Discovering Tracey Ch. 03

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Tracey devoured Ana. She could not wait to taste her pussy. The rain was beating down but both of the girls stayed locked in their passionate embrace. Each of their tongues dancing around the others. Tracey slowly slid her hand up Ana’s shirt to feel her small, firm breasts. She liked the way that her nipples grew erect under her palms. All she could think about was ripping off Ana’s shirt right here in the parking lot and tasting her. She wanted to feel another woman so bad. It had just been too long. Trying to comtrol the passion was more that she could handle.

Ana could feel Tracey’s tits pressing into her. She raised her shirt and begin to kiss and lick around Tracey’s nipple. She gently nibbled it and then begin to kiss lower and lower on her stomach, teasing Tracey. Little did Ana know but Tracey had plans of her own. No longer able to control the hormones that were raging through her body, she picked Ana up and carried her to the hood of the car. She leaned her back and slid her pants down just below her ass. Tracey then knelt to the ground, reaching up placing her hands on Ana’s tits and working her underwear out of the way with her tongue. Both of the girls were soaking wet and the rain had nothing to do with it either.

Tracey finally got Ana’s panties out of the way enough so that she could tease her clit. She tasted like pure heaven. She firmly sucked and pulled on Ana’s clit and when she would feel that Ana was about to come she would suck as hard as she could, making sure not to let a single drop of her succulent come spill. Tracey could have spent an eternity between her thighs making love to her pussy. Her pussy was smooth and clean except for a small little triangle of light red hair that dangled above her clit. Tracey reached down to slide a finger into her hot wet little cunt. She could imagine how tight Ana would be. Slowly sliding her fingers inside her, she felt a little resistance and realized she was kissing a virgin pussy; one that have never been fucked. That casino şirketleri just seemed to make it even better for Tracey. She gently played inside her cunt, being careful not to break her hymen. That could all be done later. Right now all that she wanted to focus on was tasting this beautiful red head in her arms.

Ana reached behind her grabbing the top of the hood. She ground her cunt into Tracey’s face. It was all that she could do to keep from screaming out loud. She bit her tongue and grit her teeth together and held on for dear life as Tracey gave her round after round of magnificent orgasms. She noticed that Tracey had hesitated a little when she slid a finger into her cunt. Though it did not seem to bother Tracey that she was a virgin, she still hoped that it would not get in the way. She wanted to give everything to this woman and she barely even knew her! Ana left one hand above her and reached down to caress Tracey’s face. God, it felt so good to have her hot tongue on her clit. She was bucking and rocking the car so hard, she was certain someone had noticed. She grabbed Tracey’s head with both hands this time as another orgasm rushed through her entire body. She nearly fell off the car from the impact of it. Tracey stood up and leaned Ana back into the car once more, devouring her lips. She wanted Ana to taste her pussy juice in her mouth.

Tracey helped Ana to button her pants back up and both of the soaking wet girls climbed into the car. “Oh GOD! That was so good baby.” Ana said, leaning over to kiss her. “Where would you like to go now?”

“I say we head back to my place. It is really not that far from here. Just about 20 minutes.” Tracey said with a smile.

“Umm…sounds good to me doll. Just show me the way!”

Tracey lived on the north side of town in a one-bedroom condominium. Things might have been rough for a while, but to be honest she was doing much better now than when Jeannie had left. On the way, the two girls talked and discussed some of the casino firmaları things that had gone on in their lives before meeting one another. Tracey told her about what had happened the night she told her parents she was gay. She settled her head against Ana’s shoulder and began to tell her of the night that changed her life forever.

“I brought my friend over to the house. His name was Chris. He told me that he would support me in coming out to my parents. I had already told them that I wanted to have a serious conversation with them later on that evening. I met Chris at my parent’s house and he told me that it would be all right. I had been crying all afternoon, because I knew they would not like the news that I was about to give them. So, anyhow, Chris and I walked up to the door and my father answered it. I introduced Chris and we walked in the house. Somehow it felt so different. My Dad asked us if we wanted anything to drink.” Tracey sighed. This was another hard story to tell, but she knew that it needed telling. She had not talked about it in years!

“Well, we sat down with Mom and Dad in the living room and caught up on all the things that were going on at school and how great my grades were. But they knew that is not what I had come to talk with them about. My Dad politely asked how I was doing, personally. I guess that was supposed to be my cue to come out and tell them why I had even come over in the first place.” Tracey snuggled a little closer to Ana. She could feel Ana’s hand running through her hair and over her face. It felt so nice to have someone care about her again.

“Well, I was not sure how to go about it. My parents were very religious and I was not sure how they would take it. They believed that being gay was just about as bad as signing away your soul. With Chris there it made it a little easier. He was gay as well and had already been through this with his parents and it did not go well. So, he knew what I was facing. He took my hand and said. “Go güvenilir casino ahead.” I looked at my Mom and then my Dad and bluntly came out and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m gay.” Both of them just stared at me. Neither of them knew what to say. Mom started crying and my Dad took her into his arms. I started crying watching the two of them. Then Dad looked at me, I will never forget the look in his eyes. He told me to get up and never come back. He told me that I was never welcome in their house again. I was the devil’s child.” Tracey let the tears fall freely now. She didn’t care. She had to let it out. Even Jeannie did not know how bad it hurt her to hear her own father saying those words to her.

Ana comforted her. She held her close and told her that it would be okay. She had never had someone make her feel so loved. Tracey had been waiting for years to feel real love. It seemed as though it was no where to be found. Maybe this one would turn out a little differently. Ana eased the car to the side of the road and gather Tracey into her arms and held her there. She stroked Tracey’s hair and kissed her forehead.

“It’s okay baby. Just let it out.”

Tracey let tear after tear fall. She was not ashamed. No longer having to be afraid that Ana might get up and run. Tracey told her everything.

“For years, I have just been searching for someone to love me. That is all that I want is love. Why is it so hard to find?”

Ana looked down at her sympathetically.

“I know, I know. It’s hard. It’s hard to be a woman looking for love no matter what your preference may be. Real love is something that is hard to find.”

After Tracey calmed down a bit the two girls continued towards Tracey’s house.

“It is just over there on the right hand side.”

Ana parked the car under the carport. She got out and helped Tracey out of the car as well. The two girls walked into Tracey’s apartment hand in hand. Both of them knowing that this night would certainly be one to remember. This was the night that Tracey would take Ana’s virginity. And Ana felt completely comfortable with that. She could already feel the love growing in her heart for this beautiful woman next to her and it had been less than 24 hours since they met.

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