Donna’s Milky Treats

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Chapter one

Being a mother of four can be quite exhausting especially when each of your boobs weighed as much as your seven month old baby. Oh yes believe me when I say that. These babies can get really heavy if I didn’t constantly pump them when my little Johnny wasn’t nursing on them. And that would be about five times a day ever since I started working to sustain my kids and I. I am financially lacking.

My husband left me a few months back when he caught me sleeping with his best-friend. And no, it’s nothing like you’re thinking. I awoke to find my shocked husband yelling back and forth and to a strange arm wrapped around my torso. I was as shocked as he was.

Now, I might have already given you the impression of a reckless mom and a cheating wife. But believe me when I say I’m quite the opposite. I’m a reserved, shy and a stay-at-home mom. Or at least I used to be. My husband didn’t even let me explain myself. I wasn’t even facing his best-friend William, I was cuddling with my then 3month old son.

An old and close friend of mine welcomed me in open arms when I called her crying and telling her how Mike didn’t even listen to my side of the story and threw me and his kids out of the house in a heartbeat. I was heartbroken, devastated.

No words could decipher what I felt at the time. My poor beautiful children barely understood what was going on. My oldest son, my 7 year old Ali, short for Alejandro and my 5 year old daughter Amy cried nonstop for days and their big hazel eyes would turn all puffy and red. I loved my children very much and I would do anything, and I mean anything to see them smile again.

So when my friend Lee offered her place for me and my kids to stay, I couldn’t decline. I didn’t want to impose but I didn’t have any other option either at that time.

It was on a Sunday evening, at 7 pm to be precise, that Lee came by to help us move in. I was standing by what used to be our dark oak wood apartment door in the Hillways complex, carrying Johnny on one arm, and holding Amy by the other. My back was aching from all the heavy carrying of boxes to Lee’s car and my breasts were straining against my tight shirt. I could even feel them starting to leak through the material of my bra.

I lactated heavily. And worse, the dr suggested I keep breastfeeding Johnny pass one year since he was lacking on vitamins and needed all the nutrition he could get.

“Let me carry that for you Donna, you look absolutely horrific” said Lee giving me a crooked smile.

“Gee, thank you very much” I replied, glaring at her amusingly.

We finally got in the car, breathing heavily, all the boxes were well- packed in the car, and the kids safely buckled in the backseat. I rest myself in the passenger side next to Lee. Her real name was actually Annabelle-Lee, but she thought it sucked balls so she went by Lee instead which suited her really well in fact.

“My god that was exhausting, right kids?” Lee looked in the rear mirror trying to mimic their expressions. Then she looked right at me as her hand went through her short dark mess, sliding it back away from her eyes, “where to Madam?” her dark gray eyes suddenly went straight to my bosom and I couldn’t help but blush.

“You’re leaking” she said.

“Wha-at?” mentally slapping myself for stuttering.

“I said you’re leaking. Better not stain my car” still keeping her poker face up and then laughing it off.

As if someone set my face on fire, I was furiously blushing. “oh my god. I’m sorry, this is so embarrassing. I didn’t mean to. I’ll make sure to-”

Lee abruptly cut me off, “I’m kidding, jeez Donna chill, you know I’m kidding right?” sending me a side glance. She then winked at me, “Calm your tits” And I swear her eyes rested on my now wet shirt, staring directly at the two newly formed circles resting on my nipples, turning my white chiffon shirt almost see-through.

I was definitely crimson red by now as I awkwardly tried to cover my chest with my arms. I felt humiliated being checked out like that by my friend. Maybe I’m just overthinking it, I told myself. Damned hormones. I’m so glad the kids were all sleeping in the back.

As if sensing my discomfort, Lee turned the radio on low all the way back to her house. Staring out the window, I would’ve almost forgotten about the incident if it weren’t for the immense pain my swollen milky breasts were causing me and I couldn’t wait for release.

