Death Metal God

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Mark Kaine paced angrily across the stage, hyping himself up as thousands of fans cheered his name. He felt the rage and adrenaline building up inside of him as he clenched the mic in his hand and gritted his teeth. The guitars and drums built to a crescendo and then he stopped his pacing, lifted the microphone and screamed a demonic, guttural scream.

As he screamed and growled into the mic, alternating behind highs and lows, the crowd erupted, cheering, screaming along and starting vicious moshpits.

Backstage, Nicky heard Kaine’s demonic but brilliant vocals and felt herself becoming wet.

She never wore underwear to any of his live shows because she knew the effect his voice had on her. As soon as he got on stage she found a secluded area where she could still hear him clearly. Her left reached into her shirt and grabbed a firm breast, pinching a hard nipple.

Her right hand went under her short skirt and began vigorously fingering her wet pussy.

His inhuman growls spurred on her soft moans as her fingers worked at her pussy, two of them going in and out, fingering hard as she used her thumb to rub at her clit. Her other hand continued pinching her nipple hard, the pain mixing with her pleasure. In and out her fingers went as her thumb rubbed her clit… faster and faster… she gasped as she fought to keep herself from crying out loudly in ecstasy. The guitar solo hit and she knew that a brutal breakdown was coming… She vigorously began fingering herself even harder and faster… she wanted to cum during the breakdown… it was something she tried to do every time.

Faster and faster, harder and harder… her fingers dripping wet as they worked at her pussy with furious vigour. Fast, hard, over and over again and then… Aaaaaaahhhhh… She came hard and smiled through her exhausted gasps of air as she heard Kaine’s brutal breakdown.

God, he was magnificent. Quickly, cleaning herself up and regaining composure she went back to work, organising the backstage and making sure the concert ran smoothly, the whole time feeling a longing in between her legs as she listened to Kaine onstage.

After the concert, Kaine walked backstage sweating and exhausted due to the insane performance he had just given for his thousands of fans. He looked at Nicky as she ordered around stage hands and their eyes met. A brief and intense moment was shared before he turned and walked away to his backstage dressing room. Nicky put down her clipboard halkalı bdsm escort and headset, her heart racing as she followed him into his room. As she got into the room she heard his gruff voice growl, ‘shut the door.’

She complied quickly and as soon as she did, he was upon her, his rough hands around her throat pinning her violently against the wall. One of his hands tightened around her throat, the other went straight for her dripping wet pussy as he grabbed hold of her in between her legs and said into her ear, ‘I am your God, worship me.’

He let go of her and instantaneously she dropped to her knees in front of him, pulling down his pants and freeing his throbbing hard cock. It was massive and she could feel herself burning with desire at the sight of it. Working her hands up and down his long shaft she looked up at him with unbridled passion and lust before turning her attention back to his large, hard cock. Running her tongue along its head she kept working her hands up and down his shaft masterfully. Her lips then enveloped his head and her tongue flickered around it causing him to tremble in pleasure.

With her hands and mouth working in perfect unison she put him deeper into her mouth, her lips following her hands up and down his long shaft. She rubbed his cock against her cheek, around her chin and then put it back in her mouth. She wanted him all over her, this incredible cock that drove her absolutely wild. Arching her head she allowed him to go deeper into her mouth, feeling his massive cock force its way down her throat. Her one hand fondled his balls as her other dug her nails into the side of his leg drawing blood. His cock rammed down her throat hard… in and out and in and out…

Kaine gripped her hair tightly, pulling at it as he fucked her face harshly, trying to make her gag with his massive cock but Nicky didn’t have a gag reflex and loved getting her throat fucked by his incredible cock. She loved being dominated and nobody had power over her as much as Mark Kaine. He pulled his cock out of her mouth as she gasped for air and quickly took the moment to take off her shirt. Her nipples were completely erect and she took his cock rubbing it over the one nipple and then the other before putting it in between her firm, full breasts, pushing them together and feeling his cock rubbing between them.

