Dykescapes VI

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She was not merely afraid of her, she was terrified. She saw her the first time when one night a group of them went to a popular bar and restaurant called Reilly’s to celebrate someone’s promotion. They had a new hostess, a tall curvy brunette about thirty-five with large breasts and a willowy shape. She was beautiful. Trey had her eyes on the brunette’s ass nearly constantly, because their table was right behind the small reservation counter and she sat facing it, looking at the back of whoever was standing there to welcome the customers as they walked in.

The brunette had a drawl of some kind, Texas, Trey guessed, and she could hear the woman’s voice and look at her and let wild fantasies float through her head as she sat with her friends. Only once did their eyes ever meet, the eyes of the hostess and Trey’s, and nothing at all was in the woman’s look except the pleasant disinterest that went with her job. Of course she knew Trey was a dyke. They were four dykes in the restaurant, and the brunette was too experienced not to notice what they were, especially since Reilly’s was in a part of town where dykes were as common as steak sauce in a steak house. The hostess did look at them as a group several times, but Trey detected no sign of any special interest.

So why did Trey go back alone the next night and sit at the bar? Dumb yearning, Trey supposed. Trey enjoyed merely looking at the woman. At the end of that first night she had masturbated thinking about the brunette, brought herself off again and again thinking about what might be under that dress and what it might be like to hold that woman in her arms. When Trey had fantasies like that about a woman, the woman became fixed in her consciousness in some way, fixed so that Trey thought about her a long time afterward. Trey went back to Reilly’s out of dumb yearning, not expecting anything, just to look at the woman and enjoy herself.

The brunette hardly noticed Trey the second night, but she did notice Trey the third night, and on the fourth night, after Trey had been sitting at the bar almost an hour, the woman casually walked over to Trey, smiled at her a long moment without saying anything, and then whispered:

“You’re cruising me, aren’t you?”

Trey stammered. “Cruising you?”

“You’ve been here three or four nights in a row and you’re always looking casino şirketleri at me.”

Trey felt destroyed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it.”

But instead of making some smartass comment, or accepting the apology and walking off, the brunette said: “You want to come back at eleven, honey? I’ll be through then and you can take me for coffee somewhere.”

Trey had to ask, because it was her policy to always ask first. “Are you gay?”

The brunette raised an eyebrow and smiled at Trey, more a smirk than a smile. “Try me, honey.”

So that was how she met Lily. In a daze, really. Trey was in a daze at the beginning, and she never did come out of it. When she returned to Reilly’s at eleven, Lily was already waiting at the entrance.

“There you are,” Lily said as she took Trey’s arm. “Do you have a car, honey? If you don’t have a car, we can find a taxi at the corner. I always take a cab home. Why don’t we just go to my place and have the coffee there?”

Trey felt so clumsy with her. She was so beautiful, those dark eyes flashing at her, the white teeth sparkling when she smiled. She was taller than Trey, and the heels she wore made her even taller. As they stood together at the corner to flag down a taxi, Lily seemed to tower over her. Big Texas girl. What the hell was she doing with her? Trey never had success with women like this one. Lily was too exciting.

Nothing happened in the taxi. Lily talked about her job, about how happy she was to get away from the shitkickers in Texas, about the plans she had to get her daughter to come live with her. She had Trey grinding her teeth. All Trey wanted was to grab those big breasts in her hands, but she was paralyzed with fear Lily would push her away or say something nasty and she would feel dumb and devastated.

Lily lived in a clean little apartment in an old building. When they were inside, she pulled the shades and asked if Trey wanted coffee or liquor. “How about bourbon?” Lily said. “I don’t have any dope, honey. I don’t like dope.”

Trey said bourbon would be fine. Lily brought her some on the rocks, and they sat down on a worn sofa and smiled at each other as they sipped their bourbon. Trey wondered if she should make a move. But there was no need to decide, because after the third sip Lily put her drink down and she put her arms casino firmaları around Trey and kissed her.

“You’re too quiet, honey.”

Trey nuzzled against her neck, turning on to the smell of her. “I enjoy listening to you.”

“You do? Well, I like that. I’m going to change, okay? You wait here and I’ll be right back.”

