Emma’s Secret Life Pt. 04

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*All characters in this fictional story are 18 or older*

Emma’s Secret Life Pt. 04

Both men stood naked in front of Emma and waved their hard cocks at her, she knelt down and took the receptionist’s cock into her mouth and started vigorously sucking his cock hoping that he wouldn’t take too long to cum. When the other man wiped his pre-cum dripping hard cock over her face, Emma let the receptionist’s cock slip out of her mouth and took the other man’s cock into her mouth. Alternating back and forth between their cocks, Emma was being face fucked by these two men.

“I want to fuck her,” said one of the men.

“So do I,” said the receptionist.

When Emma was lifted up onto her feet by the receptionist, his friend saw the gaping hole that was in her ass he said, “I have an idea how we can both fuck her.”

“Sit down in the chair Francis,” said the receptionist’s friend.

It was the first time Emma had heard the receptionist being called by his name, she still didn’t know the other man’s name.

After Frank had sat down on the chair the other man said, “Face him and sit on his cock.”

Emma squatted over Frank’s cock and lowered herself down onto him. She sat there impaled on his cock. As Frank started to grope her small breasts, Emma began to bounce up and down only to have the other man push her against Frank’s chest. With her breasts pressed against his chest, Frank wrapped his arms around her and held her against him.

With her in that position the other man pushed his hard cock deep inside the gaping hole in her ass in one quick thrust, Emma gasped at the sudden penetration of the man’s cock into her ass. She then took a deep breath as the man began thrusting his cock in and out of her ass.

“Fuck, you both have your cocks buried inside me,” squealed Emma.

As the man continued thrusting his cock in and out of her ass, the receptionist began lifting her up and down on his cock. Being double-teamed was something new to Emma, and once she had gotten used to having a cock in her ass and cunt at the same time, she began to enjoy the feeling of being double penetrated. She began to moan as she felt her ass and cunt being fucked.

The man fucking her ass was the first to cum and started shooting deep into her ass. Once he had finished filling her ass, he pulled his soft limp cock out. Emma sat up and began bouncing up and down on Frank’s cock. It didn’t take her long before she was sitting there with the receptionist’s cock filling her cunt with his cum.

“Fuck that was incredible,” cried Frank.

Emma gasped for breath as his cock became soft inside her cum filled cunt. Frank leaned forward and took one of Emma’s nipples into his mouth and bit it softly and pulled on her nipple. When Emma squealed, not in pain but with a pleasurable moan, the other man said, “You like that, do you.”

He reached around Emma and took her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled and twisted her nipple, causing Emma to moan even louder. When the phone rang, the man twisting her nipple let go of her nipple and answered the phone.

After hanging up the phone he said, “They need me downstairs, thank your boss for the invitation to enjoy the young slut.”

The receptionist lifted his mouth of Emma’s breast and replied, “Yeah, I will.”

Emma still sitting in the receptionist’s lap with his soft spent cock still inside her cum filled cunt saw the other man getting dressed and leave the office.

“You were wonderful,” said the receptionist running his hands over Emma’s naked body.

He then pulled her face closer and kissed her on the mouth, when he opened his mouth Emma pushed her tongue into his mouth and explored his mouth with her tongue.

When they broke their kiss five minutes later Frank said, “Let me show you where you can take a shower.”

After Emma climbed off his lap, letting his limp cock slip out of her and stood up, the receptionist stood up and led her into a private bathroom, that looked like a hotel bathroom. Frank turned into the hot water and after adjusting the water temperature stepped into the shower with Emma and ran his soapy hands all over Emma’s body.

Emma stood there with her eyes closed as Frank pushed his fingers into her cum filled cunt to wipe out any of the cum left inside her. When he pushed his fingers into her ass to wipe out the cum, Emma moaned and reached behind to grab the receptionist’s cock.

When she felt that his cock was hard, she moaned, “Fuck my ass let me feel your cock in my ass.”

Emma bent over and leaned against the shower wall as the receptionist pushed his cock inside her ass and started thrusting into her.

“Yes slam your cock into my ass,” moaned Emma.

Francis began to increase the pace of his thrusts pushing Emma up against the shower wall with each hard thrust. With her breasts now pressed hard against the shower wall and Francis’s hand on the back of her neck, Emma couldn’t move as her ass was pounded. Finally, Emma felt Francis’s cock squirting başakşehir escort his cum into her ass.

