Eyes Like Winona Ch. 02

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*Welcome back! I just finished up the next chapter and it will be up in two more weeks, hopefully I can write fast enough so that the chapter after that will be on time-ish.

And to those who begged me to send out new chapters sooner, no. Just no 🙂 Maybe I can live up to my name after all.

I have the entire story outlined, so I know what is going to happen when. I just need to flesh it out. The breaks between chapters are not terribly clear, so you might want to go back and read the last few paragraphs of the first chapter.


All characters are 18+

I arrived home at about 11, surprised at how the time had passed. Ben was up studying, and he got up eagerly.

For an irrational moment, I thought that he would know what I had done. Maybe it would be emblazoned on my forehead in bright accusatory red, like the mark of Cain. Maybe he would smell the stink of sweat and shame and sex on me. Maybe he would read it in my eyes or taste it in my words or just *know*, through some faint but damning form of telepathy.

But he just wanted the money, the money that I had gotten while helping Mr. Browning unload boxes from the supply truck.

I had separated the ninety dollars from the transaction. Thinking of it as a transaction helped me to think about it at all. I had thirty dollars in my left pocket an the other sixty in my right. It had occurred to me on the way home that even if I made thousands of dollars a night, I had to think of ways to spend it without Ben noticing. At least that would be easy.

Other then minimums on student loans and the rent and the utilities, Ben paid very little attention to our financial needs. That’s probably how I had been able to get our ‘discount’ on groceries every week for almost six months without him noticing. Whatever was left over from his college and our living expenses, was given to me to handle. I shopped for clothes and groceries and paid school lunch fees and all of the little things that nipped at our heels. If I was careful, I could use this money.

And really, we were still going to be poor. This sixty dollars would barely buy a weeks worth of groceries.

I handed Ben the thirty dollars. He would probably spend it on a dinner with his girlfriend, but I didn’t begrudge him that. He loved Patricia, and he didn’t get to treat her often.

I was thinking about numbers and necessities. What did we need more? Shoes for Celia, or clothes for Lisse? It calmed me down. It wasn’t until I got into the shower that I started to think about what I had done.

For the first time, I was alone. The water was too loud for anyone to hear me. The door was locked, there were no eyes to see me. I pressed my forehead into the wet tiles and started to shake. Nothing would come out, not a word, not a sound, nothing but tears that I couldn’t see or feel with the water streaming down my face.

I saw Calvin before he went to school the next day. He had a bright-green cast from elbow to wrist. I signed it with a sharpie before giving him his bologna and cheese sandwich for the day. Ben told me that we owed the hospital a thousand and forty six dollars in all. For the stay and the food and the medication. We had no insurance. We still owed them over three thousand dollars for Mom, and her chemotherapy treatments that had barely been covered with our Stepfather’s insurance. When he died, the insurance company fought tooth and nail not to cover Mom, but lost on the grounds that she had been covered by it while he was alive. When she died, the insurance disappeared, and we couldn’t afford any more.

“Any luck finding a job?” I asked him.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “No.” That was it. I suspected that he wasn’t even looking.

“Ben? I have some friends that work at the factory. We’re going to hang out at Scott’s place tonight, watch a movie.” I made up the name of my ’employee friend’ on the spot.

Ben looked at me sharply, and he wanted to refuse me. I could see it in his eyes. But even he could see what a dick-move it would be to refuse me a night by myself after all I had done for him and our family.

“Sure, but don’t do any drugs, don’t drink, and don’t be late for work tomorrow.”

I had my window, my excuse, my alibi, my lie. I sighed, grabbed my bologna and cheese sandwich, and started to walk to the factory.

Friday was paycheck day for both my factory job and my job with Mr. Browning. Combined, it was a bit less then five hundred. I tucked my factory paycheck into my jeans, rubbing the aching small of my back.

I was still hungry after my sandwich. But until dinner, all I could expect to have in my mouth was Mr. Browning’s cock.

Four hundred and eighty-six dollars wasn’t much to support a family on. But all at once, it seemed like a lot. It was tempting, very tempting not to go to the street corner that night.

But then I handed the checks to Ben, and I knew that most of it would go to this dump of an apartment, casino şirketleri and that the rest of it would be spent on food. Only the crumbs would be left.