Chapter 2

The clock soon hit 9:00 pm. It was a hell of a long, bone-weary day. I just finished showering the kids and putting casino şirketleri them to bed. Trying to settle in a new place; it wasn’t easy for them, neither for me to be honest. Luckily Lee had a fairly large apartment. And lived in the rural side of the country. It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big living space, a decent kitchen, and an amazing view from the balcony. I was very grateful.

Johnny slept in his crib and the kids shared a room. By then, I was dead tired and my body was aching all over. I took a long hot shower, and my breasts felt way better after I breastfed Johnny earlier this evening. Towel-drying my long blonde hair, I wore my silky beige camisole and headed for Lee’s bedroom. I needed to sleep badly, so I figured I’ll be crashing on the couch since no empty beds were left.

As I entered Lee’s bedroom, I found her already lying in bed, under the blankets, half-asleep.

“Hey Lee, sorry to disturb you but I was wondering if you had any spare blankets and pillows for me to use?”

“What are you talking about?” Lee looked at me confused

“I’m sleeping on the couch”

“Says who?

“uh…there is nowhere else for me to sleep..?” I looked at her uncertain, squinting my eyes,

“Are you serious? My bed is big enough for the both of us. Hell even little Jo can sleep here silly”. A pillow smacked my face, replacing the small smile on my face with a frown. “oh no you didn’t!” I shouted. I basically ran to the bed, trying to get a hold of her as she attempted to cover herself with her big pillow.

Times like that I wish I used my brain before blindly aiming towards the bed.

Somehow, I awkwardly found myself planted tits first in Lee’s face. She was nowhere to be seen under my massive jugs. We both froze in place. I didn’t dare move. I felt myself and my tits shaking from embarrassment. That couldn’t be happening.

As I was about to collect myself, the unimaginable happened.

My beige camisole felt damp. I wasn’t leaking, I was sure of it. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, until I felt it, and I felt it good. A low moan escaped my mouth as I felt something wet lightly brushing against the fabric covering my left nipple. I was paralyzed. Shaking both with pleasure and confusion. What the hell was happening? I sensed it again, another flicking against my left nipple. It was her tongue, I was sure of it. Oh my god, that can’t be.

Again, I felt it flicking three times against my hard, sensitive numb. I was breathing heavily. Oh my god, I didn’t have release in months, I was so hot and bothered. I squeezed my legs shut. I had to get off her. I’m just hallucinating I told myself. My nipples were standing hard and proud. So hard they hurt. My nipples were as thick as my index finger. They were fat and quite long. Both Jo and the pump suck them so harshly. I could feel them rubbing back and forth against her face as I tried to move away.

I bit my lower lip so hard, I might be drawing out blood. I can’t let another moan escape. So dreadful. I was already ashamed as it is.

Pushing myself up enough to be able to look at her, I didn’t dare stare at her in her eyes, even though she was the one to initiate it. Finally, picking up the courage to face her, I glance at her face to only realize she had her eyes closed and was lightly snoring. I was dumbfounded. She can’t be sleeping. Was she pretending to be asleep? I asked myself.

Shrugging it off after a minute of observing her, I got off the bed and made a beeline to the bathroom. I was frustrated and my legs were wobbly as I made my way to the bathroom.

Making sure to lock the door behind me, I rested my back against the marbled wall on my left, trying to hold myself up. I felt lightheaded. I couldn’t help it as I slid my hand down my center. I couldn’t believe it. I was unbelievably wet. A single flick of the tongue, and I was drenched! God. This was bad. My pussy was pulsing against my palm. I felt dirty sneaking quietly in a bathroom to touch myself. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed this.

With a mind of their own, my hands grabbed at the hem of my camisole dress, throwing it off on the floor. My creamy breasts were heavily laying on my torso. Despite their weight, they hanged firmly high. My dark pink nipples jutting right out like two big fat erasers.

I brought my right hand up to my breast, gently massaging it as not to squeeze my milk out. My nipples were screaming for attention. I softly brushed my clit with my other hand, rubbing it faster and faster as I groped, pinched, and twisted my nipples.

