Double-Teamed by 2 Sexy Daddies

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My ex and I had broken up 6 months earlier on good terms. He had always planned to retire at the age of 62 and buy a villa on a gay resort in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. We both knew this would be the case when we started seeing each other 18 months before, and although he had tried to persuade me to move abroad with him, I was still in my early 20s and I didn’t want to leave my job and my family. We committed to staying in touch though, and immediately planned my first visit to stay with him for a week of sun, drinking and, most importantly, sex! And the visit was finally upon us.

He picked me up from the airport and we immediately slotted into a routine of lots of sex and sunbathing. He lived in a lovely villa on a men-only gay resort. It had a pool at the back, which was shared with all of the neighboring villas. As it wasn’t peak holiday season, some of the villas were empty, but the ones that were occupied were, my ex mentioned, mostly lived in by other retired British gay men who lived there for at least most of the year. It was, apparently, a friendly and sociable community, and a number of neighbors made a point of coming to introduce themselves to me in the first couple of days. My ex joked that there were a couple of men there who might struggle to hide erections at having a young smooth lad on the resort parading around, as I did most of the time, in a rather skimpy thong style swim-trunk.

On one of the days, my ex, who was a tradesman, was called by someone he knew on the island who had an emergency and needed assistance. He apologized and asked whether I minded relaxing by the pool on my own for most of the day. I told him not to worry and that I would work on my tan while he was busy and look forward to a nice evening together.

After he left, I spent an hour or so lying by the pool in the morning. I popped inside to look for a book to read and when I left the bedroom two of the neighbors, John and Alf, were stood just inside the threshold of the villa, both grinning, wearing just their Speedos and flip flops. John was very tall and wiry, and as I was only 5 ft 5″, he towered over me at around 6 ft 4″. I estimated he was in his late 60s, maybe 70. Alf was maybe 5 ft 10″, with a broad shoulders and a big belly covered in grey hair. I thought that he was maybe slightly younger than John.

Alf reached out of the door to knock on the window and, holding up his phone, said in a broad Scottish accent “Steve (my ex) texted me and asked us to check in on you to make sure you’re OK and see whether you need anything.”

I thanked them, but said that I was OK and there wasn’t anything I could think of that I needed.

“What about someone to put sun cream on your back?” Asked John, picking up the tanning oil from the table next to him.

I smiled and said “OK, if you want.”

I thought to myself that getting to rub oil on a young smooth lad might be the highlight of their week, so why not just go along with it.

John circled behind me and sprayed the oil all over my back and started rubbing it in. He was doing a very thorough job, as I had anticipated, when Alf suggested he had missed a casino şirketleri spot. We all laughed, but Alf walked behind me next to where John was and joined in the rubbing. The rubbing moved down to my bum and the backs of my legs, each man paying particular attention to one side.

I let them have their fun and then said, “OK, I think I’m well and truly protected from the sun!”

I stepped away from their reach and turned to face them, which was when I noticed that they had both dropped their Speedos to the floor and were well on the way to being fully hard.

“Steve thought you might like some company, since he’ll be gone a while.” Said Alf, stroking his cock, which was quickly extending to about 7″ underneath his large belly with a fuzz of hair around his balls and the base of his shaft.

John was also sporting an almost full erection of a similar length with a lovely downward curve towards the end, although it looked longer because he was totally shaved.

“Really?” I asked skeptically. “I doubt Steve would suggest that.”

Alf picked up his phone and waved it at me. I walked over to where they were stood and took the phone off him and read the message from Steve saying “Looks like I’ll be gone most of the day, could you or John pop over and see if my boy is OK? If you’re lucky he might want some proper company ;)”.

The wink at the end pretty much confirmed Alf’s point. John didn’t even wait for confirmation though before grabbing my spare hand and placing it on his now fully hard cock. “Steve has told us all about how you’re an eager cock and cum slut!” He said.

Alf was now pulling my thong swimming trunk to the side and working a finger towards my smooth hole. Who was I kidding? I wasn’t going to turn down two nice cocks. I started stroking John, working his lovely foreskin back and forth. Alf leaned in and kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth.

I wanted to taste them both now. So I dropped down to my knees in front of them. I stroked them both for a moment, admiring their weapons. They were both uncut, and as a foreskin fan, I took great pleasure in playing with their extra flesh. Getting my tongue underneath and rolling it around. It took a bit of concentration, but eventually I got into the rhythm of having one cock in my hand, stroking, and the other cock in my mouth. I sucked hard and deep and occasionally would give Alf’s hairy balls a suck, followed by John’s smooth sack. It was great to hear both men moaning as I pleasured them.

As I sucked John’s cock, Alf pulled away and moved around behind me. He lifted my hips so that I stood up and pulled down my swim trunks. He knelt down behind me, and spread my cheeks wide and I felt his stubble rub against my bum just before I felt his tongue caress my hole. He rolled it around my hole a few times, moistening it nicely, and then started to drive it in. I moaned and pushed my bum back into his face as I sucked on John’s rock hard cock.

