Emily Ch. 04

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Emily knocked lightly on the door of Gina’s chalet and waited. She had called ‘on spec’ after seeing Maurice, Gina’s husband, go to work, hoping to catch Gina at home and feeling as randy as she did. Gina was a woman sixteen years older than Emily, a tall blonde with legs to die for and skin like velvet. Emily was black, twenty years old, several inches shorter than Gina, fuller figured, and very inexperienced. Somehow the pair had overcome their differences of age, race and culture and become firm friends and lesbian lovers, the friendship as important as the sex.

After a minute or so, puzzled that her knock had been ignored, Emily turned the handle experimentally and, finding it unlocked, pushed the door open a little way and peered in.

“Anybody home?” Her cheery Jamaican voice had a nervous note behind its usual happy tone.

“Sorry sweetheart, come in, I’m in the bedroom.” Gina’s voice sounded quieter than usual.

At least she’s in the bedroom, and that’s promising, thought Emily, slipping through the door and closing it behind her. She padded along the corridor and into the bedroom, where Gina lay on the bed in jeans and a sweatshirt.

“You’re early. I wasn’t expecting to see you till this afternoon. I thought you were working this morning.” Gina’s smile of welcome was not very enthusiastic and alarm bells began to ring in Emily’s head.

“Sue asked me to swap shifts with her, so I’m free today.” Emily paused. “And I thought maybe you were, and might like a little company?” She paused again to let the real meaning of ‘company’ to register, and when it clearly didn’t. “But you look a bit stressed, shall I come back?”

“No, please stay. I need to talk to you anyway.” Gina looked like the bearer of bad tidings.

“That bad, huh?” Emily’s heart began to pound.

“No, no, nothing horrendous. But we do have a problem. I’ll explain, but give me a hug first.” Gina held her arms out to Emily, who lay down beside her friend and hugged her, the white woman and black girl in a close embrace.

“Do you remember last night?” Began Gina. “When I was making love to you with that dildo?”

Emily nodded, smiling. It was not something that she was ever likely to forget.

“And do you remember we’d said we hope somebody looks in?”

“Yes.” Being watched was a turn on for both women. Their mutual liking for exhibitionism was what had brought them together in the first place.

“Well, somebody did!” Gina stopped, took a breath and then carried on. “And it was Maurice!”

Emily felt herself go cold. Oh No! Now what? What would her husband do now that he knew of their relationship?

“Oh my God, how do you know?”

“He told me just before he went to work a little while ago. Apparently he finished early and looked in hoping to surprise me, and saw me doing it to you. He said he stood and watched until you came, then he went to the bar until his normal finishing time.” Gina hesitated. “He also said it turned him on like mad – and I believe that because he fucked me really hard when he got home last night.”

“So what happens now? Is it going to cause your marriage problems? Does it mean we can’t meet?”

The questions tumbled from Emily’s lips as she tried to come to terms with the news. Her mind was in turmoil. Part of her was thrilled to have been seen in a sexual context, but mostly she was worried for her friend and for their newfound relationship.

“It won’t cause any problems between me and Maurice. He’s given me an ultimatum, but he doesn’t mean it. And even if he did it’s one that we could go along with anyway, if we had to.”

“What sort of ultimatum?”

“Silly as it may seem, he wants to watch us again, but in the same room. And he says that if I can’t persuade you to go along with it he’ll stop me from seeing you, and if I don’t, he’ll leave me.”

“But… I don’t understand. We want to be watched.” Emily began to stroke Gina’s upper arm, trying to convey that it was no difficulty for her.

“I know. That’s what I mean; it’s something we could easily do. He knows I don’t mind him watching me, but he doesn’t know that you fancy being watched as well. And in any case, he’s only trying to get a ringside seat for a bit of lesbian action, as he sees it. He won’t leave me, I know that.”

“As long as you’re certain of that where’s the problem?” Emily was puzzled at Gina’s reluctance.

“Well, I don’t want you to be forced into anything for my sake, even if you think you want it. And then…. ” Gina paused. “Well, he wants to wank while we play!”

“Ok, so I get to see a man wank, big deal.”

“No, you don’t understand, he wants to shoot his load over us while we make love.”

Emily stopped stroking Gina’s arm, suddenly deep in thought. “Oh!” Then she looked at Gina.

“Ok. Yes, ok, I can handle that, but on one condition. You must get him to promise, absolutely promise, not to shoot anywhere near my pussy. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“That can’t happen. He’s had the snip, so he can’t make any woman pregnant.”

