Dormroom 69

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Kerri smoothed her dress over her flat stomach and checked her appearance in the mirror. Linda watched, curled up on her bed. “You look fine, Ker. Leave it be.”

Kerri turned to stare at her roommate. “You should come with me. It’s not like its any big deal or anything.”

Linda shrugged. “You know I don’t like big parties.”

“You’re shy, I know.” Kerri sighed. “Linda, you’re never going to get to meet anybody if you don’t try.” She walked over to Linda’s closet and started going through the clothes. Pulling out a blouse and short skirt, she tossed them to her, adding a pair of flats to the pile of clothes.

“Get dressed.”

Linda looked up to see Kerri standing before her, hands on her hips, a determined expression on her face.

“What?” Linda glanced back at the pile of clothes on the bed.

“You must be joking.”

“No I’m not.” Kerri pulled her up. “Now, are you going to get dressed or do I have to do it for you?”

Linda looked at the blouse Kerri had chosen and started reached for a bra to wear underneath it, but Kerri stopped her. She blushed at the thought of wearing the blouse, for it was somewhat transparent, with no bra…

“Kerri, everyone will be able to see everything!”

Kerri shrugged.

“No they won’t. Look, it’s going to be poorly lit there, they won’t be able to see anything. Dress to kill.”

Linda had to smile at that, and let it go. Even though she wasn’t particularly well endowed, it made her blush just to think about it. She finished dressing.

“Perfect!” Kerri gave her a thumbs up. “I’ll do all the thinking for you, you just have fun and follow my lead and you’ll have a great time. Now lets go.”

Linda was embarrassed walking out into the dorm’s well lit hallway, but no one else was out and they quickly found themselves out in the darkness and then at the party. They could hear it well before they arrived, and Linda covered up under the bright lights where they were checking IDs. No one stared at her and Kerri quickly acquired drinks. The place was packed and poorly lit. Kerri was enjoying herself immensely and Linda tried to get into the mood. A really drunk guy came up and started slobbering on them, but Kerri shooed him off.

As Linda finished her drink, Kerri took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. After touching up their makeup, Kerri got behind Linda and gave her a pep talk, looking at her over her shoulder as they faced the mirror.

“Now Linda,” she started, “Just loosen up and have some fun. It’s Saturday, a party, lots of cute guys, just have some fun and dance and party, okay?”

“Okay,” Linda smiled. It all sounded so easy.

“Now, look in the mirror, what do you see?”

“Nipples,” Linda giggled. Kerri ignored her.

“A beautiful, happy girl. That’s what you are.”

Linda nodded quietly.

“You ready to go back out there and have fun?”

“Yeah ,” Linda nodded.

“Just one more thing, dear.”

Linda looked at her questioningly.

Kerri reached under her dress and pulled her panties off. “Take off your panties.”

“What?” Linda gasped.

“Linda, you let me do the thinking here. Take off your panties.”

Linda protested but eventually gave in. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she blushed.

Kerri took them and wadded them up with hers in one hand at led Linda out with the other. At some point working though the crowd, she dropped them.

Kerri left Linda by a wall and got new drinks. Linda surveyed the party and waited and caught her breath as Kerri returned with Jason, the RA that she knew Linda had a crush on, in tow. Linda blushed as Kerri introduced him, looking anywhere but his eyes. They started to talk and he seemed as nice as she had imagined. Kerri watched as her friend struggled to keep him interested. She could tell he was totally into her, but Linda was so inexperienced she probably didn’t notice. Kerri would occasionally lean into Linda to whisper lewd comments to her, telling her he knew she had no panties, that in the light he could see her nipples. Linda would blush and look away, enticing Jason even more. Kerri finally left them alone and went off to find her own fun. Linda smiled up at Jason as she finished her drink.

“You wanna get outta here?” he asked.

