Dominating a Neighbor Ch. 07

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Dominating a Neighbor Chapter 7

“Don’t look at me. I’m not ready to marry him.” Those words echoed in my head. Later afternoon after sleeping in Kyle’s childhood bed with him, I left him to his family to return home. Kyle had come back a few days later, and I had just thrown a tremendous fuck into him. He was sleeping on my chest. I had said those words to Mick, the brother. They had been surfacing in my head occasionally, but now that he was with me, they were echoing a lot.

Damn, was I seriously considering marrying him? The thoughts helped me hold back as he worked my cock with desperate expertise. Usually it was force of will, this time, it was my questioning marriage. I had come to accept that I was in love with him. Now a flippant remark was troubling me. A flippant remark I had made. What was I going to do with this? It was too early to propose. A few months is not enough time, not enough time at all.

I raised my hand to my forehead. I had to give this idea up. As great as it felt with Kyle, I could not rush things. I had to remain in control of myself and my sub. It was fucking hard. A change could be due. Move our relationship a bit further. Have him move in. He was here most of the time already. It was easy with his place across the way. But that brought up a different problem. Full time slavery was a big step. He had been submissive when I met him. In his mind that was for some fun, to play. It became bigger under my tutelage. Going from a sub who could and did go home to recoup to one who had to be a slave at all times. There was a big mental shift between the occasional scene and waking up to it every day.

I couldn’t do it to him. In a pure vanilla relationship, moving in would be on the table, maybe. Quick for sure, but possible. He was my slave, and taking him so deep this quickly was wrong. He needed more time. Kyle had to be deeply acclimated to being my slave before I could get him to that step. That left so much in the dust, I could not rush him. Not at all. He would jump at the chance, but I had to think beyond his quick answer. It was my responsibility to think for his best interests. I had no choice in this matter. If I was going to be a Dom, be his Dom, I had to look out for him.

I had to shove all of this aside. Men do not go jumping after every thought that passes into their mind. That’s what boys do. I shifted, Kyle tightened on me in his sleep. Such a sweet boy. I let him sleep and continued fighting my thoughts.

When it came time to wake, Kyle used his mouth and hands to get me very hard. He was slightly confused when I dragged us out of bed to start on breakfast. Puzzlement behind his eyes amused me. Kyle was casually sexy as I cooked and we ate. He was showing me he was open but leaving it to me to decide. I set him to tidy up, he was surprised when I came up behind him as he was doing dishes. My two hands down his bare back, he straightened some. My hands went to his glutes and pulled them open. My hard cock targeted his asshole.

I slide in with an ease that only came from the familiarity of time. Strange hole is fun, but nothing beats the hole that is home. Damn, that sounded corny in my brain to me. His hands moved in the sink of water, splashing some. He pushed back, wanting me. In the midst of him doing the mundane housework for me, he was getting slowly fucked. Fucking he loved, housework not so much. But as I pumped in and out of him, letting him feel every inch, he was being trained to do as I wanted. And I was enjoying him. This is one of the best parts of training any boy, by fucking him. I ran my hands over his chest. Pinching his nipples caused his body to twist, a whimpering groan came out of him.

Kyle was humping air as I humped him. I ran my hands down his abs, feeling him, his cock slapping against them. I split over his pubes and down his hips, grabbing his thighs under his balls and squeezing. Lifting him up slightly. I pulled his legs a bit wider and rutted stronger. Kyle’s feet left the floor a few times. My lifting made it seem my cock was levitating him. It was great, he was mine and I loved him. I had admitted I loved him and feeling his warm ass around my cock was incredible. He seemed to have special muscles massaging my prick, ever since I had started fucking him, it got better each time. I’d never get tired of sheathing my cock in his magnificent ass.

I knew I was wearing him out some, his breath was being more ragged. He had cum, I felt the thick wetness, but he kept the work going to please me. Such a good sub. Always make sure the Dom’s pleasure is total. A shift in his muscles told me he was wearing out. His body was reaching the end of what he could take from me. I had been fucking him hard, and he had been doing his damnest to keep up. I was ready to cum, so I came in him. I let him down, and lean against him, pushing him against the sink. He fell a bit, so I pulled him to me, leaving my cock inside him.

