East End Lovers Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of an on-going story set in London in the 1970s. As usual, constructive comments are very welcome and will be taken on board if possible.


It was very early in January 1975 when my mum told me that the Pill was now working and we could stop using condoms. We had planned a mid-week “quickie” for the Wednesday when my dad was away playing a darts match and we knew we would have a good couple of hours by ourselves.

I’m not sure which of us was the most excited at the thought of our first fuck without using a rubber — of course for me this was going to be the first time ever. After dinner on the Wednesday, my dad changed and was out of the door by 6.30, leaving mum and me to wash up. I couldn’t keep my hands off her of course — she was standing at the sink and I put my hands around her from behind, kissing her neck and pressing my cock — which had been hard most of the day — into her bum. I ran my hands up inside her blouse and squeezed her tits through her bra, and then pushed her bra up so her lovely round firm tits fell free into my hands.

“Cliff, now you’re being very naughty, I’ve got to finish these dishes — so you can stop this nonsense right now!”

She turned around and pulled my face to hers, giving me a long deep kiss with her tongue, then said —

“Go and do something useful, love — get your clothes off, get up to the bathroom and get yourself washed and run a basin of water for me to wash in when I’ve finished — I won’t be long…oh and Cliff have you wanked this evening?… no well you’d better have a quick wank ‘cos otherwise you’ll cum too quickly when you have me… here let me help you, just get it out..”

Being wanked by your mum in the kitchen is in my experience one of life’s exquisite pleasures. She was wearing pink rubber gloves, and quickly and I have to say expertly, tossed me off with one hand and caught my spunk with the other. We both knew this was just going to take off the edge from my appetite and I would stand again soon.

A few minutes later I was waiting in our bathroom, stark naked, with a basin of hot water ready to flannel wash mum. She came in fully clothed and told me to get her clothes off. Of course I took my time, unbuttoning her blouse and skirt, pulling these off and giving her a good long snog before unclipping her bra and finally pushing down her knickers.

“Go on Cliff, give me a good soaping between my legs… yes that’s right, make me nice and fresh for when you have me… oh you naughty boy, you’re rubbing me to get me worked up, that’s enough, just rinse me off an dry me and then…”.

My cock of course was again standing upright. We walked through to my bedroom, and then mum told me to lie down on my back. Because she was so much more experienced than me she had often suggested what we did and how we did it, but looking back there was something a bit more definite about her tone and what she was saying on this day.

When I was on my back, she stood over me smiling her lovely wide smile, then leaned forward and held my arms down above my head, so I couldn’t touch her. She straddled me — as she’d done before — but this time, she kept one hand on my arms to pin me down, and took my cock in the other, rubbing the knob against her puss lips. I hadn’t touched her cunt at all at this stage — normally I rubbed her to a swollen and sopping wet stated before we fucked. This time was different. Although mum never had any problem in getting wet, she was much less lubricated than usual — but still she got my cock at the right angle, and lowered herself in one long push onto me.

If mum hadn’t wanked me in the kitchen, I would have cum right then — it was the combination of no rubber and me being more sensitive, and her cunt being tighter and dryer than usual. Mum’s eyes were closed and she seemed to love it like this.

“Oh sweetheart, I do love you and your prick, feel mummy’s puss on your prick, oh that feels sooooo different doesn’t it… oh you feel even bigger than usual, my whole pussy is tingling, no you can’t touch me yet, just keep your arms still — in a minute I’ll lie flat on you and you can make me cum but just for now let me decide how deep and quick we do it…”

So she did — I hardly moved at all, actually mum was quite strong anyway and it would have been a real struggle to free my arms. She was fucking me — she moved up and down, and I hardly did any work. Of course she soon got much wetter, and I was able to watch as my long glistening cock plunged in and out of mum’s now swollen cunt. After some minutes of this she told me she was about ready to cum, and she moved so she was more or less lying flat on top of me. She ground her crotch against me and I thrust into her so my pubic bone rubbed hard against her clit. This didn’t always work but it certainly did on that occasion, and soon mum was cumming in a torrent of filthy words-

