Delicate Touches Pt. 03

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While Stella and Evie are getting to know each other better, Mei Lin makes her own discoveries when she meets an older woman, Linda after buying her first dildo. Mei Lin spends the night at Stella’s with Evie and sees things she shouldn’t, meanwhile Nicki is faced with a moral dilemma that threatens to turn everything upside down.

NB: Author’s note: I’m sorry this bit is so long, I tried to find a logical break but decided instead to just let it run out.


Evie stirred in her sleep as the dream faded and oddly enough she heard the raucous laughter of a kookaburra. What the hell was a kookaburra doing in her bedroom? A few moments later she felt the tendrils of sleep drifting away as the bird laughed again and then her eyes snapped open as she registered her present situation.

For a start she was stark naked and she always slept with a nightie on, secondly the bedspread was unfamiliar and as she rolled onto her back she saw that the room was much larger than her bedroom at Diane’s place. The memory came back then, the slow lovemaking had started in the living room sometime around nine. They’d kissed on the couch and fondled each other through each other’s clothes and then they got serious as they became more aroused. The action had continued in the bedroom not long after and Stella had been at great pains to drag it out as long as possible. What was it she’d called it?

“Fully clothed sex,” Stella cupped her breasts in her hands and pushed them together yet again, “you bring each other to orgasm without getting naked, also known as dry humping.”

“How is that even possible?” Evie panted, “and more to the point, why?”

“Why not?” Stella kept kneading her breasts, “because it’s a challenge.”

“You’ve done this before?”

“More than once but usually it was because we were in a place where we could be disturbed.”

“Like work?”

“Something like that,” she moved her hand down over her belly to her crotch and using three of her fingers, rubbed her slowly. “the general idea is to go as long as possible without getting naked, touching breasts and genitals is permitted but no removing clothes.”

She danced her fingers down the front of Evie’s blouse until she reached her belly and then very slowly, she clamped her fingers together in a wedge shape and pushed them down over her skirt until she reached her pussy. Evie shivered as she reversed direction, applying more pressure as she passed over her genitals. Stella stayed there for the better part of a minute, watching as her eyes dimmed and then closed. Her breathing came in slow and measured, and Stella changed position so that she was now straddling Evie.

Hands moved over her blouse again, reached her breasts and then she pushed them up and out, the younger woman opened her eyes weakly as she basked in the sensation. She reached up and put her hands on Stella’s breasts to mimic her movements. Gradually they fell into a rhythm and as they kissed each other, Evie felt herself moving closer and closer to the edge. Every part of her body was on fire with desire and she was the first to break as she tried to undo a button on Stella’s blouse but she pushed her hand away and pinned her wrists to the bed.

Stella moved on top of her as she rubbed her belly and waistband against Evie’s pussy. It had an immediate effect because of the coarser material of the jeans combined with the button against the thinner skirt material. Evie whimpered and pulling her wrists away from Stella’s hands, she grabbed her buttocks and held on tight as she spread her legs as wide as the skirt would allow. Her genital lips began to fill with blood as they dry fucked each other in the missionary position and when Stella arched her back slightly and rubbed her breasts against Evie’s the other woman became more and more aroused.

The momentum slowed as Stella tried to adjust her position once again and seizing her chance, Evie grabbed her buttocks tightly and rolled sideways at the same time. Stella was taken by surprise but went with her until she was the one pinned to the bed and this time Evie exacted her own revenge as she danced her fingers down Stella’s front, building her movements rapidly.

Stella grabbed her skirt and pulled it up her thighs to produce folds in the material and drew tiny circles over her buttocks. Evie shivered with delight as as she rubbed her pussy against Stella’s crotch, finding the right position by feel.

Gradually however, the passion increased as she drew her hand down over Stella’s pussy, and finding the zipper, rubbed slowly a few times before exerting more pressure. The older woman let out a purr as Evie kept working, their mouths met in teasing kisses that lasted longer and longer until finally Evie eased herself to a sitting position and guided Stella’s hands to her pussy.

Their eyes locked onto each other as Stella found her pussy through the skirt and panties and because she’d managed to pull enough of the skirt up her legs she could now carry out an erotic exploration.