I let him catch his breath feeling me. When he did, casino şirketleri I patted him on the ass to finish the dishes. Chores like that may not be his favorite thing, but he had learned to accept that he would be doing my housework and whatever errands I sent him on. He didn’t complain to me. I could see his exasperated looks when he didn’t think I was watching him, but he did as he was told. Kyle slipped into obedience like a comfortable sweater. I had seen it at the start, and helped it grow. First more sexual, since that directly excited him. Then other things, so he got the idea they were tied together. At first, I’d do something sexual with him as soon as he finished a task. That trained him to see working for me as erotic. Now I could simply order him to do something and he would.

When Kyle finished, he came over and gave me a peck on the cheek. I could tell he was mentally figuring out where to put himself in relation to me.

“Why don’t you head home for a bit?” I asked him.

“I like being with you Master” That was fair, I had asked him a question. It wasn’t back talk.

“I’m sure you need to take care of some things.”

“Not really Master, everything is tidy as you like it. I’ve been a good boy keeping it that way.”

I looked at him. He was probably right. I had inspected a few times, and after a few disciplinary actions for what I saw as less than perfect work, he had kept up admirably. And he had been away for a few days. “Oh, all right.” I held my arms out to him and he snuggled against me. I had given in. I doubt he noticed. I liked things my way, but I wasn’t a dictator. In my head however, I had wanted time away from him and not enforced it. Kyle couldn’t see my face or ready my mind, but it was a bitter pill for me.

The next few weeks were rough on me. Not anything Kyle did. Kyle was doing great. He felt closer to his family, even got a promotion at work. He came home excited, telling me that he felt so much more confident at work knowing he had me behind him. He recounted a couple instances where he was stressed from his job, not sure if he could make deadlines, but his time with me gave him the wherewithal to do it. He could let go and obey. He knew if he made a misstep, I would support and buoy him.

I had plans one Saturday that didn’t include him, and he took the opportunity to clean my rugs. I came home to things out of order, but was surprised to find Matt helping Kyle put things back after the project. Matty had talked Kyle into donning a pair of panties as well, and they were giggling at some joke when I got in. I looked at my boys as they kept laughing and scrambling to my feet to greet me as their lord returning home. Each kissed a foot and looked up at me, still gigging at whatever was amusing them so much. “You keep going boys.” I said with a wave of my hand. They returned to putting everything in order, and I watched them. They were enjoying each other.

Matty. That was another problem I would have to face if I moved Kyle in. What was I going to do with Matty and my other subs? Kyle was acclimated to them now, and I didn’t care for any of them any less than before. Was it fair to them for me to break things off because Kyle was becoming more important in my life? Was it fair to Kyle to keep up with them? When I was completely single, I could do as I wished. Having Kyle in my life was making things more complicated. I could not move him in without it affecting all the rest. Being the Dom does not mean I can make changes. My changes echoed to them all.

I was half listening to them as I watched them in panites. I could not make heads or tails of what they were finding so funny. It had to be something from their constant texting and emails. I was an outsider. Nice to see a couple of subs getting along so well. They finished up and approached me together. Without stopping their giggling, each straddled one of my legs where I was sitting on my computer chair and rubbed their pantie clad asses on me. They were trying somewhat unsuccessfully to stop their laughing. I sat back and let them go at it. They looked at each other and both lost it, hysterics of laughter wracked both of them. They worked to keep going on my legs, holding onto each other. I admitted to myself I was lost at what was tickling them so much, so I kept a distant paternal look on my face. My boys laughed looking at me, some Doms would get upset at that, but there was no way I could chastise my boys for enjoying themselves so much.

They did manage to get themselves under control, and become more sensual in their grinding. In tandem, they leaned forward and each kissed a check, running their hands over my chest and sides. Two slaves working on me felt great, and I let them. They were having a great day, so there was no reason to interfere. I was reaping the benefits of their efforts. My boys removed my shirt and began on my nips.