“Oh Cliff, sweetheart, you’re making mummy cum, all your sticky aydın escort cum is going to spurt inside my hole for the first time, it’ll stay up me for days, I’ll make you lick it all out and then kiss me so I taste it, yes harder Cliff, much harder, give me your young prick, oh you’re the best fucker I’ve had, I love you, oh yes I’m cumming…”

And I came too just afterwards. It was fantastic — knowing my semen was inside mum’s pussy, and would stay there, knowing I didn’t have to pull out straightway and hold the rubber so it didn’t slip off. She stayed on me for what seemed like hours, then when she did move, she stayed straddled across me and pulled her cunt lips apart, telling me to look at my cum as it dribbled down her inner thigh. Considering she had wanked me shortly before, I was amazed by how much spunk I had managed to shoot inside her.

Mum had clearly been turned on by taking charge of things that time, and while our long Saturday session that week was “normal”, after we had had our next mid-week quickie fuck, mum told me she wanted to take charge the next time we went to bed so she could tell me what to do. She said that I could do the same to her afterwards — except I couldn’t put my prick right up her bum. She had clearly been talking to someone about this — later I learnt it was Auntie Irene — and she said we had to have a safe word so if it got too much for whoever was being bossed around they could stop it. Later when we both got more experienced and met other people who were into all this we knew this was sub-dom role-play but at that time we just called it “Mum’s in charge today” time.

I had no real idea what was going on, though it didn’t take long to find out what mum had in mind and in doing so what a filthy and lewd mind she had.

The next Saturday I didn’t have any overtime but mum was working until 12 — dad was out early at an away match. I should say (as it’s important for later chapters) that mum had just started a new job. When she had gone to the doctor’s to go back on the Pill, she had seen an advert for a receptionist. Her existing job at a local repairs garage was pretty rubbish and she was always being messed around about her hours and so on, so when she applied and got this new job she was delighted. She did however have to cover the Saturday morning surgery most weeks.

Anyway, she had told me she would be back at 12.15 and that I was to have lunch ready for her (the usual favourite of cheese on toast). When she got in she said straightway that she had expected me to be naked when I served her lunch (this was a new one to me) and I should strip immediately.

So I was naked when I put the plate of cheese on toast in front of her. My cock was semi-hard and mum eyed it critically.

“Cliff, why isn’t your tool hard — how do you expect to service me properly with that? Please rub yourself nice and hard for me… yes that’s looking better sweetheart — now keep it like that until I tell you otherwise.”

After we had eaten mum told me to run a bath for her and to call her when it was ready. I did as told and made sure that when I called her my cock was stiff so she saw it when she came into the bathroom. She came in wearing her dressing gown; she took this off and climbed in to the hot bath.

“Now Cliff, please give me a good soaping all over — no don’t start down there, start at the top and work down… that’s better.”

I used a soapy flannel to wash mum from the neck down, and when we got to her fanny and bum, she kneeled up so I could reach between her legs.

“Make sure you give me a good soaping down there ‘cos you’ll be doing a lot of sucking and licking — and make sure you wash my bum nicely ‘cos I want you to lick me all around there too…”.

When I had washed her she told me to come into the bath for a wash too, but made me wash myself. Then we were out and she told me to dry her off, and she went ahead of me to her double bed.

She told me she expected the best sucking and licking ever seen, and arranged herself on the bed with a pillow under her bum and her legs splayed.

“Right, Cliff, now please get on with it… just some gentle licking of my puss to start, I’ll tell you when to start sucking and nibbling…”.

I don’t know how long I was at it but it must have been well over half an hour. I started to lick along the length of mum’s cunt, then as she told me, I sucked her clit into my mouth, putting more pressure on her sensitive spot, then pushed in one and then two fingers into her sopping cunt, and then somehow managed to get a finger into her bum too. Half way through this session, she pushed my head away, turned over and knelt with her bum in the air.

“Now lick and kiss my bum, Cliff… hold my cheeks apart, yes like that, try to get your tongue inside, yes make it wet, sort of French kiss me love, yes ohhhhh yes that’s good, just carry on until I tell you to stop…”.