My hands were both wet with my milk and juices. I brought 2 fingers right to my casino firmaları entrance, teasing myself before pushing them all in, going in and out as fast as I could. I was heavily breathing. Kneading my tits and spreading the milk all over them. I was moaning loud enough to wake the kids up and I didn’t care. I needed to cum. I was about to burst when I heard light footsteps outside the door

“Are you okay Donna?”

Chapter 3

“Donna, I heard you yelling, is everything okay in there?” Lee was standing right behind that door, probably smirking to herself for catching me pleasuring myself. Can this day get any more embarrassing!

“Hey..?” a small knock was heard on the door. “Donna…?” murmured again Lee. “uhh.. everything is fi-fine.. just a stomach bug! i’ll be right out!” I quickly explained. “alright, come to bed when you’re done.” That was the last thing she said before her footsteps faded away.

What do I do now? I thought to myself. Let’s just pretend that nothing happened…

Peering through the bedroom door, I caught a glimpse of Lee’s messy brown hair. I really hoped she was asleep. I slowly started approaching the bed, one light footstep at a time, to make sure i don’t wake her up in case she was asleep. Her chest was slowly rising up and down with every breath she took.

Lee had fairly small breasts in contrast to my massive jugs, and I kinda envied her for it. She didn’t have to deal with all that heavy weight that took toll on my back, or all the staring and cat-calling I got because of it. It made me really self-conscious.

Lee had her back facing me, I could even hear light snoring coming from her side. She’s probably dreaming by now.

I carefully slid myself next to her, pulling the white sheets over me, and laying my head on the soft pillow, immediately drifting to sleep.

Something felt damp on my skin. I was really hoping I wasn’t lactating again. I felt so comfortable sleeping, I didn’t have the will to open my eyes. But it felt strangely good. I must be dreaming.

Lee’s POV

Donna was finally asleep. It certainly took her a while back there in the bathroom. I didn’t really think my touch would affect her this way. She totally needed it badly. I knew I was stepping some lines here. Donna was my friend, and she genuinely trusted me.

But she wasn’t just any friend, she was my very hot friend. Donna was a banging milf and she did not see it. Oh god, if you could see how her tits jiggled with every step she took. And how big and firm they felt when each time she hugged me.

I couldn’t help it, I’m completely drenched lying next to this goddess. She thinks I’m asleep, but the truth is, I can’t even keep my eyes closed for a full minute.

I carefully caressed her golden locks, moving them out of her angelic face. Donna had full lips, they were pink and just waiting to be kissed. Moving my right hand to her face, i slowly traced her lips with my finger, separating them, and pushing my finger all the way in.

I felt her tongue brush against my finger. She was very beautiful. My pussy was tingling at the mere thought of making her suck my finger. I started sliding my finger in and out of her mouth, wanting her to start sucking on it. Her lips wrapped perfectly around my long finger, sucking it in hard like a lollipop.

My breath was staggered and I only just got started. Removing my wet finger from her mouth, I traced her jawline all the way down to her neck. Bringing my face close to her ear, I slowly lick her ear and bring her earlobe right into my mouth. She shudders as I start nibbling on it. And a small moan escaped her throat. I quickly back away. Please don’t wake up I thought to myself.

Thankfully, Donna was still laying still. Breathing normally, and her chest riding up and down. Her heavy tits were lying on top of her. They would look too big on someone else, but on Donna they were perfect. They were proudly sitting on her chest. I couldn’t wait to feel them with my hands and play with them the way I pleased.

Apparently, Donna had to milk her breasts several times a day… and it looked like it was time already. Something felt damp as I slid my hand down to her chest. I can’t believe it, her camisole was so wet, it became transparent. I could see a hint of her nipples poking out. My mouth was watering at the thought of draining her beautiful big tits. I really wanted to know what her milk tasted like. I bet it would be as sweet as she was.

Donna was squirming in the bed. I was quite sure by now that her breasts were becoming more painful by the minute. Her face was scrunched up in a frown. Bringing my right leg to the other güvenilir casino side of her, I cautiously straddled her so that my ass was now sitting on her hopefully heated center.