Emily looked for clarification. “Had the snip?”

“He casino şirketleri had a vasectomy about six years ago.” Gina explained the ‘snip’.

“Then that’s ok. Yes, let’s do it!” Emily’s face wore her big smile again.

“What happens if he gets carried away and wants to join in?” Gina put up an obvious possibility.

“We’d have to tackle that if it happened. But he can’t do anything like that without jeopardising what he thinks is his hold over you, can he? Because if he touches me, he’s cheating on you!”

“True!” Gina looked thoughtful but relieved.

“But I definitely want us to do it, just for the fun of it.”

“Then can you come back tonight? After he gets home at nine-ish?” Now Gina was smiling as well.

“Certainly can. What does he want to see?”

“Everything, absolutely everything! He wants to see us both naked. He wants to watch us masturbate, and then watch us do everything we do with each other. Are you sure you can cope with that?”

“Absolutely. And I’ll pretend to be ever so nervous and shy when we start, as if you had to really talk me into it.”

“Thank you darling, I’m so sorry this has happened.” Gina reached over and stroked Emily’s cheek.

“No problem. Let’s give him a show to remember!”


Emily watched that evening for Maurice returning home, slipping from her chalet and walking across about fifteen minutes later. It was nine-o-clock almost to the minute.

When she reached Gina’s door she paused, not from nerves, but because she needed to control her excited breathing. She had thought about tonight all afternoon, getting hornier and hornier and her fantasies getting wilder and wilder. Eventually she had gone into her own bedroom and brought herself off, just to take the edge off her desires.

Now, with everything under control she tapped on the door. Gina answered within seconds, as if she had been waiting for the knock.

“Hello sweetheart, thank you for coming. I hope you won’t regret it!” Gina spoke very quietly, almost a whisper.

“Don’t you dare say it’s off? I’m so hot just thinking about it that I could do just about anything with anybody, so please let’s do it.” Emily’s voice was also kept low.

“No, it’s not off. It’s just Maurice wanting to do everything his way.”

Emily raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Come on, lets go in, and I’ll introduce you to ‘his lordship’.” The sarcasm was heavy in Gina’s words, as she turned and led Emily into the lounge.

Maurice turned out to be better looking than Emily had thought from long range. He was about Gina’s age, stood a slender 6ft tall, had dark wavy hair, clear blue eyes, and a square jaw on a determined looking face. His only disagreeable feature was his heavy caterpillar eyebrows that made his stare into a glower.

“You must be the slut I saw with a dildo up her cunt last night!” The crude greeting shook Emily, who blushed and stared at the carpet, her intention to feign nervousness now made unnecessary by his aggressive tone.

“Mo, that’s not fair. Don’t be so nasty.” Gina came to Emily’s aid.

“I should know you’d back your lesbian lover. Now, let me tell you both this. If you want to see each other again, you’d better make it good tonight.”

“Oh, shut up Mo. You know damn well you don’t mean half of what you say!”

Emily was trembling, listening to the exchange between husband and wife and knowing she was the cause made her anxious for Gina’s sake.

Maurice noticeably failed to contradict Gina’s assertion. “Go into the bedroom, you two, and take your clothes off. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Gina looked at Emily and winked. “It’ll be alright.” She stage whispered. “He’s just trying to show who he thinks is boss.” She took Emily’s hand and led her into the bedroom.

“Are you alright?” Gina looked anxiously at Emily. “Do you still want to do this?” She tossed her head towards the door, “Don’t worry about him, he’s all mouth.”

Emily squared her mental shoulders; she was not going to be browbeaten out of her bond with Gina. And, anyway, the touch of Gina’s hand on hers had rekindled the flames that Maurice’s crudity had temporarily dowsed. “Oh, yes! More than ever now!”

“Good girl, so do I!” They kissed briefly then undressed quickly and lay on the bed side by side, legs together and arms ramrod straight by their sides as if in imitation of toy soldiers. They grinned at each other in anticipation of Maurice’s reaction to their pose, and waited his grand entrance.

Maurice entered as they had expected, throwing open the door to reveal himself totally naked and erect, pausing in the doorway for effect. When he received none he came into the bedroom, placed Gina’s ‘toy box’ and the strap-on dildo on the bedside table, and went to sit in the chair opposite, his cock bouncing as he strode around the bedroom.

