Earning My Keep Ch. 05

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The soft cotton sheets felt good beneath me. My knees and my hands found the bed’s firm, but soft feel refreshing. The hard firm hands gripping the sides of my head and the back of my neck guided my mouth to its destination. I opened wide and stuck my wet tongue out to rub the base of the large cock being inserted into my mouth. I slowly and deliberately wet the eight inch monster until it glided with ease into the back of my throat. I whimpered and moaned to make my lover happy. The reaming of my oral cavity was welcomed by both me and the owner of the hard dick doing the work. Chuck eased my mouth and his cock into a familar routine.

The feel of his familar veiny and hard cock inside my mouth almost made me forget the second set of firm and hard hands gripping my waist. As I felt the second cockhead putting pressure on my sphincter, I pulled off of Chuck’s cock long enough to look behind me. Chuck’s old office buddy, Landon, was slowly pushing his way into my slick prepared hole. This was a weekend much anticipated by all three of us. Chuck’s commanding grunt and strong hands returned my face to its primary work (as far as Chuck was concerned). I went back to my blowjob duties as I felt Landon’s thick seven inch dick work its way into my ass. Soon a rythm was set and I was taking two beautiful cocks at one time.

An occasional slap could be heard from Landon’s strong hand slapping my little smooth ass. He was moaning and bahis firmaları groaning and feverishly fucking my tight little ass as I spit and sucked on Chuck’s ready cock. Occasionally, Chuck would reach down to kiss me on the mouth. He had first proposed this little threesome and I wanted him to be happy. Chuck had told me that Landon was known to produce amazing quantities of cum. So needless to say, I was curious. Landon continue his cock thrusting as my mouth numbed on Chuck’s rockhard cock. Soon Landon began to show the signs. He yelled that he was about to blow and pulled out so I could assume a position on my back looking up sucking his balls as he stroked his swollen cock. After a little licking and ball sucking, Landon’s cock seemed to burst forth with what seemed like a gallon of cum. The first ropes hit me across the nose and mouth and shot down across my chest. I soon reached up with my mouth and grabbed his cockhead with my mouth and sucked the remainder down my throat.

Landon pulled me to the edge of the bed while on my back and positioned me so that my head hung off the side of the bed. As he proceeded to skull fuck me, Chuck moved between my legs and began teasing my hole with his cock. Soon this hole was again filled with a warm hard cock. Chuck’s strides were slow and steady. The room was heating up and I could feel drops of perspiration from both men drip onto me.

I sucked Landon to completion again kaçak iddaa and Chuck blew his load inside me, a familar mode of operation. I made it my feet although my legs were somewhat wobbly and I could feel Chuck’s sperm leaking down one leg. As my two older fuck buddies rested, I sank into a cool bath. My body seemed on fire. I rested and decided to tidy up some for their benefit and arousal. I applied my hair removal lotion and was soon completely smooth and bare. I lotioned up and soaked my skin with wonderful fragrances. I like to pamper myself and it turns on the older men like my Chuck and his friend Landon. I reached into the drawer for my white silk panties and a leather collar.

As I walked into the den both men were lounging on the couch watching television. I smiled and walked to the couch. Both had instantaneous erections. Landon reached out for my hips and pulled me to him. He liked the idea of an young lover boy and I looked and was the part. He pulled at my panties and began to suck my cock. My erection was full in no time. He devoured my cock as he would had a meal. I threw my head back and enjoyed being blown by this muscular bear of a man. He was all consumed in this treat I was letting him have. I whimpered and moaned and called him sweet names. Chuck sat there smiling, just watching. I enjoyed my older lover’s facial stubble rubbing my bare balls and pubic area. He gave a wet blowjob and a forceful one at that. Soon kaçak bahis I felt the surge from within and I blew my sweet load into Landon’s mouth.

After Landon’s sweet little treat, Chuck pulled me to him. He told Landon to lie back and instructed me to stand and bend over to blow Landon, in a kind of ninety degree angle formation, bent at the waist. Again, I took Landon’s cut cock into my mouth and made a wet sloppy job of it. As I did so, Chuck was kneeled behind me and began to rim me. I felt his warm, soft but firm tongue probing my inner chamber. Chuck pushed his tongue deep into me and hungrily licked and kissed my hole. After some time, Chuck made his way to his feet and pushed his way into me. He made quick long strides of the job and soon I felt his cock swell and his grunts told me he was going to cum. He pulled out and I dropped to my knees. Soon Chuck’s thick spunk was dripping from my chin, mouth and neck and under my collar. I swallowed much of my daddy’s seed.

My daddy Chuck disappeared into the bathroom and I lay down across the couch. His old buddy Landon moved between my legs and filled the gaping hole still present between my legs. His thick cock moved with precision in and out. Landon’s face was red and sweat beaded up on his forehead and chest. He legs began to quiver as did his lip. He barely got out of me when his load shot across my pubic area and stomach and even reached my left nipple. Landon stood unsteadily and stumbled off into the dark house. I lay there and enjoyed the feeling of these two men’s cum soaking into my skin. Landon’s first day as our guest had been quite enjoyable. And to think, three days to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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