It was a warm night. Steam boiled up from the damp streets and from the gutters. People wore shorts and t-shirts and fanned themselves from the heavy hot air. I took a cold shower, got in my jeans cutoffs and this old pepsi T-shirt I had. The fabric was very tight.

I looked at myself in the steamy mirror before I left. I had dressed like this before, the cutoffs were comfortable, and I used them as a swimsuit in the summer. They were a little shorter than was really comfortable, but that had never bothered me before. Now it bothered me. Because when I looked in the mirror, I knew that men would be looking at me. Men would be looking at my ass and crotch and chest through the tight fabric. I would have to suck a lot of cocks to make money. And this time, a pimp would be taking half of my money. I couldn’t just quit after one guy.

I remembered how scared I had been, how nervous and ashamed afterward. I had to get a thicker skin. I had to, if I was going to make money.

I was leaving at eight. Drake said that they started at eight, but when I got there, Jose was the only guy lounging on the steps.

I crossed the street to him, feeling naked in my short cutoffs and tight shirt. It was all about context. I felt more naked now then I ever had walking around the apartment in just my boxers during the dog-days of summer.

He looked up at me with imperious grey eyes and held out one hand to shake. “Hey honey.” He said, soft sarcasm lacing his words.

“Um. Hi.” I mumbled, feeling like an idiot. “Is D-Drake here?”

Jose nodded, jerking his head towards the door. “Drake is with one of his regulars now. Should be out soon. The man is a regular wham-bam, thank-you-Sam, kind of guy. Sit back, relax. The big man is gonna want to talk to you tonight. Start taking his share.”

I sat on the steps, feeling a little nervous. What if someone stopped in a car and wanted to take me into one of the rooms? I didn’t have keys, and I really needed to talk to Drake first, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready.

But before I could worry too hard, the door behind us opened, and Drake came down the steps. I saw the man from yesterday, the man in the truck leaving down the sidewalk, but I couldn’t have cared less about him. I only had eyes for Drake.

His dark hair was combed forward and off to the side a little. He flicked his head to keep it out of his deep-black eyes. He was wearing little bike shorts that made my cutoffs look conservative. On top, he had a black muscle shirt. His arms were long and pale and lean with muscle.

He touched my shoulder through my t-shirt, bending over slightly. “Come on, Ryan. We gotta talk to Ferdinand.”

I almost sprang up and followed him down the street between the apartment buildings and the parking structure. The road was thin and dark, the gutters full of broken glass and trash. I walked side-by-side with him, and I saw where we were headed.

Just out of view of the corner, was a sleek black car, set up to view the corner, but stay out of the way. As we walked towards the car, he gave me a little smile.

“I wasn’t sure if you would come back.”

“I had to.”

“I know… But I can usually tell when someone is going to come back or not. With you, I wasn’t sure.”

I felt a confused tight feeling in my chest. I looked nervously at the car. We were almost there. I could see the outline of a man, in the middle of a cloud of smoke.

I jumped as he grasped my hand, giving it a quick squeeze before letting go. “Don’t worry, please. Ferdinand is a classy guy. Just be polite.”

And with that, he opened the passenger door for me, and I got in. Drake climbed in the back and closed the door. I coughed in the cloud of cherry-smelling smoke, and looked to the left with watering eyes to see the man who would be my pimp.

Ferdinand had a heavy jowly face like a bulldog. His hair was thinning and grey, and he had it swept backwards with some kind of product. He was smoking a home-rolled cigarette with some kind of flavored tobacco and dark paper. He snuffed the cigarette as Drake closed the car door and scooted to the middle of the back. Ferdinand opened the window to let in some fresh air, and I breathed in deep with relief.

“You’re Ryan?”

I nodded, too nervous to speak. He looked over to the right. His voice was so deep and growling. It was rough with cigarettes. The image of a bulldog was just enforced.

His eyes were small and pale, but there was no malice or coldness in them. “You want a cigarette?”

I shook my head again, and I whispered. “No, thank you.”

He shrugged. “You don’t have to look so scared, kid. I ain’t gonna bite you. This isn’t some big inner-city ring where I’m gonna beat you and get you hooked on smack to make sure you keep coming back. I just employ a handful of boys like you who need the casino firmaları dough, I sell a little weed, I run a few bets on the weekends. Pocket change. Just making sure I have a comfortable retirement, you understand.”

I nodded. Drake rested his hand on my shoulder from behind.