When the office phone started ringing, Francis slipped his dripping cock out of her ass and said, “I have to answer the phone, it might be Mr. Palmer.”

He left Emma standing alone gasping for breath in the shower and once she had caught her breath, Emma finished washing her body and pushed her fingers into her ass to wash out any cum. After she had finished, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself and returned to the office to discover Francis had dressed and left her alone. Emma picked up the envelope and counted the money, was surprised at how much she had been paid to spend time with the men.

As she stood naked looking out of the office building window,he saw it was night time and sat down to look out at the wonderful night time view. She was woken up by the noise of a cleaner’s vacuum cleaner and realised she had fallen asleep. After pulling on her thong and placing her bra into her bag, she pulled on her dress. Then took the elevator down to the ground floor where she was met by a security guard.

The security guard looked at Emma and said, “I’m sorry, but you need to come with me, the building is supposed to empty of visitors.”

Emma tried to explain that she had fallen asleep in Mr. Palmer’s office as she followed the security guard into the security office. He picked up the phone and made a phone call and said, “I understand Mr. Palmer, I just thought that I should check with you first.”

After hanging up the phone he turned to Emma and said, “Ms. Hale, I need for you to empty your bag onto my desk… and then undress so that I can check that you haven’t taken anything from Mr. Palmer’s office.”

“What, do you think I’ve stolen something,” screamed Emma emptying her bag onto the table.

“Now please undress for me,” said the security guard.

The security guard smiled as he watched Emma removing her dress, she stood there in front of the guard in just her thong, her bare breasts on view to the guard’s lecherous eyes.

“Are you happy now… have you seen enough?” Emma barked.

“Take off your thong,” he demanded.

After Emma had slipped her thong down to her ankles and stepped out of them, the only thing she had on was her high heel shoes. When the security guard started to open his pants, Emma closed her eyes and cursed herself for falling asleep. When he pushed her down onto her knees, Emma opened her eyes to see that he was waving his hard cock at her face. After she opened her mouth wide, the guard pushes his cock into her mouth and grabbed hold of her head with both hands. He then began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, face fucking her with as if she was a cheap dirty whore.

Emma sucked as hard as she could manage, she didn’t care what he thought, she just wanted him to cum so that she could get dressed and go home to her apartment. It wasn’t long before the guard started to grunt and start shooting his cum into her mouth and down her throat. When he had finished, he released his grip on Emma’s head letting her suck his cock one last time before removing her mouth from around his cock.

“Thank you, Ms. Hale, as soon as you’re dressed, I will let you out of the building,” said the guard.

After Emma had pulled on her dress, she put the contents of her bag, that was spread out on the table, back into her bag along with her thong. She followed the security guard out of his office to the front door of the building. After he had unlocked the door and let her out of the building Emma saw her father sitting in the limousine waiting for her. As soon as he saw her, he climbed out of the limo and opened the back door for her to climb inside.

When Mal looked in the rearview mirror and saw the look on his daughter’s face he said, “Emma are you all right sweetheart?”

Emma slumped in the back seat replied, “I fell asleep in the office… I’m sorry that you had to wait for me.”

“I don’t mind waiting for you, as long as you’re alright,” he replied.

“There were four men… I didn’t expect to be gang banged by four men,” cried Emma.

“Are you alright?” asked Mal starting to drive away from the office building.

“Yeah, I’m alright and the money that I was paid was worth letting them use me like a whore… what I didn’t expect was having to suck the security guard’s cock for him to let me out of the building,” replied Emma.

Mal drove the limousine in silence as he thought about his young daughter being with five men. They hardly spoke to each other until they arrived at Emma’s apartment building.

“Do you want me to come inside with you?” asked Mal opening the limo door.

“Not tonight Dad, I just want to relax,” replied Emma stepping out of the limo.

Emma entered the building and took the elevator up to the floor of her apartment. After opening her apartment door she was surprised to hear music playing softly and to see bayrampaşa escort that Holly was waiting for her. Emma dropped her bag onto the floor and threw her arms around Holly and hugged her.

“Are you alright?” Holly asked wrapping her arms around Emma’s waist.

“I was gang banged by four men and had to suck a security guard’s cock,” blurted Emma.

“Oh Emma, that’s what happens when you do this job… just think of the money you’re being paid, don’t think about the men,” said Holly giving Emma a kiss.

“Why don’t I run you a bath so you can relax in it,” said Holly.

“Yes, I would love to take a bath… will you join me?” said Emma lifting her dress over her head and throwing it over a chair, then kicking off her shoes.