As she jerked him off with her magnificent breasts she bent her head down and licked halkalı elit escort at his purple head. Letting go of her breasts, she took his cock and rubbed it all over her face before putting it back into her mouth and sucking it all the way down to its base feeling it go down her throat once more. Her head bobbed back and forth and her lips and tongue worked on his cock as it went in and out of her mouth. Her nails dug into his soft flesh as he gripped her hair tight and shot his hot cum down her throat. Pulling it he shot a second load onto her face, covering it in his cum. She licked up all she could and swallowed hungrily, looking up at him with a devilish grin. Bending down, Kaine grabbed her in his strong arms, picking her up off the floor and lifting her into the air. Carrying her over to a table he sat her on the edge and growled with a sadistic grin, ‘My turn.’

Spreading her legs wide, Kaine inserted two fingers inside of her harshly and began fingering hard. He smiled wickedly as he began using his thumb to rub at her clit as he knew she loved. Nicky tossed her head back, looking up at the ceiling and moaned loudly. She grabbed her full breasts and squeezed them together. Taking it as an invitation, Kaine enveloped her right nipple in his mouth, running his tongue along it before biting it and causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure. He sucked and kissed at her other nipple as well as his fingers strummed at her wet pussy fast and hard. His thumb rubbed her clit roughly and drove her wild as his other fingers went in and out of her… faster and faster, deeper and deeper… harder and harder… in and out and in and out…

As his right hand fingered her hard, his left hand gripped her tightly around her throat. He looked into her eyes with such intensity that she came unexpectedly and suddenly… He kept on fingering her hard and rubbing at her clit with his other hand still tight around her throat. She knew she was completely under his spell, she was his, all of her… Nicky moaned loudly and bit into his shoulder before whispering into his ear in between pants of pleasure, ‘I need you in me.’

Kaine let go of her and in a flash, picked her up off the table, turned her around roughly and bent her over the table with force. She was his plaything, her body moving where he wanted and her pussy dripping wet in anticipation of his massive cock. Kaine slapped her ass hard, leaving a big red print on her firm ass. halkalı escort He inserted his fingers back into her and fingered her roughly as he parted her legs more and positioned her properly. Once he was satisfied he inserted his massive cock into her. Normally he had to work it in slowly because of his size but Nicky was so wet that it slid all the way into her. Nicky cried out as he entered her, bowing her head and gritting her teeth as her head spun with indescribable pleasure.

Gripping her waist tightly Kaine wasted no time and began ramming his cock into her again and again, a ravenous beast dominating his prey. His hard cock rammed into her over and over again, in and out and in and out… each thrust sending ripples of pleasure throughout her entire being. Kaine bent forward reaching around and feeling her wet pussy as he kept thrusting with vicious intent. He then leaned back, arching his back so he could go even deeper into her. Then with his fingers drenched in her cum, he began fingering her ass as he thrusted deep into her. Nicky gritted her teeth, stopping herself from crying out.

He began softly at first but started finger her ass harder and harder as he continued to ram his hard cock deep into her pussy. In quick, fluid motion he pulled out of her and pushed his massive cock into her tiny ass making her scream out in pain and pleasure. She almost passed out as he forced it all the way in. Nicky’s body moved about like a ragdoll, at his complete mercy as he thrusted with all his might into her ass. She felt her cum running down her weak legs as she orgasmed again and again, unable to contain her pleasure. Kaine kept ramming his hard cock into her ass, making her whole body shake and flop around to the rhythm of his thrusts. She put her hand behind her back and he gripped them, pulling upwards making her arch her back and look to the sky, eyes closed and moaning loud in ecstatic bliss.

He dominated her completely as he thrusted hard into her again and again, causing her to orgasm violently again but still he continued furiously on… in and out and in and out… again and again… in and out and in and out… deep, hard, fast… in and out… again and again until he pulled out, turned her around and pushed her roughly to the floor before shooting his cum all over her… in her hair, on her face, over her breasts and down her stomach.

He then walked over to his pants, putting them on silently, leaving her lying on the floor panting and trying to catch her breath, a sticky and sweaty mess.

Before he exited the room, Kaine knelt down beside her and asked, ‘what am I?’

Nicky smiled and replied, ‘You are my God.’

Kaine nodded and left her lying on the floor, completely dominated and happier than she had ever been in her life before…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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