Trey watched her walk out of the small living room, watched the sway of those lovely hips with indecent thoughts in her mind. She sat there five minutes, ten minutes, sipped the bourbon down past the ice. Then suddenly Lily reappeared, walked into the living room and shocked the hell out of Trey because she was half naked, literally half naked, white slacks below the waist and nothing at all above the waist.

She caught Trey’s shocked look and gave a soft laugh. “You don’t mind, do you? You’ve been looking at my tits every night since last Friday, so you might as well look for real.”

Her big breasts swaying like a pair of large Christmas bells, she walked over to a table that served as the bar and poured some more bourbon into her glass. “Want some more bourbon, honey? I always need two drinks to get my wings off the ground.”

Trey’s own wings were already flapping, but she was afraid to say no and break the mood. When Lily turned around and walked over with the bottle of bourbon, Trey’s eyes were blinded by the beauty of those large breasts. They were not huge, just big and lovely, and they seemed to fit Lily perfectly.

Lily noticed, of course. She smiled at Trey, filled her glass with bourbon, then put her own drink and the bottle down. Then she took hold of her breasts with her hands and said: “You like these, don’t you? Sure, I can tell, all right. Come on, honey, don’t be bashful.”

She leaned over Trey, leaned low enough so that Trey could touch her breasts. Trey took them in her hands, stroked them, weighed them, rubbed the hard nipples with her thumbs. Lily sighed and eased herself down on the sofa beside Trey. They kissed, a lingering kiss that became sloppy as Trey worked her tongue in Lily’s mouth. Trey still held one of Lily’s breasts, her fingers teasing the nipple, and when the kiss ended Trey quickly dropped her head to kiss Lily’s breasts. That seemed to be what Lily wanted, for she then leaned back against the sofa with her hands behind her head to offer güvenilir casino both breasts to Trey’s mouth.

Trey’s excitement was so intense, her hands were shaking, and she had to make a special effort to calm down and not rush it. She did not want to rush it. She wanted this to last forever. At first, she kissed and licked Lily’s breasts but avoided her nipples in order to build up a teasing tension. She licked everywhere, on the upper slopes, at the sides, lifting each breast to lick underneath it, keeping her tongue wet with saliva so that soon Lily’s skin was coated with it. Trey slid her mouth over the slippery skin, skirting Lily’s nipples but still not touching them with her lips. Lily started groaning and squirming under Trey. Then finally she pushed Trey away, pushed her down on her back on the sofa so that she could lean over Trey with her wet breasts hanging over Trey’s face. “Don’t tease, honey. Get one in your mouth and suck it hard.”

Holding Lily’s left breast with both hands, Trey pulled the nipple to her mouth and sucked it in. She could tell it was nursing Lily wanted, not licking. The harder Trey nursed, the louder Lily moaned, and each time she moaned Trey’s own excitement intensified. She slid one hand down Lily’s side to stroke her ass through the tight white slacks. Lily was hot now, making all the sounds, squirming over Trey. Soon Trey pulled her mouth away from Lily’s breast and said: “Why don’t you get your pants off and I’ll suck you.”

Lily sat up, held her breasts in her hands and smirked at Trey. “Are you any good?”

“I’m the best in town, haven’t you heard?”

Lily gave a soft laugh and climbed off Trey to undress. She peeled her slacks and panties off together, threw them on a chair and then climbed over Trey again. She was hairy, a lovely dense forest of dark hair hiding her labia, and when she eased her cunt down on Trey’s face, Trey had to push her tongue through the hair to find the wetness. But once Trey was there, once she’d opened Lily a bit, the flood ran over her tongue like sweet nectar.

Lily seemed to have no interest in anything subtle, so Trey gave her what she wanted. When Lily pressed her clit down on Trey’s nose, Trey slammed her tongue inside Lily’s vagina and lay still while Lily rode her face to an orgasm.

Some time in the middle of the night, as they lay in each other’s arms on Lily’s bed, Trey awakened to find the TV on and an old Western movie on the screen. Sure enough, the locale was Texas. Trey cuddled against Lily, took one of Lily’s large breasts in her mouth, and fell asleep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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