DJ Pt. 04

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DJ went to his room, and started to put away his clothes into the new dresser. He located his phone, which was in need of a charge, and plugged it into the wall charger. He cannot quite understand the attraction he has for Jamie, and cannot help but feel that there is a similar attraction on Jamie’s end. He knows he wants Jamie’s friendship.

He unpacked his winter jacket from one bag, and his footwear, and hung the jacket in the closet. He placed the footwear on the closet floor. He then went into Dad’s bedroom, and pulled the few articles of clothing and the old sneakers from that bottom draw, carrying them over and putting them away into the new dresser and added the old sneakers to the closet floor.

He looked at his phone again, almost 50% charged. That should be enough to try and make the call. The pizzeria closed at 11:00 and it is now 11:30. Jamie should be done with work by now. Looking at the card, DJ put in the number, and pushed ‘add contact’ then spelling out ‘Jamie’ and hit save.

Here goes, DJ hit the call button, and a distant ring sounded.

“Hello?” a voice said.

“Jamie, this is DJ, I probably can’t talk long cause my phone was nearly discharged.”

“DJ! Dude! I’m so glad you called!”

“Any particular reason?”

“Several that I can think of, first off, I wanted your number. Secondly, I want to get to know you. You never gave me an answer about being my workout buddy. And I’m really curious as to who that older man is that was with you tonight?”

“OK,” DJ replied, “You have my number now, and I want to get to know you too. When can you start teaching me how to work out? And that older man is my Dad!”

“But he’s—he’s—well, you don’t look anything like him.”

“I think,” DJ laughed, “you’re trying to say he’s white?”


“OK, he’s not my biological father,” DJ explained, “but he’s the best Dad any boy could ever hope for. The whole story is kinda complicated, but I’ll be happy to share it with you when we’ve got a couple hours to kill together.”

“I hope we can find lot’s of hours to kill together. Do you work anywhere?”

“Yeah, Dad delivers prescriptions for Southside Drug, and he helped me get hired there as a clerk and cashier. Mostly I work 3 to 9 on weekdays. I’m off tomorrow, are you?”

“I wish I was. One of the day servers is sick, so I’m doubling. I’m working her shift from 11 to 5 and my shift from 4-10, when we close. We are closed on Monday’s though, so everybody is off. Maybe you and I can go to the gym Monday morning? I can get you in as a guest.”

“I think I’d like that Jamie. Call me tomorrow night, OK? My phone is about to die again, and you’ve got a long day tomorrow. Nite, Jamie.”

“Goodnight, Dewain Jovan,” Jamie laughed, “See, I remembered!”

DJ wandered back down to the kitchen where I was. “I thought some hot cocoa would be good before bed, it’s about ready.” I said. “What have you been doing for the last 2 hours?”

“I finally got all my clothes put away, and I’ve been chatting with Jamie the last half hour on the phone. Poor guy has to work a double tomorrow. He is off Monday, and wants to introduce me to the gym, and I’m a little excited about that.”

“I’m sure you are,” I said, smiling, “and I have an idea that is not the only thing exciting you. There is enough electricity flowing between you two to power this house!” DJ blushed. “Where is the gym?”

“I don’t know. I should have asked Jamie. I hope it’s within riding distance.” Then, “He’s going to call me after work tomorrow night and I’ll ask him.”

DJ and I finished our cocoa, and just sat there at the table for a few minutes, talking small talk. We were, I think, both ready for bed.

“You gonna try out your new bed tonight?” I asked.

“Not unless you’re kicking me out of yours. I kinda wanted to keep it clean, in case—well for now anyway.”

“I understand, DJ, in case you have company.” I smiled.

We both stripped, and crawled into my bed. I wrapped my arms around this beautiful young man, wondering how many more times I would have that privilege. Sooner or later, some guy is gonna steal his heart, and I’m feeling it’s going to be sooner. We soon fell asleep.

Sunday morning I woke up about 9:00 AM, alone in the bed. When I arose, I looked down at the floor, both mine and DJ’s clothes were where we had dropped them the night before. I went to the bathroom, then headed toward the kitchen.

“Good morning, Dad,” DJ said, smiling, “coffee’s ready,” and filled my cup.

“Dad, I need to ask a couple of questions. Do we have a blender?”

“Right down in that cupboard, DJ.”

“Would it—be all right if Jamie was to spend the night here with me tonight?” I nodded an affirmative.

“He says the gym he goes to is about 5 miles away. He’s working until 10:00 PM tonight, and he wants to pick up some stuff for our breakfast at his house, then coming here to sleep. Then we can go to the gym from here. He’s got a car. Thanks, Dad!” DJ smiled.