It must be said that Emily was impressed with its size. Having never seen an erect male cock before and having already been told by Gina that he was quite well endowed, she was interested to see casino firmaları what he possessed. It would, she thought to herself lewdly ‘make quite a cunt full’.

The lack of clothes had brought them all to the same level and Maurice had lost much of his bluster, though he still wanted to be in command, and his tone was much more conciliatory as he asked. “How did this thing between you two start?”

It was Gina who responded. “I was frigging myself off in the lounge, but I’d not drawn the curtains and Emily saw me from her chalet.” She looked at her husband who waited for her to continue. “Then we met and talked about it, and eventually we started to watch each other. That led to other things and we got together properly!”

He looked at Emily. “Is that right?” Emily nodded, genuinely feeling shy.

He turned back to Gina. “Then you’d better start tonight. Show us what your little friend saw.”

Slowly Gina spread her legs to her husbands gaze, feeling unnaturally reticent with Emily present, then reached down with her hand and began to gently stroke her pussy. Emily felt the soft rhythmical movements through the bed, and her own pussy began to moisten once more.

Maurice sat with his eyes fixed on his wife’s fingers, his own hand migrating unbidden to his cock where he began to slowly stroke the shaft, the action intended more to reinforce his arousal with the pleasant sensation than to cause him to cum.

Gina’s breathing began to deepen slightly and her free hand found Emily’s, gripping the fingers and squeezing slightly, seeking contact as excitement took hold. Emily squeezed back gently, hiding the touch behind Gina’s raised thigh, not wanting Maurice to see their subtle intimacy. Gina moaned quietly and rubbed her clitoris, taking pleasure from Emily’s presence as much as Maurice’s inspection.

“Is that what you saw?” Maurice’s question was aimed at Emily. She nodded, averting her eyes.

“And did it turn you on?” Emily nodded again.

“And is it turning you on now?” His voice was slightly breathless as he asked intentionally personal questions. Emily turned her face away, but nodded again, her shyness part real, part exaggeration.

“Answer me!”

“Yes!” Emily turned to look directly and defiantly at Maurice as he pressed for a verbal response.

“Show me. Show me what you showed Gina.”

Emily heart was pounding with excitement, now the moment had come when she could show off to a man and she was achingly ready for it, her excitement made all the more intense by Maurice’s mistaken thought that he was making her do it against her will. Deliberately and slowly she parted her legs, making him wait to see her wet pussy, watching him as he instinctively leaned forward a little in his seat to gain a better view. ‘Yes’ she thought ‘you think you’re in control, but actually I am’. Now, with her legs wide she hooked her thigh over Gina’s to open them even further and used her fingers to part her labia and display her clitoris and vagina to Maurice’s hungry eyes.

“Now wank yourself off!” He commanded her, again ordering her to do exactly what she wanted to do anyway.

Feigning reluctance Emily placed two fingers against the tip of her clit and remained motionless, fighting her instincts in order to bring a response from Maurice.

“Go on, do it, make yourself cum!” He repeated his instruction, his own hand speeding up its effort on his shaft. “You as well Gina, I want you both to cum together.”

The two women now lay side by side, their nearest hands with fingers interlaced, their legs interlocked, and their other hands working steadily on their clits. For Maurice the vision was a dream come true and he began to wank in earnest, darting glances at the women’s faces to make sure they were watching him wank but otherwise scrutinising the two pussies displayed before him.

It was Emily who came first, thwarting Maurice’s wish for a simultaneous orgasm. She was unable to control her excitement at the situation and she was soon gripping Gina’s hand tight while her hips danced upon the bed and her fingers flew across her clit, pressing hard against it to maximise her orgasm. She screwed up her face as her powerful first climax struck, her keening wail forced from between clenched teeth by the strength of her pleasure.

When her orgasm was over and she had flopped back upon the bed, gasping and panting, Emily looked at Maurice. He looked back at her and, to her great surprise, he shifted his grip on his cock to give her a better view and cupped his balls to her with his other hand. Emily watched his hand sliding up and down the length of his cock and wondered what it would be like if it were her hand, or perhaps her pussy, travelling along his shaft, or maybe even her mouth. But whichever she used, Emily had a distinct and powerful urge to feel Maurice’s cock in contact with her somewhere.

Surprised at her own thoughts and by the fact that she still felt as horny as hell, Emily turned her head away to break the spell and to watch Gina, who was grunting and twisting under the influence of her own impending güvenilir casino orgasm. Though she left her legs still wide open and her pussy on show to Maurice, it was watching her friend and lover playing with herself that once again gave her the biggest thrill.