Linda felt her knees go weak as she nodded, and he took her hand and led her back to his room. He ushered her in and pulled out a bottle of champagne he had been saving. He had noticed her the first time he had seen her but had never managed to track her down, never seen her at a party. She was absolutely stunning and was adorable with the way she would blush and look away from him. He took out two champagne flutes and sat down with her on the sofa. As an RA, he had a full sized room beşiktaş escort to himself, and Linda looked around in appreciation. He set the bottle and flutes down and leaned over to kiss her, finding her soft and warm and willing.

He broke his kiss with her and leaned back smiling. Linda was flushed with excitement. He reached over to fill the forgotten champagne flutes. Linda used the moment to try and catch her breath. It didn’t work. He handed her one and offered a toast to her beauty or something equally silly. Linda drank to that and smiled at him, expecting him to come closer and kiss her again. Instead he continued to smile at her from across the sofa.

“Your breasts look lovely through your blouse.”

Linda could feel herself blush furiously as she instinctively covered herself. She had forgotten that she was wearing a semi-sheer blouse with no bra. In the dim light of the party and parking lot Linda had not expected it to do much more than hint; in the bright light of his room she was far more exposed. He quickly leaned forward and kissed her again.

“Your blush is incredibly beautiful also” he sighed into her and their lips locked. Linda was tingling all over and her breath was short. He kissed her long and deep, his hand caressing the side of her face.

“Can I look at you again?” he asked after they came up for air. This was crazy. It’s not that he was asking to take her top off, not that Linda would have stopped him, but the implication was still clear. Linda nodded at him, whispering yes as she stared into his eyes.

He leaned back, their eyes locked. Her hand tried to find her champagne flute. He slowly lowered his eyes and Linda could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. Linda took a sip and repositioned herself to give him the full view. He smiled at her appreciatively. Under only his eyes her breathing was ragged! He looked at her–mostly her breasts–for quite awhile as they sipped their drinks in silence. Her nipples had hardened and were pushing out the fabric of her blouse. This was incredible. Finally, he came forward and kissed her again. Linda melted under him. She was in heaven. She placed her hands behind his head and kissed him, letting him do what he may.

His hand began running up her leg, up under her skirt and back down. His other hand slowly tugged her blouse out from the back of her skirt and slid underneath, caressing her back. After awhile he pulled his hand out and gently cupped her breast through her blouse. Linda gasped at his touch. Her hands remained behind his head, and they never broke their kiss as his hand drifted down to the bottom buttons of her blouse and undid them. Linda offer no resistance, just sighed into their kiss. By the time her blouse was fully open Linda could feel the blood pounding in her ears and his hardness through his jeans against her thigh. Without breaking the kiss they moved together as he pushed the blouse off her shoulders and arms. His hands both went to her back, caressing her lightly.

Linda couldn’t stand it any longer. Her hands went to his butt for a slow squeeze and then she pulled his shirt off. They broke their kiss for only the briefest of moments as his shirt slipped by. Her chest flattened against his as they embraced. One of his hands moved up and caressed the side of her breast. Then, repositioning himself above her, he brought his other hand up to do the same on her other breast. Then he lifted himself slightly on his elbows and moved his hands to cup her. He still hadn’t touched her nipples, but Linda was highly aroused. He started rubbing her breasts against his chest. Since he had raised himself up, her nipples gently trailed across his chest. Linda had never felt anything quite like this. She felt so hot. Their kiss broke for a second.

“Can I look at you again?” he asked.

Linda couldn’t believe what he was asking. Linda was ready, but the thought was so erotic…she whispered a yes. He leaned back and looked at her. Linda got even hotter. She knew her heavy breathing was obvious, but couldn’t help herself. Linda let him look her over as she sipped again from her champagne and posed for him. He smiled lustfully and shook his head in awe, leaning forward to kiss her again.

“You are incredible,” he sighed as their lips locked again. This time his hand wasted no time in cupping her breast and finding her nipple. Linda moaned as he rolled it gently between thumb and forefinger. His right hand slid up her skirt and stopped high on her thigh where her panties should have been. He paused and arched an eyebrow at her. She smiled and shrugged. Her legs were now spread on either side of his hips, and her hands were caressing his back.