“He is going to call me sometime casino şirketleri this afternoon, when he gets a break.”

I stood up behind DJ, where he was sitting at the table, and placed my arms around his neck, my hands on his chest. I kissed him on his forehead.

Choking up a little, “DJ, you have no idea how much joy you have brought into this old man’s heart, and home.”

DJ stood up and faced me, he wrapped his arms around me, hugging me closely, his beautiful cock touching mine. I absolutely love that feeling of his cock against mine. I think we both enjoy the freedom of being naked in our home.

DJ ran off to his bedroom, and appeared a few minutes later, dressed in his old jeans, T-shirt and the old sneakers. He reached up by the back door and grabbed the key for the shed.

“What about some breakfast,” I stated.

“I already ate,” He answered, “I want to get the grass cut before it gets too hot.” DJ headed out the back door.

It occurred to me that neither DJ nor myself had even mentioned the grass, which was now about 5″ high. We had been so busy doing other things, and working. I was pleased that DJ took it upon himself to just tackle it. This young man just never ceases to amaze me. DJ is cutting the grass—how the whole situation started, only a few weeks ago. My cell phone rang.

“Hi Joe, what’s up?”

“I just got off duty, and I’m about ready to crash. How’s the spare room renovation going?”

“DJ’s room? It’s beautiful, Joe, DJ loves the furniture I selected. He still hasn’t slept in the new bed, but I think it may get initiated tonight.”

“How’s that, Doug?”

“Well, DJ has met this really cute Twink, Jamie, that works at the pizzeria. Joe, you can see the magnetism between these two. Anyway, Jamie may be staying over tonight with DJ, so they can go to the gym tomorrow. Jamie wants to teach DJ about working out—and who knows what else!” I chuckled.

“Doug, remember when we were younger, how easy it was to hook up with guys? I do love to watch young love grow, though. I wonder if it will go anywhere?”

“Who knows. I am kind of wondering, Joe, are we going anywhere?”

“Actually, Doug, I called to ask you for a date tonight. I have to be back on duty at midnight, but there is a live musical production, one of the Rogers and Hammerstein shows, at the old Regal Theater. Would you like to go with me tonight, please? Maybe DJ would like to go also.”

“I’d love to go Joe, what’s the time frame?”

“Show starts at 7:30, so we need to leave your house a little before 7:00.”

“I’ll be ready, baby. I don’t think DJ will want to go, as he is expecting Jamie to drop by for the night, and I know he wants to be here. You know Joe, now that DJ has his own room, overnight company is welcome in my room! No reservation is required. Hint, hint.”

“As I said, Doug, I have to be on duty at midnight tonight, but I’m off on Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s plan something for one, or both, of those nights. Doug, I do want to make this work, this time around. I love you.”

“Joe, can you come a little earlier than 7:00, maybe about 5:30? I’m planning to grill steak and veggies for DJ and myself. I’d be very happy to pick up another steak!”

“You’re on, Baby. You know I don’t like my steak overcooked?”

“I know, Joe. Don’t worry, It might still ‘moo’ a little.”

“That’s cool, Doug, glad you remembered. I gotta get some shuteye, see you and DJ about 5:30. Luv ya!”

Just a couple minutes after we hung up, DJ walked in and poured a tall glass of water from the fridge. He was staring at me, while he guzzled it.

“OK Dad, what’s that shit eaten grin on your face about?”

“Not much, DJ, just that I’ve got a date tonight, and we’ve got company for dinner. While you’re finishing up the yard, I’m going to go pick up some groceries. Anything you want me to get while I’m there?”

“Would it be too much to ask for some ice cream?”

“Nope! What flavor?”

“Most anything but strawberry or three flavor.”

I headed to the market. I picked up 3 rib eye steaks, baking potatoes, some salad veggies, and some other veggies that would be good for grilling, and containers of Chocolate Moose Tracks and Butter Pecan Ice Cream. By the time I returned DJ had finished the outside work and was guzzling another glass of water.

“Is Joe the company we’re expecting for dinner?” I just nodded, and DJ went in, stripped and took a shower, re-appearing shortly after, wearing a fresh T-shirt and shorts, and his better sneakers.

I had dinner pretty much under control, and DJ offered to prepare the tossed salads for me, and I appreciated his help. About 5:15 I had everything cooked, except for the steaks, and then put two of them on the grill. I was holding off on Joe’s steak as he likes it rare, and DJ and I preferred ours more in the medium range.

Joe sneaked in on us, came up behind DJ and wrapped his arms around him, gave him a loving squeeze, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hi, Officer Joe,” DJ said, casino firmaları smiling, and turning around to return the hug to Joe.

“I think,” Joe said, “we’re all family here, DJ, just call me Joe.”