“Ryan is clean. No drugs, no booze, and he’s got a good reason. He can make the commitment.”

He was standing up for me. I felt a warm bubble deep in my chest.

Ferdinand coughed. “Well, Ryan. Did you hear that? He said commitment. And that’s what I expect from you. You got this one last chance to turn us down, but if you agree, this is like any other job. If you’re moving, or if you want to quit, you have to give me three weeks notice. Understand?”

“Yes.” I whispered. “I need this job.” I felt cold, but Drake’s hand was on my shoulder, and that helped.

“Did Drake talk to you about payment?”

I nodded. “Um, a little. Twenty for a handjob, forty for a blowjob, fifty for them giving me a blowjob, a hundred and fifty for, for sex… And… um… if it’s anything special, I should talk to you?”

Ferdinand looked back at Drake, smiling, his heavy lips hanging like strips of liver. “Drake, you found me a smart one this time. Now, yesterday that fellow paid you eighty dollars up front. But now how it works is the clients will drive up the corner to request your time. Then you will walk over when you’re done and tell me what you did and give me the money. I keep a ledger and I give you your half when you’re done for the night.”

He looked me straight in the eye. “I don’t trust Kirk, because a long time ago, he tried to cheat me. Now, I keep a very close eye on his transactions. We go by the honor system here. And if I don’t suspect you, we have nothing to worry about. If I think you are cheating me, I’ll break your arm and you get one more chance. If you cheat me again, I break your other arm and we have nothing more to say to each other. Do you understand me?”

My mouth felt dry, and my skin felt clammy and cold. “Y-Yes.” I whispered.

He smiled again. “You’re a smart kid, and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about you. Right Drake?”

I looked back and Drake was shaking his head.

When we got back to the steps, Jose was gone but Kirk had showed up. He was one of those lanky redheads that could tan. His darkened skin was alive with freckles and his long calves were speckled with thick gold-red hairs. The hair on his head was clumped into red curls like clock-springs that jutted from his scalp at odd angles. He had a scraggly red goatee and stoned blue eyes. He was dressed in a flimsy wife-beater top so thin I could see his nipples through the fabric, and cargo shorts below. His feet were bare, and he was dipping his toes in the puddle at the base of the stairs.

He looked blearily up at me and smiled. He had faint brace-lines on his teeth, spots of white enamel that contrasted with the slightly duller ivory around it. “Welcome to the boy’s corner.” He yawned, and as he sighed I could smell the skunky odor of pot. I had never smoked pot, but sometimes Ben smelled like it when he came home from visiting his girlfriend.

“Hi.” I whispered, sitting down on the steps. Drake leaned against the cast-iron rail, eyeing the streets.

“Whenever someone comes up, it’s good manners for one of us to go up and talk to them. They point out which guy they want to go back with, and what they want to do. If it’s something unorthodox, we go and talk with Ferdinand. Next guy comes up, you should go and talk to him. Just be polite, okay?”

“Okay, Drake.” I whispered.

“Also, once or twice a week a cop comes around and Ferdinand pays him. Just a little. This is a tiny racket. After his expenses, it’s only a couple thousand or so a week for him.”

Considering I was making about five hundred a week by working two jobs, this was still impressive. I couldn’t get his voice out of my head, threatening to break my arms.

I jumped as Drake touched my shoulder. “Just don’t cheat him, Ryan. It’s a risk that he has to take, trusting us with customers. A thing that he has to watch out for is one of us taking money for a fuck, but only giving him the price of a blowjob. He can’t have us skimming off the top. Just don’t cross him, kay?”

“Okay.” I whispered.

He touched my shoulder again. “But if they just give you a tip, it’s yours. Make sure to tell him about it, but he lets you keep tips.”

I had a key in my pocket. Room nine would be my room for the rest of the night. A silver car pulled up to the corner, and I got up. My knees felt rubbery and my throat felt dry. I felt more naked then ever.

The window rolled down, and I was looking at the youngest man that I had seen here before. He was balding an bespectacled and nervously thin.

“Hi.” I murmured. Not knowing what else to say.

He gave me a quick appraisal. “I want to go with Dean please.”

I walked back to the steps. “He wants you Dean.” I murmured, feeling weak when güvenilir casino I sat down. He nodded and when the bespectacled man came back from parking his car, he went into the apartment with ‘Dean’.

