Down in the Valley

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Most of the stories I have submitted here happened to me a long time ago. This one however was from just last month. There is a place in my home town where lots of men go to find relief. It is in a valley out in the woods and in the summer months it is pretty well shielded from prying eyes because of the type and amount of foliage. There are several small pathways near a major recreation trail and men looking for some fun go down in the valley at all hours of the day hoping to find someone willing to play. Of course like any outdoor area you can never be certain about who may or may not come along the path while you are engaged so there is also an element of risk involved in getting too exposed.

On this particular day the weather was just about perfect and the area had not had rain for a few days so the ground which is often quite muddy was dry and easy to walk on. I’m in my mid sixties now so the number of times that I am both horny and nature co-operates is no longer great. In my twenties I didn’t care much if it was cold or not but I’m a lot choosier now. At any rate I took a walk down in the valley hoping to find some excitement and was rewarded with a great lunch time episode.

As I strolled down the main path I was passed by a man riding a mountain bike. This is common on this part of the valley as this trail is one of the main biking areas in the city and connects the downtown region to the escarpment. I left the main trail and started walking slowly and quietly on one of the small side paths where in the past I have had luck finding willing partners. This path forms a long U shape casino şirketleri from the main one about 300 yds long and twists and turns a few times along the side of a pond of almost stagnant water beside the main river in the valley.

When I had gone in about half way I saw ahead of me through the branches that the mountain biker had entered the path from the other end and was leaning against the crossbar of his bike which was resting between 2 trees. His shorts were down below his knees and he was slowly stroking his half hard cock. As I approached he noticed me and rather than covering up just continued playing with himself. When I got beside him I saw he had a nice big 8 inch cut cock. He was in good shape with firm but not extreme muscles and as I watched him stoke the length of his cock it was getting harder and thicker by the second. I had obviously found someone willing to play with me which is not always the case at my age.

I dropped to my knees and opening my mouth wide took just the head of his cock inside. Once there I licked under the head just past the ridge of the crown and drew a shudder from him as I ran my tongue back to the end and up his piss slit. He started thrusting gently into my mouth just an inch or so of his cock which I soaked with my saliva. Making a groove with my tongue I let him have his way for a few moments just running his cock a little farther into my mouth with each thrust forward. By now he was fully hard and his cock when he pulled back out of my mouth stood up about 20 degrees above horizontal from his belly.

This guy had quite a casino firmaları cock on him. By the time he was pushing about 4 inches into me he was completely filling my mouth with his meat and so then I took his hips in both hands and slowly leaned in taking him right down my throat till my nose was buried in his pubes and I could feel his large heavy balls against my chin. This brought a sigh from him and he started talking for the first time since we had met. “oh fuck that is great” he said, “I’ve only ever been swallowed by one other person who could take my whole cock. After a few seconds I had to come up for air and pulled back. Catching my breath I again slowly slid all the way down the length of his cock allowing him to push into my throat. Once he was buried to the hilt down my gullet I proceeded to do a swallowing reaction and as the muscles in my throat contracted and moved around his cock he groaned his appreciation.

Just then while I was still impaled on his cock I realized that another man had come along the path and was standing off to the right of us. I pulled back to get a look at him and because I needed to breathe again and saw that he had taken his cock out and was stroking it. Obviously not a cop in that case I saw that the biker had seen him too and so I just went back to sucking him. When I get in these sort of situations I’m not exactly shy. The second man approached and as I sucked on the cock in my mouth he started sucking the guy’s nipples while continuing to stroke his own cock. He wasn’t nearly as big as the biker with a more normal 6 inch cock and was a bit older, güvenilir casino probably in his mid 40s.

I was now being rewarded with copious amounts of pre-come oozing from the biker’s cock and I was alternating between sliding it right down my throat and pulling back to lick around the head and underside. He warned me that he was getting close and I just sucked all that much harder on him. With this encouragement he took hold of my head and started fucking my face with more energy until with a grunt I felt him start to spasm and tasted spurt after spurt of thick come shoot into the back of my mouth. I pulled off his cock and swallowed his load. The man who had come up to us turned his cock towards me and as I turned towards him the biker said “Oh yeah let me watch you suck him too.”

By this time I was horny as hell so while I started sucking the second man I undid the drawstring on my sweat pants, dropped them and started stroking my cock. I had only been sucking him for a few seconds when I felt him tense and then he too shot a load of come into my mouth. A little disappointed about how quickly he had come I none the less swallowed my second shot of the day and rocked back in my haunches while stroking my cock.

The biker encouraged me telling me he wanted to see me shoot as the other guy zipped up and abruptly walked away. That was fine with me so I stoop up letting my pants drop around my ankles and started jerking off in a frenzy. It didn’t take long before I was shooting my load out onto the ground and as my orgasm subsided the biker thanked me for a great blowjob, pulled up his shorts and walked his bike back to the main trail while I cleaned up and pulled my pant back up. With any luck we may run into each other again down there before the leaves falling off the trees makes it too risky to play in the valley.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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