At first, Evie reciprocated casino şirketleri and rubbed Stella’s genitals at the same time but as the other woman’s hands became stronger and her rubbing more precise she felt the wooziness flowing through her and at one time she really thought she was going to pass out. Her vision became fuzzy and her breath shallow and almost ragged. However just as she thought she was going to let go Evie found she was on a plateau, neither able to move up or down.

“I give in,” she panted, “you win.”

She reached back and unzipping her skirt, undid the button. The waistband fell forward and Stella dropped her hands down the front of her skirt and over her panties. Evie was now fully aroused and Stella started masturbating her through the panties. Evie fell into step with her, rising and falling with each stroke. Stella got her hand behind the panties and then sitting up, put her hand between Evie’s legs and pulled her own legs around until she was sitting on them.

She could now drive two fingers up inside her and Evie gasped as she grabbed her shoulders, forcing herself to take the extra girth without any preparation. An animal like cry escaped her lips as Stella bent her fingers slightly and drew them back down to stimulate the mass of nerve endings attached to her clitoris.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Evie whimpered as Stella drove in again and went as far as her knuckles. Evie pushed against her as Stella withdrew and then it was sliding back in again, harder this time and so it went for a few more minutes until Evie let go of Stella and throwing herself backwards, propped on a palm and pulled her panties down to expose her vagina.

Stella was pumping her rhythmically and Evie scissored herself with her other hand, her cries were coming in short and sharp.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Stella saw the moment the orgasm hit her. Evie’s eyes went wide and then her mouth relaxed as she spasmed, she fixed her eyes on Stella’s face as the whimpers kept coming and then they changed tone so that it sounded as if she was crying. Stella hesitated for a split second and then drove in and out again. Evie jerked suddenly and then twitched again, she rubbed her pussy faster and faster until finally she fell back onto the bed and grabbed her breasts.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck.”

It was a shorter orgasm than the ones she’d experienced with Stella before but it was still very satisfying and as they lay together she managed a tired grin.

“So that was clothed sex?”

“We could have gone longer,” Stella flicked at her own hair. “To be honest that was pretty much spur of the moment, next time we plan this we need more appropriate clothing, something a bit lighter and looser.”

“Yeah, the skirt was a bit tight on me but I agree, it’s a date,” Evie grinned.


Mei Lin fastened the final button on her white blouse and ran her hands over the garment. Auntie Mary had sent it to her some three months ago. It had the standard shirt collar and double button cuffs but the buttons down the front were quite different. There were two rows of black buttons set at angles to each other except for the top two, which were opposite each other. She’d left the top two pairs of buttons undone for a more relaxed look but as she went over her plan for the day she contemplated either doing them up and adding a brooch or putting on something else entirely, she frowned as she pictured the shop near the railway station.

Like a burqa, she rolled her eyes and plucked at her belt, black jeans would go with anything, she cast her eyes around and stopped when she saw the kerchief dangling from the bedpost. It had red flowers amidst a geometrical pattern.

“Perfect,” she plucked the kerchief off the bedpost and tying it around her neck, arranged it in a cravat style and then donned the black, tailored jacket, which along with the ankle boots made her look older than her nineteen years.

She’d gone further than ever before once she’d gone to bed later on. Her earlier attempt at masturbation had been interrupted by her mother trying to get through a locked door but with her parents in bed and the house in silence she’d tried again.

Penetration was something she’d attempted once before with mixed results but last night she’d managed to insert a finger part of the way in and by stimulating her clitoris she’d been able to achieve some sort of climax but it had taught her something else. She needed something bigger than an index finger and as she’d drifted off to sleep the image that rose in her mind’s eye was that of the shop in nearby Bayswater with the blacked out windows. It had been there for years, and even if you peeked through the doorway you couldn’t see a great deal because there was a wall and a walkway off to your left that led into the shop itself.

The notice directly in front of you informed you that minors were forbidden from entering and staff reserved the right to request ID from anyone who looked under the age of twenty five, even though casino firmaları eighteen year olds could still enter.

The challenge twenty five rule meant she’d have to take her driving license with her along with her credit card, if she wanted to buy a dildo and to be fair she didn’t even know if they sold such things. The one time she’d peeked inside the only thing she could see off to her left was a wall hung with sexy underwear and a blow up doll, also with sexy underwear.

