Erotic Garden

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“I wonder what Mike’s doing right now. He’s sooo hot.” Brenda thinks to herself as she rollerblades along the small street towards his house. She plans on hooking up with this boy, whom she met down here at the beach. Brenda had been a local at this beach for about a year, when her parents had decided to move to a town that was about a twenty minute drive from there. Brenda had just turned eightteen with straight, long blonde hair, deep green eyes, perfect tanlines and a natural set of t-&-a that would pale many girls in comparison. She was a very short girl who was the object of many a local boy’s stares as her ass wobbled like jelly whenever she ran in those tight boxer shorts of hers. Anyway, she decides to take a shortcut to get to Mike’s place. She had broken up with her last boyfriend only about a month ago. They had fucked like rabbits. As she rolls along, she notices a road that she had never noticed before on this path. There were no signs to indicate the name of this road and when she rolled closer, she realized that it was very short and ended in a circular dead end where a very beautiful house sat. The garden looked like something from one of those fancy magazines, but better in some way. Though she wanted to see Mike, it seemed as if something drove her to explore this house.

She rolled up to look around. As she came to one of the flowers that resembled a lilac, she bent to smell it. It was the most enchanting aroma she had ever known, she thought. She almost didn’t want to move to another. Another one looked like nothing she had seen before. To describe it with mere words would do it injustice. As she bent over and touched it, she almost sensed some sort of vibration. After a few more minutes, she totally forgot about Mike as she looked around, not even thinking about the fact that she was at a strange house owned by someone whom she, chances casino şirketleri are, had probably never even met. When she neared the area of the garden near to the front porch and door, she seen a plant with beautiful bulbs. She could not help but wonder why these flowers had not bloomed when all the others had. She leaned in to look closer at one of the bulbs and it popped open, shooting a puffy cloud of pollen into her face and making her sneeze. As she wiped her eyes and face, she noticed a wave of pleasure rush through her as she wanted to get herself off right then and there. It was like Brenda was feeling a million tingling sensations all over her body at once. It was so strong a feeling, she didn’t even question the suddenness of it.

She could help herself no longer as she started to strip off her tight sweaty top, followed by her shorts. She left her skates on as she started to rub and squeeze her left nipple while fingering her clit, slowly and sensuously. All of a sudden, she felt something touch her. She turned her head. A vine from the plant had extended out. She finally freaked out, and got up to run, or skate, away. She then feels vines grab her ankles, wrists, and waist as they hold her in a bent over position, then straightened her back to stand tall in a 1-2 motion. Just then, she remembers, as if snapped out of a trance, that she didn’t know whose house she was at. The door opened as Brenda started to whimper. Out of this front door came a gorgeous older woman, kinda resembling an older Anna Nicole Smith from her Playboy days, wearing nothing but a wicked smile. She was voluptuous with huge natural breasts and a figure to die for. She walks up to where the plants hold Brenda and uses her long nails to trace down Brenda’s lips to her breasts. She squeezes one, admiring the girl’s bare body, and says “Nice tanlines.” She squeezed casino firmaları her breasts once again before leaning down to take it into her mouth for a moment, as Brenda struggled against her restraints. “Delicious” said the woman, coming back up.

“P-please, let me go” Brenda stuttered, now scared.

“Aw, I can’t do that yet” replies this woman. The woman kisses Brenda’s forehead. “Just relax, honey.” With that, the woman leans over to kiss her on the lips long and hard. “Good girl” she says, moving on to neck her and to kiss and nibble her way down to suck on and play with her breasts again. Brenda starts to enjoy it. The woman then moves down to Brenda’s belly button, and then her snatch. “Mmm” the woman moans laughing.

Brenda thinks to herself “Gary was never this good.”

Just then the woman moves back up face-to-face with the girl, kisses her again and tugs at her bottom lip, playfully before yelling “Bend her over!” The plants then push the girl’s body above her waist forward. Then, some other plants shoot some kind of green substance at the woman’s crotch. Brenda watches it slowly turn into a 9″ penis. This woman gets behind Brenda and grabs her hair as she rams the whole thing into Brenda’s wet snatch hard. She pulls Brenda’s hair back as she pushes forward with her hips. “You like that?” Gary had also never been this rough with her, but Brenda loved it, being used in this way, and feeling so helpless, yet so beautiful. Brenda came many times. Then the woman pulls out and tells her “helping hands” to let the girl go. Then she has the vines grab the girl’s wrists both tied behind her back. Brenda almost loses balance on her skates, before this woman grabs her waist with her hands and leans her back over again. This woman also starts to squirt some kind of warm liquid into Brenda’s asshole and starts fingering it, as if to prepare güvenilir casino it.

Brenda starts to scream no, but when she opens her mouth, a phallic shaped vine rapidly enters her mouth, pumping and silencing her. “Anal virgin?” the woman asks playfully. “We’re going to fix that, beautiful. I’d just kill myself if I let an ass like this go.” She squeezes Brenda’s cheeks and parts them as she holds Brenda steady on her rollerskate wearing feet and slides in slowly, inch by inch, as if savoring the moment. She continues to hold Brenda there as she moves her own waist, pumping her cute ass as Brenda’s mouth also gets a workout. Brenda was in total ecstasy as she had never experienced pleasures to this degree. Then, without warning, Brenda feels both the “woman” and the plant shoot inhuman loads of hot sticky fluid into her, at the same time, as if the woman and the plant were both one and the same. As they both pull out, Brenda thinks to find her clothes and leave. But all of a sudden, Brenda becomes real groggy and can’t stand from dizziness, as if she was drugged. Next thing you know, she passes into a deep unconscious sleep.

When Brenda awakes, she finds herself in a horrifying position. Either she has shrunk or this woman has grown to impossible proportions. Brenda’s body from the waist up was locked inside the mouth of this woman, as if this woman was going to devour her whole. Brenda struggled but she was held in place by this woman’s firm soft lips. The woman’s tongue licks over Brenda’s body strongly as she uses her lips and tongue to push more and more of Brenda’s struggling body closer to her throat. Brenda freaks out and starts clawing and biting and doing everything she can, but to no avail. Then, with a gulp noise and a loud burp, Brenda is gone.

A little bit later, this woman gets a knock on her door. “Giselle?” This fine woman opens the door with a big gut and picking her teeth with a toothpick, as she picks out a fingernail, licks her lips and flashes her friend an evil grin. “Was she good or what?”

“Delicious.” Giselle laughs. “Come on in and I’ll fill you in on the details.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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