John pulled his dick out of my mouth and slapped it across my face twice before rubbing it all over my face, making it sloppy from the saliva. He moved around behind me, and as he did, Alf removed casino firmaları his tongue from my ass and walked around in front of me. He grabbed my hair and lifted my head away from his cock and kissed me again. As he did so, I felt his big belly rubbing against me, hairy and sweaty. He pushed my head back down and I opened wide to take his length in my mouth. He thrusted it in and it hit the back of my throat, making me gag. He started to fuck my mouth, and as he did, I felt what I later realized was John pouring the tanning oil over my ass, down my crack.

Just afterward, I felt John rubbing his hard dick in between my cheeks, lubing himself up for what came next. I was gagging for it now. My hole was craving the feeling of being full. He pressed the tip of his cock against my hole, and it started to slide inside. I could tell he was going slow for my benefit, but I’d been taking Steve’s cock a couple of times a day since I’d arrived, so I was ready. I pushed back against John, and he groaned as he slid all the way into me. I reached through my legs and gently grabbed his balls and stroked them while he held his cock fully inside me. I turned away from Alf’s cock and told John he could go as hard as he wanted.

He didn’t need any further invitation as he started pounding me hard and fast immediately, drawing the occasional yelp of pleasure from me. I went back to sucking Alf’s cock, stroking his hairy sack as I sucked hard and could taste him oozing pre-cum, which I swallowed down eagerly, enjoying the salty taste as an appetizer for what was to come.

After a few minutes of being pounded hard by John and sucking Alf, John pulled me toward the sofa and sat me down on the arm, before swinging me around so that my whole lower body was hanging off the edge while my upper body was lying on the cushions. John walked around to the side of the sofa and lifted my legs up so that my now gaping hole was exposed to him. He placed his dick at the entrance and pushed all the way in, making us both moan with pleasure.

Alf stood by my head and placed one foot by my shoulder on the sofa and leaned forward pointing his cock towards my face. I grabbed some cushions to support my head and lift it closer to his glistening shaft and then started stroking him hard as I sucked. I could taste more and more pre-cum and Alf was breathing heavier, so I knew it wouldn’t be long now. I stopped sucking and started stroking harder, squeezing his shaft tighter, and lifting up his cock to lick his balls. He started to grunt and I pointed it at my face just in time to feel a splash of his warm sperm hit me in the chin and cheek. I pointed his cock at my mouth and he grunted loudly as 3 or 4 more warm, salty squirts of man-juice hit my tongue and throat. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked hard to get as much cum as I possibly could. I looked up at Alf and made eye contact as I swallowed his load. Then he used his finger to collect the cum that had hit my face into my mouth and I eagerly licked it of his fingers and swallowed it down. I gave Alf’s cock another suck as I felt it softening, licking underneath his foreskin again, and it released güvenilir casino some more cum for me to enjoy and then he pulled away and left me to John.

John took this opportunity to pull me toward the bedroom. He told me to get on my knees on the bed with my face against the mattress. I did as I was told and I felt his cock sliding into me again. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but I was impressed with John’s ability to last. He fucked me hard, and varied it between fast pounding, and long, slow thrusts that made me yelp. Occasionally he would pull out all together and spit saliva into my gaping hole. All of it was heavenly.

Alf came into the room and sat on the chair in the corner, still totally naked, sweaty from the heat and the action, his stomach and chest hair matted together. He watched intently and played with his now soft cock.

After a lengthy period of being fucked by John, he said “You like cum in your hole, boy?”

I nodded, panting too much to form a verbal response.

“You’re going to like this a lot then!” He said.

He started thrusting longer and harder as his breathing grew louder and louder. And just as it sounded like he was about to explode, he pulled out and used one hand to spread my ass cheeks, and the other to stroke his cock against my gaping hole. He moaned loudly as I felt he cum splash against my hole and drip inside, then he pushed his cock back inside and I felt it throbbing as he released more and more hot cum. I could feel it dripping down further and further inside me. I felt his whole body shiver as he pushed his dick all the way in for 3 more hard thrusts, and then pulled out, walked around to the side of the bed and presented his cock to me. It was shiny and inviting, and I opened my mouth for him to put it in. I sucked it, still impressively rock hard, and licked up and down to his smooth balls, which had some delicious cum left on them. He moaned as I did, and then pulled away and walked out of the room.

I collapsed forwards onto my front on the bed. My legs were exhausted, I was sweaty from all the fucking and savoring the sensation of a cum filled hole. I had forgotten all about Alf still being there until I felt his weight land on the bed behind me. Within a second, his big sweaty belly was pressing against my back and his hard-again cock was pushing into my hole. I’m not the kind of boy to say no, so I moaned invitingly as he started riding me. I felt John’s big load that was already in my ass squelch as he pushed himself inside me.

He kissed my sweaty neck and put his tongue in my ear as he rutted on top of me. After about 20 minutes, I heard the familiar sound of Alf’s heavy breathing followed by grunting as he squirted another warm load deep into my hole, thrusting and grunting as he emptied his balls into me.

Keeping his cock buried deep inside me, he lifted me up onto me knees and pulled me up so that I could twist around and kiss him. We kissed like that for a few minutes before he pulled away, slapped my bare ass, and walked out. I heard the patio door slide closed a minute later and lay they for a while wondering whether my ex would actually be OK with what had happened.

My ex arrived home a few hours later and was amused to hear that both John and Alf had paid me a visit. But he said his only concern was that I had enjoyed myself. And I certainly had!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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