Evie stared at her reflection in the mirror and pulled the blouse tighter over the push-up bra she had on underneath. Her breasts were already large enough but the bra emphasized them even more and hopefully made her look older and, she stared at herself, more confident.

“Is this too much?”

She eventually emerged from her bedroom satisfied that she looked at least twenty five, the last thing she wanted was to be asked any questions at all.

“Where are you going today?” her mother asked as she stepped into the kitchen.

“Out,” she replied.

“Why are you being so,” she sought for the appropriate English word, “snarky.”

“I’m not,” she picked up the cereal packet, “I’m being me.”

“You were never like this.”

“I’m nineteen years old, I have a driver’s license and I’m going to university, next week. Why are you treating me like I was still ten years old?”

“I am not,” her mother shot back.

Mei Lin thought about answering back but then decided against it. She still hadn’t told her mother about her plans to move out because a lot depended on whether or not Stella agreed to it. She had her breakfast and then brushed her teeth and headed out to her car. Over breakfast her mother had asked where she was going, specifically and when she mentioned Bayswater and maybe Knox City she asked if Mei Lin could pick up a few travel brochures from the agency. She’d almost retorted with the familiar comment about all that stuff being available online when she recalled that there was a travel agency a few doors down from the sex shop. Dutifully agreeing to pick up a few brochures helped lighten the atmosphere slightly.

However as she stepped out of the agency some time later and stared at the black window Mei Lin felt as if she was walking on egg shells. She looked up and down the street in case any of her mother’s friends happened to be in the vicinity. A car cruised along Station Street with the stereo pumping out an old Angels song, the driver was tapping the steering wheel but he did look at her as she stood in the street with the brochures in one hand and her phone in the other.

Another three cars drove past in quick succession as she edged closer to the door and just as another car appeared in the near distance she stepped forward quickly but came to a dead stop as a woman coming the other way cut in front of her. She’d seen her approaching but thought she was going past the shop.

“Shit, sorry,” the woman stopped, “after you.”

“Thanks,” Mei Lin stepped inside, “my mistake.”

“And mine,” the woman grinned.

Mei Lin walked along the short passageway. There were different items hanging on the wall this time and the mannequin had been replaced with a hideous blow up doll, and then she was inside the shop and staring around at the fittings. Two racks to her right contained a variety of sex toys, the walls were covered in other toys and just behind her were the magazines and DVDs. The woman headed for that particular section.

She looked to be in her early thirties and was shorter than Mei Lin with a curvaceous figure. She was dressed in a white, ruffled blouse and black leather pants. Mei Lin’s eyes were drawn momentarily to the kerchief at her throat, it was a different colour and instead of being tucked into her blouse like a cravat it was worn like a knotted scarf. The woman must have been a regular because she greeted the woman behind the counter with a smile.

“G’day Rhonda, new hairdo this month?”

Mei Lin tuned the reply out as she moved to the opposite wall and scanned the items hanging from it, there were a lot of dildos and vibrators. She stared at the prices and winced as she calculated the amount of money she had left in her account.

“Excuse me, miss.”

She turned as the woman from behind the counter approached her.

“Do you have ID on you?”

Mei Lin blushed as she looked past her but just as she was about to take out her purse the woman at the magazine stand turned around and stared straight at her.

“For fuck’s sake, Rhonda, turn it up. She’s over eighteen.”

Rhonda stopped in her tracks as she turned around.

“It’s the law.”

“You going to ask me for ID?” the woman stepped forward.

Rhonda opened her mouth to reply but the woman took another step forward.

“She’s one of my clients.”

“Oh, okay,” Rhonda now took a step back, “sorry miss, I’m just doing my job.”

Mei Lin swallowed as she released the purse. The woman took a few steps forward and put the DVDs and a couple of magazines on güvenilir casino the counter.

“I’ll take these,” she nodded at her.

Mei Lin turned about and grabbed a small dildo with ribs that looked more like out sized rings moulded onto the shaft and moved to the counter, she took out her purse as the woman paid for her purchases and took out her credit card and her license. Rhonda did glance briefly at the license as she bagged the other woman’s items and then nodded at her.

