Daddy’s Lesson Ch. 02

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Chapter two

Suzy was having a wonderful dream. Her pussy felt those wonderful sensations she had so recently been introduced to. It took a moment for her to realize that it wasn’t just a dream. Her legs were spread wide and there was a warm tongue licking her pussy, teasing her clit and tongue fucking her. She was instantly awake when she recognized the head between her legs as her father’s.

She bolted straight up and moved as far away from her father as possible. Her father just chuckled darkly.

“I meant what I said last night. I own you.” He said tersely, taking slow, measured steps toward her. “And I may fuck you, or do anything else I please to you, when ever and where ever I want. You got that?” He said threateningly, towering over her.

Suzy shook her head in rebellion. “Touch me again and I’ll call the cops. It’s wrong! You don’t own me!”

Her father began to laugh maliciously. “There ain’t no phone here, girly. Nearest town is thirty miles away. And mark my words…” He grabbed her violently by the front of her shirt and yanked her within an inch of his nose, staring threateningly into her eyes. “I’d find you before then.”

Suzy didn’t dare turn her gaze from him, so she stared back, her eyes challenging him. Finally he released her and shoved her away from him, onto the bed. For a moment Suzy tensed, thinking he was going to rape her again, but he swiftly turned his back and yelled at her over his shoulder as he descended the stairs. “If Breakfast isn’t ready in an hour, I’ll teach you another lesson.” Half way down his footsteps stopped, and he added in a more menacing tone “One you’ll never forget.”


Suzy was cooking like her life depended on it. She knew how to scramble eggs, and make toast, but that was about it. She found some sausage links in the freezer, and cooked those (a little too long, but she hoped he wouldn’t notice the burns) and was just setting the table when her father walked in through the door. He eyed everything with a scowl, as if he was hoping she wouldn’t finish the task in time. When she saw his eyes narrow on the burnt sausage, her heart sank in realization. No matter how perfect she made everything, when he wanted to he would find something to “teach her a lesson” about. She covertly glanced at the huge bulge in his pants and knew she was right.

“The sausage is burnt, girl.” He pointed out.

“Didn’t know how to cook it. I’ll get it right next time.” Suzy said quietly, keeping from making eye contact with him.

“Damn straight you dikmen escort will. Where’s my coffee?”

“Coffee?” Suzy mentally swore. Of course he drinks coffee.

“Coffee girl. You didn’t make any?” Her father scowled.

“I…I couldn’t find it.” Suzy lied, hoping he’d take pity on her. When her father’s eyes narrowed she knew she’d made a mistake.

“Looks like it’s time for Daddy to teach you another lesson.” Her father said as he started unbuckling his belt. “I don’t like liars.”

“No, please! I’ll make it, it’ll only take a minute.” Suzy pleaded.

“Take off your dress.” Her father ordered.

“Please…” Suzy said weakly.

“Girl, don’t make me tell you again.” Her father warned.

With trembling hands Suzy unbuttoned the buttons down the front of her dress and let it slip to the floor. Her father started stroking his cock as he watched her.

“Take it all off.” He demanded.

God, this is so wrong. Suzy stifled the tears of frustration. But why am I getting turned on?

When she was standing naked in front of her father he removed all of his clothing, tossed the garments aside and stalked up to her, still slowly stroking his massive cock.

“Get down on your knees.” He ordered. She glanced down at the hard wood floor with a wince, but when she looked back at his face she quelled her complaints. She got down on her knees, and her father stepped closer, his huge dick just inches from her face.

“Now you lying little bitch, suck your daddy’s dick.” He ordered and seemed to take pleasure in the horrified expression on her face. “I said open your mouth bitch.” He said more forcefully.

Reluctantly she opened her mouth, and he forced his cock head past her lips before waiting for her to relax her jaw. She gagged as he pushed himself into her mouth as far as she would allow. Her jaw started to twinge with pain as she stretched her mouth as wide as it would go. She was afraid if he pushed any harder, her jaw would be dislocated. And not even half of it was in her mouth.

Suzy tried her best to not gag, but it was difficult to breathe with him hammering himself into her mouth.

“Ohhhh yes you dirty slut! Suck my cock. You’re such a lying little whore, I bet you like this. Suck your Daddy’s cock good or Daddy might have to teach you another lesson.”

Suzy had never had a dick in her mouth before, but she tried her best. The quicker her father got off, the sooner he’d be out of her already sore mouth…and if he got off soon, she wouldn’t have to find out what his other “lesson” would be. She used a trial and error method—when his breathing sped up or when elvankent escort he gasped, she would repeat what she had just done.