It was remarkable how in sync they were. Their tongues and teeth doing almost the same thing casino firmaları at almost the same time. Still working together, they both lifted one of my arms and ran their tongue up the side of my pec and started licking my pits. Not something I got into a lot, but this was magnificent with the two of them. I let some moans escape, and I knew they reveled in it. I felt both of them make a different move. I guessed they grasped hands happy they had made their Master happy.

Having cleaned my pits, they worked tongues down my sides. That tickled a little, but since they had their faces to my body so I could be more loose in my expressions. Matt moved to my navel and began to stick his tongue in it. He really went into it. Not something most guys did, and it was a nice sensation. Kyle was using my distraction to work on undoing my trousers. I lifted my hips so they would slide off. I was hard. Most of my hardness was plainly attributed to what they were doing to me. Some from my excitement of having two of my boys were working fantastically together. I had a boner based in part on paternal pride.

Physical sex is great, but there is nothing like it when the sex is flavored with your total control over your partner. Or partners. My cock being free, Kyle was licking up and down my shaft, over my balls. Matt stayed on my belly button, and it was a most unusual sensation. Each was running one hand on a leg, the other up my torso. I stretched out more. The service of two of my slaves pleasing me immensely. Usually I directed how everything went, but they were doing such a great job, there was no reason to. I shifted my head to watch them work. I saw the secret signal they had worked out between themselves for them both to get onto my cock. My face broke into a broad grin. They had arranged things very intricately. Matt moved down to put a wide tongue over my glans as Kyle flicked over my shaft. To myself I admitted I had no idea what they had coordinated before I arrived and what felt spectacularly good by pure luck.

I caught that Kyle’s eyes reacted to something and he moved to my balls, taking wide laps. Matt was running his widened tongue in circles over my cockhead. This was going to go on for a while. Not that I had any objection. They took their time. Each languishing on a very special part of my body. Minutes of this was divine. I almost didn’t see the subtle signal they exchanged before running their tongues on opposite sides of my shaft to switch positions. Switched positions and techniques. Pointed tongues making small quick movements. I could spend time trying to figure out what their code was or I could enjoy what they were doing. I opted for enjoyment. Once this movement was thoroughly done, they switched to my thighs. Teeth can add that slight twinge of pain, accentuating the pleasure, and both of them did. Sometimes one, sometimes the others, sometimes both or neither. I can take some pain, but what they were doing was nothing like that, it was an addition. A most erotic addition.

Two tongues up my shaft, and they began to alternate in proper sucking. One taking in his mouth and the other running support on my pole or balls. If I didn’t know better, I would swear they shared the same brain. It was like one mind was directing both. Their hands were busy feeling over me. All great, so very great. Two expert cocksuckers doing their best for their Master. There were some differences in their technique, and that accentuated things.

They started sucking shallow, going deeper and deeper. Working harder and harder to please me. Synchronicity, lips and throats working on my cock. Kissing over my dick, sounds of their enjoyment. Switching from one to another whose mouth was on, sliding like they were kissing each other. Hands on my balls. The spare mouth taking place on my balls.

From an almost leisurely pace, they picked up the intensity. After enjoying their attentions they got to the real activity. My boner was a racetrack for them to speed on. And they both were going, determined to which of them will be the cause of my orgasm. I wanted to cum, been wanting to cum for a while. My stamina kept me from doing it. It was a temptation, a strong temptation. Either one of them would get a man to cum in short order, and the two of them working in perfect harmony was out of this world.

My boys knew my body and my reactions. I knew they were aware of the signs I was getting close. They were excited to have me so close, I could feel that in them, and it fed back to me. “Unnnggghhhhh!” I came. I came big. All over their faces. The two of them got in the firing zone of my pistol going off. Strings of cum covered their faces with the broad smiles they were wearing. Laughter again, as they grasp hands in victory. They made Master cum. Master enjoyed it, and now Master needed to breathe.

Looking up at my boys, they were licking my cum off the other’s face, alternating licks. Giggling at the same time. They were having the time of their lives. güvenilir casino No way I was going to interrupt that. Once they had lapped up the cum, they knelt at my feet, each putting their head on one of my thighs. I ran one hand over each head, caressing my good boys. “That was quite remarkable. I suspect you have some idea of how coordinated you were, and I don’t mind telling you that you succeeded admirably.” I smiled at them. They glowed, each hitching up at my praise. “That was the best double header I’ve ever had. Hands down. My boys did themselves, and me, proud.” Both hugged a leg.

