cock encountered my well lubed ass I felt the pressure and then I felt my cock stiffen even mor.

As the head of her cock pushed past the resistant opening and made it’s way into my ass I shivered with anticipation, she was pushing her cock into me and stroking my cock with her hand, deeper in she pushed it, and then…lowering herself to me she kissed me with the most tender and loving kiss I had ever felt.

In the midst of the kiss, she pushed the rest of the way in, and I could feel it, completely full, then she pulled it out and began a gentle thrusting, kissing me, biting my lip, thrusting, my cock trapped between us, the sensation building, my guts on fire as I felt the climax well up within me. “Ohhhhh, ” I moaned, she looked at me.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Go slow, oh this is so wild, so deep, I am going to lose it,”

I was moaning, floating, “Deeper, please longer strokes,” I pleaded, she raised up so her stomach was no longer rubbing my cock and my attention became riveted to the sensation in my ass…..I watched as I got harder.

“Oh, baby, it is going to be so unreal.” I breathed and then it hit, the first throes, her cock sawing into and across my prostate, and then it came, shot after shot of hot sperm out of my cock, hitting my chest, her face, then she collapsed on me again, pushing deeply into me. I moaned and then locked my legs around her just like she had done to me earlier, pulling her to me.

“I think you came, up my nose,” she whispered to me.

“I think I came in every place you have, didn’t I?” I replied

“Almost, better luck next time.” She said and then pushing herself up from me she removed her cock from my ass.

“I think we both need a shower, to get ready for next time.” She said as she removed the teddy and moved toward the bathroom…

I think I may just marry this woman, I thought to myself as I followed.

I do hope you enjoyed this, as usual, some of this is true, some is fantasy, but I assure you, she is the most enchanting woman I have ever met in my life. Keep the letters coming, I enjoy them a great deal and will reply as I have time, and don’t forget to vote! {smile}

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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