Delayed Gratification

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I was fascinated by Geoffrey from the start.

It started when I read his bio on the matchmaking site. The text said he was a mature gay single man looking for connection. He was open to friends, but his ultimate goal was a committed relationship. The interests he listed were genteel and showed education and culture. His photo was “G” rated and showed a man of average height and weight with good taste in clothing.

I began a correspondence with him, and soon we were sending notes back and forth with regularity, even though we lived a long distance from each other. We exchanged photos, all very innocent and innocuous.

This was different from the few online courtships in my experience. There was no explicit sex talk. When we spoke of sex, it was vague and offhand. Geoffrey made it clear he was looking for physical intimacy, but he was not at all inclined to discuss these personal things with a veritable stranger across the internet.

I was fine with this mystery, in fact it made me even more curious and interested in him.

One thing led to another, and Geoffrey mentioned that perhaps we should speak on the phone. This seemed a natural progression. We chose a time when we would both have time for a leisurely conversation.

I expected a little bit of awkwardness as we reconciled our true voices to imaginings, but I was truly stunned by how Geoffrey sounded.

Please forgive me if I fall back to stereotypical words here. Geoffrey sounded very gay. He didn’t lisp, but that was about the only thing missing from a complete set of over the top vocal mannerisms. His voice was high pitched and softly modulated. He giggled and oozed cynical swoops of dramatic expression about everything.

I was captivated by his obvious and apparent ‘gayness’. Wasn’t this exactly what I wanted? I didn’t want just any man, I wanted THE man. I wanted connection. I wanted … something… a lover? Boyfriend? Mate? Isn’t a gay man exactly what I was looking for?

The more we spoke on the phone, the more notes we exchanged, the more I wanted to meet him. I fantasized about this obsessively.

Months passed. Summer was over and my busy time done. It was a twelve hour road trip to Geoffrey’s condo, and I got there just after dark.

Finally we were face to face. Our hug was brotherly, genial. I was wondering about a kiss, but Geoffrey took my hand pulled me deeper into his home.

“Martini time!” Was all he said. But imagine how he said it. His speech was not ‘feminine’ it flashed a neon sign that read ‘GAY’. I found it very sexy.

By the time we finished our first drink in the elegant formal living room we were jabbering like old friends reunited. We returned to the immaculate kitchen to mix another and I glanced about the perfectly decorated space. Art covered the walls and everything was just so.

When we sat again on the couch we were turned toward each other and our knees were almost touching. There was a moment then… Geoffrey looked at me and smiled. He reached out to touch my knee. My cock jumped to full erect in spite of being confined in my jeans. My tie had been loosened. I reached my hand out to touch his fingers. In a breath we were kissing. Softly, tentatively, then with growing intensity and passion. I was lost in the kiss, overwhelmed by the romance of it.

Geoffrey walked this fingers from my knee to my thigh and then to the outline of my hardon. I moaned into his mouth. We broke the kiss, but our foreheads were still touching. “baby, baby, baby’ is all casino şirketleri Geoffrey said. I found this charming. I found him charming.

I was quite confused though. Our conversations and correspondence had not been erotic. I had come for this visit to become acquainted. Sex was not a forgone conclusion. Geoffrey had made it quite clear that he hoped for a lover, not just a random assignation.

Geoffrey’s hand was tracing my erection we kissed deeply, tongues fully engaged, breath ragged. My heart was pounding. “Oh sweetheart” Geoffrey whispered, “let’s take this to the bedroom”. He reached for his drink and draied it. I did the same. “Come with me sexy” he said. I smiled and followed him through the house.

His bedroom was large. Sparsely but completely furnished. There is a sitting area, a large TV and a low king sized bed. Everything was simply but delightfully coordinated.

I was lost and out of place, not sure what to do next. I pulled off my tie and Geoffrey helped my sport coat off with the practiced grace of a clothier. I felt I should help him undress, but he didn’t give me an opening. He tugged my belt and opened my jeans and pushed them to the floor. I stepped out of them as I unbuttoned my shirt. Geoffrey bent and snapped my briefs down and away.

