Dylan’s Domination

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My name is Dylan. I am hot, much hotter than anyone I have encountered in the past 20 years. I have rippling waves of abs, each of which are equally as ripped as the next. The girls crawl over me, leaving no spot unattended to. My smooth back, toned legs (hairless of course) and curved ass. I keep up with a nice tan, all over. I am drooled over and named the Adonis of my graduating class.

College came easy since I had everyone under my spell. Just a wink and nod and mounds of girls were at my feet. Yeah, I am a player, and I am proud of it. They don’t care for a relationship anyway, just the experience in bed.

I have a secret, however. I caved in once to a male. I topped, of course, but I found fucking a guy much more pleasurable than a chick. I guess just the scene of a tough man surrendering himself excites me. I kept my secret life hidden, fucking guys here and there for the thrill. Soon enough, it became a game. I would no longer give in to the male beggars. I would go after the tough football players, the arrogant soccer athletes, and the proud, all around perfect studs. Slowly gathering their trust, I would use my irresistible charm to attract them to bed. With enough money to stride through college lacking a roommate, I have no worries of a paranoid watcher.

My favorite experience was with Dustin. Dustin was the head soccer player. He had chestnut hair, feathered with layers of a darker brown. His hair topped his chiseled face. Dustin’s eyes were a deeper blue, a darker hue. They captivated you with their acres of emotion. He was not an overly muscular man, but perfectly toned. His body was kept hairless, as is the style of my college. He as well was lightly tanned, resulting from his constant activity in soccer. Dustin’s chest was sculpted perfectly. Pecks were not too powerful, just perfect. He had abs like mine, solid as rock. His arms were toned to the desired degree, what every guy aimed for. As a soccer player, Dustin’s legs resembled a work of art. They had no flaw, perfect skin and perfect curves. I discovered his dick to be a great 8″ with an above average thickness. The best physical feature was his ass. It bubbled, but it bubbled from muscle rather bahis firmaları than fat. It was not overly bubbled, just perfect like Dustin’s other features.

What made me go after Dustin was his attitude. He looked down to all of the student population. He was the best, in his eyes. He had the looks to be. Hell, he had about as many girls by his side as I did! His cocky tone was one which made the college freshmen cower. I just had to see him submissive, I had to see him surrender to me.

I pulled the average moves, getting close to him slowly at first. We began to hang out at the bar together, visit each other’s cribs, etcetera. He looked to me as an equal. While not playing any sports, I did happen to sport the criteria to fit his needs. He began to choose to go see me than see his other friends. I knew it would be about time.

I brought him over to my place. It was football season, and I flipped on the Eagles/Giants game. He sat down on my couch, across from me. He was wearing plaid shorts which shaped around his formed legs. His Abercrombie shirt clung to his chiseled muscles as though to claim them as its own. We watched the game in anticipation of the final score. Eagles won, 30-27 in overtime. Pumped from the victory, Dustin hugged me tightly. It was a manly hug, more to prove strength rather than emotion. I grabbed back, enjoying the closeness. That ass was soon to be mine.

The hug lasted unusually long. I let go before Dustin, leaving him in an awkward stance. He then took another seat down, with me sitting next to him.

“Whoo! I am SO pumped, man!” he said. I remember the words exactly.

“I know, but remember I am still crushing you in the football pool.”

“Oh that fucking game of chance, I could never win at that. I just want to see the Eagles win a Superbowl!”

“Yeah, yeah, me too.” I said slowly, as our eyes met for a long moment. I got caught in his deep blue eyes, although I as well captured him in my amber ones. I planned for him to fall for me, but not for me to madly fall for him. His lips slightly parted awkwardly. We leaned in close and embraced each other in a deep kiss. His tongue danced in my mouth, messaging mine in kaçak iddaa everlasting desire. Breaking apart, Dustin broke the silence.

