Drunken Surprise

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I had been out for my best friend’s 40th birthday. Yes, we got smashed! I knew this was going to happen so I took a cab home, I entered my apartment, stripped and fell into bed. Jerry had been my best friend since we were in our 20’s. We had tried dating but it just didn’t work, so be became friends and our relationship grew over the years. We’d seen each other through several relationships each, and sometimes laughed at how bad the sex had been between us, two guys who were both basically bottoms, it just didn’t work.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but it was pitch black! I felt something hard and slick pressing into the crack of my butt! It slid up and down the entire length, and as the ‘very’ thick head found it’s mark and pressed against my unsuspecting hole, I felt a very large arm wrap around my waist and hold me tight, then another hand wrap around my head and cover my mouth tightly, so that I couldn’t holler out.

It felt as if it were a practiced move and as the huge muscular body holding me rolled me to my belly, the huge and thick cock entered my hole! It felt like a white hot poker as it first stretched and then penetrated me. I could feel his thick hairy chest against my back, his hot breath grunting against my neck and ear and finally after what seemed forever the thick hot cock hit bottom and a full thick bush was against my ass!

My nostrils flared trying to get enough air to satisfy the panting my lungs were trying to do! He growled into my ear, “I’m going to fuck the daylights out of you, you drunken bitch, and you’re going to take it!”

That actually turned me on more than it scared me!

He didn’t start fuck motions immediately, he just kept trying to push farther into me as if trying to reach depths that had never been reached deep inside of me. There was an urgency, that was kind of intoxicating, and he was right at that point bahis firmaları I call my g-spot, each time he’d hit it, it was pain and bliss at the same time, and as I grunted and moaned in pleasure and pain into the hand he had clamped over my mouth, he played me like a fine-tuned instrument!

Once satisfied that he had me where he wanted me and was causing this mixture of pleasure/pain animal sexual bliss, he started backing out and pushing in again, slowly and deliberately. It wasn’t long until I was almost embarrassed when as if on it’s own accord, my body started pushing back against him, seeking that surprising level of bliss caused by the mixture of pleasure and pain.

As the sweat and scent rose on his body and his hairy chest and hard nipples grazed my back that was tight from the expected onslaught into my ass, it started to feel animalistic.

I was suddenly turned into some kind of depraved whore! He grunted his approval, and the deliberate stabs into my opening became harder and faster!

Now he knew that I was into it, his hands still held me but released their tight grip and became more of a caress. He pulled me to my hands and knees and started fucking me, in true animal fashion, called doggy style. Now the pounding started and as I threw myself back against his onslaught, there could now never be any denying that I was not a willing participant in this copulation!

His larger size enabled him to hunch his hairy muscular body against my back and his large thick cock and hairy balls pounded my hole. I don’t know what turned me on more, the thick rod like length of flesh that pounded my hole, his huge hairy balls banging against mine, his thick nipples and hairy chest grating my back and shoulders, or his sucking on my neck and grunting nasty words into my ear.

“You love this you fucking drunken whore! Take this huge cock in your slutty hole! kaçak iddaa Fuck me back, show me how much you love this big thick cock!”

My mind was spinning, my hard cock was slapping my belly and I could feel the pre-cum splattering against my belly that I now had to work so hard to keep tight and flat. Just when I thought the fucking couldn’t get any harder, deeper or more intense, he released his current hold on me, leaned up, grabbed my hips and fucked me harder and faster than I thought was humanly possible.

The noise of his hard tight belly slapping against my tormented ass rose above the sounds of my moans. The noises I was making encouraged the man behind me to pound harder and deeper, I may not have invited this sex, or this type of pounding, but there was no denying that I was loving it.

He moved me into several positions, from my head and chest plastered against the mattress to a hand around my throat causing me to deeply arch my back into that ski slope position as he pounded me mercilessly! This turned out to be his favorite position and I couldn’t believe how long he pounded me like this. I also couldn’t believe how long his balls stayed down low and slapped against mine, to continue making my cock slap against my belly spraying my precum everywhere.

He was fucking me so hard and fast that I had a hard time holding my position, partially because I wanted to grab my cock and jerk it, but he slapped my hand away several times and finally grabbed them both and positioned them on the top of the headboard and said, “Don’t move them, don’t touch your cock, this fuck is for my pleasure, bitch!”

With that, he fucked me harder and faster, if that was possible! He growling order took me to another realm, this big hairy muscular man was definitely in control, and at least for this period of time, I realized that I truly was ‘his bitch’!

Now that I kaçak bahis had something to hold onto and was stationary in this position it left his hands free to maul and torture my nipples and that was driving me to new heights of pleasure/pain, and he leaned in and chewed on my neck and ears, making me realize who was ‘really’ in charge here.

Just when that was almost too much, he leaned back and slapped my ass, hard, over and over again as he continued to plow my ass with a force and speed I would expect of a man much younger than him. Then all of the sudden he pulled the huge dripping cock from my hole and I felt how open and sloppy it was when he slammed back in, over and over, leaving me gaping for a second and then slammed full again!

He alternated slapping my tattered ass and then slamming in again full force, and that is what it took to shove me hard over the edge, and I hollered as I felt the first blast of my cum shoot and splatter onto the carved wooden headboard. He didn’t seem to care about moaning and hollering now, as he was doing it himself!

He shoved into me hard and deep and I felt my ass and inner muscles massage his throbbing cock as he emptied his huge balls inside of me. Both of our orgasms lasted as we grunted and moaned and our bodies convulsed against each other with sweat pouring off of us.

I was spent and my hands slid down the headboard almost reading the carvings as if they were braille. He laid there on top of me, his thick cock still buried inside of me, I felt his cock throb and twitch occasionally, and now I hoped he would leave it there for the rest of the night, I knew my hole would feel empty without it.

Finally, our breathing was returning to normal and he spoke, “Baby, even after fourteen years you are still the hottest fuck in the world!”

“You are too stud!”

“Baby I almost wish you’d come home buzzed more often!”

“Maybe I will!”

As I was drifting off to sleep, he whispered in my ear, “Don’t forget baby, in the morning, it’s your turn to clean the cum off the headboard.”

Ahh, the wonders of marital bliss!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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