Still fully dressed… even his suit jacket (he wasn’t wearing a tie) Geoffrey pushed me back on the bed. I fell back and bounced, naked in front of him. He climbs on top of me, insinuating a clothed knee between my thighs. His suit feels rough against my bare skin. His aggression took my breath. Geoffrey was smiling and giggling.

Our kissing resumed. Geoffrey’s dress shirt was starched and crisp. He was clean shaven and smells very faintly of a citrus cologne. I am transported into another world. I am naked in the embrace of gay man. I relinquished all control to him, but matched his passion with an equal amount of my own.

Quick as fox Geoffrey slid to my dick and swallowed me. The speed of his movement and the sudden heavenly sensation made the room spin. He pushed my thighs open and sucked me. He was expert. I looked down at the scene. An elegantly appointed man sucking me, smoothly and confidently. It was sensory overload. The feelings came so quickly I could not process them.

Geoffrey pulled back with an exclamation of “Oh My God”, emphasizing the first and last word. Saying them with a throaty voice, just as you’d expect. “Scoot up love” he continued and I crab crawled up to the head of the bed. My head and shoulders slightly elevated. He slid off the bed and undressed. It was quick. He dropped his suit pants and jacket where he stood. He deftly loosed his cufflinks and dropped his shirt.

Geoffrey stood still only for a beat, his cock was big. Just… big. Not huge, not pornstar… just big. Bigger than I’d ever seen in person. He was circumcised. His body hair was trimmed. He had a patch of very closely trimmer pubic hair above his penis, but his balls and cock were shaved. I found the sight of him extremely exotic and erotic.

It was such a powerful moment. So much of Geoffrey was familiar to me. I knew the sound of his voice. I knew the common turns of his conversation. I knew about his work and his hobbies, the movies he liked and the music he preferred. I had seen dozens of photos, (but none of him naked). Geoffrey was not an gym guy, but average as was I. It didn’t matter. I thought he looked fantastic.

He walked on his knees up the bed straddling me. I watched only his organ as it casino firmaları bounced toward me. All the way he came, grabbing the headboard with his hands and pulling himself up and without hesitation thrust himself toward my mouth.

And, that was all I wanted. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I wanted his penis, Geoffrey’s penis, in my mouth. I wanted to suck him. To feel him there … to pleasure him. I opened wide to accept him, and I was again amazed at the both the feeling and the emotional response. My entire consciousness began to suck my lover’s cock. I didn’t just want to suck him, I wanted to make love to him with my mouth via his phallus. I was focused, enthralled and consumed with this fellatio.

My cocksucking didn’t last long. He pulled back we began kissing again. This new kiss enriched by the very present reality that we had so recently held each other’s organs in our mouths. It was a deeper kiss because of this. Geoffrey pulled back and smiled at me, he put his hand on my cheek, reached behind my head and pulled my mouth to his for another one of these kisses. A new kind of kiss in my experience.

“Over you go my sweetie” Geoffrey said, and reached across to guide my hip and spin me on my front. He spread my cheeks confidently and decisively, and began to tongue my rosebud.

My exclamation must have been a bit over the top because Geoffrey chuckled. “oooooooh… you LIKE that baby? Geoffrey both declared and questioned. I simply moaned. “mmmmm” he hummed. “You are delicious” He kept humming as he thrust his tongue inside, alternating that penetration with kisses and licks on the lips of my opening.

He spun me over again and sat up, his legs folded under him. He sat back and smiled at me again. His face glistening with saliva. His lips swollen from our kissing. He wiggled forward between my spread thights and again I fixated on his pink glistening erection as he moved in.

I gasped when I realized he was going to fuck me. I hadn’t considered this. Geoffrey’s soft and effeminate nature had caused me to pre judge him. I had fallen into a such a foolish trap. I felt silly and naive. In this moment of sweet passion I had learned a life lesson. Affection washed over me. Simply put, I felt love for this wonderful man.

For just a fleeting moment, I worried about things… things maybe I should have discussed with him. I thought about the fact that unprotected gay anal sex was not a responsible course of action.

