Doctor’s Orders Ch. 04

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The story so far: Monique Davidson is a French-born family doctor in a mid-western U.S. city. She has been having a love affair with Alex Hughes. After a chance meeting at a county fair, Monique and her husband Myles had dinner with Alex and his wife Liz. The dinner party turned into a husband-swapping party and several hours of uninhibited sex followed. At the end of the evening, Monique and Liz had a long, sensual dance together while still naked. The dance had aroused bisexual feelings in the two women that were a surprise to the young Liz, and a re-awakening for the French brunette.


Liz tried to go on with her life as normally as possible, but she was in a state of emotional turmoil. The attractive, slender blonde couldn’t get the events of Saturday evening out of her mind. The evening of wild sex with Myles Davidson, another woman’s husband, had given her numerous orgasms and the occasion would have been unforgettable to most women. For two hours she had fucked on the living-room floor, while her own husband, and Myles’ beautiful wife Monique, had been doing the same thing not six feet away in the same room. It had been a night to remember for all of them.

But it was not the sex with Myles that occupied her mind now. She could think of nothing but the dance with Monique, the alluring tall brunette with the sexy French accent that she had met for the first time earlier that day. At the end of the evening of fucking, when they should have been drained of sexual energy, the older, beautiful woman had taken Liz into her embrace and they’d had the most incredible dance. They had been naked, and Monique had held Liz tight against her body, her hands pressing into Liz’s ass, as they moved sensually to the slow music in the background. The feeling of the soft feminine belly and breasts pressed against her, their erect nipples brushing lightly, and the feeling of her pubic hair mingling with Monique’s, had aroused Liz enormously. When Monique had given her a long, lingering kiss at the end of the dance, she had thought she was going to swoon. For the first time ever, Liz had wanted another woman to grope her between the legs. She was silently willing Monique to move one of her hands around to her pussy, and touch her where she ached to be touched. The petite blonde had been ready, even eager, for Monique to possess her, and would have let the brunette do anything she wanted. And Liz had been ready to do anything to Monique in return.

Liz was a happily married woman, who’d enjoyed a normal, active sex life with her husband of several years. Now, out of the blue, she found herself sexually attracted to another woman, something she would not have believed possible. Was it a fluke, brought about by the sexually-charged atmosphere of the evening? Had Monique been merely teasing her with the dance and the kiss? Or was Monique genuinely attracted to Liz, and the sensual dance had been her way of letting Liz know of her interest? As Liz sat at home recalling what had happened between her and Monique, she felt her heart beat faster and her pussy grow moist. Whatever Monique was thinking, there was no doubt in Liz’s mind about her own arousal.

What Liz did not know was that she had reminded Monique of a long-lost friend. When Monique had been in boarding school in France at the age of 18, she had developed a schoolgirl’s crush on another 18 year-old blond girl named Annette. Annette had loved her in return, and they’d shared many breathless moments together, whenever they had been able to get some privacy in the all-female school. It had been the first real love for both young women, and their encounters had been thrilling beyond description as they kissed and caressed each other passionately, while fully clothed, in the quietness of their dormitory. Their lovemaking had been intense, but it never went beyond kisses and caresses. Nevertheless, when Monique had put a hand under Annette’s short plaid kilt and stroked her panty-covered pussy, or when Monique had felt Annette’s hand doing the same to her, the young women had experienced intense orgasms that left them exhausted, and with panties so wet they needed to be changed.

Monique and Annette were obsessed with each other, and giving each other orgasms had become routine. They had been deliriously happy, and had begun to plan for a way to have real sex, where they could be in bed completely naked and could explore each other’s body in slow comfort. Finding that degree of privacy was a difficult thing to achieve in a boarding school environment.

Their blissful happiness had come to an abrupt end when Annette was removed from the school without warning. Her parents arrived at the school in a car, and Annette was taken away in tears. She hadn’t had time to even say goodbye to Monique. Afterwards, Monique concluded that the nuns who ran the school had grown suspicious of the friendship between the girls and informed Annette’s parents of their suspicions. She had never seen Annette again, and she had never had any attraction toward another woman casino şirketleri since that time.