I slowly but steadily started rocking my hips, back and forth, against her pussy. Her tits were swaying left and right, going in all directions as I gently increased my pace. I could feel my pussy juice soaking right through my shorts. I wasn’t wearing any panties. I wanted to be prepared for tonight. I was waiting for this moment ever since I met Donna.

Keeping my pace going, my hands had a mind of their own. They started pulling Donna’s long camisole. I rose my hips to let it slide from under me. The only thing keeping our heated centers from merging was the light fabric of both her panties and my shorts. Donna was wearing plain white panties, with some lace on the borders. It suited her, cute and lovely.

Careful not to wake her up, I slid the camisole off her, bearing her huge tits to me. They didn’t sag at all. They were even more beautiful than I ever imagined them to be. Bringing my right hand to her boob, I groped it from below, trying not to touch her nipple just yet. My god, it was so soft and wet from all her milk.

I had both tits in each hand now, massaging them gently, trying to get a feel of them all. Donna’s lips were slightly parted. Still rocking my hips, and both boobs groped, I brought my lips to her, and properly kissed her for the first time. We both moaned as my tongue roughly roamed her mouth. A moan escaping us both. I was in heaven.

Breaking our long heated kiss, I started kissing her all over her jaw and neck, even biting her a bit, making sure to leave a mark. Im not sure how big Donna’s boobs were, but i certainly couldn’t fit them in both hands. I was gently kneading them, squeezing them, and shaking them with my hands. Milk was spraying out of her big nipples with every squeeze I gave them.

With my fingers, I lightly brushed her nipples, finally giving them attention. They immediately responded back to my touch, as they became even harder. I started pinching them and rubbing them in circles. Switching my attention back and forth between the two pointy light brown treats. “mmm…uhh…” moaned Donna louder and louder as I kept teasing her nipples, flicking them, pulling them hard and lightly slapping them.

They were so fucking hard. Standing tall and proud, waiting to be sucked. Not reluctant any more, I quickly lowered down and took her milky jug right into my mouth and sucked hard and mercilessly. Donna was moaning out loud right now, and I cared less if she woke up. I was so horny, I wanted to have all of her.

And so I sucked and sucked, rapidly flicking my tongue against her rose bud, as milk sprayed into my mouth. Her nectar was heavenly and generous. It was thick and very sweet. I was nursing so roughly, milk started seeping down my mouth and my chest. I was full on naked, still riding her pussy, that was now drenched, like there is no tomorrow.

I felt like a hungry baby, trying to get all the milk he could get. As I removed my mouth from her right tit, and released her nipple, I could see how long and swollen it got. Not wasting another second, I switched to the other boob, sucking and taking in all it could give me. Milk was flowing in my mouth, I had to gulp fast. Squeezing and lapping at her left tit, my other hand working on pleasuring the other one, circling her areola with my finger, and rapidly flicking and pinching the massive nipple.

“ohhh m-my g-g-od..!! Lee??! Uhhh… W-what i—is going on?” stuttered Donna. I apparently woke her up. Not stopping or looking up, I felt even more aroused knowing that I woke her up. Her nipple not leaving my mouth, I slid my hand lower to her center, and boldly grabbed her panty covered crotch. It was ruined with all her juices. I could smell her arousal, and it was driving me wild.

I had to feel her pussy on my hand. Without hesitation, I slipped my hand under her soaked panties, and firmly cupped her sex. It was oozing with her juices. The heat radiating off it was crazy. “L-Lee… please.. what are y-you doing to m-me..??” she mumbled. Her voice was barely audible. She couldn’t even form a sentence.

Ignoring her rather failed attempt to stop me, I rapidly stuck two fingers right in her incredibly wet hole. Donna was on edge, she was squirming and shaking uncontrollably, her screams were so loud she would wake the kids up. Increasing my pace, my fingers were now madly fucking her, making a slapping sound with every thrust.

My thumb was furiously rubbing her engorged clit. Her moans were music to my ears. I was about to cum myself.

Both our breathing was heavy. Our moans filled the room. With a final thrust of fingers, I harshly bit her tit, making sure to leave a massive hickey, finally claiming Donna all to myself.


This was my first story, please bear with me.

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