“Master, We had been planning this. We worked out stuff for you.” Matty said. “Kyle had a lot of great ideas.”

“Matty came up with most of them.” Kyle smiled at his brother slave.

“However you did it, it was amazing.” My praise is what they really wanted. They had earned it. I wouldn’t tease them with how they were going to top it, no reason to push them. When they would be coming up with the idea on their own, I didn’t have to.”

“Surprised to see me Master?” Matty gave me a grin like a 10-year old, looking up at me.

“I am. Pleased, but surprised. You and my Kyle must have planned it.” I keep my face from revealing my slip of ‘my Kyle’. Neither indicated they noticed, but I did, they may have taken it as the “my” of possession, but that is not what I meant.

We got to talking, Matty telling us about his travels and catching us up on things. Catching me up, rather. Kyle knew and added to Matty’s stories. I had no concerns of their friendship, it added to my tribe for the subs to know and like each other. I took a less active role in guiding things throughout the evening, letting their friendship lead the conversation. I felt like a father watching his sons. But not enough to prevent my fucking them later that night. It was more fun as they showed more how their signal system worked. I got the benefit, and I could look forward to much more.

Once they each had one of my loads up their ass, we all lay back. One on each side of me. I looked at them falling asleep leaning on me. What would my marrying Kyle do to Matt? I had taken responsibility for Matt, so whatever I did I had to be sure all my boys were taken care of. Would I be releasing them and finding them new Doms? As much as I loved Kyle, I really wasn’t sure I could give the others up. But as a married man, I had to have loyalty to my husband. I could not simply have my dick in other dudes. Fuck my heart had put me in an impossible position.

Matt’s visit was for three days, and it was very fulfilling for all of us. I didn’t try to break their signal code, yet completely enjoyed it, let them have it all. I even let them have a ‘date’ with each other. Dinner and a movie without me.

It was nice to have alone time with Kyle again, after Matty left. I could tell Kyle missed him. I kept him suitably occupied, but he had every right to miss his friend. As the months went on, Matty’s visits not only became more frequent, but Kyle was the one who told me he would be coming.

Sending Kyle on an errand to pick up dinner one night, I checked in with Matty. He was over the moon for Kyle, but as a fellow sub, not a partner. Sexually, he was all mine. He was still my submissive. Kyle was his best friend. I would have Matty alone by sending Kyle to his apartment. He needed time alone with his Master. Sending Kyle to his place is not something I could do if he lived here. What the fuck was I going to do?

Months with Kyle only made things better. He got over one of his few failings. I knew he still didn’t like it when I sent him to his apartment until I called him back, but he accepted it better. At least on the surface. That’s what I needed, and I couldn’t expect him to like it in his heart. Sometimes I did it to prove to myself I could. I kicked myself when I spent long minutes looking at the window towards his apartment. Not through the window, at the window. Made me feel stupid. Since I was alone, I could afford to be vulnerable. Only to myself, but vulnerable.

At breakfast one day, Kyle casually mentioned his lease was up. He wasn’t dropping a hint, just going over his daily life. I remarked it didn’t seem like a year since he moved there, and the subject moved on. After I kissed Kyle goodbye so he could go to work, I lay on the sofa with my hands over my eyes. I needed to get him to move in with me. I’d been considering it for a good, long time now, and it made no practical sense for him to renew.

When he got back that night, I told him not to strip, but to sit next to me. He was confused, but obeyed. Then began the most delicate conversation of my life. From his obeying me, I had to get him to feel like he could say no. Moving in and being a full time slave was not a one or the other type of proposition, it was both or neither. He would still be going out, working, visiting friends and family. But I would have jurisdiction over more of his life. I kept him quiet as I went over things. Encouraging him to ask questions. The act of moving in would change things. He was basically living here, but he had a bolt hole. That would go away. I would be sure he had downtime and the ability to put things on pause.

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