I had licked mum’s bum from time to time but never nazillibelediyespor.org for long and never when being told what to do. After about ten minutes of bum licking, mum sighed, turned around onto her back again, and pulled my mouth back onto her cunt. She told me to go in harder, so I sucked in her clit again, and really sucked hard to a point when I guessed it must be hurting somewhat, then she started to talk herself up to cumming, and as she instructed I put three fingers in her cunt, pushed them right up as I sucked hard, and then she was climaxing in a series of long loud spasms, and she pushed my head away, and I was able to look at her swollen fanny as she slowly subsided down from her orgasm.

“Darling, that was the best cum I’ve had ever I think, thank you so much, you’re getting really good and you deserve a reward… but first I’m afraid I’ve got a bone to pick with you. I don’t think you cleaned up after lunch did you? No I thought not — I’ve told you before always to clean up so I need to give you something to remind you to be good…”.

Of course I knew mum was wanting to spank me again. I really enjoyed spanking mum, especially with the wooden ruler (chapter two), but wasn’t so sure about being on the receiving end. Still, I wasn’t going to spoil the fun, and when mum told me to fetch her slipper I did so meekly and stood there next to the bed with my cock pointing to the ceiling and the slipper in my hand.

Mum got up, took the slipper and told me to bend over. With her left hand she took the slipper and brought it down on my bum, really hard. With her left hand she took my cock and started to rub it, giving it a hard tug at the moment the slipper hit.

“There you dirty boy, I’ll teach you to clear up the mess when you’ve been in the kitchen — I expect all you could think of was my wet fanny and pushing this tool up it, well we’ll have to see about that won’t we? Yes here’s the slipper again (she brought it down hard for the second time), and you’re still hard, you’re still thinking about my pussy aren’t you, well I wonder how many strokes it’ll take to take your dirty mind off that..”.

After six strokes I started to plead with mum not to do any more, and she relented, and she pushed me onto the bed. She still had her hand on my cock and was slowly pumping it — too slowly to make me cum — of course by now I was getting desperate. I told her just how desperate I was.

“Well OK Cliff, we’ll just have to get you off won’t we? This is what you’ll do. I’ll lie on my front — I want you to pull me up and make me kneel on the bed, give me 6 hard strokes with that slipper and then push your tool in straightaway — I’ll count how many pushes it takes you to cum and believe me if its too many you’ll be real trouble — now get started!”

She lay on her front and I bodily heaved her up so she was kneeling on the bed, her arse pointed upright and her legs slightly open so I could see her swollen cunt. I wasn’t going to let her down and I needed release so much I wasn’t going to give her a chance to change her mind, so I applied the slipper as hard as I could (and this was pretty hard), ignored her whimpering, then without any further word fucked her fanny with one long deep thrust. As I started to pound her, mum was counting the strokes — in my state it only took around a dozen before my hot sticky spunk started to shoot up inside her. For me too it was a fabulous cum, and I couldn’t stop myself blurting out “I love you, oh I love you mum, oh fuck you’re fantastic to fuck…”.

Mum collapsed forward on her front and I fell down beside her. She turned her head slightly and whispered that I should now lick her and kiss her as she wanted to taste our juices together. I had licked out mum before after cumming in her, but this time made sure I kept a good dollop of semen in my mouth before taking this to her mouth and deeply French kissing her.

While we rested and recovered, mum asked me about my girlfriend Sue. The last you might have read about her (chapter one), she didn’t want to screw and we were engaged in some mutual masturbation — nice enough of course. Recently however, Sue had come around to the idea of full sex and had told me she was going on the Pill. I was a bit wary of telling mum I was about to have sex with Sue, but knew it would come out sooner or later and thought I might as well tell her now.

When I told mum what was happening with Sue that time, lying next to her with her bum cheeks freshly spanked and our love juices intermingled in our mouths, she didn’t react much but said well it had to happen sooner or later and that at least Sue would get the benefit of an experienced man. It did of course have other consequences I couldn’t imagine then (of which more later).

After we had recovered ourselves and my cock was starting to rise again for what I hoped would be another round, mum told me she wanted me to be a bit rougher with her. She told me that when it was safe sometime during the week, that I should take her without any foreplay, standing up or on the sofa, just bare her fanny and get my hard prick inside as quickly as possible. For today though, she said she was going to put bra and knickers on, and pretend she was off out and that I had to stop her going and make her have sex.