I sat with Kirk in the silence. “Is Kirk your real name?” I asked quietly.

He shook his head. “Naw, is Ryan yours?”

I shook my head. “Um… How long has Drake been here?”

Kirk shrugged. “I’ve been here the longest. Jose came a month ago, and Drake came here in January. The most people that have ever worked here at once is six. Drake has always been the golden boy though. There’s just something people like about him. Ferdinand gets rid of you if you can’t consistently keep five customers a night. That’s his guidelines.”

Another car pulled up. I looked at him and he groaned. “You get it.”

I walked up to the car and the window opened. The man inside was tall and older. I would guess fifty, even sixty, but his body was trim and lean and well taken care of. He had a mustache and thick grey hair.

“You’re new, aren’t you?” He asked quietly.


“Do you take it up the ass?”

My cheeks flushed with blood, and for a moment I felt very weak. I shook my head, and I was surprised that I felt ashamed.

“That’s alright. I’ll take you.”

He drove off to park, and I felt very alone. I wasn’t going to have Drake to help me this time, I was on my own.

“You look really nervous.”

It was a quiet observation. He was sitting on the corner of the bed in immaculate slacks and a white shirt and sport coat. The loafers on his feet looked expensive and new. I could see a little case of reading glasses in his shirt pocket. He looked for everything in the world like a college professor.

I faced the door, I had just closed it. “I’m sorry. I’m really new at this.”

I still didn’t know what he wanted, so I sat on the bed next to him. “I only started yesterday.”

“Take your shirt off.”

I did. I folded it and put it on the floor at the foot of the bed. He seemed to think that was funny, he had a little smile on his face. I crossed my arms and leaned forward so my forearms were resting on my knees. He made no move to touch me.

“I wonder what you’ll bring to the mix.” He murmured.

“What do you mean?” Anything to keep him talking.

“Well, people like Dean because he is very professional. You never feel guilty after him. People like Kirk because he’s vulgar. He can talk dirty without sounding fake, he can do stripteases, make your heart pound. Jose is a snob. In a good way. He looks down at people like they are dirt even as he’s sucking your cock. A lot of people get off on that. I’m just wondering what you’ll bring to the mix.”

I looked down at my knees. “I… I don’t know.”

I didn’t like this conversation. I just wanted to start. I didn’t know what he wanted. I leaned over and pressed my lips against his mouth. He seemed surprised, but in a moment he willingly moved his lips with the kiss. His mustache was rough and wiry against my upper lip.

“Maybe that’s what you’ll bring.” He murmured, as I broke away and wondered what on earth he even wanted.

“Um… Am I doing something wrong?”

He looked genuinely surprised. “What makes you say that?”

I flushed. “Well, you aren’t… You’re just talking to me.”

He smiled, and it was a nice smile. I saw the wedding ring on his finger for the first time, and realized, that this was someone’s husband. Maybe someone’s father, or even grandfather. And by being with me, he was breaking his trust with all of them. I felt awful.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you were so eager. Take off those shorts, sweetheart.”

I did, feeling sad and heavy, wondering if I would even be able to get it up. I felt his dry soft hands on me, fondling my genitals, and weighing their softness.

He untucked his shirt and unbuckled his belt. He lay back on the bed and pushed his pants down far enough to take out a thoroughly average cock about an inch shorter then mine.

I wasn’t sure what to do, he was lying down. I started to get up and crawl over so I could suck his cock, feeling very exposed. Why did I have to get completely naked just so I could suck his cock?

My body was perpendicular to his when I took his cock in hand and started to stroke it. He reached out and grabbed my buttock in one hard groping hand. He tugged the lower half of my body over, ignoring my startled cry.

“That’s it, you little slut.” He groaned. “Suck my cock, and spread your legs. I want to suck your fat cock.” Gone was the aged college professor, his voice was piggish and greedy. He yanked my hips until I was in a 69 position with him as the top. I moaned and flinched as he started sucking my cock. I wasn’t ready for it, and his teeth were scraping across the soft flesh.

I wished that Drake was with us. It would have made me feel better.

When we were finished, I rinsed off in the sink with a washcloth. I let him have the wash cloth to wipe his privates. It was awkward, but I could deal with it. I pulled on my shorts and shirt.

He paid me ninety dollars, but he gave me a five-dollar tip. I thanked him for it, and kissed him again, softly. He touched my hair.

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