Dream Guy

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Travis was nervous, never in his life did he ever do something so adventurous and daring. Travis played with his wavy dark hair. He ruffled the fullness and decided to add a little gel.

Travis stared at his reflection again, making sure that he looked good from every angle. The tight skinny jeans made his ass look amazing. And his tight white collared shirt showed off his long slender build. Yep it was now or never.

Travis Carter is 19 years old. He lived in Cincinnati, OH all his life. College wasn’t something he has been looking forward too. Not like everyone else, he had to beg his parents to let him take a break on pursuing college.

They whined and warned him told him that he was out of his mind. And maybe he was, sometimes he thought he was. Because the truth was, the reason why he wasn’t college crazy because he was crazy about something else.

Love. Those four words consumed him, throughout high school Travis dated. . . a lot. And since he was being so honest, Travis kind of had a repetition. Two years later and the name still haunted him. Travis the tranny.

Oh casino şirketleri did he also mention that he went after straight guys (who knew maybe they could of been the one) and dressed up as a girl.

Travis tried not to focus on the past, finally he found someone he could relate too. They laughed, cried, talked dirty, everyday. Travis never felt so happy. Now here’s the bad side, Travis has never met him.

Sadly he didn’t even know what he looked like. They never exchanged pictures or he didn’t know what he sounded like.

All he had was texts and emails. They met on a gay website. It seemed so long ago, but it has only been two months. Travis scans his computer nervously, hoping that neither of them would back out. He smiles when he see the familiar username pop up.

Ready2run: Excited?

Travisboy19: To meet the man of my dreams. . . Nah, not a big deal.

Ready2run: Funny. Are you wearing those shorts that I recommended?

Travisboy19: Yes, I can’t wait.

Ready2run: See you soon.

After triple checking he heads out the door. casino firmaları The tight black booty shorts feel nice against his soft skin. Travis caught the bus and finally make his way toward the house.

Travis heart is banging inside his chest like a sledgehammer. He calmly walks up the long driveway, he wish the weather wasn’t so hot. Travis back feels wet and sweaty, he knocks on the door.

Six seconds later the door opens, and a tall muscular guy comes into view. His jaw drops, this man is gorgeous. He leans his long frame against the door, his dark blue eyes bore holes into Travis gray eyes.

His hard square jaw could cut glass, his thick dark brows narrow seductively. His insides quake at the fullness of his lips. Travis wants to touch his dark tousled short hair.

“Hi,” Travis sqeaks.

“Don’t be so nervous,” his deep low voice sent shivers down Travis spine.

This man was it, his prayers have been answered. It was sad really how devoted he was to this man. He didn’t even know his name but it didn’t matter, Travis was in love. Whatever he wanted güvenilir casino Travis would do it.

“Travis right?” He says.

“Yeah,” Travis says.

“Well come in,”

The place was nice and cozy, warm colors. Travis was throbbing with want and need.

“I heard so much about you,” he says.

That’s when the floor dropped.

“What I thought,”

“Oh no your here for my roommate, Mark,”

“Who are you?”


This couldn’t be happening. Travis hears noises coming down the stairs. A guy walks into the room and the electric air that was flowing fell at their feet.

Mark was ready2run? It was sad the differences. Mark was so unattractive, his rolls prepped through his tight shirt and his hairy arms and chest was like a forest.

His hair was slicked back and his short and stocky build was so unappealing. How old was he thirty? He said he was twenty-three. Okay maybe this wasn’t so bad Travis wasn’t vain. It’s wrong to judge based on looks.

“Hi,” Travis tried.

“Wow your beautiful,” Mark grinned.

Wish he could say the same thing. No stop.

“Well I’ll leave you too alone,” Teller said.

Travis watch as the guy He suddenly fell in love with leave. And the guy who he wasn’t attracted too lead him up the stairs.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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