“Fuck her!” Maurice’s order cut through Emily’s thoughts and her head jerked around towards him. “Put that strap-on on and fuck my wife, just like you did last night.”

Emily was about to point out that she hadn’t fucked Gina that night or any other, but a sudden jolt of excitement at the prospect of doing what he would usually do made her change her mind. Instead she looked at Gina for permission.

Gina stopped her own play and nodded enthusiastically. “Yes please darling!”

It took Gina’s help to get the strap-on fastened around her, but finally it was done and she looked down to see a large erect cock, incongruously white, sprouting from her pubic bone. Maurice watched proceedings with a lascivious grin on his face, eager to see his wife impaled on the false phallus.

Gina lay back and spread her legs to Emily, helping her clamber over her and settle herself between the opened thighs. Then she reached around her bottom and guided the tip of the dildo to her pussy.

“Now, darling, now, fuck me. Push it right into my cunt. Make me squirm!” Gina knew that they all liked sexy talk and it seemed to her that the circumstances demanded more of it, even though she felt strangely reticent with both Emily and Maurice present.

Emily pushed tentatively, unsure where the dildo was headed, but as it sank with only a little resistance and Gina sighed happily, she knew she was doing it right and pushed a little more firmly.

“Oh my God, that’s so fucking good. Now hold it right inside my cunt, just stay still for a minute. Let me get used to it.”

Gina didn’t need to get used to it, she was hot and wet enough for it to slide in and out totally unimpeded, but she wanted time to appreciate the feel of Emily’s body lying on hers. She could feel Emily’s erect nipples pressing into her breasts and the firmness of the girls rounded thighs pushing her own legs apart. She wrapped her arms around Emily’s back and kissed her full on the mouth, knowing full well that Maurice was watching them enjoy their lesbian kiss. She pressed her tongue between Emily’s lips and deep into her mouth, feeling the wet warmth of Emily’s own tongue against hers, the two snaking and sliding around each other, tasting and licking tongue on tongue. Then she heard Maurice start to grunt behind them and knew that he would not be long before he came.

“Fuck me now darling; fuck me hard, as hard as you can. Fill my cunt.”

Emily began to thrust, adjusting her position a little to give herself better purchase before pushing herself at Gina with all her strength, knowing without being told that the cock was being pushed deep into Gina’s pussy and that the base would be pressing against Gina’s clit, just as it was against hers when the roles had been reversed. Steadily she picked up her pace, increasing the speed of her thrusts without letting up on the power until she could feel the base of the strap-on banging hard against Gina’s body, the shocks transmitting themselves through her own pubes to stimulate her clit. Gina’s nails were digging into Emily’s shoulders as she became hotter and hotter from the pounding of the dildo, and she was breathing heavily into Emily’s ear, occasional words and phrases mixed with her breaths.

“Yes, harder” then, “Push it up me, right up!” and “Fuck my cunt, Em.”

Behind them they could hear Maurice grunting louder and the noises of a hand slapping up and down a cock, closing in on a climax. Then they heard the sound of him pushing himself out of the chair, still wanking and still breathing in grunts and gasps. They heard him approach the bed and both of them knew instinctively what he was going to do. They held each other and continued to kiss and fuck as Gina’s husband prepared to shoot his spunk all over the two of them. The whole scenario was highly stimulating and both women could feel their pussies reacting to the prospect.

Then there was a deep groan from just behind them and Emily felt hot splashes of cum rain down across her bottom and into her crack. This was another new experience to add to her collection this week, and one of the most intensely sexually stimulating yet. There was no way she could have felt Maurice’s cum landing on her body without reacting, and the sensation made her slam herself against Gina, pushing madly into her cunt as the gouts of Maurice’s spunk splattered across her behind. Gina climaxed from this assault, digging her nails into Emily’s shoulders and biting on her neck from the intensity of it, her body tensed and rigid with pleasure.

To Emily, the pain of Gina’s nails simply gave her surrogate pleasure and the bite on her neck she would wear proudly until it faded. Meanwhile she hung on to Gina as the woman bucked and pushed beneath her in an attempt to take the dildo deeper, all the while feeling trickles of Maurice’s cum running down her crack, guided by the leather strap of the dildo to run right over the puckered opening of her anus. The combination of all these sensations was so intensely erotic that a second orgasm erupted within her belly almost without warning.

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