Monique had not thought much about Annette in recent years, after she moved to the USA. She got married to Myles and they had each begun their practices as family physicians. Her marriage eventually went sour, and she had begun a torrid love affair with Alex Hughes, the husband of one of Myles’ patients. Then there had been the chance meeting of the two couples at the county fair, followed by the evening of husband swapping, where Monique and Liz had fucked each other’s husband for hours. That evening was not too memorable for Monique, as she had been fucking Alex for weeks prior to that. Doctors were not supposed to fuck patients, or patient’s husbands, but Monique was long past caring about that. What had been most memorable for Monique was that she had met Liz for the first time.

And Liz was a dead-ringer for the schoolgirl Annette.

When Monique first saw Liz she was stunned at the resemblance to Annette; the same blond hair, the same slender curvy body, the same angelic face, the same bubbly personality. And, to Monique’s surprise, she felt the same emotions toward Liz as she had felt toward Annette. Even as she was fucking Alex that Saturday evening, she had been glancing over at Liz and wondering what it would be like to be fucking her instead, fucking her as she had dreamed of fucking Annette all those years ago.

When the two men had finally fucked themselves to exhaustion that evening, Monique saw her chance to experience the sensation of holding a naked Annette close to her own naked body, something she had dreamed of doing years earlier. The dance had been wonderful as she pulled Liz as close as possible, and ran her hands over the blonde’s delightfully smooth ass. She surprised herself at how sexually aroused she had become as she had felt a strong desire to pull Liz down onto the floor, spread her legs and fuck her. The watching husbands would probably have enjoyed that action. But she didn’t have the courage to take things that far. She was thrilled when she realized that Liz was responding to her caresses, pushing herself against Monique as they danced. The long, gentle kiss at the end of the dance had obviously moved Liz deeply. Later that evening, after Alex and Liz had left, Monique had lain naked in bed, no longer thinking of Annette, but thinking instead of Liz, and excited by the possibility that, one day, she and the pretty young blonde might fuck each other. She had fucked Alex, and now she was looking forward to fucking his wife. It was an exciting prospect. As she lay in the darkness of her bedroom, her hands crept down her body and her fingers gently combed through her dark pubic hair. She remembered the pleasant sensation when the hair had mingled with Liz’s blonde pubic hair just a short while earlier. When her fingers touched her clitoris, a familiar twitch of pleasure surged through her loins. She rolled onto her back and opened her legs wider. She wondered if she would ever be spreading her legs for Liz. Monique imagined Liz’s blond head moving in between her wide open thighs, the lovely mouth moving closer and closer to her wet pussy. Both hands moved faster as Monique’s fantasy rolled on, caressing the soft folds of skin where her legs joined. Two fingers stroked in and out of her wet hole while another finger rubbed the swollen clit. Her orgasm came, and her mind was filled with erotic images of a naked young blond.

Liz was totally oblivious to what Monique was thinking, or about the look-alike girl in France from years earlier. All that she knew was that Monique has aroused in her emotions that she didn’t know existed, emotions and sensations that she would like to experience again. As the days went by, Liz found herself thinking about little else. She was slightly disturbed, but also aroused, when she realized that she was thinking of Monique as a sex partner, not merely a friend. She found herself wondering what it would feel like to have her pussy licked by a woman. Or what it would be like for her to pleasure a woman in the same manner. But not just any woman, nor just any pussy; she was only thinking of Monique. She needed to know if the lovely French doctor felt the same way about her. There was only one way to find out.

Liz went to her computer and did a telephone directory search. She found what she was looking for and, with her heart pounding, she made a telephone call. She arranged an appointment for late the following afternoon with Dr. Monique Davidson.


Next day, Liz prepared carefully for her appointment with Monique. After a long soak in the tub, she selected simple, yet attractive clothes. She chose a pale yellow sun dress with a light blue jacket, and yellow sandals to match the dress. Underneath the dress she wore only a simple white thong. Her firm breasts didn’t need a bra. Before leaving her house she checked herself in a tall mirror, and was pleased with what she saw. She hoped that Monique would be pleased to.

She casino firmaları drove to the doctor’s office and checked in with the receptionist. She had intentionally asked for an appointment late in the day, and was happy to learn that she would be the doctor’s last patient of the day. She took a seat in the waiting room and waited. Within a few minutes the receptionist showed her into a consulting room and closed the door. Liz looked around the room. It was very pleasant by normal standards, with a desk, two chairs, an examining table, and a sofa. Liz sat down and waited nervously. She hoped that she hadn’t made a serious mistake by misreading Monique’s intentions when they had last seen each other.