“Don’t worry, you look old enough.”

The woman who’d spoken up for her left the shop and Mei Lin paid for her purchases and dawdled by the magazine stand but the prices were a bit extortionate and so she left. Her new ‘friend’ was standing near a car outside the shop checking the messages on her phone and a smile nudged her lips as she tapped the screen.

“First time, huh?”

“Yeah,” she looked up and down the street, “one of your clients, huh?”

“No need to be embarrassed,” she pocketed the phone. Mei Lin followed the movement, noticing the imprint of the bra against her blouse, “Linda Smith, relationship counsellor and online sex blogger extraordinaire,” she held out her hand, “and you’re not really one of my clients but you looked like you were walking on eggshells and I just took a chance.”

“Oh,” Mei Lin ran a hand through her hair, “sex blogger? For real?”

“Not under my real name,” she smiled, “my screen name is Lovelace, I have a online channel where I give out sex advice, but if I used my real name I’d attract the stalkers and the incel crowd, it’s for my own protection.”

“Of course.”

“I’ve only been doing it for the last twelve months,” she added, “but I’ve been working with couples for nearly five years. The sex blog is just an outlet where I can vent myself.”

“Uh huh,” she released her hand, “wow, this is a coincidence.”

“Why? You looking for counselling?” Linda dipped a hand into her handbag and pulled out two different cards, one was her professional card on a plain cream background but the second one was a crimson card with white lettering and the name Wendy Lovelace and the tag line We Need To Talk About Sex.

“Give me a call some time, it’s all legit, don’t worry.”

A bus cruised towards them and Linda took a step back as it turned into the railway station.

“And on that pleasant note I need to catch my bus.”

Mei Lin registered the number 664 on the front of the bus and made the connection.

“You live in Croydon?”

“South Croydon,” she moved away, “my car is in the garage for the next day or two, sorry I’ve got to run.”

She moved between two parked cars and Mei Lin swallowed and then spoke up.

“Look, I’m in Bayswater North, I’ll drop you off.”

Linda hesitated as the bus moved towards the bus stance.

“Oh, are you sure?”

“Positive,” she slid the card into her handbag, “besides, you spoke up for me when you could’ve just stayed out of it, it’s only fair.”

“All right, thanks,” Linda stepped back onto the pavement, “I’ll give you money for it.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s only a bit out of my way.”

“Free advice?” Linda drew closer.

“Whatever,” Mei Lin shrugged.

“Thanks,” Linda smiled, “I do have transport but I dropped the car off at the garage,” she fell into step beside Mei Lin as they headed for the carpark.

“My office is being moved to Richmond so it’s a longer commute and more kays on the clock, I’d buy a new one but my financial situation is a bit up in the air right now,” she glanced at Mei Lin, “sorry, I’m rambling.”

“It’s fine,” Mei Lin smiled slyly, “I ramble all the time and sometimes I even make sense to myself just not today.”


Stella opened the door and stepped inside the room, a quick glance around the room told her that the meeting was full but she spotted an empty seat between two men and then another one further on next to the wall. A woman in a white blouse and black leather trousers occupied the seat next to it but she had her handbag on the empty seat, Stella made her way along the row to that particular seat and the woman lifted her handbag and putting it on the floor, held out her hand.

“Welcome,” she murmured, “Linda.”

“Stella,” she shook her hand and then they both fell silent as the member standing beside the chairperson went on.

“And if I’d ever been late to a meeting my sponsor would have told me to bugger off and come back when I was serious,” he glanced at Stella but the chairperson shifted in his chair and looked embarrassed at this sudden shift in tone.

Stella however didn’t blink as she propped against the wall but Linda turned and winked at her. The speaker continued with his story, which was probably the same story he told every time he was called to speak. There were pauses after he mentioned a couple of episodes for knowing smiles or a laugh. However there was little of that as he finished his tale and then he was finished and the other members applauded as he made his way back to the empty seat she’d seen first.

“Thanks, Bill, for your words of wisdom,” the young man sitting at the table smiled and then he looked around the room, searching for another speaker but that looked to be a ploy because when he reached Stella his eyes shifted.

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