“I would love to,” replied Holly with a smile and then started to undress.

After filling the large bath Holly sat down in it with Emma leaning back against her. She wrapped her hands around Emma and softly ran her hands over the front of Emma’s body and breasts, kissing her on the back of the neck. Emma laid there relaxing in the older woman’s arms and thought about what Holly had said to her about making money.

After spending over half an hour in the bath together they both climbed out, Holly dried herself and Emma with a large fluffy towel. They moved into the bedroom and laid down on the bed together, after kissing each other for several long minutes Holly slipped down the bed and moved between Emma’s legs, planting kisses on her inside thighs as she moved up and kissed and licked Emma’s cunt.

Emma laid there enjoying the older woman’s tongue gently penetrating her wet cunt and moaned softly. When Holly sucked Emma’s clit into her mouth, Emma began moaning louder and her body started to shake as she had an orgasm.

“Oh fuck, you’re making me cum,” squealed Emma pressing down on the back of Holly’s head.

After giving Emma another strong orgasm leaving her face covered in Emma’s juices, Holly lifted her mouth off Emma’s wet cunt and moved back up the bed to passionately kiss Emma, letting her taste her own juices.

When they broke their passionate kiss Emma said, “Lie on your back Holly, it’s my turn to give you an orgasm.”

Emma moved down between Holly’s legs and pushed her fingers into Holly’s cunt, after finger fucking Holly for several minutes making Holly’s cunt soaking wet. Emma buried her face between Holly’s legs and began tongue fucking her maid.

“Fuck Emma, keep rubbing my clit as you tongue fuck me, I’m going to cum,” squealed Holly trying to hump Emma’s face as if she was fucking her.

It was near midnight by the time they had stopped giving each other multiple orgasms and drifted off to sleep. Emma was awakened by Holly sucking on her small breast and fingering her cunt.

Pressing Holly’s mouth against her breast, Emma said, “Good morning.” Then squealed as Holly gave her nipple a soft bite and pulled on it with her teeth.

Holly then lifted her mouth off Emma’s nipple and said, “Good morning Ms. Hale, how did you sleep?”

“I slept wonderfully… can we stay in bed all day?” replied Emma.

I can’t, I need to go home to my husband,” replied Holly.

“Invite him over so that I can meet him,” giggled Emma.

“To meet him or fuck him?” exclaimed Holly.

“Would you like us to have a threesome with him?” grinned Emma.

“He would love that… are you sure you’re okay with him coming over?” asked Holly.

“As long as you’re here with me, I don’t mind,” replied Emma pushing Holly onto her back and kissing each of Holly’s breasts and sucking her nipples.

When Emma gave her nipple a soft bite just like she had done to her, Holly moaned, “Okay, I will phone him and invite him over but first I want you to eat me.”

Emma pulled on Holly’s nipple with her teeth making Holly moan out before releasing the nipple and moving down the bed to between Holly’s legs. After using her fingers to spread Holly’s cunt lips apart, Emma began licking up and down Holly’s slit, pushing her tongue deep inside Holly’s cunt. She then sucked Holly’s clit into her mouth, sucking on the bud as if it was a small cock.

“Oh fuck, you young bitch, you’re making me cum,” screamed Holly pressing down on the back off Emma’s head.

After she had another two massive orgasms, Holly pulled Emma’s head up from between her legs, removing Emma’s mouth from her soaking wet cunt. They laid there together in each other’s arms before Holly reached for her mobile phone to call her husband.

“He is coming straight over, he wants to meet you,” said Holly.

Half an hour later when there was a knock on the apartment door, Holly climbed off the bed and went to answer it naked, leaving Emma lying on the bed.

When Holly returned to the bedroom with her naked husband’s arm around her, she said, “Emma this is Scott… Scott this is Emma.”

Emma was surprised to see that Scott looked twice as old as Holly. She ran her beşiktaş escort fingers over her wet cunt and said, “It’s lovely to see… I mean met you, Scott.”

“It’s lovely to see you… and I mean to see you, Emma, you look like every bit as sexy as Holly said,” said Scott giving his hard nine-inch cock a pump.

“Holly you didn’t tell me that your husband had a large cock,” giggled Emma spreading her legs apart and then giggling, “Scott come here and show me that you know how to use that weapon of yours.”

Scott climbed onto the bed and moved between Emma’s legs and rubbed the knob of his cock over her wet slit, then with a thrust drove his cock deep into Emma’s wet cunt and started fucking her. His wife sat on the edge of the bed watching him thrusting his cock in and out of Emma’s cunt.