There was a slight knock on the door, it opened, and in walked Doctor Monique, tall and beautiful, just as Liz had remembered. She was elegantly dressed, with a white doctor’s smock over her sky-blue blouse and navy skirt. Her long brunette hair was pinned up on top of hear head. When she saw Liz her eyes opened wide and she smiled with delight.

“Why, Liz, what a wonderful surprise. How wonderful it is to see you again.”

Liz smiled with relief and stood up to greet the doctor, who placed her hands on Liz’s shoulders and kissed her lightly on both cheeks, in the continental manner.

Monique closed the door and gestured back at the chair. “Have a seat, cherie, and give me one minute.” She sat down in the other chair and flicked a button on an intercom and called her receptionist. “Barbara, Mrs. Hughes and I are old friends, so we’ll be chatting here for a while. You might as well go home for the day. Lock the door as you leave, and I’ll let us out when we’re finished.”

“Fine, Doctor,” came Barbara’s metallic voice over the intercom. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”

“Good night, Barbara,” replied Monique, and flipped off the intercom. She leaned back in her chair and smiled at Liz again. “Now we are alone, and we have plenty of time. I’m really pleased to see you. I’ve been thinking about you a lot since, well, since that wonderful evening we spent together.”

“I’ve been thinking about you too, Monique. In fact, I’ve been thinking about hardly anything else. I wanted to see you again so we could talk.” Liz didn’t want to be too obvious as, so far, Monique had displayed nothing more than friendship.

“Of course, let’s talk. We have all the time in the world.” Monique reached up to the top of her head and unpinned her gleaming brunette hair, which immediately cascaded down gloriously to her shoulders. “Ah, that’s better,” she sighed, shaking her head slightly to loosen up the long tresses. “I can relax better with my hair like this.”

She looked devastatingly beautiful, and Liz felt her heart beat faster looking at the sexy woman, who had just become even sexier. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.” She was beginning to feel like a teenage girl in the presence of a movie star. “I want to ask you about last Saturday,” she began. “When we were dancing, then when you kissed me, I felt things that I’ve never felt before. And I thought things that I’ve never thought before.”

“Yes, cherie, I think I know what you mean. I was having exciting thoughts when I was holding you too. You made me forget that I’m a married woman. I’ve never wanted to be with a woman before, and now I can hardly think of anything else but you.”

Liz was relieved to hear her say that. “I was thinking things about you and me that surprised me. I didn’t want the dance, or the kiss, to end. And now I’m hoping that we could so something like that again sometime. Does that shock you? Is it wrong for me to want you to kiss me again?”

Monique gave Liz a long, penetrating look then wordlessly stood up. She took off her white smock and walked to the door and hung it on a hook. Removing the smock gave Liz a chance to have a good look at Monique’s body. Her tight skirt revealed a narrow waist, shapely hips and a beautifully curved ass. Liz felt her gaze drop to Monique’s legs. She could hardly believe she was looking at another woman in such a manner, and feeling such arousal.

Monique walked back and stood beside the seated blond. “Stand up, cherie,” she ordered. Liz stood up and the women faced each other only inches apart. “You are not wrong in any of those things. Let me give you the kiss that you want, and that I want too.” She cupped Liz’s face in her hands and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Monique’s tongue brushed against the blond’s lips, and Liz opened her mouth and sucked it in. The women wrapped their arms around each other, pulling their bodies close and kissed hard, their tongues pushing and probing inside the other’s mouth. After a minute or so, Liz pulled her mouth away and looked into Monique’s eyes. She was breathless and her heart was hammering inside her chest.

“I love the way you kiss me,” she gasped. “I’ve never felt anything like it before. Please touch me. I want to feel your hands on me. That’s what I wanted when we were dancing, and güvenilir casino that’s what I want now.”

