Daddy’s Oral Love

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The idea struck me as I lay in bed in my old bedroom, listening to my father and stepmother making love. It would be the perfect payback for Violet, who had hated me since the moment she met me, and hadn’t bothered hiding it since the day she married Daddy and moved into my family home.

I’d never heard them fucking before, because the day Violet moved in, I moved out. She might have kept her true feelings for me hidden under a mask of phony sweetness until then, but I knew. However, my dad had invited me home for the holidays, and somehow Dad and Violet had forgotten how thin the walls were. I could hear every pant, moan, wet sucking sound, and creak of the mattress, and quite frankly it got me hot. So I pulled my nightgown up to my neck and began to give my pussy a good working-over. I timed things so that the moment I heard Daddy roaring out his climax next door, my nipples swelled practically to bursting, my empty cunt clenched, and the lightning of orgasm shot straight from my clit to my brain and exploded in a shower of fireworks.

Then there was a period of silence while all three of us recovered. The next thing I knew, I heard my dad’s voice. He was speaking low enough that I couldn’t make out the words, but the general tone of pleading was crystal-clear. I pushed two fingers into my sopping hole, wondering what Daddy was asking for. I didn’t have long to wait to find out. Violet began to yell about how perverted it was for him to want to put “that thing” in her mouth. I almost started laughing. A new young sexy (I had to admit that) wife, and all my daddy wanted was some head — and she wouldn’t give him any. I heard Daddy start cursing, and then several doors slamming, and then the noise of his car roaring off into the night. Total quiet again.

Ever since I discovered my own body, Daddy had played an important role in my fantasies. They usually started with him confessing to me how lonely he had been since Mom had left us. This was of course before Violet came into the picture at all. In my thoughts, Daddy would tell me about how he needed to go out and get some relief, but he didn’t want to leave his precious daughter home alone. Of course I was always able to convince him that it was all right for me to stroke him off, and I’d unzip his fly and very matter-of-factly jerk his cock until he creamed in my hands. I don’t know how many times I’ve come with that scene playing through my head. In real life, of course, Daddy had the usual assortment of dates, and I’m sure he got laid regularly — but nothing serious.

Or so I thought. One day out of the blue, my daddy announced that he and Violet were going to get married. Very quickly I came to return her feelings for me, which as I said were clear to me from the start, even if she pulled the wool over Daddy’s eyes pretty successfully. escort maltepe I think she thought of me as competition for his attention, and I hope she didn’t know how right she really was.

So now I lay in bed, dreaming up my plan. As the ideas flashed through my mind, I decided to give myself a good finger-fucking. I had left my toys back at my apartment, but three fingers were a perfectly adequate substitute for my trusty dildo. It took a while, but I finally came again, silently screaming out “Daddy, Daddy!”

I have to tell you at this point that I love going down on guys. It’s probably my favorite part of sex. At age 23, I’ve probably sucked off a hundred cocks of all sizes, ages, and colors. I love to let a man’s pulsing rod into my mouth because of the feeling of power it always gives me. A man will do or say anything for a woman who knows how to do it right, who will let him come in her mouth and swallow his jism. Besides, the thought of a man’s seed in my belly makes me hot. I’ve given mouth jobs to men who I would never think of letting see me naked, never mind touching me or actually fucking me.

Anyway, what Daddy wanted just happened to be my specialty. And Violet was denying him, so he would be wide open — and I really wanted to get back at her for taking my daddy away from me. As I imagined that it was Daddy’s cock pumping into my mouth, filling my guts with the seed that made me, I had to stuff a pillow over my face so he and Violet couldn’t hear my scream as I came for the third and most powerful time.

For the rest of the holidays, I waited for my chance to seduce Daddy. Somehow I knew that once I had him, everything would be all right again. But every time I flashed him my big tits or my shaved pussy, Violet would just happen to walk into the room right then. Our relationship got even rockier than it was, if possible, and finally I wound up returning to my own apartment several days early. Oh well.

I had lost track of my plan when Violet called me up one evening several months later. She told me with fake sympathy that Daddy had heard about “my fooling around with men” and was on his way over. “He was certainly very angry when he left here,” she cooed into my ear. I just knew that whatever my daddy had heard had come from Violet one way or another. I was furious that she’d meddle in my business, and then my plan came back into my head.

When Daddy knocked thunderously on my apartment door, I was all ready for him. I was wearing a nightshirt, as if I had gone to bed early that night. It concealed me completely if the light was on me and if I was standing up. But if not — Well, anyway, he gave me a kiss on the cheek, which he lingered over just a bit too long. He quickly recovered his stern voice and said there was something we needed escort mamak to talk about. We went into the living room of my one-bedroom apartment.