Without a further word, she got up and went to her knicker drawer, and put on some white knickers and a full plain bra. I had no experience of this at all of course, but as we had a safe word, I thought I’d better go along with it — and besides, much to my surprise, the thought was starting to really turn me on.

“Mum where exactly are you going — I haven’t finished with you yet — I need another long fuck please. No you’re not going anywhere so don’t try to get around me…”

Mum was pushing me away and I stood up in front of her, my cock of course hard and upright. She told me it was too late for more sex and she had to be off, but I pushed her backwards until she fell on to the bed.

“No Cliff, not now sweetheart, just let mummy get up, and I’ll give you a nice time next week, I’ll do anything you want, give you a suck and let you cum in my mouth, just let me up now darling… no Cliff don’t push my bra up, oh you bad boy, oh don’t bite my tits, please, and no, just leave my knickers alone, you can’t have those off, you’ll see my bare fanny, you mustn’t look at mum’s fanny, no please Cliff, don’t look at me , oh you’ve taken my knickers off, now don’t finger me please….”

Of course there was much more of this pretending, but we both loved it, and after a while mum was on her back with her knickers around one ankle, her bra pushed up around her neck, her legs splayed and me kneeling astride her with my cock as hard as it’s ever been. She continued to tell me she had no time for all this, even when I pushed in to her sopping fanny. As I’d cum already, I was able to keep going for ages, and throughout mum said I shouldn’t have made her do it, how naughty I was to take off her bra and knickers and fuck her when she had other things to do — this went on until I did my special thing to make her cum and rubbed her clit with one hand while finger-fucking her bum with the other, and then she finally stopped talking and just started groaning until she came in a series a strong loud judderings and I spunked again into her hole and we were both all done in.

We knew we had crossed some sort of new boundary that time, and for the rest of our sexual relationship over the years there was always some element — however small – of sado-masochistic practice. I certainly enjoyed spanking mum on many of the occasions we fucked, and also often when we first started a long sex session I would roughly fuck her without much foreplay.

After the “mum’s in charge” afternoon, I didn’t have a chance of giving her a rough quickie as she had asked until about 10 days later. Mum and I had had a planned session on the Wednesday when dad was out with his darts club, and then on the next day, he told us he had agreed to go over to East Ham to his brother’s to move some furniture, and would have a quick pint afterwards.

After dinner, dad went out leaving mum washing up and me as a dutiful son doing the drying. Half way through, and without a word, I pulled mum away from the sink, and pushed her towards the living room.

“No Cliff, what are you doing sweetie, I need to finish, are you after some fun, well maybe when I’ve finished we could go to your room for a quickie, but not now darling — I know I said I wanted you to do this but please Cliff…”

I pushed mum down on the sofa, knelt in front of her and unbelted and unzipped my trousers, pushing them down along with my pants, and revealing my hard cock. I grabbed mum’s arms above her head (she was still wearing her pink rubber gloves) and forced my mouth against hers, giving her a deep tonguing while with my other hand I pushed her thighs apart and felt for her knickers. I didn’t try to get these off, but just pushed the crotch to one side, so I could feel her cunt and open her enough to get my prick inside. Without any further to do, I moved my body up to meet hers, pulled her bum towards the edge of the sofa so her cunt was within reach of my cock, and entered her in one hard thrust.

Mum had started to get wet, but she was still largely unaroused when I entered, and she gasped with the shock of the friction of my tool against her fanny. As I thrust in and out, I let her arms go and pushed up her blouse and bra so I could handle and suck on her tits. Then I moved back and watched myself fucking her, her knickers just pushed to one side as I gave her my full length.

I didn’t last long that time as I found the whole situation so arousing. I came fully and deeply, kissed her, pulled out and pushed her knickers back across her fanny so my semen didn’t dribble out on the sofa.

Mum was still looking as surprised as she was when I pulled her out of the kitchen.

“Well, love, you are a randy sod aren’t you? — that was a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting you to be so much in charge. Do it to me like that again soon. Well back to the washing up I suppose — the water’ll be getting cold!”

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