Just as quickly all my fear faded. I wanted this. I wanted Geoffrey. I wanted this man to be my lover. I wanted his naked penis inside me. It was a biological mating imperative.

Another moment of fear came over me because of his size. I steeled myself for some pain upon insertion. I asked if we needed lube. Geoffrey said, “I’ve found it’s not necessary darling” Still, I bore down when I felt his corona touch my pucker.

But there was no pain. My partner slid in up the hilt in a single slowish smooth thrust. He gasped with the pleasure of it. My mouth opened in a silent scream.

In memory, the moment of our consummation was momentous, although in real time it was quick and natural. I didn’t have time to consider the import, I was simply full of cock. Geoffrey’s cock. My lover’s cock.

“OH Geoffrey, OH migod, OH YESSSSSSSSSS

He pushed and pulled back, establishing a comfortable rhythm. The implacable smile replaced with open mouthed pleasure. He began small cries of delight in his high soft voice. He called me sweet names… baby, güvenilir casino lover, sweetheart, big boy, darling, sweet darling, sexy darling. The pet names stoked my fire.

Geoffrey reached forward with both hands and pinched my nipples hard. I shrieked in pain, wondering how such a thing could appropriate given the gentle nature of our lovemaking so far. But immediately my question was answered as the sensation gave way to another level of lust and desire.

Geoffrey giggled alluringly.

I watched him move. He was graceful and confident. Geoffrey smiled at me at moved my ankles to his shoulders. He bent me and penetrated me more deeply. I reached back with both hands to spread my cheeks and open to him more fully. I inhaled as he leaned into me, trying to suck his penis more deeply into my center. I grasped at his cock with my muscles of my opening, wanting to hold him inside. This caused him to growl with pleasure as I increased the friction on his lovely organ.

I was totally receptive to his taking. The pleasure he was giving me was complete. I gave in to the realization that this was what I was made for. Thank god for Geoffrey… he knew this somehow. He was giving of himself to show me the world that I didn’t know existed.

Previously unknown facts of life kept light bulb-ing into me. I wanted to return the affection he was showing me. I would do anything for this man.

And then, Geoffrey grasped my cock with both hands. His thrusts into me became shorter and faster. He fondled my balls, and stroked my perfect erection.

Geoffrey knew what he was doing. “Come on baby” he urged. “Give it to me. I want your cum. I want to feel you climax when I’m inside you. Cum for me. Cum for your man. Show me your love. Yesssss… show me. Let it all go.”

Geoffrey’s tone was understated. He wasn’t commanding, he was leading me. Telling me how to pay him back. Another light bulb … my orgasm was to be his reward too.

The climax that came was of another order. My cock began leaking sperm as if a valve had been opened. Semen flowed out as Geoffrey continued to own my penis. I had time to wonder what the fuck… then the explosion happened. Another load of cum shot up and onto my chest, and another and another.

Geoffrey was repeating “oh baby, oh baby, oh baby” His pitch rising and words coming faster with each repeat.

He exhaled on last very dramatic ‘OH BABY’ and began to pump me full of his issue. Geoffrey fell forward on top of me and began kissing me deeply even as he continued to churn into me.

We kissed and panted and chanted ‘yes yes yes yes’.

I wrapped myself around him. I wanted to have him as close as possible. Geoffrey’s cock was still planted deeply in my ass. This was just as I wanted. I was amazed that after such a complete coupling, I didn’t want him to disengage. I wanted to kiss him and love him and hold him inside me as we moved into whatever would come next.

I don’t remember how long we stayed connected. I was getting very sleepy. At some point Geoffrey slipped from me and rolled to his back. I nestled under his arm on my side, with my head on his chest. I threw my leg across him, and reached down with my hand to grasp his cock.

That was how we both fell asleep.

Sometime later in the night Geoffrey stirred. I rolled to my side so that we could spoon together. ‘Hello’ I murmured when I felt an erection tucked between the mounds of my bottom. Geoffrey shushed me and wiggled a bit, poking for my anus. I reached back and guided him in.

That was when I learned how easy intercourse can be when there is copious natural lubrication saved from a previous penetration.

We mated for our second time then… there were many more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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