He sat down on the overstuffed chair, as I had intended, but I continued to stand up while he lectured me on “what a young lady like you” should and shouldn’t do, and how if I had a relationship, it should be with just one man, slightly older and slightly better off than I was. He wasn’t old-fashioned enough to expect me to save myself for marriage, but the whole thrust of his oration was the next thing to it.

It didn’t really matter, because I wasn’t listening anyway. Instead, I had made sure that I was standing between him and the desk lamp that was the only source of light in the room. He wouldn’t be able to see any details, but the nightshirt was sheer enough that he knew I had nothing on under it. I could see the sweat begin to bead on his forehead, and not because the room was too warm, although it was.

Finally, I pulled up one of the lightweight chairs from the dinette table and sat down directly across from Daddy on the edge of the seat. As he talked on, I let myself ease back slowly in the chair, and the hem of the nightshirt began to ride up over my thighs. I also let my legs part a little, giving Daddy just a glimpse of my forbidden pussy. The lecture became rather disjointed, and his eyes wandered from my face to my crotch, then sharply back to my face.

Finally, Daddy had had enough. He stopped in mid-sentence and asked me why I wasn’t wearing any pajama bottoms. I replied impudently, “I never wear them. That way it’s easier for my boyfriends to go down on me when they wake up in the morning. Much nicer than an alarm clock, really.” By this point I was openly staring at the bulge in Daddy’s pants.

Daddy was gaping like a fish on a hook. I slipped off the chair and onto my knees in front of him. I bent down further and undid his belt and pants, letting his erection burst out into the air. I was impressed with it, just as a man’s cock, even setting aside that it was Daddy’s.

“So,” I said softly. “Violet still won’t give you a blow job? Silly woman. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.” Without another word I fisted my daddy with one hand and pulled the nightshirt over my head with the other. Then I was down on my daddy’s cock, taking him into my mouth with a single carefully aligned swallow.

Daddy still didn’t say a word. He certainly didn’t ask me how I knew. I began to bob my head, first slowly and then faster, and then slowly again. I wanted my daddy to last a long, long time in my mouth. When I pulled off him completely, he groaned, but I was back quickly enough, licking his shaft, giving his balls a warm bath, pressing the tip of my tongue into the slit at the tip of his cock.

The ofise gelen escort fingers of one of my hands were diddling my pussy as I ran the fingernails of the other lightly, so lightly over the underside of his prick right where the shaft met the head. He groaned and lurched, and I quickly backed off and gripped the base of his cock hard until the urge to come left him. I didn’t want him to waste a single drop outside my body, so I sucked his cock right into my mouth again.

This time I went down, down, down even further until I could feel his coarse pubic hair pressed hard into my lips and nose. I breathed through my nose so as not to start gagging, and my head resumed its bobbing motions. Soon I didn’t have to move up and down any more: he was clutching my head to him and humping his hips, fucking my face with everything he had.

It was rough sex, no doubt about that, but it was Daddy and I loved every single minute of it. All thoughts of power, control, and revenge on Violet were lost for the moment while Daddy dominated me with his huge cock as no man ever had before. My fingers slipped off my clit as I concentrated only on the sensations in my lips, tongue, and throat.

Then his orgasm began. He shot his load into my mouth, gobs of it, the stored-up juice of many days of abstinence. Even with my skills I couldn’t hold it all. With his come dripping out of the corners of my mouth, he pulled his cock out and spat white cream over my cheeks, eyes, and hair. Madly I used my fingers to scoop it up and push it back into my mouth so I could swallow it down. Then he was done, and we were staring at each other with a new understanding in our eyes. My daddy might be mine now, but I was most definitely also his, and that I had never expected.

After that it was my turn. My daddy turned out to be a wizard at eating pussy. He took me through five huge orgasms that night, leaving me completely wrung out and ultimately satisfied. Then he picked me up and carried me to my own bed, half asleep, and tucked me in as he used to do when I was a child. I dimly heard the shower running and then remembered nothing more until morning, when I woke to an empty house, a full belly, and an empty cunt.

In fact, my father has never once fucked my cunt in all the times he’s visited me since that night. He says there are plenty of women in his life, but he never has sex, Bill Clinton sex, with any of them except Violet. I don’t even mind. We do it in every conceivable position: him on top in my bed, me on top, sixty-nine, the classic way with him standing and me on my slutty knees, and even fancier things like him holding me upside down in mid-air by my waist, my knees and calves locked over his shoulders while my head bangs his cock.

My daddy keeps my body so satisfied with his talented tongue and fingers, and keeps my mind so satisfied with the numerous dominant face-fucks that he administers to me, that I have totally lost my original motivation for taking revenge on Violet. I just feel sorry for the woman, because she’ll never experience the joy’s of Daddy’s oral love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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