Dinner went off without a hitch, the steaks were charbroiled to perfection. DJ handled the steak knife with much more competence than the last time. We quietly ate at the picnic table in the back yard, with just normal conversation. Joe invited DJ to go with us to the musical, and, as I had anticipated, DJ declined, having something else on his mind.

While I went into the bathroom to freshen up a bit, and then to my bedroom to change, DJ and Joe brought in the dirty dishes in from the backyard, and DJ prepared to wash up the dishes.

“Off—Joe,” DJ spoke, “I would like to show you something?” DJ led Joe to his bedroom and opened the door, turning on the overhead light. The pride DJ had in that room glowed on his face.

“It’s beautiful, DJ. Have you slept in it yet?”

“No, but my new friend, Jamie, is staying over tonight, so I guess we’ll break it in. Jamie is introducing me to his gym tomorrow morning. He wants me to be his workout buddy.” DJ went on, “Maybe when you and Dad get back, you can meet him. He’s really nice.”

I was ready. Joe and I walked out the back door to Joe’s personal car, and Joe drove us to the theater. It turned out to be the most like a ‘real’ date that I had been on in years. The couple of ‘dates’ Joe and I had recently shared were both bedroom sessions. This time we were really going out!

The production was right decent, and enjoyable. We would have liked a seat closer to the front, but they had sold out early, so we were toward the back. With the exception of those times when applause was needed, Joe never let go of my hand.

On the way back home I said, “Joe, the only thing that keeps this from being a perfect date, is that it should end with us together in bed!”

“Baby, I totally agree. But you know I have to be on duty at midnight.”

It was nearly 11:00 when Joe and I got to our house. There was a strange car parked in the driveway, behind mine. Joe said he couldn’t stay more than a few minutes, but he did come in. The two boys were seated at the table, each with a sizeable dish of Moose Tracks. DJ arose when Joe and I came in.

“Jamie,” DJ stated, “I’d like you to meet Officer Joe Reynolds from the Police Department, Joe, my friend Jamie. Jamie, he’s one of the good cops. He is a good friend of Dad’s and mine. Without Joe’s help, I don’t know where I would be today.”

Jamie and Joe shook hands. Joe said, smiling, “Jamie, I know you, you work at the pizzeria where we sometimes get lunch.”

Jamie, nodding, “You look a little different out of uniform. I’m glad to meet you.”

“Doug,” Joe motioned me to follow him outside. “I wanted to kiss you goodnight, but I was a little uncomfortable doing it in from of Jamie. I don’t know him that well, and I don’t want to create waves. I had a really good time with you tonight, and I hope we can get some time together Wednesday or Thursday when I’m off. You know I love you!”

Joe drove off, leaving me with that strange, empty feeling I always seem to get when we have to part. I walked back into the house. The boys had just finished the ice cream, and DJ rinsed out the bowls, leaving them in the sink.

“Dad, I hope you don’t mind. Jamie and I are planning to hit the gym in the morning, and I think we’re about ready to hit the sack.” Jamie nodded.

“Actually, I’m not far behind. Are you finally going to initiate that new mattress? Goodnight boys, see you tomorrow.” I headed to my bedroom.

The boys went into DJ’s bedroom, and started to undress. Both took off their sneakers and socks, shorts and t-shirts, and DJ removed his boxers.

“You’re sleeping naked?” Jamie asked.

“Dad and I always sleep raw, it feels good.”

“Well, I guess, when in Rome!” as he removed his boxer briefs.

DJ observed that Jamie had about 5½’ inches of flaccid cock, about the same as he sported. He walked over by the door and turned off the overhead light, leaving the only illumination in the room the moonlight that was coming in the window. The two boys slipped into bed, between the sheets.

“It feels strange,” Jamie spoke softly, “sleeping naked with another boy in bed.”

“If you’d rather,” DJ replied, “I can go sleep with Dad, and you can have this bed to yourself.”

“No. I didn’t say I didn’t like it, it’s—just—different, I’ve never slept with another boy before.”

Both of the guys adjusted their positions, so now the entire length of their bodies were touching. DJ was used to the warm touch of mans flesh against his, but the feeling was foreign to Jamie. Jamie thought about moving over, then decided to enjoy the closeness.

Jamie propped himself up on one elbow and used the fingers of his other hand to trace the outline of DJ’s face and lips. Could those lips possibly be as sweet as they looked? He finally got the nerve that he needed, güvenilir casino to attempt to taste those lips. He is hoping against hope, that DJ doesn’t take offense.

Jamie bent his neck, lowering his face ever closer to DJ’s face, those beautiful, enticing lips only a couple inches away from his.