Monique began kissing her again, but this time she slid a hand under Liz’s dress. Liz moved her legs apart as she felt Monique’s hand moving up her thigh. The women gasped into each other’s mouths when Monique’s hand cupped Liz’s mound, squeezing gently. Monique moved her fingers, feeling the folds of Liz’s pussy through the thin fabric of the thong, and was rewarded by a soft groan from Liz. Within seconds the thong was damp as Liz oozed moisture. Monique could feel her own arousal growing. Liz was giving in to her quickly and her surrender was everything Monique had been dreaming about. Monique’s heart began to race faster at the thought of what lay ahead. She knew that she was going to fuck the adorable young blond. The fantasies that had pre-occupied her for days were about to become a reality.

Liz, completely aroused, wanted to move things along faster. She hiked her skirt up and hooked her fingers through the waistband of her thong and pushed the flimsy garment downward. Monique removed her hand from Liz’s pussy long enough for the thong to fall to the floor. As Liz stepped out of it, Monique’s hand immediately returned to her crotch, but this time she slid a finger into the wet hole and moved it around inside, stroking the walls of the vagina. Liz moaned with pleasure and reached around Monique to grasp her buttocks with both hands, pulling Monique as close as possible.

This time Monique was the one to break the kiss. “Let’s undress, cherie. We are wearing far too much.” She hesitated briefly, thinking, then whispered quietly in Liz’s ear. “I’m going to fuck you, Liz. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes, that’s what I want.” The raw language coming from the beautiful woman excited Liz even more.

“And will you fuck me in return, cherie?”

“Yes. I’m not sure what I have to do, but I’ll do anything you want.”

“Then let’s undress each other and lie down on the sofa.”

The woman resumed kissing while they unfastened each other’s clothing, nervous fingers fumbling with buttons and zippers, not letting their mouths separate as the articles were peeled off one by one, and dropped onto a growing heap on the floor. Liz had the fewest items on, so she was quickly stripped naked and felt Monique’s hands exploring her body. She unfastened Monique’s bra and let her full breasts fall loose. She fondled the dark nipples briefly, causing them to stiffen like her own, then pushed her hands inside the waistband of the doctor’s panties, pushing them down her thighs to the floor. She could feel slight dampness in Monique’s panties; she was also wet with arousal. Now Monique was completely naked too. Liz reached around her again, grasping her buttocks, the magnificent ass she had admired earlier, pulling the doctor closer. The globes felt smooth and soft and delightful, unlike the hairy, muscular male ass she was accustomed to gripping. She stroked the ass gently, enjoying the unique smoothness of female skin. Both women felt their pubic bones press against each other, the dark pubic hair mingling with the blond curls. After a few more breathless moments in the close embrace, they stopped the kiss and walked hand in hand to the sofa.

“Lie down, cherie,” said Monique, and she gently eased the blond down onto her back. Liz made no attempt to resist. Monique put her hands on the inside of Liz’s knees, and spread her legs apart. She looked down at her beautiful friend spread out naked in front of her, admiring the pale skin, blond pubic hair, slender body. She felt her heart beat even faster. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I met you,” said Monique as she knelt on the sofa between Liz’s open legs.

“And I’ve been dreaming of it too, ever since last Saturday when you kissed me,” replied Liz. “I never thought about having sex with another woman until you kissed me. Now I can’t wait.” She looked down and watched as the kneeling brunette leaned forward, moving her mouth towards her exposed pussy. She felt Monique’s lips and tongue on the inside of her knee, working their way slowly up her inner thigh, and closed her eyes in anticipation. She opened her legs wider to give her lover more room to work. “I think that I’m going to come quickly,” she said, her voice dropping to a whisper.

And she did. Liz whispered a quiet ‘Oh’ as she felt Monique’s lips grasp her clit, pulling on it gently, as her fingers stroked the smooth folds of flesh where her legs joined. Liz felt more moisture ooze from her hole as her orgasm began to build, and gasped in pleasure when Monique slid two fingers into her. Monique moved the fingers in and out as her mouth moved up and down, fucking Liz beautifully. Within seconds Liz could hold on no longer. She grabbed Monique’s head with both hands and pulled her mouth hard against her pussy. A long, strangled cry escaped from her as her body bucked against the mouth that was creating such wonderful feelings. Her muscles tightened their grip on the invading fingers and her hips rose and fell as fast as she could make them, her orgasm washing over her like a tsunami. Monique made sure that her fingers kept time with Liz’s thrusting hips, and the younger woman’s orgasm went on and on.

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