“I, I don’t know what I just did. I shouldn’t have done that, I, I…”

I interrupted his apology with another deep embrace. I could not let my fish escape. He then accepted my advance, wrapping his arms around my neck. I proceeded to pry off his shirt, tossing the Abercrombie item to the side. His godly chest and abs shone in the light. I continued our kiss, with Dustin now prying my shirt off my back. My sculpted back and even more impressive chest now in the open. We ground our bodies together as we became one.

Dustin straddled me as I still sat on the beige couch. Him wearing the plaids and I wearing athletic shorts. His hard on was more concealed than my obvious boner. He ground his hips into mine in straddle position, adding a deep kiss every few grinds.

I enjoyed every minute of it. I was unexpected falling in love with Dustin, over a one night fling. After about five minutes of his weight pressing down on my stiffy, he let off to allow my access to his shorts. I unbuttoned and ripped them off, leaving Dustin’s smooth, tan, curved legs free. With merely boxers on, Dustin tore my shorts off as well. I, unlike he, did not have anything underneath. My 8″ boner sprung out, same length as his, but a larger girth. It must have impressed him for his eyes bulged with surprise. I leaned into him this time, grinding my cock into his boner, merely a thin pair of boxers separating us.

Muscle on muscle. His legs wrapped lightly around mine. Dustin moaned in pleasure of my grinding. I entered his mouth with my waiting tongue. I tasseled his chestnut waves with my fingers, embracing the soft fluff with my hands. I took my hands down to his waistband, freeing his aching hard on.

All 8″ of it was now alert. I dared not to blow him, for I was the top. I took initiative, sitting upright and grabbing the lube in the side table drawer. I soaked my cock in lube, making it glisten. He gave an unsure look, but I silently assured him and directed him overtop my shining boner. He slowly straddled my cock yet another time. Dustin sluggishly kaçak bahis sat upon my 8″, moaning in ache and pleasure along the way. His tanned body slightly glistening with beads of sweat, Dustin took his time going down. After minutes of allowing him to appropriate, I spoke.

“You want it?”

“Oh yes, yes!” he replied.

“You’re my bitch. You are MY BITCH.” I asserted. Here came the best part.

“Oh FUCK ME, I am your BITCH! Ohhhhh, yes!”

I began pumped up into him as he began humping me with furiosity. Forget going slow, Dustin went right for the gold. He rocked the couch nearly right one over.

“OH, OH YES!” he moaned loudly. His face had a look of utter pleasure. I then stopped him.

“I am done.” I said.

His look was one of confusion. We sat there, I with my tanned curves of muscles, cock dug into Dustin’s heavenly ass. A solid shade of tan, us two together. We just blended.

“Wha-what?” he stuttered.

“I am done. That is it.”

“Please, please no! Fuck me, please fuck me! Oh MY GOD! FUCK ME!!!” he began to shout. As though I could not hear him. “Oh I need your cock up my ass! I want you to cum inside my ass, I will do anything.”

That was it, I heard what I needed to hear. I flipped him on his back, lying on the couch. I then spread apart his asscheeks. Slipping in my boner, I continued the pleasurable assault. Pounding my dick inside Dustin with intense force, the moans began to quicken from both of us. The slapping of my balls became louder, the look on his face of surrender turned me on greatly. My cock felt at home, warm and tightly wrapped in Dustin’s virgin ass. I pumped several more times when Dustin exploded all over himself. Ropes of cum covered his perfect pecks. The pressure in his tight hole made it tighter, allowing barely any room for me to move. I continued to pump, feeling immense pleasure, and erupted cum straight up his ass. I kept going a few more minutes until I was completely flaccid.

I then collapsed on top of him, leaving us smeared with his cum. The cum of a man who at once had it his way, but then begged for me to have mine. We fell asleep like that, on the couch.

I awoke in the morning to find Dustin gone. I never saw him again. All I have to remember him is that one night, that night of immense pleasure, when I converted the straightest man in the school into a submissive bitch.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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