“What are you doing?” DJ softly asked, “Are you trying to kiss me?”

“I’m sorry, DJ. I’ve never kissed a boy. I just, I don’t know, I want to taste your lips, I want to see if they are as sweet as they look. I like you, and I don’t want this friendship to end over my stupidity! Can you forgive me?”

“Jamie, I’ve never kissed, or been kissed, on the lips. How would we know how it feels, if we don’t try it. I’m willing to give it a try!”

“So, you’re OK with me trying to steal a kiss from you?”

“Yeah, but you better do it, before I chicken out.” DJ grinned.

Once again, Jamie lowered his lips close to DJ’s. He extended his tongue a little, licking those full lips. DJ’s lips parted, his tongue slid out, searching for Jamie’s tongue. They found each others tongues, and both of them felt the inside of the others mouths with their tongues.

They separated a few inches, both boys catching their breaths, and feeling some excitement in their groins.

“Jamie, I think I liked that. How was it for you?”

“Pretty exciting, and arousing, DJ, are you—hard?”

DJ, snickering, “Yeah, what about you?”

“Yep. The only girl I ever dated was Melissa, I took her to my Senior Prom. When I took her home, we kissed goodnight on her front porch, and it was a long French kiss, with our tongues in each other’s mouths. But I felt nothing, you know, down below. Right now I’m as hard as a rock!”

“I never dated any girls,” DJ commented, “I was just a poor black boy from the projects, and none of the girls were even remotely interested in me. I really didn’t have any friends, of either sex.”

“DJ, have you ever received a blowjob?”

“Yeah, a few times, just in the last few weeks though. Dad was the first to ever suck me off. I love the feeling of my cock in his mouth. He says my cream is the sweetest he ever tasted. What about you?”

“No, never been sucked. I need to tell you something, DJ. Back in school, I was a little different. Some of the guys figured out I might be gay, and a couple of them became friends, mostly because they wanted me to take care of them, once in a while. I didn’t really mind, they were cool, but they never reciprocated.”

“One time, these four jocks cornered me in the locker room. They threatened they would catch me after school and beat the crap out of me if I didn’t suck them all off. I didn’t want to, but I was scared, so I did it.”

“Wow, I guess you’ve been left with a few scars too. I could never force someone to have sex with me. Can we kiss a little more?”

Jamie tackled those thick lips again, their tongues did a dance again, and both guys grew rock hard again, this time, both feeling the others cock, and sliding their fingers on the precum that formed at the pee slit.

“DJ,” Jamie softly spoke, “I really want to taste your chocolate cock, I need to find out if your cream is really that sweet.”

Jamie shuffled his body down on the bed, kneeling between DJ’s ankles, and started to lower his lips down and around DJ’s beautiful erection, lapping around the glans and then taking most of it into his mouth. While he was slowly and lovingly bobbing on DJ’s cock, his hands were caressing DJ’s sides, just below his ribs. DJ was in ecstasy, but feeling his orgasm starting to build. He didn’t really want to cum just yet, but knew Jamie had complete control.

“Jamie,” DJ whispered, “I’m gonna cum, soon.”

Jamie pulled off of DJ’s cock, and started to suck on DJ’s jewels, taking one at a time into his mouth, and DJ relaxed a little. Then he released them and started to lick DJ’s perineum, causing DJ to be right on the edge of his orgasm. Jamie had DJ moaning. Finally, Jamie took that member back into his mouth, and DJ arched his back, preparing to shoot once again, and Jamie pulled off again, teasing DJ.

“Jamie! I’m soooo hot! Please finish me, I’m so close, I need to get it off!”

Jamie slid his mouth back on to DJ’s cock, gripping a little tighter with his mouth. DJ arched again, and Jamie felt DJ’s cock starting to pulse, 1,2,3.

“Oh, shit, Jamie, Ohhhhhooooooohhhhh, Fuck!” and DJ shot a huge load into Jamie’s waiting mouth and throat, Jamie swallowing all but the last few drops.

Jamie, rolling the last couple drops around on his tongue, “You’re Dad’s right! I half expected it to taste like a chocolate milkshake, but it was still the sweetest, just like you DJ!”

The two boys snuggled back together, DJ recovering from his orgasm, and Jamie feeling pleased with his success at giving DJ one of the best blowjobs DJ had ever had. DJ ran his hand down Jamie’s torso, feeling that Jamie was still almost rock hard and having a desire to make him soft.

DJ started to position himself, preparing to return the favor. DJ’s butt was in the air over his pillow, and he knelt down, laying his head on Jamie’s stomach, with Jamie’s erection pointed toward his face, only a couple inches away. DJ stretched his tongue out, licking the pre from the tip of Jamie’s cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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