Holly giggled, “Emma now you know why I fell in love with Scott, it was because of the size of his cock.”

Emma didn’t answer, she just laid there moaning and gasping for breath as Scott drove his cock all the way inside her. Holly leaned over and kissed Emma passionately pushing her tongue into Emma’s mouth, Emma returned her kiss by pushing her tongue into Holly’s mouth.

When they broke their kiss, Holly asked, “Do you like my husband fucking you.?”

“Fuck yes,” Emma moaned as her body shook with another orgasm.

As Scott continued thrusting his cock in and out of Emma’s cunt there was a knock on the apartment’s door. Holly climbed off the bed and staying naked went to answer the door. When she returned to the bedroom, she was accompanied by Emma’s father, Mal.

“Dad why don’t you undress and join us?” said Emma.

With Holly’s help, Mal undressed and was soon standing naked beside the bed stroking his cock as he watched Scott slam his cock all the way inside Emma’s wet cunt and kept it buried deep inside her as he began shooting his hot fresh cum into her. When had finished filling Emma’s cunt with his cum, Scott rolled off Emma letting his limp cock slip out of her and laid down on the bed and looked up at Mal.

“Mal, I liked to introduce you to my husband Scott, Scott this is Emma’s father Mal,” said Holly.

“Hello Mal, it’s nice to meet you, Holly told me about you fucking her,” said Scott stroking his large limp cock.

“Hello Scott, I really enjoyed fucking your wife,” replied Mal.

When Scott sat up on the edge of the bed he reached and wrapped his hand around Mal’s hard cock, Mal gasped in surprise. He then took a deep breath as Scott took his cock into his mouth.

“As you can tell, my husband Scott likes cock,” giggled Holly cuddling Emma as they watched Mal take hold of Scott’s head and start face fucking him.

Scott stroked his limp cock as he was face fucked, encouraging his cock to become hard. A few minutes later Mal was blasting his hot cum into Scott’s mouth and down his throat.

“Oh fuck you suck cock just as good as your wife,” chuckled Mal removing his limp cock from Scott’s mouth.

“Eat your daughter’s cunt and suck out my husband’s cum,” said Holly.

Mal knelt on the bed between his daughter’s legs and buried his face between Emma’s thighs and began sucking on Emma’s cunt, tongue fucking her cunt at the same time as he sucked Scott’s cum out of her cum filled cunt. When Mal felt his ass being lifted up and his knees pushed apart, he thought it was Holly, until he felt Scott push his once again large hard cock into his ass.

Emma squealed in excitement; she had never seen her father being fucked by another man.

“Fuck his ass,” squealed Holly as she squatted over Emma’s face and lowered her cunt onto Emma’s mouth.

When Mal started to lift his mouth off his daughter’s cum filled cunt. Holly reached out and pushed down on the back of Mal’s head keeping his mouth against Emma’s cunt. Her husband, with a hand on each side of Mal’s waist, pounded Mal’s ass with his massive cock. Holly ground her wet cunt against Emma’s mouth as she watched her husband fucking Emma’s father’s ass.

When Scott’s cock exploded, Mal felt his ass being filled with hot cum. It had been years since he had his ass fucked by another man. He had forgotten how good it felt having a large cock in his ass. With his cock going soft, Scott pulled out of Mal’s ass and stepped back. Holly removed her hand from Mal’s head letting him lift his head and she climbed off Emma’s face after grinding her cunt against Emma’s face one more time.

As they all laid on the bed recovering Emma said, “Dad, I never knew you liked having your ass fucked.

“There’s a lot that you don’t know about me,” replied Mal giving his daughter’s face a kiss and tasting Holly’s juices.

After Mal had given his hard cock a couple of pumps, he climbed off the bed and moved around to the other side. He lifted Holly’s legs up onto his shoulders and drove his cock into her wet cunt.

“Oh yes, that’s what I need,” moaned Holly as Mal pumped his cock in and out of her cunt.

With Scott’s cum dripping out of his ass Mal began slamming his cock in and out of Holly’s cunt faster as her husband laid there with his arm around Emma and watched.

“As soon as my cock is hard enough, I’m going to fuck you like that,” whispered Scott into Emma’s ear.

Emma reached over and wrapped her hand around Scott’s limp soft cock and started stroking and replied, “I can feel your cock becoming hard.”

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