“Oh yeah, that’s it…oh fuck yeah. You’re a natural cock sucker, just like your mom. Mmmm yeah…Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum…” Her father grunted, and if it was possible, his cock swelled even more in her mouth. She gagged, and then suddenly her mouth was filling with hot liquid.

Oh Gross!! Suzy immediately gagged and spit it out, coughing and sputtering.

“BITCH!” Her father snarled, and that was all the warning she got before she saw stars swimming in her vision. When she opened her eyes again she was sprawled on the floor and her face stung from the blow her father had dealt her.

“When I cum in your mouth you fucking SWALLOW it! God damned bitch!” Her father seized her by the arm and turned her on her stomach and then lifted her ass in the air so she was on her kneeling on her knees. “You act like a bitch, I’m gonna fuck you like a bitch.” He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back, making her arch her back.

“Owww!!! Let go!!” Suzy cried out on instinct, and her father dealt her another blow, but this time it was to her ass. He slapped it as hard as he could and she cried out in pain.

“Shut up!” He ordered. She felt his dick rubbing against her pussy lips, lubricating her with his own cum. As soon as he was ready he aimed and pushed his giant cock in, regardless of her pain.

“Owww!” Suzy moaned as quietly as she could, trying not to anger him further. He fucked her hard, and he fucked her fast. He yarded back on her hair, arching her back further and their skin slapped loudly against each other. He rode her mercilessly, pounding into her like a thing possessed.

Despite her psyche telling her this was all wrong, that having her father’s prick inside of her was sinful…she could not ignore the voice in her head, telling her that it was good. And she couldn’t ignore the fact that she was turned on. Despite her father’s dry entry, her juices flooded her pussy instantly and it wasn’t long before she could feel the familiar tingle inside herself that meant she was going to cum.

“Yeah, you like this? You like being Daddy’s whore? Tell daddy you like it.”

“Mmmmm.” Suzy moaned quietly, a soft keen that was in between a moan of pleasure and a moan of distaste.

“Tell Daddy you like his cock inside you. Tell Daddy you’re his little whore.”

Suzy’s breathing sped up and she found herself pushing back against him every thrust he made, fucking him back. She was so close. But she didn’t answer him, and he stopped moving suddenly. Suzy emek escort cried out in dismay and started to push herself back and forth on him, but he countered her every move, and it did no good.

“Tell Daddy.” He ordered her.

“I like it.” Suzy said reluctantly, on the verge of her orgasm. He rewarded her with a couple of hard, long, torturously wonderful strokes. It drove her even closer.

“Tell Daddy what you like.”

“Please.” She begged as she wiggled on him, desperate to cum. He took a small amount of pity on her and thrust into her again. His hand reached down to where they were connected and started to rub in slow circles. Suzy gasped and wiggled even more, desperate to get off. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. “Please fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard.”

The moment the words were out of her mouth he began to pound into her furiously again and she cried out in relief and pleasure. “Aaaahh God yes!”

She arched her back and met his every thrust vigorously.

“You’re Daddy’s whore now, you got that? I’ll fuck you when I want, where I want and how I want! I own you. This pussy belongs to me you little whore. Tell your Daddy you belong to him.”

“I belong to you Daddy!” Suzy cried out, not caring about anything except for his cock slamming in and out of her like a piston.

“Tell me you want to cum on my cock.”

“Make your daughter cum all over your cock Daddy! Please fuck your little girl hard!” Suzy replied. Her father fucked her with a renewed vigor, and Suzy made a mental note to talk like this to him all the time since it got him so turned on. The tingle inside her pussy suddenly grew, her body shook, her pussy contracted and a sudden rush of fluid from inside her heralded the best orgasm she’d had yet. “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“CHRIST!” Was all her father could bellow before he shot his load into her, her pussy milking his cock as her orgasm subsided.

They both collapsed, panting and sweating from their workout. It was a long time before either of them got their breathing normal, but her father was the first to move.

“Now get up and go clean yourself up. I want you to be presentable when your brother arrives.” Her father ordered.

“Brother?!” Suzy sat up quickly and looked at her father in shock.

“Yeah, didn’t your momma ever tell you? O’course he wanted to live with his dear ol’ pop when your momma and I parted ways. He’s older than you by about five years.” Her father told her as he put his old faded blue jeans back on. When he finished cinching up the belt, he fixed her with an impudent grin. “He was real happy to hear his little sister would be living with him. Real happy.” He emphasized, making sure she wouldn’t miss why it would make him happy.

Suzy knew she should have been repulsed by the idea…but instead she found she was really turned on. Instead she found she really liked the idea of being her Father and Brother’s slut.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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