Linda expected him to unzip and take her right then, but instead beşiktaş eve gelen escort one hand went to her rear and kneaded her ass while the other stroked her side and breast. Linda noticed she was grinding her crotch into the bulge in his jeans, but didn’t care in the least. She was ready for anything. His hand reached around her and unzipped her skirt. They slid it off of her, leaving her with only a necklace and bracelet on. She was panting into him as they kissed–she hoped she didn’t sound too desperate, although that would probably be a fair estimate.

He repositioned himself so that he lay more to her side. With one hand behind her neck, the other started stroking her bare thigh. He reached down to her knee and lifted one leg up onto the back of the sofa, leaving her open again. Somehow he moved his other hand to her breast and began fondling it. What he did next Linda was really unprepared for. The hand on her thigh slid up between her legs and he ‘cupped’ her pussy. He placed the heel of his hand on her bush and his fingers touched her crack, all without touch her most private parts. Linda moaned as her hips jerked of their own accord, but his hand stayed put, not wandering any closer. Her thighs were now at ninety plus degrees, and she was not sure if she was still kissing him or just moaning. The tension in her body was unbelievable. Finally he relented and his fingers stroked her.

He took his lips from her as Linda lay there, her breath so short that she was surprised she didn’t pass out. His fingers parted her lips and began playing with her most sensitive spot. She bucked when he touched her, totally out of control. Linda felt his mouth and tongue descend on her other breast. She began to cum, violently. He held her down by her breasts with his hand and tongue as he fingered her. It felt like it lasted for minutes, and it may have. Finally Linda pushed his hand away from her and collapsed, exhausted.

He kissed her cheek and hugged her. Linda was incoherent. Senses slowly came back and Linda returned his kiss. “That was amazing,” Linda beamed. “Good,” he smiled, stroking her side. Linda reached down to his crotch, finding he still had a raging hard on. “Anything I can do for you?” Linda breathed huskily. “Yeah…” was all he said before their lips locked again. She unbuttoned his jeans and broke the kiss, as Linda asked him to stand. He needed no more encouragement, and she slid his jeans and underwear down together. His cock popped out right in front of her face. Linda looked up at him as he stepped out of his jeans. Her hand reached up and grabbed hold of his dick, stroking it softly. Linda smiled at him lasciviously and then took as much of him as she could into her mouth, both her hands moving around to grab his bare ass. He let out a sharp moan.

Linda sucked him for a few seconds, her head bobbing up and down on his shaft. His hands drifted to her head. Linda stopped and asked if he wanted to lay down. They switched places, him on the sofa and her kneeling over him on the floor. Linda stroked him with one hand as she playfully nibbled his side and thigh for a moment. Then, looking right at him, Linda began licking his dick. He gasped and his eyes became slits. Then she sucked all of him into her mouth and began bobbing her head on him, taking him to a climax. Before she could get him there, his hands reached down and pulled her off.

“What’s the matter?” Linda asked, figuring he wanted to fuck now.

“Nothing,” he breathed, and leaned forward to kiss her. This surprised her; she had heard most guys wouldn’t touch a girl’s lips with theirs if she had been sucking them, and certainly wouldn’t break a blow job for a kiss. “I just didn’t want you to have me cum in your mouth.”

Linda giggled. How sweet! “Its the least I can do for you after what you have done for me,” Linda purred.

“I’m going to cum a lot, are you sure?”

“I’ll be OK.”

She resumed sucking him. Soon they were both proven right: he moaned that he was cumming and arched up. Linda felt him stiffen and then he exploded into her mouth. He really did cum alot, and Linda did her best to hold it in. He was being very vocal, and she was glad she had made him feel so good. When he was done she leaned back, her mouth full and dribbling. She looked around for a trashcan but found none.

“That was incredible,” he panted.

She swallowed his load with a little cough. “I’m glad I could return the favor. Which way is the bathroom?” she asked as she cleaned a dribble off of her chin with her finger.

“Oh, I’m sorry, there’s a trashcan right here,” he offered too late. “First door on the left,” he said pointing.

