Dream as Consolation

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When I went to bed last night it was with a heavy heart. Throughout the day I had experienced moments of regret, anger, and embarrassment – none long-lasting but all ferociously passionate. At 11:00 you had informed me of my replacement the day before, which was only two days after I had given myself to you for the first time. By 11:30 I had calmed the cold aches that were washing over me in dizzying waves of disgust. At 12:00 I met my friend for lunch and she went through the normal tirade and reaffirmation while I sat, barely listening, still playing over the details in my mind. Once 1:00 rolled around I was too busy with work to think about you at all. However, at 4:45 on the drive home, the slight came back and the “Why? Why? Why?” did not stop again.

I woke in the middle of the night to cool fingertips tracing the line of my leg up to my hip where they flattened out to press a warm palm against the curve of my waist. My skin flushed with goosebumps, almost painful in their sudden appearance. I tried to roll over to face you, but your body was fit too closely to mine. Behind me I heard you whisper “shh…” and as the breath left your lips it grazed my shoulder causing a shiver to course through my body.

“But what about Girl B?” I asked you in a low tone, frigid from the anticipation of your response.

The warmth of your smooth chest against my back responded as loudly as your words, “I made the biggest mistake of my life.”

“But how can I forget this vision of her on the back of your motorbike, her hands tightening around your body as you increased your speed….”

You silenced me with the tip of your tongue drawing an apology on the nape of my neck. “Her hands were cold and clumsy, a poor substitute for your own.”

“…and how do I lose the ringing of her laughter and the murmur of her voice as she undid your innovia escort belt, kissing the very pores on your stomach where I had been only two days previous?”

You turned me around to face you and your eyes were huge and dark in the moonlight. In them I could see your remorse and the imitation of desire that you had felt for her. Your hand reached up and stroked my face gently.

“What of the union of your bodies, the mixture of her scent and yours, the flavor of her on your lips, the climaxes you both experienced?”

At this I tried to move away from you, the pain of reality sharpening its razorblade on my heart. You tightened your grip on me, allowing no distance, and I felt as though the enormity of my disappointment and sadness would leak from me and pour into you, breaking you of the spell you seemed to be under. Why were you here in my bed?

“Don’t let it break your heart,” you said as you covered my face with kisses. “All I can do is tell you how sorry I am and hope that you know I’m sincere.” Your lips met my own and parted them, your tongue circling mine in slow reiteration of your words.

I could feel you growing hard against my leg as our kiss grew more insistent, tears escaping from my eyes and staining the pillow. I wanted to touch you, to continue where we had left off three nights prior, but my hand stopped short of its goal when once again the image of her swept through my mind, hair flying in the wind, then removing her shoes at your door, falling into a furious embrace similar to the one I first experienced with you.

Your hand parted my thighs and began a slow rhythm of reparation. I could not bear the pleasure, knowing that her essence was still on you, in you, and with you. Had 24 hours even passed between now and her?

You began moving down my body with your istanbul escort mouth, encompassing each nipple with a greedy sucking that was only satisfied when you had caused both to grow hard, aching towards you, competing with the growing sensation between my legs.

“Forgive me…” you began, and finished the sentence on my pussy, your tongue running lines up and down both sides of my clit before flickering each lash of punishment, not stopping until my chest heaved with the impending orgasm and you felt my legs begin to shake.

“Forgive me…” you continued as you replaced your tongue with your hand and moved up to free your cock from your pants. I could not tell if the moisture around my eyes was now tears or sweat or both, and inwardly I implored you for a sign that your words were your heart. Your hand was replaced with your penis, hard and insistent, rubbing back and forth methodically on my engorged clit. Each motion caused a shock of emotion and I was reduced to a whimper as you towered over me, looking for evidence of my acceptance of your attrition.

“L-, please forgive me…” You lowered yourself so that your chest was touching mine, the warmth between us turning to wet heat, the feel of your cock rubbing between my pussy lips like hot velvet. Your breath was short and I could feel you lengthening, becoming even harder. I wanted you in my mouth, in my pussy, everywhere at once, fucking every bad feeling away.

I put my hand between my legs and pulled you away. You were wet, the skin pulled back and the head almost jumping forward with the slightest motion of my hand. I pulled your body up over mine and took you into my mouth, running my lips and tongue over the smoothness of your uncut shaft, pushing the skin back and forth and rubbing under the tip. I cupped your balls in my hand, massaging kadıköy escort and pulling gently on them as I increased suction on the head of your cock. Small drops of cum oozed out and I swallowed them hungrily, no longer upset with you, only paying attention to the connection of our bodies. Your steady chorus of “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” became more insistent and your hands were caught in my hair, holding my head slightly as your hips began pushing forward as your orgasm neared.

Abruptly you stopped and pushed yourself back. It was dark in the room but I could see your erection, now impossibly long and hard, silhouetted in the shadows. You positioned yourself between my legs and sank in to the hilt, causing me to cry out as you pulled back and filled me again, over and over, the wet sounds of your flesh against mine combining with our moans and whispers of affection. Your hands roamed my chest, pressing me down as you fucked me. I watched the muscles in your abdomen flex as you moved back and forth, your dark hands a stark contrast to the whiteness of my breasts.

I could feel you tense inside me as your climax approached, your desire stirring the same in me and we both exploded, stars and fireworks, tears and laughter, fury and serenity all at once. I felt you throbbing inside of me as my own body tightened on you, at last feeling the intensity as fully as it was between us.

I kissed you on your neck as you lay exhausted on me, your breath returning to normal, the scent of your sweat filling the room. You rubbed your cheek slowly on my breast and I ran my fingers through your hair, closing my eyes to savor the singular sensation of our bodies entwined, you still inside of me. This satisfaction, this warmth and silence, is what I knew we were capable of all along.

Upon waking the next morning I found my bed empty, my muscles unstrained from a night of passionate love, and no evidence of you. Thunder rolled gently outside as I realized it was raining. My head curled into my body, my eyes squeezed tightly closed as I tried desperately to return to the dream where you remained warm and asleep in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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