When she returned, he stood and kissed her. His kisses were having beşiktaş grup yapan escort an amazing effect on her, and she had no reason to leave his lips. His wet cock pressed against her stomach, as he caressed her breast and stroked her back. He led her to the bedroom and she pushed him down onto his back. She climbed up onto the bed beside him as kissed him some more. He responded, and lay side by side with her, kissing her and caressing each other. After a few minutes Linda could feel his erection growing again. Linda wiggled her hips against him.

“What’s that? Do you need me to blow you again?” Linda asked playfully.

“Mmmmmm . . . What I would really like . . .”


“I would like to 69 with you.”

“Mmmmm, we could do that.” Linda giggled at him. They continued to kiss. He made no move to reposition them, instead one of his hands came up and fondled her breast. She was getting highly aroused again. Forcing the issue, Linda asked

“Do you like the girl on top or on the bottom?”

“On top,” he sighed. They continued to kiss and caress each other, and his erection was raging again. Linda ground her hips into him, but it was his hands that were really working her up.

“I just can’t tear myself away from your body,” he whispered.

“With what you are doing to me, don’t expect any help from here,” Linda replied. He was rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger again, and she was in heaven with his kisses. They kissed and stroked for a long time, and her breath was ragged again.

He had slid his thigh between hers, and she rubbed herself against it as best she could, lost in the pleasure. Finally he broke the kiss and rolled onto his back. Linda straddled his face and his tongue lost no time in licking her. Linda gasped at the feeling. His arms were wedged between her calves and thighs. Before she could lower herself, his hands came up to cup both her breasts. She moaned and ground her hips into his tongue. It felt so good.

Her eyes were open a slit and she saw his erection pointing to her. Linda lowered her mouth and sucked him in, getting an appreciative moan that she heard and felt through her pussy. She was adrift on a sea of pleasure as his tongue worked her and his hands caressed her ass and sides. Linda sucked him as best she could, being totally unable to concentrate on anything other than what he was doing to her cunt. Suddenly, Linda began to cum. Linda moaned around his cock and mere seconds later he groaned into her pussy and began cumming in her mouth. Linda squealed in shock and delight as his tongue worked her on her climax and her mouth worked him. Linda swallowed as best she could. Mercifully, he stopped licking her and she drifted back down to Earth, sucking him dry. Linda took her mouth off his cock and lay her head down on his thigh, totally drained.

“Oh god,” they said in conjunction, both too tired to move. Linda don’t know how long she slept like that, but she awoke to find that they were still in the same position, his now flaccid penis only inches from her mouth, her thighs still spread around his face. She could tell he was still sleeping by his breathing. She couldn’t figure out how to get off of him without waking him, and she was still quite spent, so she gave is limp dick a light kiss and fell asleep again.

Linda dreamed about the night they just had, how wonderful his tongue felt between her legs, and how nice his soft kisses on her pussy were. She woke up to find out it wasn’t just a dream; he had woken up and was kissing her wide open cunt. Linda purred in approval and noticed his dick was hardening. Linda eagerly took him into her mouth and returned the pleasure he was giving her. He rose to full hardness quickly and Linda was very aroused herself. His hands worked her ass and back as he ate her.

Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. She could hear sucking noises combined with sighs in the otherwise silent room, which only served to heighten her arousal. After a few minutes she felt him stiffen more in her mouth and he came again. She easily handled it — she was becoming an expert! — and finished him off. She could feel him moaning between her legs. She raised herself up a little and sat back on his face. His hand move around to her breast and quickly found her nipples. A few minutes were all she could stand and she climaxed again.

She rolled off of him and slumped on the bed.

“That was terrific.”

“You were fantastic too!”

Linda recovered a bit and moved up next to him. They kissed again and fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms. When they awoke it was daylight out. They lay in bed together in silence for awhile. Finally, Linda had to ask.

“So why didn’t you try to take me last night?” He smiled down at her.

“I never screw on the first date.”

She nudged him playfully.

“That’s supposed to be my line!” She thought for a moment about it. “Does that mean there’s going to be a second date?”

“Well, I sure would like to make love to you!”

“That could be arranged,” she smiled and hugged him closer.

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